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Sri Lanka president faces impeachment
BBC South Asia, Friday, 23 February, 2001, 17:07 GMT . Sri Lanka's main opposition party is seeking to impeach President Chandrika Kumuratunga, officials say. The United National Party alleges the president violated the constitution by failing to consult her cabinet before floating the Sri Lankan rupee last month.The opposition is keen to capitalise on public discontent about the rising cost of living caused by the devaluation of the currency."She doesn't inform them, she doesn't get their consent, she acts on her own. So what's the use of the ministers?" Mr Wickremesinghe said. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 16:32:05 EST 2001
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The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is a semi-autonomous body at the apex of the financial sector in Sri Lanka today. The objectives of the Central Bank include the stabilization of domestic monetary values and the preservation of the external stability of the Sri Lankan Rupee. It is the advisor to the Government of Sri Lanka on economic affairs and it is responsible for the implementation of Exchange Control Regulations. On January 23rd, 2001, the Central Bank permitted flee float rates for the Sri Lanka Rupee, leading to a massive 6.62% overnight depreciation of its value. The UNP is seeking the mediation of the Court of Appeal to quash this controversial decision. With this backdrop, we invited the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. A. S. Jayawardene to be the guest at our current Question and Answer session. Submit your questions for Mr. Jayawardene between February 5-26, 2001, and check answers here. We have exptended the Q&A period!
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Sri Lanka peace talks 'soon'
BBC South Asia, Friday, 23 February, 2001, 18:43 GMT . Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga says she expects peace talks with Tamil Tiger rebels to start soon. n an interview with CNN in Delhi, she said the two sides could probably meet in two months because the Tigers had asked for time to implement certain conditions.Her comments are her most optimistic yet on the possibility of face-to-face negotiations with the Tigers, who have been Despite her optimism, however, the president also said the Tigers were an organisation "born, bred, fed and living on violence", adding that she did not know how they would survive in a democracy. waging an 18-year-old war for an independent homeland. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 16:33:34 EST 2001

Sri Lanka opposition mulls bid to impeach Kumaratunga
Yahoo India, February 23. Sri Lanka's main opposition party said on Friday it was looking at launching impeachment proceedings against President Chandrika Kumaratunga over her handling of the rupee's flotation last month. The United National Party (UNP) said Kumaratunga -- who is also finance minister -- had violated the country's constitution by keeping her cabinet in the dark about the January 23 floatation.The only way we can deal with the president is impeachment for intentionally violating the constitution," UNP lawmaker Tyronne Fernando told a news conference. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 16:37:17 EST 2001
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Kumaratunga tells Lankan cabinet to tighten belts
Yahoo, february 22. President Chandrika Kumaratunga has told her record 44-member cabinet to tighten their belts, allowing them the use of only eight vehicles and pruning their personal staff to 20 minions each. The state-run newspaper Daily News reported Thursday that ministers and junior ministers had to trim fuel and telephone expenses as well as take drastic cuts in unlimited transport and aides. "It is the hope of the president that the ministers prove themselves illustrious leaders by strengthening the steps taken at this juncture when war expenditure is escalating," said report added. Politicians are reportedly already grumbling about the severe hardship the new regulations impose on them. The inordinate number of ministers and deputies appointed by Kumaratunga and the resulting burden on the exchequer caused much caustic comment after October's general election. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 09:10:26 EST 2001
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No peace talks unless Lanka reciprocates truce: LTTE
Yahoo, February 23. Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka have announced they would enter peace talks only if the government reciprocated a unilateral truce they have extended by another month.The rebels said they were extending the truce for the third month running to help get a Norwegian-brokered peace bid off the ground. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 09:56:51 EST 2001

'Lanka sports model worth emulating'
Yahoo India, February 24. WITH the proposed ban on tobacco advertising and event sponsorship hanging over Indian-sports like a Damocles' sword, multinational sports management company, IMG, feels that the sports segment could well take a page out of Sri Lanka's book.Mr Peter Hutton JMD, IMG/TWI, South Asia, told Business Line that in Sri Lanka, where a ban has been affected on tobacco and liquor advertising, the Sri Lankan Government had set up a fund to subsidise sports during the transitional period, when advertising by tobacco companies gave way to other corporates. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 19:12:57 EST 2001

