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Tigers say no truce extension, vows to hit back, Jan 19 2001 14:27 IST. COLOMBO, Jan 19 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have warned they will not extend a unilateral truce and promised to push the army back if it undertook any new drives, a regional Tamil newspaper said Friday. The separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) told the Uthayan newspaper published in the northern peninsula of Jaffna any extension to their ceasefire, which is due to expire on Thursday, depends on the Colombo government. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 07:26:42 EST 2001

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Journalists protest no progress in Nimalarajan investigation
Saroj Pathirana in London, Friday 19 January 1825 GMT. Free Media Movement (FMM) and Jaffna Journalists Association today launched a poster campaign against the PA government for not taking sufficient steps to investigate the assassination of Jaffna journalist Mylvaganam Nimalarajan. Meanwhile, his parents, journalists and friends gathered at Hindu College in Rathmalana, where Nimalarajan had attended school , to offer "Dana" to residing students.

Ravaya journalist Jayasiri Jayasekara, a member of the FMM, told BBC's Sandeshaya that the students of Hindu College have organised a modest but emotional tribute to the slain journalist. He further added that although President Chandrika Kumaratunga herself ordered an inquiry in to the assasination, suspects are yet to be arrested no progress has been made in the investigations.

Nimalarajan was shot and grenades hurled in to his house injuring his parents and eleven year old nephew on October the 19th, the very same day Sri Lanka's new cabinet of 46 members was sworn in.
Published: Fri Jan 19 13:24:51 EST 2001

Photo: Sri Lanka rebels may return to all-out war-report
Yahoo India, January 17. Sri Lankan soldiers armed with light machine guns and rockets advance government towards the rebel-held Elephant Pass isthmus that connects the northern Jaffna peninsula to the mainland January 17 More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 09:49:47 EST 2001
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Presidential Commission to probe Ashraff's death
CDN, 20 January 2001. President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has decided to appoint a Commission to inquire into the deaths of Minister M.H.M. Ashraff and 11 others in a helicopter crash, last year.Supreme Court Judge L.H.E. Weerasekera is expected to head the probe. This move follows a discussion the President had with Internal and International Trade and Commerce, Shipping Development and Muslim Religious Affairs Minister Rauff Hakeem on Tuesday.The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress which suspects a conspiracy behind the crash, had earlier appealed to President Kumaratunga to appoint a commission to probe the tragedy. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 18:47:32 EST 2001

Rocky road to peace for Norwegian envoy, US ambassador
India Abroad, Jan 12, 2001 16:00 Hrs (IST) . HE road to peace in Sri Lanka is proving to be increasingly rocky for international peacemakers with Sinhalese hardliners giving a new twist to a fierce campaign to keep them out. Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim, who left Colombo Friday after a three-day visit, came under attack in the legislature on Thursday with the right-wing Sihala Urumaya (Sinhalese Heritage) accusing him of being "a flamboyant playboy as well as a rogue." Revealing details of Solheim's personal life, Member of Parliament Tilak Karunaratne said: "We are opposed to any intervention by any foreign party, and more so in the case of Solheim." He accused the emissary of "having admitted (to) being with prostitutes in the Czech republic" and of profiting from his divorce by selling his story to a newspaper. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 03:48:54 EST 2001

Government ready to resume peace talks
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8.15 a.m. SLT Friday January 19. The government said yesterday that it is prepared to resume peace talks with the LTTE provided the Tigers come up with substantive proposals that would prove the rebels are sincere about ending the 18 year old war. Media Minister Priyadharshana Yapa reiterated yesterday that the government had been hesitant to observe a month long truce initiated by the LTTE on Christmas Eve as it believed the Tigers would use the ceasefire to re-group. Yapa however asserted that the state was now ready to talk with the rebels, and the ball was now in the Tigers court to prove their sincerity.

The government statement follows in the wake of a massive offensive it began this week to regain Tiger held territory in the northern peninsula. Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne, military spokesman insists that the military have made significant headway these past few days and have recovered a massive haul of rebel arms and ammunition. Meanwhile, heavy fighting in the northern peninsula this week, has claimed over 180 lives so far. The army discounted rumours that the latest offensive was a bid by the military to regain the lost Elephant Pass army camp which fell to the Tigers in April last year. The fighting has continued on the main Jaffna - Elephant Pass causeway.
Published: Thu Jan 18 23:17:34 EST 2001

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Tamil Parties Criticize Sri Lanka Over Peace Effort
Yahoo India, January 19. Moderate Tamil parties Friday said they had lost faith in the government following its refusal to respond to a unilateral cease-fire offer by Tamil Tiger rebels. "We doubt that the Sri Lankan government really wants to bring about peace," said a group of seven Tamil political parties and Tamil organizations. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 09:51:50 EST 2001

