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Partition looms as Sri Lanka faces losing Jaffna to Tigers
Independent News UK, May 7. The Sri Lankan state and the LTTE cannot be seen as morally equivalent. Against the flawed but not failed secularism of the Sri Lankan state is ranged a "liberation" army which can fairly be described as demonic. It is led by Velupillai Prabhakaran, who began his career by lobbing bombs at moderate Tamil politicians while still a teenager.

An indication of how an LTTE regime would perform if peace was obtained is the way it gave Jaffna's 40,000-strong Muslim population 24 hours to clear out the last time the Tigers took control of the peninsula. Now they are rolling towards Jaffna town with a long list of Tamil "collaborators" and no one doubts that all those whom they find will be executed. With similar decisiveness, they have murdered all moderate political voices within the Tamil community. More..

War weary Sri Lankans forced to ask for Indian help
NDTV, May 7. Mr. K Nanda Godage, a former Sri Lankan diplomat said, "What is unfortunate is that you all have not taken a stance against terrorism. This is terrorism, using the gun, using terror and military force to carve out a separate state. Does India condone this? No. India has stood against this, but in this particular instance what is India doing? I understand that India cannot come in with people. But just imagine if as a token, she sends in two ships to Trincomalee. What is the message the LTTE gets? More..

Jayalalitha urges Centre to find political solution to Lanka crisis
The Asian Age, May 7. Only a political solution obtained through negotiations would solve the ethnic strife in Sri Lanka and India should use its good offices with Colombo to achieve that the AIADMK general secretary Ms Jayalalitha said on Sunday More..

Cold moon over Lanka
May 8. The government is dithering, says S.D. Muni, of the Centre for International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He wants India to extend all assistance to Sri Lanka short of sending troops to fight the rebels. More..

India adopts wait and watch policy
May 8. One thing is clear: No one except the lunatic fringe wants another IPKF - they want it to help the LTTE instead. Posters have appeared in Madras, eulogizing Tamil victories in Sri Lanka. Another thing is also clear. The Sri Lankan Army (SLA) alone with additional fire power can save Jaffna. More..

India ready to supply Jaffna by air
The Electronic Telegraph, Monday 8 Colombo. Twenty-four hours after India refused to offer military help last week, Colombo suddenly restored diplomatic relations with Israel after a 30-year break. Four officials from Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service arrived in Sri Lanka on Friday to make a preliminary assessment of the precarious military situation. More..

Tamil Nadu parties acting as LTTE's proxy
Monday, May 8, 2000, New Delhi. While the fringe parties sport their pro-Tiger stripes openly, the mainline parties like the MDMK and PMK are covert canvassing agents for the LTTE. MDMK chief Vaiko's public speeches invariably have references to the brave battle being waged against Sinhala chauvinists. More..

India denies mediator’s role
The Hindustan Times, Colombo May 7. THE INDIAN High Commission here has categorically denied reports in the Sri Lankan press and in an international wire service, that India is poised to air drop “humanitarian aid” or “non-military logistical help” to the Lankan troops in Jaffna. “The reports are not correct,” a ranking diplomat told The Hindustan Times. More..

High hopes in Sri Lanka of India's assistance
The Hindu, May 8. Majority Sinhalese thinking is along the lines that the ``Tigers would have to be finished or else we are finished'', while minority Tamils see the LTTE advances as taking the challenge into the Sinhala polity. More..

'Sri Lanka's unity should be kept in mind'
The Hindu, May 8. The dominant view in political circles was that the nature of Indian help should be such as to facilitate a ``democratic'' solution of the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, and nothing should be done to encourage what the former Prime Minister, Mr. I.K.Gujral, called forces of ``extremism and disruption'' without directly mentioning the LTTE. More..

Tipnis' arrival fuels speculation in Lanka
Monday 8 May 2000 . Air Chief Marshal A.Y. Tipnis arrived here on Sunday on an official visit to speculation of a larger role for New Delhi in Sri Lanka's ethnic problem. More..

India breathes easy as Lanka situation stabilises
Monday 8 May 2000 . The Indian advice to Sri Lanka was the same that it was receiving from its own generals: To redeploy remaining forces in the Jaffna peninsula further south near Vavunia. More..

