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Ask Karu! session has ended. Answers to your questions to Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, the spokesperson of the United National Party, are here.
The Lanka Academic carried an online "Question and Answer" sessions with the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Mangala Moonesinghe from September 1, 2000 through September 24, 2000. You can view the questions from visitors like you and the answers by Mr. Moonesinghe here.
The Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka
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(The proposed new constitution - courtesy of LankaLaw.)
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Bandula Jayasekera, in Colombo. Tibetan monk and poet S. Mahinda is considered a National Hero of our country. He supported Lanka's freedom struggle with his patriotic poems. The country has honoured him by issuing a commemorative stamp and school children proudly recite his poems even today. Tibetans are no strangers to the island and Sri Lanka has a common link with Tibetans because of Buddhism. However that link has not helped to find an answer to one of their burning questions. Will their political and spiritual leader the Dalai Lama ever be allowed to set foot in Sri Lanka? Successive Lankan governments have refused to allow him to visit the country. More...
US State Department, November 28, 2000. What it comes down to is this: we have had a very, very close presidential election in the United States - the closest in recent memory. The difference in the vote between the two major candidates, nationwide, and particularly in the crucial state of Florida, is so thin - something under one one-hundredth of one per cent in Florida, the last I checked - that the judiciary has been asked for its guidance on what the most reasonable steps to assure an accurate vote count might be. More...
Ranjita Misra, Ph.D., CHES., Ohio University. The health promotion era began in the mid 1980s with government policies focused on disease prevention and health promotion behaviors (Green and Ottoson, 1994). The national goal is to attain better health for the people through lifestyle changes that would decrease the prevalence of chronic disease and increase life expectancy. The Surgeon General has placed highest priority on strategies to eliminate destructive personal habits and to promote lifestyles conducive to health. Economic, medical, and social concerns are the reasons for the increased attention to health promotion and disease prevention activities. More...
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T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
Four villagers massacred in rebel attack, Dec 07 2000 09:32 IST. COLOMBO, Dec 7 (AFP) - Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels stormed a village in eastern Sri Lanka Thursday and killed at least four members of the same family, local officials said. Gunmen of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) carried out the attack in a dawn raid on the Kurulubedda village in the Welikanda region, officials said. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 23:24:53 EST 2000

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Tigers blast civilian bus, Sri Lanka toll rises to 47, Dec 06 2000 18:45 IST. COLOMBO, Dec 6 (AFP) - Tamil Tiger rebels blew up a civilian bus in eastern Sri Lanka Wednesday killing four passengers, as the death toll rose to 43 in heavy fighting elsewhere, defence officials said. The separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) guerrillas set off a powerful Claymore-type bomb besides the bus in the district of Batticaloa, military spokesman Sanath Karunaratne said. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 09:59:28 EST 2000
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53 killed in Sri Lankan military operation
Times of India (Breaking News), 6 December 2000 . At least 53 combatants were killed in an operation launched by government troops in the northern Jaffna Peninsula to wrest back territory from the Tamil Tiger rebels, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.Troops recaptured at least 6-square kilometres of land in Nunavil east, including two kilometres of a highway that links the peninsula with the rest of the country on Tuesday, U Gajam More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 07:48:54 EST 2000

Jaya wants Centre to spell out stand on LTTE
Times of India (Breaking News), Wednesday . 6 December 2000

The AIADMK on Wednesday said the NDA government at the Centre should clarify its stand on the LTTE as some of its constituents were voicing different opinions on the issue and also demanded immediate ban on the pro-LTTE outfits, Tamil Nadu Liberation Army and Tamil Nation Retrieval Force. AIADMK leader Jayalalitha said that pro-LTTE propaganda had been increasing in Tamil Nadu and posters extolling rebel leader Prabhakaran appeared all over the state on the eve of his birthday last month. Posters, photographs and literature in support of LTTE were being openly sold, she alleged. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 07:50:26 EST 2000

