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Ask Karu! session has ended. Answers to your questions to Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, the spokesperson of the United National Party, are here.
The Lanka Academic carried an online "Question and Answer" sessions with the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Mangala Moonesinghe from September 1, 2000 through September 24, 2000. You can view the questions from visitors like you and the answers by Mr. Moonesinghe here.
The Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka
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Bandula Jayasekera, in Colombo. Tibetan monk and poet S. Mahinda is considered a National Hero of our country. He supported Lanka's freedom struggle with his patriotic poems. The country has honoured him by issuing a commemorative stamp and school children proudly recite his poems even today. Tibetans are no strangers to the island and Sri Lanka has a common link with Tibetans because of Buddhism. However that link has not helped to find an answer to one of their burning questions. Will their political and spiritual leader the Dalai Lama ever be allowed to set foot in Sri Lanka? Successive Lankan governments have refused to allow him to visit the country. More...
US State Department, November 28, 2000. What it comes down to is this: we have had a very, very close presidential election in the United States - the closest in recent memory. The difference in the vote between the two major candidates, nationwide, and particularly in the crucial state of Florida, is so thin - something under one one-hundredth of one per cent in Florida, the last I checked - that the judiciary has been asked for its guidance on what the most reasonable steps to assure an accurate vote count might be. More...
I also wholeheartedly endorse the statement by Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar regarding the paramount importance of fulfilling Sri Lanka's international obligations with respect to human rights and the serious consequences that could flow from a failure to do so. I also share Foreign Minister Kadirgamar's view on the importance of creating greater awareness of human rights laws among Sri Lankan security and law enforcement officers. I am, therefore, heartened to learn that human rights training will be incorporated into the curriculum of study for security and law enforcement officers. More...
Ranjita Misra, Ph.D., CHES., Ohio University. The health promotion era began in the mid 1980s with government policies focused on disease prevention and health promotion behaviors (Green and Ottoson, 1994). The national goal is to attain better health for the people through lifestyle changes that would decrease the prevalence of chronic disease and increase life expectancy. The Surgeon General has placed highest priority on strategies to eliminate destructive personal habits and to promote lifestyles conducive to health. Economic, medical, and social concerns are the reasons for the increased attention to health promotion and disease prevention activities. More...
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T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
Record low for Sri Lanka rupee after band change
yahoo, December 11. The Sri Lanka rupee closed at a record low of 82.65 on Monday after the central bank effectively devalued the local currency by dropping its trade floor against the dollar, dealers said. They said the rupee opened at 82.85, after the bank lowered the trade floor to 83.01 from 81.41 on Friday. "There was a bit of profit taking that improved volumes and brought the rupee up again," said a dealer at a foreign bank. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 09:00:13 EST 2000
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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Britain consults Sri Lanka on anti-terrorism laws
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 3.05 p.m. SLT Monday December 11. Reports today said that Britain has consulted the Sri Lankan government in drafting tough anti-terrorism laws. The laws could seriously affect the LTTE which operates its international secretariat out of London. The move comes in the wake of British Minister Peter Hains visit to Sri Lanka, when he asserted that the UK would not tolerate terrorist organizations operating on its soil.

The laws are expected to come into effect by July 2001. The LTTE are already outlawed in Sri Lanka and India while the US recognizes the group as a foreign terrorist organization.

In addition to its London office the LTTE are believed to maintain forty offices around the world. The Tigers have demanded that Sri Lanka revoke its ban on the organization before it will sit down and negotiate a political solution to the 18 year old war.
Published: Mon Dec 11 04:57:18 EST 2000

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SC acquits Prof. Priyani Soysa
Island, december 12. The Supreme Court yesterday allowed the appeal filed by Professor Priyani Soysa, and set aside the judgements of both the District Court and the Court of Appeal.The Supreme Court found Professor Soysa guilty of negligence in not ordering the CT Scan prior to May 20, 1992. But held that the plaintiff had failed to establish causation of death due to negligence. His action for damages was discussed. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 20:46:57 EST 2000
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Sri Lanka: Realities and options
yahoo, december 12. West Europe-based non-governmental and church organisations, which in the past intervened with the governments of their countries to advise against any action against the LTTE front-organisations operating from their territory, are increasingly embarrassed by reports of the LTTE's use of children in its operations against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, the exploitation of the emotions of women to persuade them to undertake suicide missions and the smuggling of narcotics. They are, therefore, increasingly hesitant about energetically intervening for LTTE front-organisations. The LTTE is under pressure from these organisations to project a more reasonable face. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 20:25:19 EST 2000

Seize last chance for a solution: Jaffna Bishop
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, December 12. THE BISHOP of Jaffna, Rev Thomas Savundaranayagam, has appealed to the people of Sri Lanka to seize the current opportunity to find a peaceful solution to the ethnic conflict now tearing the island, because this may well be the last chance. Speaking at a meeting of the Colombo branch of the Old Boys' Association of St Henry's College, Ilavaalai, Jaffna, on Sunday, the Tamil north's most prominent religious dignitary said: "A good opportunity to find a peaceful solution has now arisen. We should not let this opportunity slip out of our hands. We cannot expect the same kind of general interest in finding a peaceful solution to arise again." More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 17:48:55 EST 2000

LTTE seek removal of ban to enter Oslo peace talks
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8.15 a.m. SLT Monday December 11. The LTTE in a statement from in London office asserts that a ban imposed by the Sri Lankan government on the Tiger group must be removed before the rebels will agree to negotiations with the State. The Tigers maintain that in order for peace talks to begin, with the facilitation of Norway, the ban on the rebel group imposed soon after it drove an explosive laden truck into the island nations most hallowed place of worship, the Sri Dalada Maligawa, must now be revoked before discussions on peace can begin.

