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JUNE 6, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 61

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Judiciary cannot Over ride the Parliament - retired SC Judge
Saroj Pathirana in London, Wednesday 06/06/01 1735 GMT. Sri Lanka's Supreme Court(SC) has no constitutional authority over the parliament, a retired senior member of the judiciary said. Therefore the ruling by the panel of three SC judges to stop the impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice Sarath Nanda Silva should be ignored by the speaker, K.M.M.B. Kulathunge, a retired SC judge told BBC's Sandashaya. Mr. Kulathunge was referring to the order issued by the SC to the speaker Anura Bandaranaike to stop him from setting up a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to investigate the allegations raised in a resolution submitted to Mr. Bandaranaike. The resolution has been handed over by the main opposition United National Party (UNP) to remove Mr. Silva on charges of misconduct and immoral behavior.

Mr. Kulathunge strongly criticized Dhammika Kithulgoda, the general secretary of the parliament, for accepting the SC order. "He should have refused to accept the court order and let them know that the parliament is not abide by the law to act accordingly"

Although 77 legislators have signed the resolution, UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe's signature was absent, the informed sources said. According to the concerned parties, the move could lead to a constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka, over the question of whether the judiciary has the authority over the wishes of parliament. " This sort of things only happens in Sri Lanka. The constitution clearly states that no other institution could question the procedures of the parliament which is the sovereign legislative body" Judge. Kulathunge said.
Published: Wed Jun 6 13:36:30 EDT 2001

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
New Norwegian peace efforts
Norway Post, 7 June 2001. Norway's Foreign Minister, Thorbjoern Jagland, is travelling to Sri Lanka for talks with President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Thursday. The President has asked Jagland to sum up the status for the ongoing peace process in the country. Norway's special envoy to Sri Lanka, Erik Solheim, has for two years tried to bring the LTTE guerillas and the central government to the negotiating table in order to come to an agreement on a peace settlement. At the moment, the peace process is deadlocked, because the government has refused to meet the LTTE's demand that the government lift the ban on their organization. More...
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Sri Lankan Attorney General stalls on bail application for Tamil detainees
WSWS, June 4. The office of the Sri Lankan Attorney General has so far refused to grant the ba il applications of six young Tamil plantation workers held for more than thr ee years under the country's repressive Prevention of Terrorism (PTA) legisl ation. The six have not been convicted of any crime. Their trial has been repeat edly delayed. On the last occasion in February, it was postponed for another 11 months until January 16. More...
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Tamil gangsters hired to bust union, board finds
may 24, may 24. The Ontario Labour Relations Board has ordered a second union certification vote at a Toronto-area company after finding that two new employees linked to a Sri Lankan Tamil gang used death threats to sway the first vote in 1998. In a written ruling, board vice-chairman Christopher Albertyn said two Tamil men - linked to a Sri Lankan gang, according to the evidence of Toronto Det. Const. Glen Furlong - tried to intimidate Tamil employees into voting against having a union, including death threats. One of the men "threatened that if the union got established in the company, he would not hesitate to do anything, even kill people, on behalf of the company,'' the board said. More...
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Supreme court blocks Impeachment motion against chief justice
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 6.10 p.m. SLT Wednesday June 6. A three bench judge of the Supreme Court has ruled that Speaker Anura Bandaranaike does not have the authority or the power to appoint a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to probe an impeachment motion against Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva.

The impeachment motion against Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva was presented to Speaker Anura Bandaranaike in Parliament today.

Seventy seven United National Party and Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna members had placed their signatures to the document. The impeachment charges that the CJ is guilty of obstructing justice with independent members of the judiciary, violating the constitution and being guilty of an abuse of power.

Pandemonium broke out in Parliament when the document was presented as government members strongly objected to it being presented to the Speaker stating that the Speaker has no right to appoint a committee to look into the charges and go against the ruling of the supreme court today.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Speaker cannot appoint a PSC as it will be in violation of Article 78 (A) of the constitution.

