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APRIL 15, 2000 PST
VOL. 1, NO. 10

Happy Sri Lankan New Year!

Lanka Academic Network wishes all its patrons a very happy and prosperous New Year, arriving on April 13, 2000. Here are the auspicious times according to the Epa Litha (in Sri Lankan time).

  • Arrival of the New Year: 4/13, 5:52am.

  • Nonagathaya: 4/13, 11:28am to 4/14 12:16am

  • Lighting of the stove: 4/13, 7:39pm, look East, wear golden outfits.

  • Eating, working and exchange of money: 4/13, 8:51pm, look East, wear golden outfits.

  • Applying oil in head: 4/15, 8:11am, look South, wear blue outfits.

  • Going to work: 4/19, 6:48am.

    Nivaththaka Chethiya MV Photo Gallery

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    New Linux Server

    LacNet has recently acquired a Gateway server class computer to function as its web server. Loaded with RAM, this computer carries a SCSI-based disk interface enabling it to supply LAcNet visitors with fast updates of news and multimedia files. LAcNet volunteers are currently in the process of bringing up this computer,, on the internet. It will be a sister server to LAcNet's existing server,

    20 farmers attempts to commit suicide.

    A Sinhala weekly newspaper here in Colombo said that 20 farmers in north central province of Pollonnauruwa attempted to commit suicide after government refused to buy their products.

    The newspaper Irida Peramuna quoting unnamed officials said two women died in the Pollonnauruwa hospital after consuming poisonous substances. But the police in north central Sri Lanka failed to confirm the incident citing that the story was baseless.

    Tigers attacks an army vehicle.

    An army captain was among five soldiers killed when the Tamil Tiger rebels attacked an army truck at Arantalawa today morning. In the attack 15 soldiers were wounded.

    The truck was attacked, when the soldiers rushed to rescue a group of policemen who came under heavy small arms fire. The Operational Headquarters said that the soldiers were only injured.

    PM warded at Hospital.

    Sri Lankan Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike was told by the doctors at a state hospital to take a complete bed rest after she was admitted to the hospital just before the Sinhala-Hindu New Year with minor ailments.

    The Prime Minister who turns 84 on Monday is presently warded at the Sri Jayawardanapura hospital.

    India says it wouldn't lift the ban on LTTE.

    Ruling Indian government said on Friday that it would not lift the ban on the LTTE. The LTTE, a ruthless terrorist group in the world now fighting the Sri Lankan soldiers to create an Independent Homeland for minority Tamils in the north and east was banned by India, after the rebel group assassinated Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during an election rally at Siri Perambur in south India.

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