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The Lanka Academic carried an online "Question and Answer" sessions with the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Mangala Moonesinghe from September 1, 2000 through September 24, 2000. You can view the questions from visitors like you and the answers by Mr. Moonesinghe here.
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Bandula Jayasekera in Colombo. I was at Ranavirusevana in Ragama, house of Sri Lanka's disabled soldiers. A young Spanish dancer was performing for them. She danced among the soldiers trying to cheer them up. But, most of them were unmoved. Seated next to me on a wheel chair was a soldier in his regulation-striped sarong and short sleeved shirt. He looked blank. He was that Unknown Soldier until he started to speak. Jayatissa is 28 years old. He hailed from a traditional family in Embilipitiya, third of five boys and girls. More...
Ranjita Misra, Ph.D., CHES., Ohio University. The health promotion era began in the mid 1980s with government policies focused on disease prevention and health promotion behaviors (Green and Ottoson, 1994). The national goal is to attain better health for the people through lifestyle changes that would decrease the prevalence of chronic disease and increase life expectancy. The Surgeon General has placed highest priority on strategies to eliminate destructive personal habits and to promote lifestyles conducive to health. Economic, medical, and social concerns are the reasons for the increased attention to health promotion and disease prevention activities. More...
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T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
At least seven killed in Sri Lanka bus blast
MSNBC, Tuesday, November 28 10:29 AM SGT . Suspected Tamil Tiger guerrillas blew up a bus in northeastern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, killing at least seven civilians and wounding dozens, military officials said. They said a landmine was detonated under the bus near Kebithigollewa in the Anuradhpura district, 250 km (155 miles) northeast of the capital Colombo. The attack came hours after rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran made a landmark appeal for unconditional talks with the government. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 23:38:45 EST 2000
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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Government Welcomes Prabhakaran’s "Unconditional" Offer
Saroj Pathirana in London, Monday 27 November 1700 GMT. Majority in the PA Government welcome LTTE’s offer for unconditional talks, a senior figure in the ruling People’s Alliance said today. Referring to Tamil Tiger leader’s annual Hero’s day speech, minister for Agriculture and PA General Secretary D.M.Jayaratne told the BBC’s Sandesaya that it is not in the peoples’ interest to pursue a military solution. Commenting on the Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake’s public proclamation to crush Tamil rebels and opposition to a cessation of hostilities, Mr. Jayaratne said that the majority in the PA wish was to end the conflict by negotiated settlement. There is no alternative for the people in Sri Lanka than the warring parties having talks , as no conflict in the recent history has been resolved by means of war and force, minister Jayaratne further added.

Earlier, Norwegian peace envoy Eric Solheim, who met Prabhakaran in Malawi, Vanni, also mentioned of LTTE’s willingness to open talks unconditionally. Minister Jayaratne said that he is yet to know details of the proposals put forward by the Norwegians. Prabhakaran in his Hero’s Day address has said that the LTTE is seriously considering the proposals . A press release sent by the International Secretariat of LTTE in London quoted the LTTE leader saying " If the government takes the initiative we will respond positively".
Published: Mon Nov 27 12:03:49 EST 2000

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Cyclone Alert!!!!!
Various Sources, november 27. A tropical cyclone alert has been issued by the US Navy and the Indian Meteorological Department for the Indian Ocean. A low pressure area lies to the East of Sri Lanka in the Bay of Bengal has developed. This weather system is moving in a West/North-Westerly direction - it is expected that the cyclone will veer North of Sri Lanka More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 20:06:51 EST 2000

LTTE ready for unconditional talks
ChennaiOnline, november 27. LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran today vowed to liberate Jaffna as “the Sinhala nation cannot impose sovereignty over the historically constituted lands of the Tamils by military aggression” and said he was willing to have “unconditional” talks with the Sri Lankan government to resolve the conflict.Asserting that “Jaffna does not belong to the Sinhala nation, it belongs to the people of Jaffna only”, Prabhakaran said, “Sovereignty is not a divine right of the state. It derives from the people. It is the people of Jaffna who have the sovereign right over the peninsula. The Sinhala nation cannot impose sovereignty over Jaffna as we will not allow our traditional land to be occupied by alien forces. We are determined to liberate Jaffna overcoming all the obstacles and facing all challenges.” More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 22:14:56 EST 2000
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Sri Lanka's Tiger supremo offers peace talks, PM vows war, Nov 27 2000 20:18 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 27 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's Tamil rebel supremo Monday offered talks with the government with no preconditions other than an insistence on a "cordial atmosphere" as a backdrop to the negotiations. Velupillai Prabhakaran, in his annual Heroes Week speech to commemorate the deaths of some 16,000 fighters in the past 18 years, said his Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were keen to end the ethnic conflict peacefully."We are not imposing any pre-conditions for peace talks," Prabhakaran said. "Yet, we insist on the creation of a cordial atmosphere and conditions of normalcy conducive for peace negotiations." More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 10:36:09 EST 2000
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Premier vows to crush the LTTE
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 12.10 p.m. SLT Monday November 27. Premier Rathnasiri Wickremanayake has pooh-poohed recent remarks by British Junior Minister Peter Hain who on an official visit to Sri Lanka last week asked the government to look at the Northern Ireland peace process as an example for future talks with Tamil Tiger rebels.

