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Lankan troops kill 3 rebel explosive experts
Times of India, 19 December 2000 . Government troops killed 26 Tamil Tiger rebels, including three explosive experts, in a new military offensive in the north, the defense ministry said Monday.Among the dead were three rebels who served as explosive experts in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. There was no independent confirmation of the military's claim, as both the rebels and the government discourage journalists from visiting the war front. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 17:22:32 EST 2000
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Children Cultured in War and Kindled in Hatred: A report from the "uncleared areas of Sri Lanka"
The Lanka Academic, December 17. For it's part the LTTE has started to beat the war drums in the ears of children at a very tender age as revealed by a young mother at the Piramanakulam line recently .She had a story to narrate and handed over photographs to prove her point. She lamented that Prabhakaran and the LTTE have put her child and other little children's mind on the path of war. She revealed that innocent children have no choice but to join the war effort of the LTTE and beat war drums even from their infancy. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 14:03:31 EST 2000
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Lanka's foreign minister meets with Nepalese Premier
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 6.10 p.m. SLT Monday December 18. Sri Lanka's visiting foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar met with the Nepalese Premier today and discussed bi-lateral issues including the next SAARC summit scheduled to be held in Kathmandu.
Published: Mon Dec 18 07:11:42 EST 2000
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Sri Lankan aid meeting in Paris
BBC South Asia, Monday, 18 December, 2000, 09:39 GMT . The Sri Lankan President, Chandrika Kumaratunga, is in Paris at the start of a meeting of aid agencies on the economic situation in Sri Lanka brought about by the civil war with Tamil Tiger separatists. A World Bank statement said the government's economic policy, and its framework for rehabilitation and reconciliation are likely to be the focus of the two-day development forum. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 10:35:01 EST 2000
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Lankan expatriates remit record money back home
Times of India, 19 December 2000 . Sri Lankan expatriates, mainly house maids, sent home a record Rs 62.46 billion ($780 million) during the first nine months of this year, registering a 14 percent increase over the same period last year, the Foreign Employment Bureau said Monday.The bureau said that as many as 119,487 Sri Lankans sought foreign employment this year, adding to the existing number of 1.5 million who are employed abroad. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 16:07:43 EST 2000

Prospects for SAARC summit bleak
Yahoo India, Tuesday December 19, 12:00 AM. NEW DELHI\. A SAARC summit in the near future is not on the cards. There is little doubt about it, given New Delhi's tough line, but the lingering hope of second thoughts on its part vanished when Sri Lanka's latest bid to resolve the deadlock failed to work. Revival of the summit process was one of the two major subjects of discussion between the Sri Lanka Foreign Minister, Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar, and his Indian counterpart, Mr. Jaswant Singh, during his visit last week. Sri Lanka, which had hosted the last summit in Colombo in July 1998, and in that capacity was the chairman of the grouping since then, was keen to pass on this responsibility to Nepal, the next host. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 17:36:43 EST 2000
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No deadline set to nab Veerappan: Krishna
The Hindu (Southern States), Tuesday, December 19, 2000. CHENNAI, The Karnataka Chief Minister, Mr. S. M. Krishna, today said that the forest brigand, Veerappan and his Tamil extremist associates were still in the jungles and had not fled to Jaffna.``We have enough reasons to believe he (Veerappan) would not have gone to Jaffna'', Mr. Krishna told the media, when he visited the State Congress(I) office today. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 17:38:12 EST 2000

Immigrants in Greek prison stitch their mouths in protest
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 11 a.m. SLT Monday December 18. Thirteen immigrants in a prison near Athens yesterday sewed their lips in protest as they continue to be held by Greek authorities despite their deportation orders having expired. The 13 consist of Sri Lankan's, Pakistani's and Bangladeshi's who say their detention is unfair and that they should be released if the authorities cannot ensure that they are deported back to their mother-land. The prisoners are reportedly being backed in the protest by some 200 other detainees, while five of the thirteen who had stitched their mouths had to be rushed to hospital today to receive urgent medical attention.
Published: Mon Dec 18 07:11:41 EST 2000