'Maj-Gen. Muttukumaru served his country in many ways'
CDN, 20 January 2001. "Bury me not in a corner of a foreign field but, in the land of my birth which I served and love", seem to be the last wish of Major General Anton Muttukumaru, lawyer, soldier, diplomat and historian who passed away at the age of 92 on January 15th in Canberra, Australia. Mourners who gathered to pay their last respects to this remarkable man who was the first Sri Lankan Commander of the Army of independent Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was then known, knew that his love was reciprocated. For, there, draping his coffin, was the flag of Sri Lanka, the country that he had served in many ways.Honouring a final request, his body had been dressed in one of his uniforms which would have last been worn over four decades ago. His peak cap, service medals, sam brown belt and sword adorned the coffin. Among the wreaths that surrounded the coffin were ones from the Sri Lankan Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Commander of the Army and all ranks and the Sri Lankan High Commissioner and staff. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 18:51:10 EST 2001

ICRC transfers over 40 rebel bodies
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 4.25 p.m. SLT Thursday January 18. Twenty one bodies of LTTE combatants were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) today by security forces. The hand over took place at Gurunagar jetty in Jaffna. Following two days of intense fighting in the northern peninsula, the ICRC has handed over 41 bodies of rebel cadre to the Tigers in the Vanni. The 21 bodies today were transferred in three fishing boats to Kalmunai Point, where ICRC delegates working in the Vanni took the bodies to the LTTE. The humanitarian organization yesterday transferred in a similar manner 21 bodies of rebel combatants.
Published: Thu Jan 18 07:36:34 EST 2001

EWTN, Januray 18. An urgent call to accelerate the peace process to end the country's ethnic war was made this week by Bishops in Sri Lanka. In a recent pastoral letter dated January 13, the Catholic Bishops' Conference in Sri Lanka appealed to the leaders to make "every effort without delay to end the ascending spiral of war and violence plaguing our country." More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 10:12:04 EST 2001

Kazakhs to deport Sri Lankans after frozen ordeal
MSNBC, january 19. Twenty-four Sri Lankans who thought they had reached Germany but were found freezing on the Kazakh steppe will all be deported, the International Organisation for Migration said on Friday. The group, all men aged 20 to 39, was detained by authorities in the vast central Asian state in late December after spending four days wandering across the barren plain in mid-winter temperatures. Another man had frozen to death and all were suffering from exposure. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 09:53:22 EST 2001

Rate Hike Threatens Sri Lanka Economy, Leaves Rupee Limp
Yahoo India, January 19. A hike in Sri Lanka's key interest rates this week isn't helping to shore up the flagging rupee as intended, but the higher rates are threatening to weaken the economy instead, market observers say. With no quick solution in sight, what the government needs to do, they add, is to address key problems in the economy - bolstering the country's reserves, cutting its budget deficit, and spurring exports. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 09:51:08 EST 2001

Troops kill Tamil Tigers guarding ammunitions Offensive goes on against rebel fighters
Independent, UK, Friday, 18 january. Government troops captured a Tamil Tiger rebel armory after killing six guards in their ongoing offensive to retake a strategic land corridor in the north, military officials said. "Ground forces shot the terrorists, killing all six of them and found that they were guarding an armory," military spokesman Brig. Sanath Karunaratne said. Several dozen T–56 rifles, hand grenades, rocket propelled grenades and mortars were found, he said. The seizure took place on the third day of the military's operation to recapture the strategic Elephant Pass, which connects the Tamil–majority northern Jaffna Peninsula with the Sinhalese–dominated southern mainland. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 04:23:42 EST 2001
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Tamil party representatives meet British HC
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.15 a.m. SLT Thursday January 18. Tamil party representatives met with British High Commisioner, Linda Duffield on Tuesday this week to discuss the government calling upon the British state to ban the LTTE in London. Members from the TELO, TULF and ACTC held a four hour discussion with British representatives stressing that in the event Britain did ban the Tigers from operating on UK soil it would have a serious adverse effect on future peace talks with the Lankan government.

The Tamil political party representatives further added that they were depending on the international community to support negotiations in Sri Lanka that would help bring an end to the 18 year old bloody war.
Published: Thu Jan 18 07:36:34 EST 2001

23 Sri Lankans refused refugee status in Khazakstan
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.10 a.m. SLT Friday January 19. Twenty three Sri Lankans who turned up on the borders of Khazakstan in Russia have been refused refugee status and may be deported within the next thirty days. Khazakstan border guards maintain that the Sri Lankans cannot be afforded political asylum since it is obvious that are seeking illegal entry for economic gain.

The Sri Lankans have reportedly told border guards that they believed they were on German soil. The Lankans had apparently been duped by human smugglers who dumped them at the Khazakstan border and told them to walk until they reached Germany.
Published: Thu Jan 18 23:17:34 EST 2001

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Lankan troops advance and reject ceasefire appeal
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8.10 a.m. SLT Thursday January 18. Amidst pleas by the LTTE for the military to observe a ceasefire, Sri Lanka Airforce MI-27 gunships yesterday pounded rebel held territory along the main Jaffna-Elephant Pass causeway, causing massive damage to Tiger territory. Armed forces backed by heavy artillery fire began a fresh offensive in the North yesterday striving to free the causeway from rebel domination.