The Tigers are proscribed in Sri Lanka, India and the US. The LTTE point out that a conducive atmosphere for peace talks is essential and that the rebels cannot sit at the same table with state representatives when the Lankan government continues to lobby foreign nations to outlaw the rebel group.

More recently Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, has been pressing for the UK to ban the Tigers who operate freely from London. The LTTE, operate, minus any restrictions, out of 40 countries around the globe.
Published: Mon Dec 11 04:57:17 EST 2000

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Cricket-Please help us probe match fixing, appeal Lankan to India
NaradaOnline, december 11. The cricket board of Sri Lanka has sought the Indian government's help in probing the match fixing in their country. The move follows refusal of a key bookie to cooperate with Desmond Fernando, the board's corruption buster.The investigator, who will be joined by International Cricket Council's anti-corruption chief Sir Paul Condon, are to meet two Indian ministers on Tuesday and Wednesday in New Delhi to discuss the cricket match fixing probe.Fernando, who is investigating allegations against former skipper Arjuna Ranatunga and his deputy Aravinda de Silva, had sought to interview bookmaker MK Gupta, but the man refused to cooperate. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 09:12:09 EST 2000
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SLMC to appoint one leader
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 11 a.m. SLT Monday December 11. A supreme council meeting of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) held yesterday has taken a decision to appoint one leader to head its party. The fractured political party suffered a dent in its image after the sudden death of its former leader M. H. M. Ashraff in a helicopter crash days before the October 10, polls . The party leadership is at present shared by Rauf Hakeem, Minister for Internal and International Trade and Ferial Ashraff, Minister for Development and Reconstruction for the East.

Since the death of her husband, Ferial Ashraff and Hakeem reached an uneasy truce to serve as co-leaders to the party her late spouse founded. The two however have continued to have dis-agreements over government portfolio's and internal party politics, splitting the SLMC into two, with members taking sides.

Ferial Ashraff is unable to publicly function in office or appear at Politburo meetings since she is still observing a mourning period of four months.

Hakeem meanwhile said today that the SLMC will decide within the course of this week on who its new leader will be and that the partnership he shares with Ferial will be evaluated and one leader chosen.
Published: Mon Dec 11 04:57:17 EST 2000

Sri Lanka race to victory
BBC South Asia, Sunday, 10 December, 2000, 16:38 GMT . Sri Lanka wrapped up the second win of their South African tour with more than a day to spare after a convincing performance against Eastern Province in Port Elizabeth. After leading by 174 on first innings, they bowled the home side out for 214 and then knocked off the 41 needed in less than seven overs to win by 8 wickets. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 08:50:12 EST 2000

Donald to play in first two one-dayers against Sri Lanka
yahoo, december 11. According to reports from Johannesburg, fast bowler Allan Donald has been included in the South African squad for the first two of the six limited overs internationals against Sri Lanka.The two matches would be played in Port Elizabeth on Friday and in East London next Saturday. Incidentally, Donald had missed the third and final Test against New Zealand at the Wanderers Stadium because of a stomach muscle injury. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 08:58:01 EST 2000

Doctors threaten to leave eastern Lanka, Dec 11 2000 13:00 IST. Colombo, Dec 11 (UNI) About 400 government doctors working in hospitals in the war-ravaged Eastern Sri Lanka have threatened to leave unless they are provided transport facilities by Red Cross or any other International agency. The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said 54 More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 06:27:01 EST 2000

Sri Lanka says 12 rebels killed in northern Jaffna
MSNBC, Monday, December 11 7:26 PM SGT . Sri Lanka said on Monday its troops had killed 12 Tamil rebels over the weekend in clashes in the country's northern Jaffna peninsulaA government statement said the biggest skirmishes took place in the Jaffna suburb of Ariyalai, and Nunavil West, which lies on the highway linking Jaffna city to Chavakachcheri, the peninsula's second largest town. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 08:13:05 EST 2000
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Major fraud in Sihala Urumaya: Deputy President resigns
CDN, 11 December 2000. Prof.A.D.V. de S. Indraratne has sent in his resignation from the post of Deputy President of the Sihala Urumaya and from the party membership.The Daily News understands that Prof.Indraratne has written to Sihala Urumaya secretary Tilak Karunaratne, giving several reasons for his exit from the party.According to sources close to SU, Prof.Indraratne has disclosed a major fraud perpetrated by certain sections of the SU and the National Movement Against Terrorism.He has alleged that SU circulated an appeal to Sinhala expatriates in the UK and elsewhere for funds to be collected and remitted to the account of the NMAT office at Thimbirigasyaya. The letter, which allegedly contained the names of Party President S.L.Gunasekara, Secretary Tilak Karunaratne and National Organiser Champika Ranawaka, had not actually been approved by Gunasekara and Karunaratne, Indraratne has said. More...
Published: Sun Dec 10 20:51:20 EST 2000