Protesting S.Lanka MPs swap limos for bullock carts
MSNBC, Dec 06 2000 10:31 IST. A group of Sri Lankan lawmakers swapped their limousines for bullock carts on Wednesday to protest against a fuel price hike.Eight lawmakers from the main opposition United National Party turned up at a parliamentary session, convened to approve an interim budget, in two bullock carts, waving placards which said their luxury vehicles were now too expensive to drive.The protest was led by A. Maheswaran, a parliamentarian from the war-torn northern district of Jaffna which was severely affected by last month's two-rupee per litre increase in diesel and kerosene prices. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 00:26:57 EST 2000
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UNP MPs come to Parliament in bullock carts
Island, 07 December 2000. It was back to the bullock cart for some Opposition Parliamentarians yesterday. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 21:45:56 EST 2000

S.Lanka ready for concessions to rebels-state media
ABC News, 12/06/2000 00:28:00 ET. COLOMBO, Dec 6 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka said it would make concessions to Tamil guerrillas if they were sincere about peace, but stopped short of granting a key rebel demand to lift an economic embargo on the north, state media reported on Wednesday. "...if the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) were seen to be sincere, the government would be implementing a requisite programme in consultation with the other parties," said the state-owned Daily News newspaper, quoting a statement from the prime minister"s office. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 07:53:20 EST 2000
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The Tiger is not for taming
Infolabs-Weekend Express. Reflections by Dayan Jayatilleka - A Feature Article

November 4

If one can assassinate Nehru's grandson and not just get away with it, but have Western democracies beat a trail to your door thereby conferring legitimacy on you as a desirable peace partner, then you become a success story and role model. This is not only a question of ethics and morality, but very much a police problem with truly global implications. What is the signal that is being sent out and the message that will be received? That the tactic of suicide bombings and assassinations, if persisted in over time, can wear down democracies to the point of negotiations, which in turn confer vital, de-facto recognition and legitimacy? This may not be a problem for Norway or Britain, but for India, Russia and the united States it should. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 19:59:04 EST 2000

US lawmaker lauds Lanka on human rights
Times of India, 7 December 2000 . An influential US lawmaker has lauded the Sri Lankan government for establishing a committee to coordinate responses to human rights issues, marking a shift from his earlier strongly critical stand.Rep Benjamin Gilman, who chairs the powerful House International Relations Committee, said the setting up of the Permanent Inter-Ministerial Standing Committee "is a positive measure that will serve to illustrate the goodwill of the Government of Sri Lanka with regard to sensitive human rights issues that have been brought to the attention of the international community." More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 17:41:56 EST 2000

Lankans wonder about India’s beauty record
The Hindustan Times, 07 December 2000. INDIA’S S WAY over the Miss World contests has set some Sri Lankans wondering if these contests are fixed. Other Lankans attribute the success to the mystique of Indian women. The starry eyed describe feminist criticisms as rubbish. Others see the hand of Western multinationals eyeing the Indian beauty market. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 17:27:51 EST 2000

Interpol seeks Sri Lankan rebel chief's arrest
Virtual New York, Wednesday, 6 December 2000 13:23 (ET). Interpol has issued a notice for the arrest of Tamil Tiger rebel chief Velupillai Pirabhakaran and two of his associates in connection with terrorist activities in Sri Lanka and India. For the first time the international police organization has taken the initiative for the arrest of Pirabhakaran and his accomplices, who have been fighting for Sri Lanka's division over the past 18 years.The other two names mentioned in the notice are of Sellaiah Navaratnam and Charles. Both are wanted by courts in Sri Lanka and India and have been declared fugitives in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 15:55:28 EST 2000
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New clashes in Sri Lanka
BBC South Asia, Wednesday, 6 December, 2000, 08:39 GMT . Defence Ministry officials in Sri Lanka say new clashes between government troops and Tamil Tigers in the Jaffna peninsula have left forty-three dead. They say thirty-one Tamil Tigers were killed, along with twelve government soldiers. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 05:05:00 EST 2000
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Indian textile show opens in Colombo
Times of India (Breaking News), 6 December 2000 . An exclusive Indian textile show to facilitate establishment of strategic linkage between the Indian fabric manufacturers and Sri Lankan garment industry was opened here on Wednesday. More...
Published: Wed Dec 6 07:51:10 EST 2000