Top army official says India should stay away from Sri Lankan crisis
Sunday, May 7 1:52 PM SGT . Kalkat said "Sri Lanka double-crossed the IPKF" by supplying weapons and explosives to the Tamil Tiger rebels, the Times of India said, adding that the lieutenant general claimed these weapons "were used against us." More..

Censor mauls Sri Lankan media
Sunday, May 7 8:56 PM SGT . Even though the government initially said the censorship was primarily aimed at the ongoing separatist war in the island's north, reports of political activities were also heavily censored. More..

Indian air chief arrives in Sri Lanka amid rebel offensive
Sunday, May 7 9:08 PM SGT . India's air force chief Anil Yaswant Tipnis arrived here Sunday on five-day official visit that coincided with heavy fighting between government troops and Tamil rebels in the island's north.More..

India should help Sri Lanka: Gujral
The Hindu, 20.00 hrs (IST) on May 7, 2000 . Stating that the fall of Elephant Pass to LTTE posed a grave challenge to the Sri Lankan security, the former premier said it demanded serious attention from Indian strategists and policy makers. More..

LTTE enrolling children, claims Govt.
The Hindu, 22.30 hrs (IST) on May 7, 2000 . ``It has been reported that the LTTE is conscripting school children in the uncleared areas in the east and Vanni, forcing them to undergo training to make up for their depleted strength,''More..

Tamil Nadu bans pro-LTTE meet, arrests Nedumaran
The Hindu, 22.30 hrs (IST) on May 7, 2000 . The Tamil Nadu Government today banned a meeting of an organisation considered to be pro-LTTE and arrested its leader P Nedumaran for attempting to hold the meeting in defiance of prohibitory orders at Chidambaram in Cuddalore district. More..

Tamil groups want India to broker peace
Time of India, Sunday 7 May 2000 .

`India must step in and play a positive role here,'' says Joseph Palarajasingham, parliamentary leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front, one of Sri Lanka's oldest Tamil parties. No, he does not want Lankan troops rescued in Jaffna, he wants India to broker with the LTTE. More..

Whose war is it anyway?
Time of India, Sunday 7 May 2000 . The Lankan soldier is literate, reads newspapers and thinks for himself. He can turn round and question an order. More..

Lanka bombs rebel targets
Time of India, Sunday 7 May 2000 . Sri Lanka's air force bombed Tamil Tiger guerrilla positions to blunt a rebel advance on the northern Jaffna peninsula, state media reported on Sunday. More..

Sri Lankan army collapse blamed on corruption
The Electronic Telegraph, May 7. President Kumaratunga, who is also defence minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, left the island in the first week of April to undergo medical treatment in London for eye injuries received during a Tiger assassination attempt in December, as well as to attend the birthday party of her daughter, who is studying at Cambridge.She did not return until seven days after the defeat. More..

The Telegraph, May 6. Spelling out the governments worries, a BJP leader said the party is keen on a united Sri Lanka as it apprehends that too much leeway to its Tamil Nadu allies and, indirectly, to the LTTE would encourage the Tigers to stoke separatist sentiments in the state. More..

War pushes Chandrika, UNP closer to Sinhala consensus
Deccan Herald, May 6. The UNP, which had hitherto refused to take a stand until the proposals already before Parliament came up for discussion, has changed tack in keeping with the changed mood which has seen peace-loving sections rally round the Government in its hour of crisis. More..

Israel guns, India aid in Lanka deal
May 7. Though this is not being openly announced, India and Israel are acting in complete harmony on this matter. What India cannot, or rather would prefer not to do direct military intervention in the Jaffna peninsula may be done by Israel. More..

Indian role in Lanka a must, opine experts
The Hindustan Times, May 6. Foreclosing the military option by analysing 1987 in hindsight is not correct because the reading of the present situation tends to get guided by emotions. He expressed concern that some other power like Pakistan, China or Israel may step into the breach. More..