Night curfew to be lifted in Jaffna for Christmas and New Year
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 10.10 a.m. SLT Monday December 18. The night curfew in Jaffna will be lifted on December 24, and 31 to allow the large number of Christians in the area to carry out religious observances. The curfew which is usually in force daily between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. will not be enforced on these days, a statement from the Palaly military base said.
Published: Mon Dec 18 07:11:41 EST 2000

Docs at Batticaloa Teaching Hospital threaten union action
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.15 a.m. SLT Monday December 18. Doctors at the Batticaloa Teaching Hospital have threatened trade union action if their demands for proper security and resident facilities are not met. The doctors say that despite a letter to this effect sent recently to medical authorities in Colombo, the doctors are being treated with the same dis-regard they have undergone since they continue to be forced into taking up internship postings in high risk areas.

After the death of one doctor from this hospital two weeks ago, almost all doctors working in strife torn areas pulled out and returned to Colombo. They maintain that apart from a lack of security for those serving in these areas, local doctors are treated badly and not even paid their due allowances for tending to the sick in the war zone.

The resident facilities afforded to docs in the north and east is also in a deplorable state and the young interns are expected to survive for a year at least under trying conditions before they are posted elsewhere.
Published: Mon Dec 18 07:11:39 EST 2000

ICRC to carry 13 metric tons of medicine to the north today
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9 a.m. SLT Monday December 18. The International Committee of the Red Cross will carry 13 metric tons of medicine to Jaffna today. The medical items will be shipped on the ICRC escorted vessel the 'Jaya Gold' which is scheduled to leave from Trincomalee this afternoon. The ICRC will also take over 2000 mailbags on the same trip to the strife torn northern city, Jaffna.
Published: Mon Dec 18 07:11:38 EST 2000

Neighbours' dump
Yahoo India, 19 December 2000. THE RECENT PROTEST by the Federation of Engineering Industries of India (FEII) against `dumping' of steel tubes and pipes from Nepal is nothing surprising because `trade exchanges' of this nature have been a common feature in relations with neighbours such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for quite some time. In fact, the easing of trade restrictions among the members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) - hopefully culminating in the proposed South Asian Free Trade Arrangement (SAFTA) in the near future - has always been the lynchpin of the SAARC enterprise. But what was not expected was the damage this policy would do to the interests of domestic manufacturers - especially in `big brother' India - to such an extent that representations to the Centre by trade bodies have become common. The important thing to note here is that the influx of the relevant items has been institutionalised by an existing treaty, not to speak of the huge quantity of goods smuggled. The same is the case with Sri Lanka with which New Delhi has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) although the `smuggled' element in the bilateral exchange of goods in this case is considerably less than that which exists in trade with Nepal and Bangladesh. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 17:29:02 EST 2000

Sri Lankan ministers appoint wives, husbands as secretaries
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, December 17. MANY OF the 44 Cabinet ministers in Sri Lanka have unabashedly appointed their wives, husbands, cousins, brothers, sisters and even brothers in law as their private secretaries (PSs), The Sunday Leader reported on Sunday. The coveted post of PS to Minister carries monthly take home pay of Rs 20,000 and other attractive perks besides enormous clout. Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake, himself leads the troop, having appointed his wife Kusum as his PS in the Ministry of Plantations, a portfolio he holds. Pavithra Wanniarachchi Minister for Plan Implementation has made her husband, Kanchana Jayaratne, her PS. Labour Minister Alavi Mowlana's PS is his son Naqueeb. Minister of Ports Development Ronnie de Mel has made his wife Mallika his PS. Shiranthi Rajapakse is one of the co-ordinating secretaries of her fisheries Minister husband, Mahinda Rajapakse. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 17:39:22 EST 2000