The opposition has requested the Speaker to entertain the motion saying the supreme court ruling must be ignored.
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Threat to Canadians?
National Post - Canada, June 6. While Mr. Nadarajah was living in Switzerland, a Sri Lankan refugee in France named Sabalingam Sabaratnam began writing a book about the Tamil Tigers. The author had been an acquaintance of Velupillai Prabhakaran, the assassin who commands the Tigers, and the LTTE feared his exposť would damage the Tamil independence movement by revealing the leader's unsavory past. Mr. Sabaratnam was shot execution-style in front of his family.During a recent immigration hearing, Sgt. Bowen called Mr. Nadarajah a co-conspirator in the 1994 killing: Sgt. Bowen testified Mr. Nadarajah made arrangements for the meeting where Mr. Sabaratnam was shot in the head by two trained Tiger militants, Mr. Ratnavel and Arianayagam Marianesa (a.k.a. Shukla). No charges have been laid in the shooting because of what is perceived as a lack of witnesses willing to testify More...
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Sri Lanka heads for constitutional crisis over impeachment, Jun 06 2001 19:19 IST. Sri Lanka's Supreme Court Wednesday blocked impeachment proceedings in parliament against the chief justice, triggering an unprecedented conflict between the two institutions. Opposition parties had earlier asked parliament to impeach Sarath Silva, the country's highest judicial officer, on allegations of misconduct which include adultery. More...
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Indo-Lankan move to ease curbs on fishing around Kachchativu
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 12.05 AM SLT Wednesday,June 7,2001. The fisheries minister of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse and his Indian counterpart Mr.Nitish Kumar have agreed to explore the possibility of allowing fishermen of the two countries to fish in each other's territorial waters in the Palk Strait."When I met Mr.Nitish Kumar during my recent visit to India, I proposed such an access.He reacted favourably and asked me to send a formal proposal," Mr.Rajapakse said here on wednesday.

According to the Sri Lankan minister,allowing free access to each other's territorial waters in the Palk Strait may be one way of easing tension in the narrow stretch of water, where Tamil Nadu fishermen, poaching in Sri Lankan waters or suspected to be running errands for the LTTE,are shot at by the Sri Lankan navy.The minister felt that in a narrow stretch like the Palk Strait it would not be practical to expect fishermen to adhere strictly to maritime boundaries.

Mr.Rajapakse said that because the matter involved the security of Sri Lanka,the navy would have to be consulted and taken into confidence.Only the other day,the chief of Sri Lankan navy's Northern Command Com.Upali Ranaweera had told visiting mediamen that the intrusion of Indian fishing vessels was a "major" security threat.Since the matter involves two countries and the negotiations will have to be conducted by the two foreign ministries, it is imperative that their views on the question also be taken into account.

Mr.Rajapakse saw an opening in the Indo-Lanka maritime boundary agreement of 1974 which,he was told, had a provision for allowing fishermen of the two countries to exercise their "traditional right" to fish where ever they wanted to in the Palk Strait.He said he planned to ask officials and experts to go into the 1974 and 1976 maritime boundary agreements with a fine tooth comb to see if free access could be allowed.

So far, the agreements have been interpreted differently by Indians and Sri Lankans.While Tamil Nadu has been saying that its fishermens' "traditional" right to fish around Kachchativu was implicitly recognised when the island was ceded to Sri Lanka in 1974,the Sri Lankans have been consistently maintaining that the agreement allows only a right to visit Kachchativu on pilgrimage and to dry fishing nets there.Nowhere does it say that fishing rights around Kachchativu are protected,they point out.In fact, the second agreement in 1976 explicitly bars fishing in each other's territorial waters or the Exclusive Economic Zone.

But now that the fisheries ministers of the two countries are toying with the idea of allowing fishermen free access,the 1974 and 1976 agreements may have to be re-negotiated and amended.

Earlier,striking an extreme posture,the newly elected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms.Jayalalitha had asked New Delhi to "retrieve" Kachchativu from Sri Lanka.Retorting,Mr.Rajapakse had said that there was no question of Sri Lanka handing back Kachchativu.Mr.Jayalalitha has since watered down her demand.She said in New Delhi recently that the Indian government should secure for Indian fishermen the right to fish around Kachchativu.
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CPJ Welcomes Lifting of War Censorship in Sri Lanka
Saroj Pathirana in London, Wednesday 06/06/01 1815 GMT. New York based media watchdog Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) welcomed the decision by the President Chandrika Bandaranaike to lift the censorship on war coverage. The CPJ expressed its hope that the SL authorities will now work to lift other obstacles that prevent reporting Sri Lankaís civil war.