Talks on Lanka statute changes to continue
The Hindustan Times, (Colombo, May 6) . DESPITE THE threat to Jaffna from the LTTE, and the country's being on a "war footing" as a result, the summit level talks between the ruling Peoples' Alliance (PA) and the opposition United National Party (UNP) on a new constitution for Sri Lanka will continue. More..

LTTE threat to peace in S Asia- Russia
The Hindustan Times, 1:30 IST | Sunday, May 7, 2000, New Delhi . In the background of explicit pledges, especially from Russia and Israel, the performance of the Sri Lankan troops has improved on the ground. Kilai, on the Jaffna lagoon, is still with the security forces and the LTTE's bid to move forward from Palai or Nagarkovil has been stalled. More..

Sri Lankan troops on alert
The Hindu, Sunday May 7. Sri Lanka's rapidly evolving politico-military dynamics today witnessed a toning down of the sweeping powers given to policemen recently, while on the battle front Government troopers were preparing themselves for possible LTTE attacks in three crucial sectors of the northern Peninsula. More..

Troops brace for LTTE attack
The Hindu , Sunday, May 07, 2000. Runovers of army camps have been marked by short pauses before the offensive. In this context, the relative lull in the past four days is seen by military observers here as a pause before the next strike. More..

Colombo is calm, on the surface
Times of India, Sunday 7 May 2000. It is business as usual. Being a weekend, the shopping malls are crowded; the theatres, where Shakespeare In Love and The World is Not Enough are showing, have 'House Full' signs; and the restaurants are crowded. More..

Sri Lanka mounts air attacks as Tiger rebels maintain Jaffna pressure
AFP, 06 May 2000 06:58 GMT . The Sri Lankan air force retaliated against Tamil Tiger artillery and mortar attacks in northern Sri Lanka with intense air strikes, the government said Saturday. More..

Indian air force awaits nod for Sri Lankan air drop
AFP, 06 May 2000 08:27 GMT 06. The Indian Air Force was awaiting an official green light Saturday to air drop humanitarian aid to Sri Lankan soldiers beleaguered in an island warzone, military sources said. More..

Israeli delegation going to Colombo
ADC. Reacting swiftly to Sri Lanka's unilateral move to restore diplomatic ties with Tel-Aviv, the Israeli government has announced that a high-level diplomatic delegation would be sent to Colombo early next week to "examine the modalities for the resumption of ties" between the two countries. More..

Lanka-Israel ties forged in Delhi!
The Pioneer, May 6. A team of Sri Lankan officials which conducted the negotiations with the Israeli Embassy here will leave for Israel in the next couple of days to formalise the diplomatic relations, the sources said. More..

Lanka erred in asking for help
The Pioneer, May 6 . The initial error was made by Sri Lanka s foreign minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar in going public over the possibility of his country asking for India s help in defending Jaffna and in a remote contingency, in the evacuation of the military garrison which might get trapped there. More..

LTTE has own web network to feed information
JAL News, Last updated on May 6, 2000 at 20:30(IST). They are also making use of the TDNS (Tamil Domain Name Services) established by the Srilankan Tamils working in the information technology industries in Europe to pass on inside information to those who matter, besides putting some of the classified information also on sites known to only the insiders, the sources said. More..

Sri Lanka urged against Israel ties
BBC, Saturday, 6 May, 2000, 15:06 GMT 16:06 UK . The leader of the SLMC, a key member of the ruling People's Alliance, held a meeting with President Kumaratunga to discuss the party's concerns. More..

We'll not go the IPKF way: Advani
The Hindu, 22.30 hrs (IST) on May 6, 2000 . ``We'll work out our diplomacy so that there is no loss to India in this crisis. India's interest demands that we should keep out of it. There are no differences in the NDA on this,'' he said. More..

U.S. will consider request for humanitarian help
The Hindu, Saturday, May 06, 2000. `We would certainly consider a request for humanitarian assistance. We have provided them in the past with certain military equipment as well, under careful review of human rights considerations. More..

Lankan govt amends detention law
Times of India , Saturday 6 May 2000 . The government can detain anyone for up to one year and must inform the relatives within one day, the paper said. The earlier version of the law left it to the discretion to the authorities. More..