Lanka to promulgate new Constitution
India Abroad, Dec 05, 2000 17:45 Hrs (IST) . THE Sri Lankan government will promulgate a new Constitution in the New Year regardless of whether or not talks are held with the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a highly placed Lankan source here said. "We are thinking of things that can happen in 2001. Within the year a new political structure will be in place, whether it is within the Constitution or not," the source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said. "The government has been clear it wanted to change the political architecture," the source said. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 08:39:15 EST 2000

Government books contain grammatical errors
Saroj Pathirana in London, Tuesday 05 December 1825 GMT. Schoolbooks published by the Education ministry contain grammatical errors and printing mistakes, minister Susil Premjayanth said today. In an interview with BBC’s Sandeshaya, he said that although he will make sure to publish school textbooks without these errors from next year, the books distributed for year 2001 will carry errors. Minister further added that he will appoint special panels to find erroneous printing, before publishing any text book.

Responding to The Ceylon Tamil Teachers’ Union’s (CTTU) request to take immediate steps to lift the ban imposed on the transportation of all materials needed for teaching to schools in the uncleared areas in the northeast province, Education minister confirmed that he is to meet representatives of CTTU as well as peoples representatives from the northeast tomorrow. He said that it is his duty to abide by the constitution by providing Tamil representatives for Tamil speakers in his ministry and other departments as both Tamil and Sinhala are official languages in Sri Lanka.
Published: Tue Dec 5 13:25:22 EST 2000

Newspaper Editor's conviction upheld.
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1210 SLT 05.12.00. The Appeals Court today upheld the conviction of Sinha Ratnatunga, the Editor of the Sunday Times newspaper for defaming President Chandrika Kumaratunga. The High court convicted Ratnatunga and imposed a two year suspended sentence and a fine of Rs 10.000 three years ago.
Published: Tue Dec 5 01:18:33 EST 2000
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Lanka, China sign deal to build oil tank farm
Times of India, 6 December 2000 . Sri Lanka is exploring the possibility of a developing its petrochemical industry with Chinese help and, as a first step, will double its storage capacity with a Chinese-built oil tank farm.The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has awarded the $79.52 million contract to build 30 storage tanks and a single point buoy mooring (SPBM) to China's Huanqiu Chemical Engineering Corporation, officials said. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 19:51:35 EST 2000

President Appoints second Deputy Minister of Finance
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1303 SLT 05.12.00. President Chandrika Kumaratunga today appointed S.B.Dissanayake, the Minister for Samurdhi and Up Country Development and General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party as deputy Minister of Finance. Last week Industrial Development Minister G.L. Peiris was also appointed for the same post. The country now has two deputy ministers of finance and 44 cabinet ministers. end
Published: Tue Dec 5 02:09:57 EST 2000
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Sri Lankan army resumes offensive
The Hindu (International), Wednesday, December 06, 2000. COLOMBO, DEC. 5. One soldier was reported killed and 15 were wounded as the Sri Lankan security forces broke a lull in fighting to launch an operation in Jaffna peninsula today. They claimed to have recaptured part of a strategic land route from the LTTE. The operation came a week after the LTTE leader, Mr. Velupillai Prabhakaran, called for a de-escalation of the war in order to create the right conditions for peace talks. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 19:49:28 EST 2000
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Lanka against India's direct involvement on LTTE issue, 05th Dec 2000 17.42 IST . Sri Lanka would welcome regular exchange of information and dialogue with India on the LTTE issue but would not like New Delhi's direct involvement, diplomatic sources said in New Delhi on Tuesday. ''It is like a marriage gone sour. The neighbor can't be indifferent to the problems in your house but you cannot allow him to interfere in your matters,'' the sources said while commenting on whether Sri Lanka would invite direct involvement from India. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 08:43:26 EST 2000

