The Lanka Academic

APRIL 13, 2000
VOL. 1, NO. 8

Happy Sri Lankan New Year!

Lanka Academic Network wishes all its patrons a very happy and prosperous New Year, arriving on April 13, 2000. Here are the auspicious times according to the Epa Litha (in Sri Lankan time).

  • Arrival of the New Year: 4/13, 5:52am.

  • Nonagathaya: 4/13, 11:28am to 4/14 12:16am

  • Lighting of the stove: 4/13, 7:39pm, look East, wear golden outfits.

  • Eating, working and exchange of money: 4/13, 8:51pm, look East, wear golden outfits.

  • Applying oil in head: 4/15, 8:11am, look South, wear blue outfits.

  • Going to work: 4/19, 6:48am.

    Nivaththaka Chethiya MV Photo Gallery

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    CompS Project

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    New Linux Server

    LacNet has recently acquired a Gateway server class computer to function as its web server. Loaded with RAM, this computer carries a SCSI-based disk interface enabling it to supply LAcNet visitors with fast updates of news and multimedia files. LAcNet volunteers are currently in the process of bringing up this computer,, on the internet. It will be a sister server to LAcNet's existing server,

    Trinco explosion death toll rises.

    Doctors at the state-hospitals were carrying out emergency surgeries to remove shrapnel from the Trincomalee bomb blast victims on the eve of Sinhala-Tamil New Year.

    Police said more than 100 persons including women and children were admitted to the state hospitals when a massive explosion occurred at a music concert. The death toll has risen to 10 at this time.

    Jaffna at a standstill.

    All normal and commercial activities came to a complete standstill in northern Jaffna peninsula just before the citizens celebrated new year, after a group of Non-governmental organizations called for a "hartal" over the military's decision not to repatriate 4,600 civilians trapped at Kilali due to the on going fighting between the SLA and the LTTE.

    Fighting on A9.

    Government troops backed by artillery broke their way through the LTTE forward defense lines along the A9 highway to liberate more land held by the rebels. According unconfirmed reports reaching LAcNet more than 50 rebels were killed in the fresh fighting.

    Meanwhile there were no New Year celebrations for kith and kin of soldiers assigned for tours of duty in the war ravaged north and eastern provinces.

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