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US Human Rights reports says Lankan disable people facing discrimination
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, Los Angeles Time 8.00 p.m 26 Feb. by Bandula Jayasekara in Los Angeles: United States Human Rights report for year 2000 released today noted that disable persons in Sri Lanka face difficulties because of negative attitudes and discrimination, despite the legislation passed by the Sri Lankan parliament in 1996 forbidding discrimination against any person on the grounds of disability. The report notes that the law in Sri Lanka does not mandate accessibility to buildings or government services for the disabled.The report states that WHO estimated that 7 percent of the population in Sri Lanka is disabled.
Published: Mon Feb 26 23:00:53 EST 2001

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka is a semi-autonomous body at the apex of the financial sector in Sri Lanka today. The objectives of the Central Bank include the stabilization of domestic monetary values and the preservation of the external stability of the Sri Lankan Rupee. It is the advisor to the Government of Sri Lanka on economic affairs and it is responsible for the implementation of Exchange Control Regulations. On January 23rd, 2001, the Central Bank permitted flee float rates for the Sri Lanka Rupee, leading to a massive 6.62% overnight depreciation of its value. The UNP is seeking the mediation of the Court of Appeal to quash this controversial decision. With this backdrop, we invited the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. A. S. Jayawardene to be the guest at our current Question and Answer session. Submit your questions for Mr. Jayawardene between February 5-26, 2001, and check answers here. We have exptended the Q&A period!
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Lankan cricket fans call for a ban on the LTTE
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 4.10 p.m. SLT Monday February 26. Hundreds of Lankan cricket fans today demonstrated on the old Galle Fort ramparts holding a massive banner which stated that the British should ban the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. Holding the banner aloft for the benefit of television cameras the cricket enthusiasts called upon the UK to proscribe the LTTE. The incident took place even as the English cricket team began losing innings in the first test cricket match played with Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile the National Peace Council in a press statement says that for the past two months, the issue of the impending British decision whether or not to ban the LTTE has taken center stage of public interest. Both the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE seemed to be deciding on their actions with the British ban in mind, and not with making a success of the Norwegian-facilitated peace process in their minds. The indefinite postponement of that decision by the British government is an opportunity for the two parties to get away from an over-emphasis on the British ban and to take positive steps regarding the peace process. The National Peace Council believes that an undue amount of importance has become attached to the issue of the British ban. The NPC notes that it must be borne in mind that the British legislation to ban organisations deemed to be terrorist was developed to protect their interests, not with our interests in mind. Whatever decision the British take will not change in the slightest the issue of justice and the need for power-sharing between the ethnic communities in Sri Lanka. The NPC further adds that when a delegation of inter-religious leaders who visited the Wanni together with the National Peace Council and met with the LTTE earlier last week, the LTTE representatives had said that the LTTE was prepared to drop the demand for a separate state if a peaceful and just solution was negotiated with them by the government. The peace organization observes that "the prolongation of the conflict, and the failure to resolve it, will continue to bleed the country physically, economically and morally,"
Published: Mon Feb 26 07:37:24 EST 2001

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Afghanistan's famous Buddhas under death sentence
Yahoo, February 26. Some of the earliest examples of Buddhist art are under a sentence of death in Afghanistan after the ruling Islamic militia ordered their destruction Monday.The Taliban militia, who have already fired mortars at two ancient Buddha statues in central Bamiyan province, have now decided to finish them off.The massive Buddhas, carved into a sandstone cliff near the provincial capital Bamiyan, stand 50 meters (165 feet) and 34.5 meters tall and date back to the second century AD. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 13:02:52 EST 2001
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LTTE seize fishing boats, kill soldier, policeman
Times of India, 27 February 2001 . Tamil separatist rebels seized nine Sri Lankan fishermen on five fishing boats and killed a soldier and a policeman in two other clashes, a government spokesman said on Monday.Eight of the fishermen who were captured in the sea off the eastern Batticaloa town on Friday were later released, and one man was being held, Ariya Rubasinghe said. The incident More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 17:17:49 EST 2001
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Space travel should not be limited to therich-Aldrin
Island, 27 February 2001. Second man on moon Edwin Aldrin who was in Colombo on Sunday said that the future of space exploration relied on the commercialisation of space travel that would provide an opportunity for "space tourism." Meeting the press during his brief stay of few hours enroute to Maldives in a luxury cruise, Buzz Aldrin as he is fondly known said that the opportunity for a tour in space or in the moon that would ensue should not only be limited to the rich as there can be an international lottery system to select those who yearn to travel to space. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 20:46:53 EST 2001