Sri Lankan envoy says ethnic war may end soon, Dec 05 2000 16:08 IST. NEW DELHI, Dec 5 (AFP) - Sri Lanka is optimistic that its protracted and bloody ethnic war will end soon, the new High Commissioner to New Delhi Senake Bandaranayake said Tuesday. Bandaranayake told foreign journalists that Norwegian efforts at brokering peace between Colombo and Tamil Tiger rebels were likely to soon bear fruit. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 07:58:42 EST 2000
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'Links' with LTTE: Kannan names Minister
The Hindu (Southern States), Wednesday, December 06, 2000. Pondicherry, DEC. 5. The Pondicherry PWD Minister, Mr. P. Kannan, today named the Cooperation Minister, Mr. Theni C. Jayakumar ``as the person having close links with the LTTE.'' It was now upto the Central and State Governments to take appropriate and stern action against the Minister, he told reporters here. Mr. Kannan said he would also apprise the Centre soon of the details, and had furnished evidence and related material to sections concerned. When asked if his ``revelation'' would not disturb the stability of the nine-month old Congress(I)-led coalition ministry, Mr. Kannan said he was more concerned about the security of the people. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 19:25:42 EST 2000
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Pro-LTTE Lankan Tamil deported
Yahoo, December 5. In a clear signal to the federal government of its intent to curb separatism, the Tamil Nadu government has deported a Sri Lankan Tamil man suspected of links with the Tamil Tigers. Eelavendam, apparently the leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Front (TELF), a pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) outfit, was put on a flight to Colombo by an intelligence official Monday, sources here said. Eelavendam was asked to leave because "his visa had expired and he had overstayed in the country," the sources said. The Tamil Tamilar Iyakkam (Movement for Tamil and Tamils), a separatist group, has criticized the deportation. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 08:22:30 EST 2000

Counting the costs of war
BBC, december 5. Sri Lanka's parliament has been told that ever-escalating defence expenditure to fight Tamil separatists is seriously damaging the national economy. The warning came as the government presented an interim budget and as a fresh bout of heavy fighting began in the north-east of the country. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 19:35:27 EST 2000
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ADB Approves '01 $240M Sri Lanka Loan; $25M For NE Devt
Yahoo Asia, Tuesday, December 5 4:17 PM SGT . Manila-based Asian Development Bank said Tuesday it has approved a $240 loan package to Sri Lanka for 2001, a senior official said. John Cooney, ADB resident representative, told Dow Jones Newswires that an additional $25 million will be allocated for small-scale infrastructure development in the war-torn northeast. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 19:55:15 EST 2000

Lanka opens up LPG market after Shell monopoly ends
India Abroad, Dec 05, 2000 16:10 Hrs (IST) . RI Lanka has thrown open its domestic gas market to foreign and local investors as a monopoly agreement with the Shell Company comes to an end. The country's top investment agency, the Board of Investment (BOI), has called on investors to move into the import, storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) offering tax concessions as a lure. "The LPG industry in Sri Lanka will be open to international and domestic investors on December 8, 2000, with the end of the exclusivity period granted to Shell Gas Lanka Ltd," a BOI statement said Tuesday. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 08:00:07 EST 2000

Defrauding customs on over cigarette consignment Army sergeant, two others fined Rs.90 million
Island, Tuesday, 5 December. The Customs has imposed a fine of Rs. 90 million on an army sergeant , a corporal and a clerk, who were earlier interdicted on charges of falsely importing a consignment of cigarettes for the army.Customs officials who conducted a lengthy investigation into the fraud imposed a fine of Rs. 3 million on each of the suspects.The illegally imported consignment of cigarettes valued at Rs. 12.5 million were detected in 1998 by the Customs who found the the cigarettes had been imported as telecommunication accessories. The Army interdicted the three officers following the detection. More...
Published: Tue Dec 5 04:13:42 EST 2000

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