"As a non-partisan organisation of journalists dedicated to the defence of press freedom around the world, CPJ urges your administration to work with Sri Lankan journalists to develop a system that allows journalists to report first-hand on the course of the civil war" the statement signed by CPJís Executive Director Ann Cooper stated. "Allowing full and accurate reporting is the only effective means to foster the public's understanding of efforts to resolve the current crisis"

The statement has been sent to the President with copies to the Media Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, Justice Minister Batty Weerakoon and many other diplomats and institutions.
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World Bank Grants $30M To Sri Lanka Ctrl Bk Restructuring
Yahoo India, Wednesday June 6, 4:11 PM. The World Bank said Wednesday that it plans to grant a loan of $30 million toward the recently initiated restructuring of Sri Lanka's central bank. "Final negotiations have been completed and the loan package will be going to the board this month," Sriyani Hulugalle of the World Bank office in Colombo told Dow Jones Newswires. More...
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Norwegian Government: Foreign Minister Thorbjorn Jagland to visit Sri Lanka
Nothern Light, Wednesday, June 06, 2001 10:25 AM EST . The President of Sri Lanka, Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga, has requested Foreign Minister Thorbjorn Jagland to come to Colombo on Thursdag 7 June to review the peace process in Sri Lanka. More...
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ICRC hands over the bodies of eleven LTTE cadres
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.10 a.m. SLT Wednesday June 6. The International Committee for the Red Cross yesterday handed over to the LTTE, 11 bodies of rebel cadre killed by commandos from the Special task Force (STF) on Monday.

The bodies were handed over to the ICRC at Akkaraipattu and taken from there by the humanitarian organization to Tiger territory. The STF on Monday destroyed an LTTE base in the jungles off Batticaloa where it was reported that 16 Tigers were killed in the attack.
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No democracy without giving rights to Minoroties -Trade Union
Saroj Pathirana in London, Wednesday 06/06/01 1725 GMT. The root - cause of Sri Lanka?s crisis is denial of fundamental rights to national communities and depressed sections of our society as Sri Lanka is facing the most serious crisis in history , said United Federation of Labour (UFL), a militant trade Union in the private sector. "The rights of major national communities have been totally ignored and the social inequalities with regard to the depressed castes have never become critical issues in their political agendas" a statement signed by UFL?s president Linus Jayatilake stated demanding the government to come out with a fresh proposal to devolve power to the oppressed communities.

"If the PA Government vacillates at this moment and delays the peace process, the whole country would be led to a dead-end and become an easy prey to the destructive forces"