Lanka army braces for big battle
Times of India, Saturday 6 May. Ironically, several analysts in Colombo say India's decision not to intervene militarily in Sri Lanka may be the best thing that could have happened. More..

PM calls meeting with opposition on Lanka issue
NDTV, Saturday, May 6 (New Delhi):. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, a senior Congress leader said, "Every situation is to be assessed on the basis of all relevant factors. It is of no use to sit on judgement on the decision that the government of India took on the basis of the situation which prevailed in 1987." More..

Government sets-up a new media unit.
Roy Denish in Colombo, 4.35 SLT Saturday.. Sri Lankan government established a new media unit under the ministry of information after president Chandrika Kumaratunge placed the nation on war footing.

Ariya Rubasinghe, the director of the information ministry, heads the new media unit known as Special Media Information Centre.

No fresh fighting in no rthern Sri Lanka.
Roy Denish in Colombo, 4.40 SLT Saturday.. Government of Sri Lanka on Saturday said that there had been no reports of heavy fighting in northern Sri Lanka, but Tiger rebels continued small arms attack on army's defence posts on the eastern coastal belt of northern Jaffna.

A ministry of information news release said although there were no reports of intense fighting, terrorists were concentrating in areas northeast of Elephant Pass.

Sri Lankan government banned all military related reporting after president Chandrika Kumaratunge placed the nation on war footing on Thursday. Any articles related to war should be sent to the censor board before being broadcasted, televised or published.

Meanwhile, a group calling themselves the United Sinhala Federation on Saturday called on the people to join hands to fight Tigers rebels, now knocking on the gateway of Jaffna.

The group also called on the people to avoid large gatherings, tamashas, mass functions, be they be weddings, funeral or poojas to fight the terrorists.

Sri Lanka crisis and how India deals with it
Jal News, May 5. Vaiko had a long session with Vajpayee on Thursday and is having sessions with the External Affairs Ministry since then before he embarks upon his mission "salvation." He is rushing to an undisclosed place on Sunday to meet the LTTE strategicians but he would not disclose whether the meeting would on the Sri Lankan soil or in any other country. More:

Sri Lanka 'State of War' May Be a Sign of Defeat
Time Magazine. As Tamil separatists trap 40,000 troops on a northern peninsula, the government finds itself in the embarrassing position of being outgunned. More..

Lanka crisis -- IAF planes put on high alert at Thiruvananthapuram
The Indian Express, Saturday, May 6, 2000. The Southern Air Command headquarters here has been put on high alert by the Government.. More..

Sri Lanka seeks arms as Tamils close in
Telegraph , Saturday May6. SRI LANKA was awaiting urgent arms shipments from Israel last night to try to head off the worst defeat in its 17-year civil war with Tamil Tiger rebels, More..

India, U.S. in touch over Sri Lanka
The Hindu, NEW DELHI, MAY 5.. Diplomatic sources here say the Clinton administration is seriously concerned about the developments in Sri Lanka, and, like India, is closely monitoring the military dynamics in Jaffna. More..

DMK gives PM free hand on Lanka
The Times of India, May 6 New Delhi. Forsaking for the moment the emotive pull of ethnic solidarity with the Tamils of Sri Lanka, Dravidian stalwart M Karunanidhi on Friday said seri, or OK, to the Centre's request for a free hand to deal with the emerging crisis in the island state.


Norwegian facilitators are still hopeful
The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, May 5 22:00 IST . DESPITE THE dismal news emanating from Jaffna, the Norwegian facilitators have not given up trying. They are hopeful of an eventual reconciliation and a peaceful settlement to the war in Sri Lanka More

Sri Lanka confident of tackling situation
The Hindu, Colombo, May 5. The Sri Lankan Government is confident that the situation will not arise when some 28,000 soldiers serving in Jaffna will have to be evacuated fearing the onslaught of the LTTE. More..

It's cricket as usual in Lanka
The Times of India, Friday 5 May 2000 . "The government will not object to the matches being played. These tours are a commercial venture," said Rienzie Wijetilleke, chairman of the country's cricket board. More...

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