The Premier who assumed duties as Acting Defence Minister last Friday while President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge is overseas, asserted on Saturday, that the government will first crush the LTTE militarily before a political solution is effected to end the crisis. Wickremanayake further added that the State will not opt for a cease-fire with the rebels given that past experiences has proved that the Tigers call for a truce only when it is militarily weak. The LTTE have also previously been the first to violate three cease-fires enacted between the government and the rebel fighting force.
Published: Mon Nov 27 04:12:57 EST 2000

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British envoy draws flak from Sinhalas, Tamils
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, November 27. BRITISH Minister for State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Peter Hain, who was here last week, is not the most popular man among Sri Lankans, whether Sinhalas or Tamils. If the Sinhalas accuse him of being partial, indeed indulgent, towards a "terrorist and fascist" LTTE, the Tamils are accusing him of being soft on the Sri Lankan Government, brushing the latter's "brutalities" under the carpet. Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake told a gathering in Horana on Saturday, that the British experience in Northern Ireland, which Mr Hain tried to sell as a model, was not applicable to the Sri Lankan conflict and that the best solution to the LTTE problem was to totally eliminate it militarily. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 19:40:59 EST 2000

Sri Lanka hands over ratified extradition treaty to US official, Nov 27 2000 20:45 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 27 (AFP) - Sri Lanka Monday handed over ratified documents relating to an extradition treaty with the United States to the visiting US under secretary of state for South Asia, Karl Inderfurth. Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar presented the documents to Inderfurth, who will leave Tuesday after an overnight visit to Sri Lanka, the foreign ministry here said in a statement. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 12:06:33 EST 2000

Lankan software tycoon flees Britain leaving trail of debts
CDN, 28 November 2000. British detectives are on the trail of a Sri Lankan millionaire computer whiz kid who has fled Britain after his computer firm crashed leaving debts exceeding one million pounds.According to news reports, Joseph de Saram (28), founder of the software firm Rhodium, is being sought by Scotland Yard in connection with outstanding payments from his company. He is now De Saram was in the Sunday Times under 30s Rich List, along with David Beckham and Naseen Hamed, with a personal fortune of more than 25 million pounds. His parents, both psychiatrists,were living close to him. He drove a 100,000 pounds Ferrari, wore designer suits and had offices in London, Sheffield and Derbyshire. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 18:52:31 EST 2000

Sri Lankan trainee teachers arrested over massacre
MSNBC, november 27. Sri Lankan police have arrested three Sinhalese trainee teachers over a massacre last month of 27 former Tamil rebels and child soldiers at a rehabilitation camp, lawyers said on Monday. ''The suspects were singled out by survivors of the massacre at an identification parade conducted by a magistrate,'' said Sarath Jayamanne, a senior lawyer of the Attorney General's Department in charge of the prosecution. the three suspects were students at the nearby Uva College of Education which trains teachers for jobs in government schools. More identification parades were planned. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 07:26:33 EST 2000

NEWSMAKER-LTTE chief, a devil to some, hero to others
ABC News, 11/27/2000 10:04:00 ET. COLOMBO, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Orge to some, omnipotent hero to others, Velupillai Prabhakaran has arguably had more influence on modern-day Sri Lanka than any elected leader, totally changing the fabric of life for the island"s 19 million people. The leader of Sri Lanka"s Tamil Tiger separatists has turned a tenacious outfit of barefoot soldiers into one of the world"s toughest and most brutal guerrilla forces, which has fought the government since 1983 in a drive to create a Tamil homeland. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 10:37:58 EST 2000

Heli Tours flights reduced to one daily
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 10.50 a.m. SLT Monday November 27. The Sri Lanka Air Force has decided to reduce its twice daily civilian flights to Jaffna since the passenger loads have dropped considerably since the operation began on the 17th of this month.

Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne said the passenger flights from Colombo to Jaffna would be reduced to one a day beginning today since the demand for air travel from the Island's capital to the war torn north had dropped.
Published: Mon Nov 27 04:12:57 EST 2000

Sri Lankan team calls on Jaitley
The Hindu NUS, 18.00 hrs (IST) on November 27, 2000. New Delhi, Nov. 27. (UNI): A six-member Sri Lankan delegation led by Minister of Constitutional Affairs and Industrial Development, L Peiris, called on the Union Minister of Law, Justice and Company Affairs and Shipping, Arun Jaitley here today. The delegation discussed with Jaitley matters of mutual interests between the two nations in the field of constitution, judicial appointments, corporate governance, globalisation and legislative measures for second generation economic reforms. More...
Published: Mon Nov 27 08:24:20 EST 2000
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Cancer hospital nurses suspend strike action
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 3.30 p.m November 28. Nurses of the cancer hospital in Maharagama who had stopped giving chemotherapy to cancer patients, demanding a risk allowance decided to suspend their trade union action from today.

Cancer hospital nurses stopped giving chemotherapy to patients last week putting their lives in danger, demanding that their risk allowance be increased to Rs.1000 from Rs. 250.
Published: Mon Nov 27 04:19:55 EST 2000

G. L. indicates to India peace talks with the LTTE will be soon
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.05 a.m. SLT Monday November 27. Prof. G. L. Peiris, Minister for Industrial Development in India to attend the Economic Trade Summit 2000 indicated yesterday to an Indian news service that peace talks with the LTTE is on the cards.

The Minister had maintained that it is now upto the Tigers to spell out how sincere they are in negotiations as the government already has a base to begin talks which are the amendments to minority rights contained in the draft constitutional proposals.
Published: Mon Nov 27 04:12:57 EST 2000

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Indurfurth arrives in Sri Lanka
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8.40 a.m. SLT Monday November 27. Karl Indurfurth, US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia arrived on a two day visit to Sri Lanka early this morning. He was greeted at the airport by senior officials of Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry.

Indurfurth is scheduled to meet with President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, a number of senior cabinet ministers and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Indurfurth has made it clear that he is not in Sri Lanka to discuss the recent peace initiatives begun by Norway last month. The Norwegian peace moves aims to bring the government and the LTTE to the negotiating table in a bid to end Sri Lanka's 18 year old civil war.
Published: Mon Nov 27 04:12:56 EST 2000

Prabhakaran marks birthday with prisoners release
TOI, 27 November 2000. Tamil Tiger rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran marked his 46th birthday Sunday by releasing 15 Tamil prisoners and declaring a two-day holiday in rebel-held areas, a clandestine rebel radio said. The prisoners, all Tamil civilians in rebel territory, had been arrested by "Tiger police" and sentenced by a rebel court for crimes ranging from robbery to murder, said the rebel Voice of Tigers radio, monitored in the northern town of Vavuniya, 130 miles north of Colombo. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 22:18:50 EST 2000

Sri Lanka looks for peace clues as Tigers remember 16,000 war dead, Nov 26 2000 13:55 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 26 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's top Tamil rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran marked his 46th birthday Sunday by freeing 15 prisoners as the government awaited his annual speech for clues on opening peace talks. Prabhakaran's birthday coincided with his separatist movement's Heroes Week which ends Monday with an address that traditionally sets policy for the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that he leads. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 04:11:04 EST 2000

10kg bomb detected in bus
Island, 27 November 2000. A TNT high powered bomb weighing 10 kilograms had been detected in a peoplised depot bus that was due to ply from Chilaw to Negombo on Saturday night, Chilaw police said.On an anonymous call received by the police on Saturday night around 7.05 p.m., instant action had been taken to unload the passengers in the bus and recover the bomb that had been left behind by a passenger.The Bomb Disposal Squad of the Army was called in and the bomb had been taken to the sea beach and detonated. The window panes of the rest house, police station and houses close to where the bomb had been exploded had been broken due to the force of the explosion. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 22:06:44 EST 2000

TNCC(I) chief demands action
The Hindu (Southern States), Monday, November 27, 2000. TIRUCHI, NOV. 26. The TNCC(I) president, Mr. E.V.K.S. Elangovan, today demanded action against those responsible for pasting posters featuring the LTTE leader, Prabhakaran, the first accused in Rajiv murder case, in several places in Chennai. Failure to take punitive action against the offenders would lead to growth of terrorism and violence in the State, he added. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 16:55:41 EST 2000