UFL is highly critical on Alliance for Democracy?s (AFD) key demands of five commissions of constitutional reforms. The union said that the AFD has not recognised the key issues of the society. " We also would recommend to those who campaign with 5 commissions to revive democracy that, unless those serious issues are addressed, no meaningful gains will be achieved through their piece -meal reforms".
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A Routine Night When 'All Went Wrong'
Washington Post, Wednesday, June 6, 2001. It was a pleasant family gathering in Nepal's royal palace, a soiree in a garden-side billiard room and adjoining parlor that King Birendra liked to host every Friday night.The king's son, Crown Prince Dipendra, was tending bar. He mixed one of his cousins a drink, and the assembled relatives chatted as they waited for dinner. At about 9 p.m., Dipendra slipped out of the gathering.A short while later, he reappeared, wearing an army uniform, his cap pulled low over his face and an Uzi submachine gun and an M-16 assault rifle in his hands. Dipendra strode into an adjacent room where his father was sitting and shot him with one of the powerful automatic weapons. Through the open door, a witness "could see the king's face with utter astonishment on it." More...
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Sri Lanka congratulates Nepal's new king, Jun 06 2001 19:43 IST. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga Wednesday congratulated Nepal's new King Gyanendra on his coronation and said she hoped for closer cooperation between the two nations. Advertisement ' + ' ' + ' '; document.writeln(strbanner); //--> "I am confident that the friendly relations that have always existed between Sri Lanka and the Kingdom of Nepal will be further strengthened during Your Majesty's reign," Kumaratunga said in her message. More...
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12 Tamil Rebels Killed in Attack Against S.Lankan Troops
Nothern Light, Wednesday, June 06, 2001 7:40 AM EST . A total of 12 separatist Tamil Tiger rebels were confirmed killed when they launched a retaliatory attack against government troops in eastern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, bringing the number of those killed to 21, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. According to interceptions of Tamil rebel radio transmission, 12 rebels were killed and at least another four were seriously wounded in the heavy fighting at a Muslim village in Batticaloa district. Two civilians also died in rebel mortar bomb attacks, the ministry said. The number of government soldiers killed in Tuesday's exchange of fire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels rose to seven after another soldier succumbed to his injuries, it said. More...
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Lanka, India to consider fishermen swap
India Abroad, June 06, 2001 16:10 Hrs (IST) . Sri Lanka and India are examining a proposal to exchange fishermen arrested for poaching in each other's territorial waters in a bid to untangle a long-standing bilateral issue, a government official said. The suggestion to free the fishermen was made by Fisheries Minister Mahinda Rajapakse during a visit to New Delhi last week when he met with Agriculture Minister Nitish Kumar and senior officials there. More...
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Sri Lankan army on alert in east
BBC, 6 June 2001. Government forces have stepped up security in a village in an eastern town after fighting there left more than 20 people dead. The military says Tamil Tiger guerrillas ambushed them while they were on patrol near Valaichchana town on Tuesday. Military spokesman Sanath Karunaratne said seven soldiers had been killed. He said intercepted rebel radio communications indicated that 12 Tamil Tigers had died. He also said seven civilians had been killed because of mortar attacks by the rebels. More...
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Sri Lanka SEC Says Investigating Richard Pieris Shr Trade
Yahoo India, june 6. The Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka Wednesday said it has initiated a probe into the recent heavy trading in shares of Richard Pieris & Co. (P.RPR). More...
Published: Wed Jun 6 21:04:24 EDT 2001 Back to the top

Urgent, peaceful solution a must to end NE crisis, Jayalalitha tells Ranil
Island, 6 June. Leader of the Opposition, Ranil Wickremesinghe called on the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalitha and had a cordial discussion on Monday.Miss Jayalalitha, appraised Mr. Wickremesinghe extensively on the development projects her new government was planning to implement in Tamil Nadu in the near future. She explained to him the strategies she would adopt to bridge the budget deficit and measures taken to maintain law and order in the state. Her government will focus its attention to introduce a number of water supply schemes in order to solve the scarcity water prevalent in the entire state and kick start new industries to create more employment opportunities. More...
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Sri Lankan troops, Tigers count the dead after heavy battle, Jun 06 2001 11:23 IST. Government troops stepped up security at a Muslim village in eastern Sri Lanka Wednesday after heavy fighting killed 26 people and wounded 23, the defence ministry said. The number of soldiers killed in Tuesday's exchange of fire with the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) guerrillas, rose to seven, after another soldier succumbed to his injuries, ministry spokesman Sanath Karunaratne said. More...
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Sri Lanka's Revenue Up in First Two Months This Year
Nothern Light, Wednesday, June 05, 2001 11:43 PM EST . Sri Lanka's revenue during the first two months this year has shown an increase of 12.6 percent to 16,997 million rupees (around 188.85 million U.S. dollars) from 15,096 million rupees (around 167.7 million dollars) in the same period of 2000, according to a government statement. The General Treasury said this was due to income derived from the Goods and Services Tax, National Security Levy, Import Duty and Motor Vehicle Levy. More...
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ACTC to table motion on de-proscribing LTTE
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 11.37 AM SLT Tuesday,June 5,2001. The All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) is going to table a motion in the Sri Lankan parliament on wednesday urging the government to lift the ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at the earliest. ACTC spokesman and MP Mr.A.Vinayagamoothy said here today that de-proscription would enable the LTTE to enter peace talks with the government as an "equal" and also as the "sole representative" of the Tamil people.

The motion argues that there can be no peace in Sri Lanka unless the LTTE is made a participant in the quest for peace. Mr. A.Vinayagamoothy said that he proposed to ask the Deputy Defense Minister Gen.Anuruddha Ratwatte if he was aware of the fact that the latest report of the Amnesty International had slammed the pro-government armed Tamil groups for violating human rights,sometimes in association with the Security Forces."I will ask the minister if some of these groups are acting as auxiliaries of the Security Forces and if they are,how much is being paid to them per month," the ACTC MP said.