India, Lanka remove a major hurdle to SAARC summit, 23rd Feb 2001 22.31 IST . A major hurdle in convening the SAARC summit was cleared on Friday when India agreed to a Sri Lankan suggestion for holding Foreign Secretaries' meeting of the seven-member association in the second half of May to carry forward the agenda of the grouping that got stalled following the military coup in Pakistan. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and visiting Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga during their meeting agreed that the Standing Committee of the SAARC would meet within two-and-a-half months to the convenience of all member countries, a Foreign Office spokesman said. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 16:34:27 EST 2001
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Double trouble for England in Lanka
Yahoo India, February 24. Opener Marvan Atapattu underlined his appetite for big scores with his fourth Test double century as Sri Lanka piled on the agony for England in the first Test on Friday.Atapattu played the anchor role to perfection by scoring an outstanding 201 not out while Aravinda de Silva stroked 106 before Sri Lanka declared their first innings at 470 for five on the second day. England openers Michael Atherton and Marcus Trescothick had to survive eight overs before the close and did so by making 27 without loss. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 16:35:20 EST 2001
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Sri Lankan tea estate workers seek wage hike
The Hindu (International), Friday, February 23, 2001. COLOMBO, FEB. 22. Sri Lanka's tea estate labourers are agitating for a wage hike to meet the rise in the cost of living following the steady depreciation of the currency since last June. MPs of the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) began a satyagraha at Hatton in the tea growing Nuwara Eliya district on Monday to demand a Rs. 400 cost of living allowance per month for the workers from the plantation companies. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 02:13:34 EST 2001

Canadian Alliance MP brings out FACT in parliament, slams ministers
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, VT Time 1.40 p.m Thursday 22. by Bandula Jayasekara in Vancouver: Monte Solberg of the Canadian Alliance yesterday asked the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Elinor Caplan to confirm if the group FACT (Federation of Association of Canadian Tamils) is a front of a terrorist organisation and adviced that her cabinet colleagues should not be out raising money for them. Solberg said that the lawyers representing the department of citizenship and immigration have confirmed that the group FACT is a fundraising front for the Tamil tigers. Caplan refused to answer Solberg's question, saying the matter is before the Supreme court of Canada.

However responding to Solberg's questions Maria Minna minister for International cooperation and Paul Martin minister of Finance said that they attended a community event that was made up of respectable Canadian citizens and they did not attend a dinner with a group of terrorists. But, Solberg of the Canadian Alliance alleged that both ministers should have known that the group FACT is a front for a terrorist organisation since the Canadian department of immigration and the Canadian intelligence service have pointed to the fact that FACT is a front for a terrorist organization. Solberg said " I argue that both ministers should have known that as they are cabinet members and that they should renounce that group that they in fact unknowingly supported"
Published: Thu Feb 22 16:41:14 EST 2001

Sri Lanka- A Country of Death, But No Emotions – Prasanna Vithanage
Saroj Pathirana in London, Friday 23 February 1500 GMT. Death has become a normal phenomenon in Sri Lanka, killing has spread to the every corner of the island, but nobody seems to have identified deep emotions behind it, an international award winning filmmaker claims. The authorities and the people are turning blind eye to the reality of nearly two decades of civil war and it seems to have become a emotionless society, Prasanna Vithanage, winner of the prestigious Golden Unicorn award for the best international film in 1999 Amiens film festival, said in London yesterday. Talking with London’s widely listened “Sunrise” community radio, he said that this senselessness persuaded him to make Purahanda Kaluwara (Death on a Full Moon Day), the most internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan film ever.

Purahanda, which also represented London Film Festival in 1999, is now banned in Sri Lanka and director Vithanage has challenged the ban in the Supreme Court.

Prasanna is on a short visit to London for the screening of Purahanda Kaluwara and the London premiere of Anantha Ratriya (Dark Night of the Soul) on the 25th of February at the Edgware Cinemax.
Published: Fri Feb 23 10:05:25 EST 2001

No ducks at the roasting
Guardian, Friday, 23 February. It was all Sanath Jayasuriya's fault. If you are going to raise expectations with three flamboyant flourishes in the first few overs, you have a certain responsibility, on such a historic occasion, not to get yourself out early.But blunder he did, at 10.51am, when he fell hook, line and sinker for the Gough-Hussain gully trap. The highlight of the day had been and gone. All adrenalin had been used up, to be replaced by the slight madness that comes from baking in the sun. So the 150 coachloads of England fans who descended on Galle had little to entertain them. They may have longed for Jilly Cooper; what they got was James Joyce. It was a day of unrelenting heat, sapping humidity, impenetrable cricket and lingering dehydration. It sapped the energy of the fans, the ardour of the players and was even too much for the pineapple and chilli sellers, who hid away for much of the afternoon session under the shade of the sightscreen. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 04:12:15 EST 2001

Murali ready to turn heat on England
The Guardian, february 22. It was hot here yesterday - a searing oven-like blast that rebounded from the walls of the pavilion and almost took the breath away. Nobody relishes it, and certainly not Muttiah Muralitharan. He has been out of Sri Lanka for 3 months, first in South Africa, then in New Zealand, and because of his groin injury he did not practise for 10 days, picking up a ball again only on Sunday. He says he is tired not from bowling but from the temperature. Murali is getting acclimatised as much as any Englishman. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 21:03:02 EST 2001