British bill puts Tamil Tigers on notice
Japan Times, february 26. Britain's new antiterrorist legislation that comes into force Monday has generated mixed reaction in various circles within Britain as well as internationally. While the British government has hailed the bill as a powerful means to curtail terrorism worldwide, opponents of the legislation claim it is Draconian and inhumane.The case of Sri Lanka serves as the best example of the impact the law may have outside of Britain. The former British colony has been devastated by nearly two decades of ethnic conflict between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority. Both the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil militants are now waiting to see the affect of the British antiterrorist law, which could substantially change the course of the conflict. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 19:53:21 EST 2001

Sri Lanka is fighting India?s war, says Air Marshal Ranasinghe
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, February 26. THE FORMER commander of the Sri Lankan Air Force, Air Marshal Oliver Ranasinghe, has said the war Sri Lanka is fighting now is not Sri Lanka's but India's. In an unsolicited four-page submission to the Sri Lankan President, Mrs Chandrika Kuma-ratunga, Ranasinghe says: "At present, we are fighting a war which is not ours but India's. We are fighting it in our country for India." More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 15:45:18 EST 2001

Lankan Bishops urge President to consider Tiger truce
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.35 a.m. SLT Monday February 26 . Two Lankan Bishops and other Catholic clergymen are to meet with President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge this week to urge her to reciprocate the Tigers ceasefire which the LTTE extended for the third consecutive month last Thursday.

Two prominent Bishop's, Rayappu Joseph of Mannar and Bishop Saunderanayagam for Jaffna have written to Tiger Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran appealing to him to stand by his position of a unilateral truce and initiate a peace process as soon as possible.

The Norwegian backed peace process was seen to gather momentum last week when President Kumaratunge also stated that she expected to begin the first round of negotiations with the LTTE within the next two months. The Government however have refused to observe the Tiger ceasefire and insist that a de-escalation of the conflict can begin only after negotiations are progressing satisfactorily.
Published: Mon Feb 26 07:37:23 EST 2001

Jaya, Murali dupe visitors -- A spinister plot, say England
Yahoo India, February 27. Sri Lanka?s Muttiah Muralitharan and Sanath Jayasuriya sent England spinning to a crushing defeat on the final afternoon of the first Test on Monday as the match ended in umpiring controversy. The tourists, 217 behind after their first innings and resuming on 118 for two, lost by an innings and 28 runs as they collapsed to 189 all out. Their last seven wickets went down or 44 and their last five for 13. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 16:54:12 EST 2001
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Optimism over SAARC summit
The Hindu (International), Tuesday, February 27, 2001. COLOMBO, FEB. 26.The decision to hold the meeting of the SAARC Foreign Secretaries in May this year has renewed optimism about the regional grouping, but officials said it was too early to say whether it would lead to the much-delayed summit. ``There could be a meeting of the council (SAARC Foreign Ministers) some time after the Foreign Secretaries meet, but even that is not automatic. We have to work our way slowly,'' said an official. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 16:54:39 EST 2001

England, Sri Lanka cricketers mourn Bradman's death
Times of India (Breaking News), Monday . 26 February 2001

Sri Lankan cricketers, some with folded hands, and England players observed a two-minute silence on Monday ahead of the last day's play of the first test to mourn the death of the game's legendary batsman, Donald Bradman.Bradman, heralded as much for his humility and integrity off the cricket field as for his outstanding play on it, died at his Adelaide home Sunday at the age of 92. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 09:09:45 EST 2001

Sri Lankan bird watcher finds new owl species
MSNBC, february 26. A Sri Lankan bird watcher has found a new species of owl -- the island's first new bird finding in 132 years. ''It's a scops owl of the genus Otus that is new to science,'' Nanda Senanayake, chairman of Ceylon Bird Club, told Reuters on Monday.He said the bird, yet to be named, was first spotted last month by ornithologist Deepal Warakagoda, who had been tracking its call for several years. More...
Published: Mon Feb 26 09:16:03 EST 2001

Advani ‘to attend’ Lankan party rally
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, February 25. INDIAN HOME Minister L.K. Advani is expected to participate in the 13th convention of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), the dominant partner in Sri Lanka's ruling coalition, here on March 4. While the Indian High Commission could not confirm the Home Minister's participation immediately, the Sri Lankan Minister of Local Government and SLFP stalwart, Mr Alavi Mowlana, told the Hindustan Times that Mr Advani was "expected" to attend the mass rally at the Old Race Course. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 16:28:32 EST 2001

Sri Lanka set for early peace talks with LTTE
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, February 25. SRI LANKA is set for talks with Tiger rebels as the European Union (EU) backed Norway's attempts to broker an end to the island's separatist war, officials and diplomatic sources said on Sunday. President Chandrika Kumaratunga raised the possibility of talks with LTTE during her visit last week to India, officials here said. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 16:29:32 EST 2001

Local software co among US team to visit Europe
The Island , Sunday 25th February 2001 17:49 PST. The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) of the USA announced that its upcoming electronic commerce trade mission to Europe is fully booked with 10 companies on board, a press release said. They are Alpha-Gamma Technologies Inc., Avaya Communications, Commerce Designs International, Digital Convergence, eTechlogix Inc., Inc., NeoIT, Runaware Corp., Strategic Service Alliance Inc., and Talentsoft Inc. One of the participating companies, MediaSolv, was established in Sri Lanka in July 1997 with nine employees. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 20:54:53 EST 2001