Eleven Tamil parties,including the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), will be meeting here on friday to chalk out a common strategy on the ethnic question." We may go in for a mass agitation to force the government to lift the ban on the LTTE,order a ceasefire and begin peace talks," said Mr.Mavai Senadhirajah,TULF MP.

The TULF had earlier opted out of the Tamil alliance but has now come back." There are still differences between us, but the TULF would like to co-operate with the other parties on the over-riding issue of the peace process and the de-proscription of the LTTE," Mr.Senadhirajah said.
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Ban on LTTE will not be lifted, says Justice Minister
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 11.40 AM SLT,Tuesday,June 5,2001. The Sri Lankan Justice Minister Mr.Batti Weerakoon today reiterated the government's decision that the ban on the LTTE would not be lifted despite the clamour for de-proscription from the Tamil parties.

"The ban cannot be lifted because the LTTE is a terrorist organisation.If it is to be de-proscribed it has to prove that it is not terrorist by coming for unconditional talks and agreeing to an agenda for peace," Mr.Weerakoon said.

The minister also made it clear that the government cannot consider the LTTE to be the sole representative of the Tamil people."The LTTE has killed other Tamil leaders and terrorised other political forces into submission.Its claim to be the sole representative has no legitimacy," he said.

Asked to comment on the LTTE's argument that it could not participate in peace talks as an "unequal,banned and illegal" organisation and if it did, any settlement arrived at would be illegal and invalid,Mr.Weerakoon said that the question of legality should bother the government and not the LTTE."The LTTE should have no problem when the government is ready to talk with it even while it is banned," the minister said.
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Tigers strike back in Sri Lanka as toll hits 12, Jun 05 2001 18:19 IST. COLOMBO, June 5 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels launched retaliatory attacks in eastern Sri Lanka Tuesday, leaving 10 people dead and 25 wounded, while two others were killed in separate fighting, defence officials said. The separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) mounted an assault against an army camp at Kahawattamunai a day after elite police commandos destroyed a rebel base killing 16 militants. More...
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Eleven cops sacked
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 5.10 p.m. SLT Tuesday June 6. Eleven policemen were indicted today by the Deputy Inspector General for Police for the Western Province Mahinda Balasuriya for not reporting for duty at the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy.The cops, had allegedly stayed away without prior permission for leave. A sub inspector, four inspectors, four reserve police officers, a woman PC and a home guard are among those who have been given their marching orders by the DIG.
Published: Tue Jun 5 07:18:18 EDT 2001 Back to the top

One civilian dead - 14 injured in cross fire
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 11.10 a.m. SLT Tuesday June 6. One civilian died and 14 others were wounded when caught in cross fire between the Army and the LTTE in Valachchennai in the Batticaloa district this morning.

Hospital sources in Batticaloa said today that 15 civilians were admitted with gun shot injuries out of which one had succumbed to his injuries. The fighting between the Army and the rebels had begun at around 8.40 a.m. this morning.