UK to stop refugees entering via Eurostar
CDN, Monday, 18 December. Britain's battle to block illegal immigrants commonly known as 'economic refugees' from countries like Sri Lanka and many other parts of the world will soon be shifted to the other side of the English channel-Calais. This move by the Home Office is designed to halt asylum seekers entering Britain using the channel tunnel train 'Eurostar'. A Home Office spokesman told the Daily News that it is estimated that over 9,000 illegal immigrants will use Eurostar in the year 2001. From early next year teams from the British Immigration Service will check travellers on Eurostar trains at the stop prior to the train entering Britain via the tunnel that runs under the sea. They will have powers to detain any suspect and refuse entry into the Britain even though they may have obtained British visas at the point of origin. Officials have detected that asylum seekers who board the Eurostar in Paris More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 04:33:13 EST 2000

Chandrika –Prabhakaran meeting to sign peace deal after talks; Possible only if LTTE leader comes out of his Wanni hide-out–Kadirgamar
Island, Monday, 18 December. NEW DELHI: Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar says a meeting between President Chandrika Kumaratunge and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) supremo Velupillai Prabhakar is possible only to sign a peace agreement after it is hammered out through negotiations."We cannot let the president meet the LTTE leader now," he told me during a lunch hosted in his honour by the Foreign Correspondents' Club (FCC) of South Asia at the Taj Palace Hotel here today. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 04:29:06 EST 2000

Bomb-scarred President Lanka?s best bet
Yahoo India, Sunday December 17, 3:35 AM. In the year since her brush with a Tamil suicide bomber, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga appears to have stumbled towards her destiny as peacemaker, a role she said fate had let her live to fulfil. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 04:23:17 EST 2000

Lanka to set up new anti-Tiger force
Times of India, 19 December 2000 . Sri Lanka is setting up a new force to fight Tamil Tiger terrorism and eradicate the separatist war within three years, a state-run daily said on Monday. The Dinamina Sinhalese language daily quoting Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake said here that the new force will be set up with the objective of protecting the country's territorial integrity. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 16:06:31 EST 2000
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Four Ministers and Key Officials in Paris for Crucial meeting
Saroj Pathirana in London, Sunday 17 December 1700 GMT. Four Sri Lankan ministers and two key officials, apart from the President Chandrika Kumaratunga, are now in Paris, The Lanka Academic learns. While Urban Development minister Mangala Samaraweera, Higher Education minister Indika Gunawardhana, and deputy Finance ministers prof. G.L. Pieris and S.B. Dissanayake are preparing for Monday’s crucial meeting with Sri Lanka’s donor countries, they are assisted by Central Bank governor W.S. Jayawardhana and P.B. Jayasundara, secretary to the ministry of finance.
Published: Sun Dec 17 12:02:50 EST 2000
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Singapore Polytechnic students refurbish PCs for use in a Sri Lankan University
Yahoo Asia, Monday, December 18 12:10 AM SGT . Crossing national boundaries using the language of Information Technology is what the Singapore Polytechnic is doing in a project.The Polytechnic has responded to a call for recycled personal computers from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka. It is working with the National Youth Achievement Award Council on the project.he 100 computers will soon add to the pool of five PCs that 1,200 Sri Lankan medical students now have to share.About 80 polytechnic students volunteered to come back for a week during their holidays to refurbish the PCs contributed by the school so that they will be in good working condition before being shipped over. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 17:45:49 EST 2000

Oslo peace bid hits snag as Sri Lanka fighting escalates, Dec 17 2000 13:32 IST. COLOMBO,AFP)-Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels ruled out entering Norwegian-backed peace talks until the government declares a ceasefire as officials Sunday reported another bloody day of clashes.In a statement sent from their London office, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)insisted on a process of "de-escalation" or effective ceasefire, and said genuine peace talks could not be held "underconditions of war, violence and hostility."The defence ministry said government forces were Sunday consolidating areas wrestled from rebel control after they launched a fresh offensive against the LTTE in Jaffna.The ministry said 12 government troopers and 26 rebels were killed were killed in Saturday's clashes. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 05:04:53 EST 2000
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Astrologers tell India to beware its neighbours
Yahoo India, Monday December 18, 11:46 AM. GUWAHATI, India, Dec 18 (AFP) - A convention of South Asian astrologers and Hindu sages has warned India not to get "over-friendly" with its regional rivals, Pakistan and China. At least 500 well-known astrologers and sages from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka gathered in the Assam state capital Guwahati at the weekend for the 40th International Jyotish Maha Sammelan (International Astrologers Meet) to discuss issues ranging from war and peace to the relevance of mysticism. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 04:22:33 EST 2000

