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Ask Karu! session has ended. Answers to your questions to Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, the spokesperson of the United National Party, are here.
The Lanka Academic carried an online "Question and Answer" sessions with the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Mangala Moonesinghe from September 1, 2000 through September 24, 2000. You can view the questions from visitors like you and the answers by Mr. Moonesinghe here.
The Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka
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(The proposed new constitution - courtesy of LankaLaw.)
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Where is MIR today?
US State Department, November 28, 2000. What it comes down to is this: we have had a very, very close presidential election in the United States - the closest in recent memory. The difference in the vote between the two major candidates, nationwide, and particularly in the crucial state of Florida, is so thin - something under one one-hundredth of one per cent in Florida, the last I checked - that the judiciary has been asked for its guidance on what the most reasonable steps to assure an accurate vote count might be. More...
Ranjita Misra, Ph.D., CHES., Ohio University. The health promotion era began in the mid 1980s with government policies focused on disease prevention and health promotion behaviors (Green and Ottoson, 1994). The national goal is to attain better health for the people through lifestyle changes that would decrease the prevalence of chronic disease and increase life expectancy. The Surgeon General has placed highest priority on strategies to eliminate destructive personal habits and to promote lifestyles conducive to health. Economic, medical, and social concerns are the reasons for the increased attention to health promotion and disease prevention activities. More...
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Alert for Tiger arms ship?
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 10.00 a.m December 2. State intelligence officers have alerted the Sri Lankan Airforce and the Navy to look out for a ship carrying arms to the LTTE reports said today.

The ship containing latest arms including anti aircraft missiles is said to be 400 nautical miles north east of Sri Lanka.
Published: Fri Dec 1 22:57:19 EST 2000

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
JVP plans protests against Norway
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 10.00 a.m December 2. JVP has gone on record saying that the party is planning demonstrations in Western capitals to protest against what it sees as Norway's interference in Sri Lanka's internal affairs in trying to broker a peace deal between the government and the LTTE.

Norwegian special peace envoy Eric Solheim is leading peace negotiations with the government and the LTTE. They have the support of the ruling People's Alliance and the opposition United National party. However the left wing JVP and the Sihala Urumaya are totally against the peace talks led by Norway. They have stepped up their attacks against Norway in the recent times
Published: Fri Dec 1 22:57:20 EST 2000

Colombo mum on MDMA visit
The Hindu (International), Saturday, December 02, 2000. COLOMBO, DEC. 1. Officials here were tightlipped about the visit here of a team of the Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) last month. The Home Minister, Mr. L.K. Advani, told Parliament yesterday that the team was here to press for extradition of the LTTE leader, Mr. V. Prabhakaran, who was an `absconder' in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. it met Sri Lanka's Attorney- General and the Solicitor-General. ``I don't believe in giving information to the press,'' Mr K C Kamalasabeyson, Attorney-General, told The Hindu. More...
Published: Fri Dec 1 17:22:36 EST 2000
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Lankan Govt wary of talks with LTTE
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, December 1. THE SRI Lankan Government is very cautious in its approach to the possible talks with the LTTE this time, having gone over similar ground in 1994-95 when an attempt was made to talk to the Tamil rebels group. As in 1994-95, the LTTE seems to be trying to consolidate and build itself up, making use of some economic issues to buy time for that purpose. Sources in London say that the LTTE is telling the Tamil expatriates and refugees that its public stance about unconditional talks is not to be interpreted to mean that the goals of recapturing Jaffna and the establishment of an independent Eelam have been given up. The LTTE can achieve this if the expats continue to give money to buy arms to match the Sri Lankan armed forces' newly acquired firepower. More...
Published: Fri Dec 1 17:23:36 EST 2000
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Tamil Tigers violate cease-fire agreement with troops  - Times of India

Sri Lanka air force bombs Sea Tigers, kill nine, Dec 01 2000 17:07 IST. COLOMBO, Dec 1 (AFP) - Sri Lankan airforce jets bombed a Tamil rebel sea base in the north of the island, killing at least nine guerrillas, the defence ministry here said Friday. The air force hit the bases of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at Pallai on Tuesday, defence ministry spokesman Sanath Karunaratne said adding the rebels lost several of their craft. More...
Published: Fri Dec 1 11:18:42 EST 2000
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India seeks the extradition of Prabhakaran
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.05 a.m. SLT Friday December 1. Indian Foreign Minister L. K. Advani is reported to have told the Lok Sabha yesterday that India would seek the extradition of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Advani said that a team of Indian sleuths and legal advisors had in fact visited Sri Lanka between November 12th and the 23, this year, and met with Sri Lanka's Attorney General to discuss the issue.