The defence ministry later said that 5 troops were killed and 10 more injured in the confrontation between the army and the LTTE at Valachchennai. The military claim that at least 3 rebels were also killed in the incident including a leader for the Batticaloa arm of the LTTE.
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Hemantha: a surprise star hogs the limelight
gulf-news, June 5. He had the longest name among the cricketers who played in the 27th Bukhatir league, but played one of the quickest innings of the final. Ranasinghe Pattikirikoralalage Aruna Hemantha Wickramaratne, who hogged the limelight with a whirlwind unbeaten knock of 154 in a total of 272 for five to steer Lanka Lions to victory over Emirates Airlines in the final of the 27th Bukhatir league, is one among the finest left-handed batsmen in Sri Lanka. More...
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Lanka advertises for monks
The Hindustan Times, Colombo, June 5. THE SRI Lankan government has postponed a special full moon day ordination of Buddhist monks after only a little over half the number expected answered advertisements calling for applicants. Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake last month launched an unprecedented advertising campaign calling for 1,000 candidates to swell the ranks of the Buddhist clergy. More...
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JVP offers land to displaced squatters
Island, 6 June 2001. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has offered the displaced squatters demonstrating in front of the UNP head quarters `Sirikotha,í an alternative land next to the Wattala Mabola housing scheme, JVP MP Wimal Weerawansa said yesterday. The land was handed over to them yesterday by JVP Gampaha District MP, Vijitha Herath. The squatters had been displaced by the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha over a week ago. They demonstrated in front of the UNP head quarters with their families till such time as they would receive a favourable answer from the UNP. More...
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India launches first electric car on its polluted roads
Yahoo India, Monday June 4, 6:13 PM. An Indian firm launched the country's first electric car Monday, saying it was cheaper than conventional vehicles and would reduce emissions on the country's polluted roads. The small, two-seater car costs just 40 paise (less than one cent) per kilometre to run, which is up to six times less expensive than a normal car, according to the manufacturers.yers from Britain, Japan, Israel, Norway and Sri Lanka had already shown interest in the car, he said. More...
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Airport expressway and the RDA
Island, 6 June 2001. People of this country have heard of the Airport expressway for many years but nothing has materialized. The Japanese proposed a well planned route to the airport that runs east of the airport so that it could be continued further at a later stage to become a part of the national grid of highways. I have been told that the Japanese were going to fund it and that the RDA rejected this route saying that it will affect people living along that corridor. People are in the dark as to what exactly happened. It is up to parliament to get to the bottom of this. More...
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Sri Lanka arrests more Indian fishermen, Jun 05 2001 17:14 IST. COLOMBO, June 5 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's navy has arrested eight more Indian fishermen as part of a crackdown against foreigners poaching in the island's territorial waters, defence officials said Tuesday. The Indian fishermen were taken into custody and their two trawlers were confiscated on Sunday off the small islet of Eluvaitivu in northern Sri Lanka, officials said. More...
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Diversities and linkages in Sri Lanka
Yahoo India, 6 June 2001. The People of India Project, the ongoing research programme of the Anthropological Survey of India, attempts to provide the cultural profile of all communities in India, the impact of change, and linkages and diversities among them. One interesting conclusion needs specific mention. Communities, cutting across religions, share a many cultural traits. The diversities in Sri Lanka are well known. According to the last census held in 1981, the Sinhalese formed 74.0 per cent of the population, the Sri Lankan Tamils 12.6 per cent, the Indian Tamils 5.5 per cent, Muslims 7.1 per cent and others 0.6 per cent. There is an overlapping of ethnicity and religious affiliation. More...
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Lanka declares a day of mourning for Nepal's monarch
India Abroad, June 05, 2001 14:50 Hrs (IST) . Sri Lanka has declared June 7 a day of mourning as a mark of respect to Nepal's slain monarch King Birendra, his queen and other members of the royal family felled in a palace intrigue. The government has ordered all ministries, government departments and missions abroad to fly the national flag at half-mast, a government statement said. More...
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Attorney finds misplaced passport of Anagarika Dharmapala
Island, 5 June. The passport of freedom fighter Anagarika Dharmapala which was misplaced over the years was recently found and handed over to the Mahabodhi Society on Saturday by a lawyer M. C. Jayaratne.Jayaratne had found the passport of Anagarika Dharmapala who was in the forefront of the Buddhist and nationalist resurgence in the early 20th century, while frisking through old files in preparation for a court case. The passport of much historical value was handed over to the President of the Mahabodhi Society, Banagala Upatissa thera.The passport issued by the British Empire in 1925 records the final tour of Anagarika Dharmapala to the west covering Switzerland, Germany, Venice, France and America. It carries the original signature and a photograph of a middle aged Anagarika Dharmapala and records his height at 5 feet 9 inches. More...
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Distress of war also mothers invention
Tamilnet, 5 June 2001. A Palmyrah leaf cutter, a new device invented by a fifteen-year-old girl from Mannar district won the first place in the new invention competition held among students in the northeast province. "The distress caused by war activates human minds to explore new devices to overcome the difficulties in the day to day life; and in the process new inventions are made", said Mr.M.Selvin Irenius, Provincial Director of Industries delivering keynote address at the award distribution event held Monday at Trincomalee St.Mary's College Monday. More...
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