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APRIL 30, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 24

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Chief of ICC's anti-corruption unit in Sri Lanak
Leo de Lile in Colombo, 7.00pm SLT, April 30, 2001. Chief of International Cricket Council's 's anti- corruption unit, Sir Paul Condon, express optimism about cracking down on corruption in world cricket during a press conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on Monday, April.30' 2001. Two investigators from his team will assist Sri Lanka's anti-corruption investigator Desmand Fernando to question former Sri Lankan skipper Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda de Silva regarding allegations of match- fixing made against them by a Indian bookmaker Mukesh Gupta. Both cricketers have denied the allegations. More...
Published: Mon Apr 30 13:02:35 EDT 2001
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Please note that the "Ask Erik Solheim!" session has now ended. We will soon post the third and final batch of answers. Mr. Erik Solheim, the Norwegian special facilitator between the government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, is the guest at the present Q&A session hosted by The Lanka Academic. Learn more about this Q&A session here.
O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Colombo urges talks after military debacle
gulf-news, april 30. Sri Lanka reiterated its willingness to go ahead with the Norwegian initiated peace process and commence negotiations with the Tamil guerrillas aimed at finding a solution to the ethnic conflict as the military death toll in the latest fighting rose to 213.Hours after the military withdrew to their original positions after calling off a major military offensive in northern Sri Lanka, the government issued an 18-page statement saying that it was also willing to finalise and formalise a document to implement humanitarian measures in the north. More...
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Call for new Sri Lanka peace talks
CNN, april 30. Sri Lanka's government is calling for immediate negotiations with Tamil Tiger rebels after a failed military operation ended at the weekend, leaving as many as 400 dead. The army death toll rose to 213 on Sunday, as the rebels claimed a victory in the four-day offensive that was intended to reclaim territory on the northern Jaffna peninsula. More...
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Peace process not dead yet: Solheim
The Hindu (International), Tuesday, May 01, 2001. The Norwegian special envoy, Mr. Erik Solheim, arrived in Sri Lanka today amidst speculation over the fate of the peace process after the heaviest fighting in seven months in the Jaffna peninsula left at least 300 combatants dead and hundreds more wounded last week. Mr. Solheim, who has been trying to facilitate talks between the Government and the LTTE, was quoted by the BBC as saying that the fighting was a `definite set-back', but that the peace process was not dead yet. More...
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LTTE cremates Army men with honours
chennaionline, april 30. In a rare gesture, the LTTE has cremated some of the highly decomposed and thoroughly disintegrated bodies of Sri Lankan soldiers killed on the battlefront in Jaffna with military honours and handed over 56 identifiable bodies to the Red Cross. More...
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Norway tries to salvage Lanka peace bid
Times of India, May 1. Norway tried to salvage its bid to broker peace in Sri Lanka on Monday as the death toll in the latest outbreak of fighting between troops and Tamil rebels rose to 411, officials said.Oslo's special envoy, Erik Solheim, arrived here Monday for talks with President Chandrika Kumaratunga, but had no immediate plans to travel to a rebel-held area, Norwegian diplomats here said. More...
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Alleged assassin let out of jail
National Post - Canada, April 26. A refugee claimant the RCMP says is a trained Sri Lankan guerrilla who shot a man in England and executed an author in Paris in front of his family has been allowed to leave a Toronto jail and return to his house in Markham.The Immigration and Refugee Board released Pirakalathan Ratnavel on the condition he post a $20,000 deposit, live at home, abide by a curfew and stay away from associates of the Tamil Tigers.Mr. Ratnavel, 31, was arrested in Toronto in 1997 and ordered to return to his homeland, Sri Lanka. But he caused a disturbance upon boarding the plane and the airline refused to carry him. He subsequently launched a series of appeals. More...