Lack of IT professionals
The Island, Sunday 25th February 2001 17:52 PST . By Chittaranjan de Silva Sri Lankan graduates are in with a unique opportunity of obtaining a postgraduate M.Sc. in Information Technology from a leading British university, without having to leave the country, Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) announced last Wednesday. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 20:58:06 EST 2001

Tamil ceasefire is a ploy: Kumaratunga
CNN, february 24. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has dismissed a ceasefire offer made by Tamil rebels. The rebels extended a unilateral ceasefire for a third month as a goodwill gesture in an attempt to push the peace process forward, they say. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 17:07:59 EST 2001

Game transcends off-pitch problems
Guardian, Sunday, 25 February. As fans in England and Sri Lanka get settled for the long, hot series between their cricket teams, political pundits wait to see whether the Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam will be a proscribed organisation under Britain's new Terrorism Act. The war between Sri Lankan government forces and the Tamil Tigers has raged since 1983. Throughout, cricket has been seen by some as a unifying force. Muttiah Muralitharan, as a Tamil in a majority Sinhalese team is seen as the embodiment of this spirit and a bridge between the ethnic divide. The World Cup victory of 1996 was of course a defining moment for Sri Lankan cricket and society and people hoped that it would have a positive effect. An Indian magazine, Outlook, quoted a high-ranking Tamil Tigers figure after the World Cup as saying: 'Ranatunga is my favourite cricketer,' which would have been unheard of before the victory. Sri Lanka is a diverse country of different races and religion including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Cricket in Sri Lanka developed along these racial lines when clubs began to be formed in the late nineteenth century. Cricket clubs offer a mirror image of Sri Lankan society in its racial mix. The names of the clubs that today play in Sri Lanka's Premier Domestic competitions bear witness to this. The Sinhalese Sports Club, The Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club, The Moors Sports Club (for Muslims) and the Burgher Recreation Club (descendants of the Portuguese and Dutch settlers) are examples. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 11:04:20 EST 2001

Troops, Tigers trade fire during truce, Feb 25 2001 12:33 IST. COLOMBO, Feb 25 (AFP) - Government forces and Tamil Tiger guerrillas exchanged mortar fire leaving at least six rebels killed, the defence ministry here said Sunday. The troops fired at members of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at Kilaly in the Jaffna peninsula on Saturday and the guerrillas retaliated with mortar bombs, a ministry statement said. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 16:34:10 EST 2001

England forced to follow on
Yahoo India, February 26. England were fighting with their backs to the wall to save the first cricket Test against Sri Lanka after being forced to follow-on here on Sunday.Dismissed for 253 in their first innings, England, trailing by 217 runs, lost the wickets of first innings century-maker Marcus Trescothick and skipper Nasser Hussain to be 118 for two wickets at the close of the fourth day. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 16:56:31 EST 2001
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Moon man 'Buzz' plugs space tourism ahead of Mars cruise, Feb 25 2001 16:47 IST. COLOMBO, Feb 25 (AFP) - US astronaut, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second man who set foot on the moon after Neil Armstrong, arrived in Sri Lanka Sunday onboard a luxury liner and called for a different kind of cruise into space. Aldrin, 71, said he was promoting space tourism, targeting the same high-rollers who currently cruise to exotic destinations onboard liners and dive at sites such as the wreckage of the Titanic. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 08:59:50 EST 2001

Atapattu moves into elite company
The Times, Sunday, 25 February. THE ESPLANADE GROUND (second day of five): England, with all first-innings wickets in hand, are 443 runs behind Sri Lanka. ARAVINDA de Silva made his nineteenth Test hundred yesterday but the latest example of his enduring skill served only to emphasise what a remarkable batsman Sri Lanka possess in Marvan Samson Atapattu, the 30-year-old right-hander whose Test career started with scores of 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, and 0. With Atapattu, it seems, as with the girl from Oklahoma, it’s all or nothing. Putting far behind him a miserable series in South Africa only a few weeks ago, when he managed only 41 runs in six innings, he transformed his ruthless vigil on the opening day into a masterly display of all-round strokeplay yesterday. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 10:47:00 EST 2001

Sri Lanka set for early peace talks amid EU prod, Feb 25 2001 12:04 IST. COLOMBO, Feb 25 (AFP) - Sri Lanka was set for talks with Tiger rebels as the European Union (EU) backed Norway's attempts to broker an end to the island's separatist war, officials and diplomatic sources said Sunday. President Chandrika Kumaratunga raised the possibility of talks with the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) during her visit last week to India, officials here said. More...
Published: Sun Feb 25 09:00:24 EST 2001

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