The Indian Foreign Minister had further asserted that India is closely watching recent peace initiatives in Sri Lanka which are attemtping to bring the government and the LTTE to the negotiating table. He reiterated that India would not back down on the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case for which Prabhakaran is a chief suspect.
Published: Thu Nov 30 22:32:26 EST 2000

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NPC says 'Get peace process started without delay
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8.15 a.m. SLT Friday December 1 . The National Peace Council in a press statement issued yesterday said "The offer of unconditional peace talks made by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran in his annual Heroes Day speech is a welcome one." The issue of pre-conditions prior to peace talks was previously seen as a major obstacle to the resumption of peace talks.

The LTTE leaderís offer comes at a time when the international community has been showing a great deal of interest in promoting the peace process. The role of the foreign facilitators has become very important at this stage in the breaking of deadlocks that block the peace process.

An example concerns the parameters of a negotiated settlement. A few weeks ago, the Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim set the parameters of a negotiated settlement which the government and LTTE had far failed to do by themselves.

The NPC points out that the parameters set are the unity of Sri Lanka within which Tamil aspirations must be met. It is important to note that neither the government nor LTTE have rejected these parameters.

The visiting British Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Peter Hain offered the example of the United Kingdom in which the devolution of power has taken place as part of a political solution to the question of nationalities. The National Peace Council believes that it is essential to meet the Tamil aspiration for self-determination within a democratic framework through the negotiation process.

At this time the two conflicting parties themselves appear to be in two minds about committing themselves wholeheartedly to the negotiation process. Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake has recently being saying that terrorism must first be crushed militarily. On the very day that the LTTE leader made his offer of unconditional peace talks a landmine blew up a civilian bus with many civilian casualties.

The NPC believes that it is crucially important at this time is to get the peace process started without further delay and loss of lives and property.

The peace council further asserts that going by the experience of previous peace processes, both locally and internationally, contradictory rhetoric and actions are to be expected at the outset of negotiations. They manifest the mistrust and suspicions of the two sides that can only be lessened through the confidence-building that accompanies face to face dialogue and peace talks.
Published: Thu Nov 30 22:32:26 EST 2000

Sri Lankan magazine picks Susanthika as 'Sri Lankan of the year'
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 10.15 December 2. Sri Lankan business and leisure magazine, Lanka Monthly Digest announced yesterday that Susanthika Jayasinghe Lankas Olympic hero is their Sri Lankan of the year 2000.Jayasinghe ended the countries Olympic drought by winning a bronze medal at the recent Sydney Olympics.In an interview with the magazine, Jayasinghe has said that she will retire and devote all her energies to her husband and family once she wins the planned Gold at the next Olympics.
Published: Fri Dec 1 23:30:59 EST 2000

ERunway Opens $2M Center In Sri Lanka To Expand Ops
Yahoo Asia, Friday, December 1 9:54 PM SGT . Kris Canekeratne, Chief Executive of eRunway, told a news conference that the company has already spent over US$1 million in the first phase of it's expansion program in the island nation. The second and final phase of the expansion program will be completed by March 2001. Under the first phase, the company has boosted the number of employees in Sri Lanka to over 300 from 250 previously. More...
Published: Fri Dec 1 11:20:38 EST 2000

Lanka to map maritime corridor for fishermen
Times of India, 1 December 2000 . COLOMBO: Sri Lanka is mapping out a maritime corridor which fishermen can use to skirt Indian seas and enter international waters. With some 150 Sri Lankan fishermen behind bars in India for poaching in the country's waters, the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) has been told to identify a safe passage that can be used. More...
Published: Fri Dec 1 11:17:53 EST 2000

Sabaragamuwa clergy to hand over peace petition to President
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8 a.m. SLT Friday December 1. Both Catholic and Buddhist clergy in the Sabaragamuwa province will today muster 1000 signatures on a peace petition to hand over to President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge.