Sri Lanka faces bleak economy, to meet donors
The Hindu (International), Monday, December 11, 2000. COLOMBO, DEC. 10. Sri Lanka will go into a crucial meeting with donor countries later this month against the background of a gloomy outlook for the country's economy that speculation about peace talks with the LTTE has done nothing to lift. The Deputy Finance Minister, Mr. G.L. Peiris, has told the State- run Sunday Observer that the focus of the meeting to be held on December 18 and 19, will be the rehabilitation of the embattled north, poverty alleviation and good governance. More...
Published: Sun Dec 10 17:19:42 EST 2000
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Irida Peramuna Closes Down
Saroj Pathirana in London, Sunday 10 December 1630 GMT. "Irida Peramuna", a Sinhala weekly published by Leader publications, has been closed down. Irida Peramuna that is a sister paper of English weekly "The Sunday Leader", in today’s publication announced that it would be the last edition. More than forty journalists and type setters to lose their jobs while some others may affected indirectly. Irida Peramuna’s news editor Dharma Sri Kariyawasam told BBC’s Sandeshaya that although the Peramuna has been fairly circulated, many businessmen were reluctant to advertise in the paper accusing that it did not reach their target group of readers, since it was seen as biased towards main opposition UNP. Some journalists who lost their jobs told The Lanka Academic that they are contemplating legal action.
Published: Sun Dec 10 11:27:43 EST 2000

JVP delivers kidney punch to peace effort, say Tamil parties
Island, 11 December 2000. The TULF on Saturday said that the ongoing peace initiative has taken a kidney punch from the JVP’s rejection of Norway’s role in the proposed negotiations. "The JVP must not upset the peace process," R. Sampanthan, TULF’s General Secretary stressed pointing out the danger in ruining Norway’s effort to bring the government and the LTTE back to the negotiating table. Sampanthan said that the North-East issue will never be resolved without "outside" help and the JVP.The JVP with ten MPs could do a lot to promote the ongoing effort that has been supported by the international community, Sampanthan said. More...
Published: Sun Dec 10 20:47:20 EST 2000

150 million migrated in 20th century
India Abroad, Dec 11, 2000 10:45 Hrs (IST) . THE 20th century witnessed the migration of more than 150 million people, including several millions belonging to the Indian subcontinent, from their homeland to countries far removed from their place of birth. The partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 and the birth of Bangladesh sparked migration within South Asia and abroad, said the World Migration Report published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka led the nations in outward migration, the report said. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 01:42:10 EST 2000

Sri Lanka seeks ICRC help to protect doctors
Virtual New York, 11 December 2000. Sri Lanka's health ministry has asked the International Committee of the Red Cross to help provide protection to doctors serving in war-torn areas of the country. The federal health minister, John Seneviratne, said he directed ministry officials to seek ICRC aid in transporting doctors working in rebel-held sections to the government-administered areas.Seneviratne announced that the government would extend an insurance cover for all doctors serving in the strife-torn region and pay them a special allowance. More...
Published: Mon Dec 11 01:45:12 EST 2000
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TN: Huge heroin haul in Chennai
The Hindu NUS, 22.30 hrs (IST) on December 10, 2000. Chennai, Dec. 10. (PTI): In a major operation, a drug trafficking syndicate operating between India and Sri Lanka was busted, and 20 kilograms of `high purity' heroin, valued at Rs 20 crores in the global market, were seized here yesterday, the Narcotic Control Bureau said today. NCB personnel, acting on specific information seized the contraband from a truck at Madhavaram here early yesterday, leading to the arrest of six men and the busting of the syndicate operating from Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh for illegal export of heroin to Sri Lanka, an NCB release said. More...
Published: Sun Dec 10 13:02:04 EST 2000

Asian Human Rights Commission calls for a UN mission in Sri Lanka
Saroj Pathirana in London, Sunday 10 December 1915 GMT. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has renewed its call for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish a mission in Sri Lanka to monitor human rights abuses and crimes against humanity. Publishing its annual report on World’s Human Rights Day, Hong Kong based AHRC says that victims’ rights to competent judicial, administrative or legislative remedies have not be respected in most Asian countries including Sri Lanka.

Although the Peoples’ Alliance government is accused of not conducting proper investigations into serious human rights violations, the main opposition United National Party (UNP) do not raise their voice against, AHRC’s executive president Basil Fernando told BBC’s Sandeshaya. They are not willing to protest as UNP’s own record on human rights during their 17 year long regime was not quite impressive, he added.

" Most Asian states confine respect for human rights whether civil and political rights or economic, social and cultural rights to mere declarations and take virtually no steps towards enforcement. Most common are complaints that police seem unable to prevent abuse of electoral processes. The judiciary in several countries has come under public criticism." The AHRC report says.
Published: Sun Dec 10 14:18:20 EST 2000

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