LTTE chief's speech eagerly awaited
The Hindu, Monday, November 27, 2000. COLOMBO, NOV. 26. The leader of one of the most-dreaded guerrilla groups in the world turned 46 today amid hopes in the country from which he wants to carve out a Tamil kingdom that age and other circumstances might have forced him into accepting the impossibility of his goal. Sri Lanka expects that Mr. Velupillai Prabhakaran will bare his intentions on Monday when he is scheduled to make his customary address on the occasion of the LTTE's ``Heroes' Day'', observed every year by the group on November 27 in memory of cadres killed in fighting. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 16:53:47 EST 2000

India supports our struggle, says LTTE
HT, november 27. THE LEADER of the LTTE's political wing, S P Thamilchelvam, has said that India supports the freedom struggle of the Tamils of Sri Lanka. "India, by virtue of its position in South Asia, we believe, extends its moral support to the freedom struggle of the Tamil people to ensure peace with dignity," he said in an interview to The Sunday Times.Asked to comment on the flip flop nature of India's responses to the changing situation in Sri Lanka in the recent past, the LTTE's political leader came out with a cautious response. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 17:07:22 EST 2000

Tamil Nationalist Movement activist held
The Hindu (Southern States), Monday, November 27, 2000. VIRUDHUNAGAR, NOV. 26. An activist of the Tamil Nationalist Movement was arrested by the police today at Watrap when he attempted to perform pooja at a local temple for the `well-being' of the LTTE supremo, V. Prabhakaran, on his birthday. According to the police, M. Somasundaram (42), a resident of Khansapuram and a State office-bearer of the movement, was held when he arrived at the Sri Muthalamman Temple for performing the pooja. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 16:56:32 EST 2000
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What a crime
SundayTimes, november 26. Sri Lanka is fast moving towards staking the no- torious claim to fame of being called a leading crime capital of the world with murders, rape, bank robberies, theft and vigilante killings becoming an everyday occurrence. With many fingers pointing at the failure of the law enforcers to even carry out their basic duties, the law of the jungle is fast taking precedence over the law of the land. An outdated penal code coupled with delays in litigation has compounded the crime problem with people fast losing faith in both the law enforcers as well as the judicial system and taking the law unto their hands. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 13:57:58 EST 2000

Opposition to act against CJ
Sunday Leader, November 26. The opposition is to move for a parliamentary select committee on Chief Justice Sarath Silva.The proposal for action against the chief justice through parliamentary procedure was moved at the UNP parliamentary group on Thursday, November 23.UNP MPs Gamini Lokuge and Rajitha Senaratne both urged the party to take prompt action citing several decision in fundamental rights applications and other reasons for pursuing the select committee option against the chief justice. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 00:17:24 EST 2000

Govt. waiting for positive response from Prabhakaran
The Hindu NUS, 16.00 hrs (IST) on November 26, 2000. Colombo, Nov. 26 (PTI): Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Velupillai Prabhakaran marked his 46th birthday today freeing 15 people held in captivity by the rebel group amid mounting foreign pressure to resume peace talks. The clandestine Voice of Tigers radio said Prabhakaran ordered the release of the 15 people held for ``criminal activities'' in rebel-held areas of northern parts of the island and also ``declared'' a two-day holiday. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 05:19:30 EST 2000
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LTTE spells out conditions for talks, 26th Nov 2000 20.50 IST . Contrary to earlier assertion by Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on Sunday said hostilities must cease before starting any talks with the Chandrika Kumaratunga Government. In an interview to a local newspaper, LTTE's political wing leader S P Thamilchelvan said, ''It is only when hostilities cease, economic embargo removed and people too have a peace of mind can lasting peace efforts succeed.'' More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 12:25:36 EST 2000
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Sri Lanka preparing ground for direct talks with LTTE
India Abroad, Nov 26, 2000 17:30 Hrs (IST) . senior Sri Lankan minister has said the government is preparing the ground for direct negotiations with the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to end the island's ethnic bloodletting and has asked the rebel group to demonstrate its seriousness about a negotiated settlement. "What is required is a clear demonstration that they are serious about the negotiations (because) there is a perception among the Sinhala people, because of past experience, that the LTTE make the right noises about negotiations when they are conscious about their vulnerability and when they feel that it is time for rearming and regrouping", said Constitutional Affairs and Industries Development Minister G.L. Peiris. "The basic problem there is one relating to the credibility threshold. What is required is a clear demonstration on the part of the LTTE that it is different this time and that they are serious about the negotiations. That they wish to address the substantive issues - rehabilitation, reconstruction, the humanitarian issues," Peiris told India Abroad News Service in an interview. More...
Published: Sun Nov 26 12:24:59 EST 2000

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