Military spokesman, Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne, said that since 'Operation Kinihira 1X' began this week, 52 rebels and 37 soldiers including an officer have been killed while over 161 combatants had been injured.

Meanwhile, some 3000 students of the Jaffna University defied military orders and held a demonstration within the university premises calling upon the government to adhere to the LTTE ceasefire. The students hung yellow and black flags and had built a massive float depicting Jaffna as an open prison. At midday, all Christian and Hindu places of worship rung their bells in a show of solidarity to the student demonstration.

Information Director, Ariya Rubesinghe later said that three students had been arrested by Jaffna police during the protest.
Published: Thu Jan 18 07:36:33 EST 2001

Eyewitness to Jaffna devastation
BBC South Asia, Thursday, 18 January, 2001, 11:30 GMT . Young men in uniform lined up to have medals pinned on their chests at army headquarters in Jaffna, and stood to attention while maidens in white saris sang the national anthem.They were celebrated as the latest Sri Lankan war heroes.They belong to a generation which has known nothing but war in the north of the island. More...
Published: Thu Jan 18 09:40:48 EST 2001

Tigers 'must offer peace plan'
BBC South Asia, Thursday, 18 January, 2001, 20:26 GMT . "Even today my government is ready to halt the war, but then there has to be a genuine desire on the part of the LTTE to do so Priyadarshini Yapa Media Minister Priyadarshini Yapa told journalists in Colombo that the government was ready to halt military operations, but there had to be a genuine desire on the part of the Tigers to do so. On Wednesday, the army launched a major new assault against Tamil Tiger rebels in the north of the country targeting the strategically vital Elephant Pass. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 01:02:31 EST 2001
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Lanka get reinforcement for New Zealand tour
Times of India (Breaking News), january 18. After a near rout in South Africa, Sri Lankan cricket officials are sending three replacements for their team's upcoming New Zealand tour, sports officials said Thursday. Eric Upashantha, Kumar Dharmasena and Ruchira Perera will join the squad when the tour begins Jan. 26. It ends Feb. 11. With batsman Aravinda de Silva having replaced Upul Chandana, the selectors are now looking to bolster the bowling, which was dismal on the South Africa tour. Sri Lanka lost the one-day series 5-1. More...
Published: Thu Jan 18 09:51:37 EST 2001

Sri Lanka troops kill six rebels during offensive
MSNBC, 18 January, 2001, . Government troops captured a Tamil Tiger rebel armory after killing six guards Thursday during an offensive to retake a strategic land corridor in the north, military officials said. The assault took place on the third day of the military's operation to capture the strategic Elephant Pass, which connects the Tamil northern Jaffna Peninsula with the Sinhalese-dominated southern mainland.At least 112 combatants have been killed and 308 wounded on both sides in the offensive, military spokesman Brig. Sanath Karunaratne said. The rebels have not disclosed any casualty figures. More...
Published: Thu Jan 18 04:32:41 EST 2001

Business News From The Sri Lankan Press Thursday
Yahoo India, 18 January 2001. The main opposition United National Party, or UNP, has criticized the government for devaluing the local currency for the fourth time since June last year, the Daily Mirror reports. The UNP said overseas investors will stay away due to fears of instability. The Central Bank widened the spread between the bid and offer rates of the trading band to 10% from 8% Jan. 12. More...
Published: Thu Jan 18 00:30:45 EST 2001

White Lightning ready to have big bite after stomach strain
Yahoo India, 20 January 2001. South Africa’s leading wicket-taker Allan Donald returns for the third Test against Sri Lanka at Centurion on Saturday but admits that his preparation has not been ideal after recovering from a stomach strain. Donald, who has missed three Tests, replaces young pace sensation Mfuneko Ngam who has a stress fracture of the leg. “After a month off, it’s very hard coming back and two one-dayers, where you don’t even bowl your full complement of overs, is not great preparation. It would have been ideal to have a four-day game,” said Donald. Donald’s only recent action has come in the fifth and sixth one-day internationals against Sri Lanka earlier this week. He likened his current situation to the first Test against England at the Wanderers in 1999, where he returned from injury and was “not in great shape”. More...
Published: Fri Jan 19 18:11:25 EST 2001
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Sri Lanka stocks end steady on net foreign inflow
Yahoo India, 18 January, 2001, . Sri Lankan stocks ended steady on Thursday due to a second successive day of net foreign equity inflows.Brokers said, however, the market's upside was limited as the latest peace initiative in Sri Lanka looked increasingly fragile. The Colombo all-share index <.CSE> ended a provisional 1.26 points, or 0.28 percent, higher at 451.27 points. More...
Published: Thu Jan 18 04:41:33 EST 2001

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