The petition which is being backed by provincial councillors of the area as well, calls for the government and the LTTE to begin negotiations and end the war. Clergymen from the province say that there has been a massive response already to the peace petition. Copies of the signed document will also be handed over to Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and Tiger Chief Vellupillai Prabhakaran.
Published: Thu Nov 30 22:32:26 EST 2000

LTTE could destabilise India: former US military advisor
Yahoo, 01 December 2000. A former US military advisor has said that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is emerging as a "transnational threat" which could "destabilise India" and urged Washington to send American military advisors to help Sri Lankan government in its fight against the rebels."The LTTE presents a three-fold transnational threat. It can destabilise India not only through insurgent connection but by transferring operations from Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu (southern Indian state)," Major Paul Marks said in an article published in the Joint Force Quarterly."It could also spread terrorism in both the US and Western Europe while continuing to engage in smuggling drugs and weapons abroad." More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 20:59:08 EST 2000

Chandrika may ask Blair to take action against LTTE in UK
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, November 30. DESPITE THE possibility of peace talks with the LTTE, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga is expected to ask British Prime Minister Tony Blair to take stern action against the Tamil rebel group's activists and supporters in the UK under Britain's new anti-terrorist law when she meets him on December 4. According to sources close to the Sri Lankan Government, the President will try and capitalise on the current situation in which the international community is not too pleased with the LTTE and the Sri Lankan military has the upper hand vis-a-vis the LTTE in Jaffna. A former presidential advisor said that easing the situation even to facilitate talks would only work to the advantage of the LTTE by enabling them to move freely and rebuild themselves. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 18:12:19 EST 2000

Ratwatta and Peiris take oaths as deputy ministers of defence and finance
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1130 SLT 30.11.00. General Anurudha Ratwatta and Professor G.L. Peiris took oaths today as deputy ministers ending weeks of uncertainty. General Ratwatta took oaths as Deputy Minister of Defence in addition to the cabinet post of Minister for Power and Energy. Professor Peiris took oaths as Deputy Minister of Finance in addition to the cabinet portfolio of Minister for Industrial Development and Constitutional Affairs. end
Published: Thu Nov 30 00:42:56 EST 2000
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Showers to continue aftermath of the cyclone
Island, 01 December 2000. The heavy rain experienced in the Western Province and Southern coastal areas yesterday was due to a temporary south west condition in the aftermath of the cyclone that affected South India, the Weather Forecaster of the Meteorology Department said.The showers, specially in the morning, will last for about two more days until the cyclone exits South India he added. He also said that there is no danger of the cyclone itself affecting Sri Lanka contrary to some fears and the department itself warning about it some days ago. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 19:27:13 EST 2000

Elephant Ginger Beer cans on Sri Lankan AirLines
Island, 01 December 2000. Elephant Ginger Beer, a trade mark of Ceylon Cold Stores, a subsidiary of the John Keells Holdings, Group will be served on board all Sri Lankan Airlines flights.This fine beverage is prepared from natural, locally grown ayurvedic ginger. known throughout the ages for its therapeutic value and gives its distinctive taste.Elephant Ginger Beer a truly local brand that has been made to the same special recipe since 1896. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 21:51:54 EST 2000

Lanka Oppn for peace talks with Tamil rebels
Times of India, 1 December 2000 . The main opposition and a Tamil group on Thursday urged the government to accept Tamil rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran's offer of unconditional peace talks."The main thing is for the government to respond quickly," Karunasena Kodituwakku, a spokesman for United National Party, told The Associated Press. "Prabhakaran has placed the ball squarely in the government's court." More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 18:36:10 EST 2000

Sri Lanka clashes kill 18 amid peace moves, Nov 30 2000 19:19 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 30 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels blew up two military trucks, killing 10 security personnel and wounding 23 others while eight more people were killed in other clashes, defence officials here said. Six soldiers were killed and 17 injured when Tamil Tiger rebels used a powerful landmine to attack a truck in the Wanni region, officials here said. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 10:47:49 EST 2000
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Sri Lankan Govt suspects it to be a Tiger trap, 30th Nov 2000 18.30 IST . Three days after Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran's offer for ''unconditional'' peace talks, the Sri Lankan Government is maintaining a delicate balance on how to react to the offer. With President Chandrika Kumaratunga out of the country on a tour to Europe, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake, who is acting as the Defense Minister is maintaining a studied silence though his stand on terrorism and the LTTE is well known. Just two days before Prabhakran?s Heroes? Day speech on November 27,the Prime Minister had said that the LTTE will be militarily eliminated and the Government would never agree to a cease-fire. Eelam People's Democratic Party(EPDP) leader and Minister Douglas Devananda however was not enthusiastic about Prabhakaran?s offer saying that past experiences have proved that the LTTE cannot be trusted. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 08:53:01 EST 2000