Letter of Protest from Election Monitors.
LAcNet Election Page, December 17. As international monitors of election violence during the October Sri Lankan parliamentary elections, we wish to express our deep concern at the re-appointment of General Ratwatte as Deputy Defence Minister. We understand that, on 30 November 2000, General Anuruddha Ratwatte took oaths as Deputy Minister of Defence in addition to the post of Minister for Power and Energy, which he was granted after winning the People’s Alliance seat for Patha Dumbara, Kandy District. The re-appointment comes no more than two months after President Kumaratunga’s commendable pledge that those engaged in election violence had no place in her government: More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 14:12:48 EST 2000

Army captures fresh areas in Jaffna
ChennaiOnline, december 17. The Sri Lankan army captured fresh areas in Madduvil North and Nunavil in Jaffna from the control of the LTTE and killed several, including two LTTE leaders, in an operation launched early yesterday morning.Two LTTE leaders, Rajkumar and Kowlan, were among those killed in the operation. Approximately, 11 sq km area encompassing Madduvil and Nunavil, including three km of the A9 Highway linking Chavakachchery and Kaithady, was taken over by the army. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 14:00:09 EST 2000

Hayleys of Sri Lanka looks Indiawards for IT expertise
financial express, decmeber . The island nation of Sri Lanka will soon be put on the Indian software export destination map as several Sri Lankan firms seem to have realised the importance of information technology to better their businesses. A large Sri Lankan conglomerate that recently woke up to the IT requirement is the Colombo-based Rs 1000 crore Hayleys Ltd. As a maiden initiative in building up a large IT-core team, Hayleys has recently identified over 2,000 of its executives, from its total strength of over 40,000, for IT training. According to official sources in the company, these 2,000 plus executives would be sent to IT training institutes to pick up technical expertise. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 14:35:23 EST 2000

ANALYSIS-Bomb-scarred president Sri Lanka's best peace bet
ABC News, 12/17/2000 06:35:00 ET. COLOMBO, Dec 17 (Reuters) - In the year since her brush with a Tamil suicide bomber, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga appears to have stumbled towards her destiny as peacemaker, a role she said fate had let her live to fulfil. But analysts on Sunday said the snail-paced progress had as much to do with circumstance -- wrought by 12 months of military and political setback -- as with destiny. "We are now closer to peace talks than we were last year, but that is the result of a combination of factors not just the president"s initiative," political analyst Kethesh Loganathan said. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 13:44:10 EST 2000

South Africa thrash Sri Lanka
Times of India (Breaking News), 17 December 2000 . South Africa: South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 95 runs on Sunday to take a 2-0 lead in the six-match limited overs series.Neil McKenzie, dropped on 35, hit an unbeaten 120 providing the platform for Jonty Rhodes and Mark Boucher to hammer quick half-centuries and steer the home team to 302 for seven wickets More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 13:39:11 EST 2000
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Sri Lanka-Nepal talks on SAARC summit
BBC South Asia, Sunday, 17 December, 2000, 12:47 GMT . The Sri Lankan foreign minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, is in Nepal for talks with Nepalese ministers about reviving the stalled summit meeting of the seven-nation regional grouping, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation SAARC. More...
Published: Sun Dec 17 21:26:33 EST 2000
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Britain mulls Tiger ban amid diplomatic offensive, Dec 18 2000 15:46 IST. COLOMBO, Dec 18 (AFP) - Sri Lanka must wait until next year to discover whether the Tamil Tiger rebel group has been outlawed under new British anti-terrorism laws, the British embassy here said Monday. The announcement came in response to fresh diplomatic pressure from Sri Lanka, urging Britain to ban the island's separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which maintains its international secretariat in London. More...
Published: Mon Dec 18 10:31:46 EST 2000

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