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Refugees at risk
National Post - Canada, April 30. Proof is not hard to find. Last week the Immigration and Refugee Board released Pirakalathan Ratnavel, a man the RCMP allege is an assassin and a member of a 12-to-15-man Toronto unit of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a terrorist organization that uses murder, torture and extortion in its fight against the Sri Lankan government for independence from Sri Lanka.Mr. Ratnavel has been declared a danger to Canadians, even though he denies any link to the Tigers or violence. He came to Canada in May, 1996, using a forged Dutch passport. He told Canadian officials he had been tortured in Sri Lanka and wanted asylum. His story was false and he was arrested in 1997 after Citizenship and Immigration Canada learned Mr. Ratnavel was a Tiger enforcer in London, England. Mr. Ratnavel was held in custody and finally ordered deported to Sri Lanka in December, 1998. It did not take much cunning to defy the order. Mr. Ratnavel simply made a fuss when he was put on the plane and the commercial airline refused to take him. More...
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Lanka tries to put South Asian summit back on track
Times of India, May 1. Sri Lanka has invited foreign secretaries of a South Asian grouping for a June meeting, trying to revive a long-postponed summit of the region's heads of state, officials said on Monday. More...
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Sri Lanka: Lessons in control from the west
The Guardian, april 29. In the nineteen-fifties and 'sixties Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, had one of the most vibrant print media in the Asian region. The first attempt to curb the media in 1964 resulted in the incumbent government being overthrown when the Press Council Bill was defeated in Parliament.That unfortunately was the last victory for freedom of expression. Since then successive governments have systematically undermined freedom of expression as democracy itself came under threat. More...
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Veddha Boys Abused in a Temple
Saroj Pathirana in London, Monday 30/04/01 1650 GMT. Two boys from Sri Lanka’s indigenous Veddhas were handed over back to their parents after allegedly being abused at a Buddhist temple. The boys who were taken to a Buddhist temple to be ordained had been found abandoned by the police and taken to custody after they escaped from the alleged abuse in the temple in Kalawewa. Uruwarige Wanniya, the Veddha king told the journalists gathered to the court that he was not prepared to waste time by taking to courts a Buddhist monk who had been trying to degrade his peoples’ dignity by abusing the children.
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Up to 8,000 Tamil guerrillas living in Toronto, RCMP says
The National Post, April 27. An RCMP officer has testified at an immigration hearing that as many as 8,000 Tamil guerrillas with military weapons training are now living in the Toronto area after fleeing a civil war in Sri Lanka.Sergeant Fred Bowen said most were "in the retired category" but a few remain active and all had undergone some form of military training provided either by India's military intelligence agency or the Tamil Tigers rebel army.The veteran officer gave the estimate while testifying about Pirakalathan Ratnavel, 31, who he alleges is a Tamil Tigers guerrilla who shot a man in England and executed an author in France for writing an exposé about the rebel leader. More...
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Some Bodies Not Identified- Army Spokesman
Saroj Pathirana in London, Monday 30/04/01 1630 GMT. The Sri Lankan military says that several bodies handed over to them by the Tamil Tigers will be cremated due to inability to identify them. In an interview with BBC’s Sandeshaya the military spokesman Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne said that arrangements have been made to cremate the bodies of unidentified army personnel in Anuradhapura. Reports from the region say that funeral directors have made arrangements to dispose of 26 unidentified bodies. Further eight bodies are to be brought in from Vavunia.