Singapore chain opens fast food restaurant in Sri Lanka, Feb 23 2001 13:00 IST. COLOMBO, Feb 23 (AFP) - A Singapore-based Indian-food chain Friday opened a franchise outlet in Sri Lanka, marking what is claimed to be the island's first vegetarian fast-food restaurant. Sri Lanka's John Keells Holdings, which has held the Pizza Hut franchise in Sri Lanka since 1993, launched the Komala's Indian fast food restaurant cheek-by-jowl with the non-vegetarian Pizza Hut outlet here. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 03:48:00 EST 2001

Five Belgian cos to launch products/ start operations in Sri Lanka
The Island, Thursday February 22, 2001 23:40 PST . Trade between Sri Lanka and Belgium is expected to be augmented ‘significantly’ as a result of next week’s Belgian mission in Colombo, Honorary consul for Belgium Pierre Pringiers said. At least five of the 12 companies on the mission are scheduled to launch products or sign up local partners during the two day official programme of the mission. Pringiers said that launches expected to take place include a venture for the manufacture of upmarket shoes, a product for cleaning and weather-proofing aluminium and glass exteriors, maintenance free PVC panelling and door and window frames and high quality laminated flooring. More...
Published: Fri Feb 23 02:49:18 EST 2001

Canadian ministers deny involvement with Sri Lankan rebels, Feb 23 2001 04:44 IST. Two Canadian ministers denied accusations Thursday they participated in a fundraiserfor the Tamil Tigers rebel group in Sri Lanka. The accusations, which have been made before and denied consistently, re-surfaced in the House of Commons. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 20:18:45 EST 2001

Sri Lanka Govt Rejects Tamil Rebels' Cease-Fire Offer
Yahoo India, February 22. The Sri Lankan government Thursday rejected a cease-fire by Separatist Tamil Tiger rebels but said it was willing to hold peace talks if the rebels were sincere. We are ready for peace talks at any time, but then the question remains that they will have to be sincere. It should not be another trick by them to deceive us," top government spokesman Ariya Rubasinghe told The Associated Press. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 09:06:22 EST 2001
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Lankan navy sinks Tiger sea convoy, 10 killed
Times of India, 22 February 2001 . COLOMBO: Sri Lankan navy gunboats attacked a Tiger rebel convoy off the island's northern coast on Wednesday, killing at least 10 guerrillas, the defence ministry here said. A pre-dawn sea battle erupted when the navy confronted cargo boats of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) approaching the north of the island, the ministry said in a statement. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 11:45:33 EST 2001
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Cricket-Team coaches warn Galle pitch may break up
Yahoo India, February 22. England coach Duncan Fletcher has praised his team for their discipline after a tough opening day of the first test against Sri Lanka and both side's coaches have warned that the pitch could break up. Fletcher said More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 12:00:50 EST 2001

Sri Lanka Attorney Genl Probes Alleged Elec Bd Corruption
Yahoo India, February 22. An inquiry led by Sri Lanka's Attorney General C. Kamalasabaysan is underway to investigate alleged corruption at state-run Ceylon Electricity Board, an official at the Ministry of Power and Energy said Thursday.Minister of Power and Energy Anuruddha Ratwatte ordered the probe earlier this week after President Chandrika Kumaratunga leveled the allegations against the CEB in a television interview broadcast last Thursday. "My feeling is that there may be a change of chairman very soon," a senior CEB official told Dow Jones Newswires Frida More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 09:12:21 EST 2001

Controversy surrounding Tamil film, snowballing into major showdown
Yahoo India, February 22. With the film-makers of ``Kaatrukkenna Veali'' accusing the Censor Board of acting against the Tamil's cause, the controversy surrounding the denial of Censor Board certificate to the movie is snowballing into a major showdown between the board and the Tamil film industry.Interestingly, ``Kaatrukkenna Veali'' is the first Tamil film on the ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka and it is presently caught in a tussle with the Central Board for Film Certification due to its ``indirect'' reference to the banned LTTE and the Sri Lankan army.The three-member FCAT chairman Justice Jaspal Singh, in his order dated February 16, says that the mention of a friendly-neighbour (Sri Lanka) and depicting its army in bad colours will not be to the liking of that government. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 09:14:18 EST 2001

Sri Lanka president arrives in New Delhi in bid to revive SAARC, Feb 22 2001 21:34 IST. NEW DELHI, Feb 22 (AFP) - Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga arrived in New Delhi Thursday to open talks with Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee in a bid to revive the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). The Sri Lankan president accompanied by Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and other senior officials was received at Delhi's Indira Gandhi Airport by Indian Social Justice Minister Maneka Gandhi. More...
Published: Thu Feb 22 11:37:35 EST 2001
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