'Lanka's economic tale is yet to be told'
India Abroad, Nov 30, 2000 18:10 Hrs (IST) . HE international media in Sri Lanka is missing the wood for the trees due to its fascination with the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), according to the island's top investment promoter. "The picture that is projected in the international media does not portray the remarkable resilience of our economy and the private sector," said Thilan Wijesinghe, chairman and director general of Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 08:56:50 EST 2000

Sri Lanka's Bank Of Ceylon Aims To Be Leading Local Bank
Yahoo Asia, Thursday, November 30 2:56 PM SGT . Bank of Ceylon's (P.CEY) new Chairman Elect Ken Balendra said Thursday he would push the bank to become the number one bank in Sri Lanka, in terms of customer satisfaction. My mission will be to make the bank the biggest and the best in the country, said Balendra, who is the outgoing chairman of the country's biggest listed conglomerate, John Keells Holdings (P.JKH). I want everyone to perceive the bank as the best in the country as well, Balendra told Dow Jones Newswires in a brief interview. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 07:41:55 EST 2000

Sri Lanka Govt Urged To Accept Rebels' Peace Talks Offer
Yahoo Asia, Thursday, November 30 12:05 PM SGT . The main opposition and a Tamil group Thursday urged the Sri Lankan government to accept Tamil rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran's offer of unconditional peace talks.The main thing is for the government to respond quickly, Karunasena Kodituwakku, a spokesman for United National Party, told the Associated Press. Prabhakaran has placed the ball squarely in the government's court. Veerasingham Anandasangaree, Vice President of the Tamil United Liberation Front, supported the UNP demand. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 01:44:20 EST 2000

Sad exit of Athukorale
Island, 30 November 2000. UNP General Secretary Gamini Athukorale who occupied office for six years after the demise of former General Secretary, Dr. Gamini Wijesekere left that office a few days ago as a disillusioned man. Party sources said that though Athukorale was appointed Assistant Leader of the UNP three weeks ago, he functioned in that office till a successor was found by his leader. A number of appointments were made during the past few days by the party in an unofficial manner. Charitha Ratwatte was reported to have been named as the new UNP Chairman, Senarath Kapukotuwa as General Secretary, Nimal Weeraratne, Treasurer, Daya Pelpola, Rupa Karunatilleke and M. Nauffer as Assistant Chairmen of the party. None of these appointments were officially announced and many party seniors are still at a loss to know whether these men have actually been appointed.The final exit of Athukorale from his office was a sad episode. He was a man who was loyal to his leader. His tenure in that office was a tough one with less compliments and much criticism as he was known as a confidante of his leader. Last week Athukorale as usual was busy in the General Secretary?s office at UNP headquarters. A message was received that Senarath Kapukotuwa was to visit the headquarters to see the place. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 01:55:58 EST 2000

Sri Lanka To Seek Corridor Through Indian Waters
Yahoo Asia, Thursday, November 30 2:33 PM SGT . Embarrassed by frequent detention of its fishermen by India, Sri Lanka has decided to seek a passage through the Indian seas into international waters, a government official said Thursday. We have already identified a path through India's Exclusive Economic Zone and are carefully working out latitudes and longitudes so that a proper document can be produced, said Piyadasa Epasinghe, head of the Fisheries Ministry's National Aquatic Resources and Development Agency. The ministry will hold negotiations with the Indian government based on this document, Epasinghe said. More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 07:44:08 EST 2000

2-day truce in Lankan for anti-polio scheme
Times of India, 30 November 2000 . Government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels agreed to observe a two-day cease-fire to facilitate the immunization of children against polio and a progam to get all children who are old enough, to attend school, the United Nations Children's Fund said Wednesday.UNICEF in a statement said both sides had agreed to maintain a cease-fire on December 1-2, in the north and east to "facilitate the smooth implementation of these two initiatives." More...
Published: Thu Nov 30 01:36:56 EST 2000

Sri Lanka Shrs Open Flat;Slack Vols On Mkt-Wide Weakness
Yahoo Asia, Friday, December 1 12:05 PM SGT . Sri Lankan shares opened flat on thin volume Friday, with little activity as market-wide weakness continues to sideline investors, brokers said.By 0350 GMT (10:50 a.m EST Thursday), the benchmark All Share Index was up 0.2 point at 434.1, according to brokers. The Milanka Price Index, which tracks the most liquid and highly capitalized stocks, was up 0.7 point at 662.5. More...
Published: Fri Dec 1 01:33:29 EST 2000

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