Meanwhile, the military authorities have handed over 10 bodies of rebel fighters to the LTTE via the ICRC. The spokesman for ICRC Harsha Gunawardhana said that it is the first time that the SL military handed over bodies of rebels since the SL army was made to retreat from their offensive at the end of a four month long rebel cease-fire. The rebels handed over eight more bodies today to the SL army making the total number of bodies handed over to the Army 64.
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Sri Lankan casualties higher
BBC South Asia, Sunday, 29 April, 2001, 17:55 GMT 18:55 UK . The Sri Lankan army says the number of its soldiers killed in the latest offensive against the Tamil Tigers has risen to two-hundred-and-forty. An army spokesman Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne told the BBC that the Tamil Tigers had handed over twenty-six more bodies through the Red Cross. More...
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India voices concern over fighting between government and LTTE
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 4.10 p.m. SLT Monday April 30. Indian officials have voiced concern over fighting which escalated last week between the government and the LTTE. The Press Trust of India quoting an Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesman says that both warring factions in Sri Lanka should begin negotiations as a political solution is possible in the present conflict situation in the embattled Island nation.

Since fighting broke out afresh between state troops and the Tiger rebels, officials claim that a total of 403 lives from both sides has been lost. The Tigers broke a four month, one-sided truce on April 24, this year, after the government refused to reciprocate the good will measure initiated by the LTTE on Christmas Eve 2000.

Security stepped up in Colombo for May day

2 p.m. SLT Monday April 30

Police have stepped up security in Colombo for tomorrow's May Day processions as over 12 political parties are ready to commemorate the event.

Police have warned politicians from participating in the public events, afraid that the LTTE and its dreaded suicide squad members will target key political figures. The police say they do not want a repetition of what happened on May 1, 1993, when a suspected Tiger suicide cadre killed President Ranasinghe Premadasa. All public demonstrations have been banned after 10 p.m. tomorrow while no parking of vehicles will be allowed in and around key areas in Colombo.
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8000 Tigers in Toronto
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.15 a.m. SLT Monday April 30. An immigration official in Canada has testified that some 8000 armed Tamils, who are members of the LTTE, are living in Toronto and are a danger to Canadians in the area.

The senior immigration official made these shocking revelations at an internal hearing to probe the entry of illegal immigrants to Canada.

Fred Bowen, the senior immigration official maintains that P. Rathnavale, a Tamil living in Toronto was responsible for the murder of another Tamil in France last year. Rathnavale has denied the charges and caused a stir when he was put on a plane which would take him out of Canada recently.
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Sri Lanka: -Serious set-back for the peace process
Norway Post, april 29. According to Norway's special envoy to Sri Lanka, Erik Solheim, the Sri Lanka peace process has suffered a serious set-back following the extensive fighting over the past few days. Nearly 500 people have been killed in the bloodiest fighting in more than a year, according to government sources. Norway's special envoy, Erik Solheim, has for two years tried to get the two sides in the 17-year-long conflict back to the negotiating table. More...
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Peace talks going nowhere
yahoo, April 29. Norway's bid to broker peace in Sri Lanka seemed on the verge of a breakthrough when Colombo eased sanctions against Tamil rebels, but four weeks later a chilling bloodbath has dampened all hope.The Sri Lankan government has accused the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) of scuttling the peace bid every step of the way.The easing of economic sanctions against rebel-held areas was seen by Western diplomats as a prelude to both sides sitting at a table to politically end the conflict that has claimed over 60,000 lives in the past two decades. But what began as a ray of hope quickly turned sour. More...
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LTTE take the offensive
The Island, April 29. The LTTE on Saturday mounted a fierce attack on army's Nagarkovil front-line in a bid to take advantage of their success near Eluthumadduval-Muhamalai where they beat back a major security forces assault on Pallai late last week, the military said. However, troops repulsed the attack following an intense exchange mortar and artillery fire, the military said. More...
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Tigers beat back Sri Lanka forces
Gulf-News, april 29. Sri Lanka's bloodiest battle in a year is being seen as a major setback in view of the high casualty figures. The four-day military offensive has taken the lives of 180 troops including three officers. Yesterday, Tiger guerrillas were to hand over 30 more bodies to the International Red Cross in Mallawi. Over 1,600 soldiers have been injured, the vast number from improvised land mines. More...
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Don't squander opportunity for peace, Colombo tells LTTE
The Hindu, April 29. The Sri Lankan Government has blamed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam for putting the brakes on the ongoing Norwegian-assisted peace process by delaying an agreement on humanitarian measures for Tamil civilians living in the conflict-zone, which, if implemented, could create conditions for direct talks between the two sides.Responding to the LTTE's withdrawal from a unilateral truce in a detailed statement, the Government reiterated that a ceasefire was not important to the process and appealed to the LTTE ``not to squander, yet again, a valuable opportunity for peace.'' More...
Published: Sun Apr 29 20:45:05 EDT 2001 Back to the top

Sri Lanka troops retreat as blood bath battle kills 400
Yahoo Asia, Sunday, April 29 10:02 PM SGT . More than 200 Sri Lankan troops were killed Sunday as the army was beaten back in a fierce counter-attack by Tamil rebels in the island's north and in other fighting, officials said. Army losses were officially placed at 213 troopers in the fighting, which included massive mortar and artillery barrages by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the northern Jaffna peninsula. More...
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‘No room for India or UN in Lankan peace process’
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, April 29. INDIA HAS no veto and the United Nations has no room in the Sri Lankan peace process, the Norwegian peace envoy Erik Solheim has said. Answering a question put to him by a reader of the web newspaper Lanka Academic Mr. Solheim said, "India has no veto in the sovereign state of Sri Lanka. But India, as the only neighbour of Sri Lanka, has legitimate reasons to be concerned. India, with a much deeper knowledge of the sub-continent than Norway, has always provided valuable advice." More...
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Sri Lanka urges immediate talks with rebels
Times of India (Breaking News), 29 April 2001 . The army death toll rose to 213 on Sunday after a failed operation against the Tamil Tiger rebels, and the government urged immediate talks with the guerrillas to end the fighting and resolve the separatist issue.More than 850 soldiers were wounded and 27 still missing after the end of the four-day operation, Brig. Sanath Karunaratne, the military spokesman, said. More...
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Jayasuriya says Sri Lanka will be among top seeds
gulf-news, april 29. "We are hoping to be among the top seeded teams for the World Cup," Sri Lankan skipper Sanath Jayasuriya told Gulf News yesterday. Jayasuriya, who is here on well-deserved holiday after leading Sri Lanka to victory in the recent Sharjah ARY Gold Cup Triangular Cricket tournament, inaugurated the Inter-Hotel cricket tournament final yesterday at the Dubai Cricket Council grounds. More...
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India voices concern over heavy fighting in Lanka
Press Trust of India, New Delhi,Sunday, April 29, 2001. India today voiced concern over heavy fighting between Sri Lanka army and LTTE and said lasting peace could be achieved through talks among all parties. More...
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Lanka slams Tamil Tigers for delaying tactics
India Abroad, April 29, 2001 12:55 Hrs (IST) . Sri Lanka has sharply castigated Tamil Tiger separatists for using delaying tactics to hold up a Norwegian-backed bid to open early peace talks and called for negotiations to begin immediately. The government blamed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for issuing "pre- conditions" and "pre-requisites" that have delayed talks that were, only a few weeks ago, expected to be imminent. More...
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Sacked Lanka board chief demands apology
TOI, april 28. The sacked head of Sri Lanka's dissolved cricket board has demanded a public apology from the sports minister for making alleged defamatory statements against him in the media. More...
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Sri Lankan lawmakers to learn main languages to promote ethnic harmony
MSNBC, Sunday, April 29 10:02 PM SGT . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, April 29 — The government will teach Sinhalese and Tamil lawmakers each other's language to bridge their ethnic divide, considered the main cause of the island nation's 17-year-old civil strife. Language has been at the root of ethnic tension, simmering since the country gained independence from Britain in 1948. More...
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Colvin faces surgery as Sri Lanka renews attack on rebels
The London Times , APril 29. MARIE COLVIN, the award-winning Sunday Times correspondent who was wounded on an assignment in Sri Lanka, faces eye surgery this week as an investigation continues into the incident in which she was hurt while crossing from Tamil rebel-held territory to a government area at night. Sri Lankan security forces seem to have abandoned claims that Colvin was with a group of armed rebels who fired first.They are now holding four civilians. Security sources said the two claimed they had been given the task by a Tamil Tiger commander. According to Colvin, however, several villagers had volunteered to accompany her. More...
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