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JUNE 11, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 66

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Sri Lanka's Muslim Party Opposes Impeachment Against Chief Justice
Peoples Daily, June 11. Sri Lanka's main Muslim Party, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), has decided to oppose impeachment motion against Chief Justice Sarath Silva, party officials said on Sunday. The decision was made at a meeting of the party high command in capital Colombo on Friday presided over by SLMC leader and Muslim Religious Affairs Minister Rauf Hakeem. The SLMC was concerned about the implications of recent ruling by the supreme court regarding action by Parliament on the impeachment motion put forward by main United National Party against the chief justice, they said More...
Published: Mon Jun 11 22:13:56 EDT 2001

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Mr. Vasudeva Nanayakkara began his political career as a student activist in the Lanka Sama Samaja Party in 1958. He was elected to then National Assembly in 1970 as a member of Parliament from Kiriella in the United Front government of the SLFP, LSSP and the Ceylon Communist Party. In 1975 he split from the LSSP of Dr. N.M.Perera, Dr. Colvin R. De Silva et al. to launch the Nava Lanka Sama Samaja Party along with Dr. Vickramabhahu Karunaratne. Although defeated in the general election of 1977 Mr. Nanayakkara was back in parliament in 1989 as a member of the United Socialist Alliance(USA). He rejoined the LSSP and the PA in 1994 and was elected as an MP. in 199, he crossed over to the opposition. In 1982 and 1999, he also contested as a Presidential candidate. To ask a question, click here.

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First ever-global report on child soldiers to be released tomorrow
Bandula Jayasekara in New York, NY Time 9.30 p.m Monday 11 June. The first ever-global report on child soldiers will be released tomorrow by the coalition to stop the use of child soldiers. The report is known to be the first comprehensively recorded document of the worldwide problem facing children. The report is to be released from various locations around the world, which include Bangkok, Karachi, Katmandu, Amman, Beirut, Stockholm, London, Paris, New York, and Bogotá. In more than 40 countries around the world, including Sri Lanka, hundred of thousand children fight as soldiers with armed groups. The global report on child soldiers aims to strengthen the campaign for a worldwide ban on the recruitment of under eighteen children as soldiers not just by armed groups but governments as well.
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Kingsley tipped to be the next Sri Lankan Ambassador to the US!
Bandula Jayasekara in New York, NY Time 11.20 a.m Monday 11 June. Former minister of Trade and commerce and presently advisor to the President on International Trade Kingsley Wickremaratne is tipped to be the next Sri Lankan ambassador to the United States. The Lanka Academic sources in the US close to Wickremaratne revealed that among the names put forward Wickremaratne is most likely to get the clearance to fill the important post. The present Ambassador Warnasena Rasaputhra has been ailing for some time and is reported to be in the intensive care. Sri Lankans in the US have stressed the importance of having an effective career diplomat as Ambassador to the United States, for a long time. It is to be seen if a person like Wickremaratne could do justice to one of the most important diplomatic postings. The Lanka Academic sources in the US revealed that the activities at the Washington mission are not up to expectations. Our sources reveled that minister G. L. Pieirs who was in Washington last month to attend high level trade meetings was not pleased at the luncheon organized at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington when he saw that there were more "Sri Lankan friends" of the mission and the ambassador present instead of American businessmen. The Lanka Academic sources also revealed that there had not been proper media coverage in the US when foreign minister Kadiragamar met his counterpart Secretary of State Colin Powell last month. Our sources said a second secretary of the mission was sent to take a photograph of the meeting with his own camera when a professional photographer could have been sent to cover an important meeting.
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Sri Lanka says aircraft survives brush with missile
yahoo , June 11. Sri Lanka on Monday accused Tamil Tiger guerrillas of firing a missile at a military transport plane with more than 50 people on board. The Ukrainian-built AN-32, ferrying troops to the northern Jaffna peninsula from the central city of Anuradhapura, was fired at on June 7 when it flew over the jungle of Wilpattu, 160 km north of the capital Colombo, they said. "All indications are it was a surface-to-air missile attack by the Tiger terrorists, but the plane was flying too high to be hit," said military spokesman Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne. More...
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International community should pressurise LTTE to talk: Govt
Press Trust of India, Colombo,Monday, June 11, 2001. Sri Lanka today asked the international community to exert pressure on LTTE to begin direct talks with the government, acknowledging the present regime's commitment to a negotiated settlement. More...
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Jayalalitha raises Kachchativu issue
Sunday Observer, 10 June 2001. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha seems to have adopted a lenient stance on Kachchativu issue when she met Indian Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee last Wednesday in New Delhi. Earlier, the Tamil Nadu Governor Fathima Beevi had said in her throne speech that the new state government would urge the Centre to take steps to retrieve the Kachchativu island from Sri Lanka and restore fishing rights of Tamil Nadu fishermen. However, there was no official response to this statement from our Foreign Ministry. More...
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Tamil Rebels Kill 3 Sri Lankan Security Men
Yahoo, June 11. Tamil Tiger rebels killed three members of Sri Lanka's security forces and lost two of their combatants in fighting in the north, a government spokesman said Monday. Two members of the Home Guards, a government paid village militia, were fatally shot in a gun battle with the rebels on Sunday, spokesman U.R.H. Gajaman said. Another member of the Sri Lankan military was killed in a rebel land mine explosion also on Sunday. More...
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Speaker denies sibling pressure amid Sri Lanka crisis, Jun 11 2001 19:18 IST. COLOMBO, June 11 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's constitutional crisis deepened Monday as Speaker Anura Bandaranaike denied the president had tried to influence him to block impeachment proceedings against the chief justice. Bandaranaike, who is the brother of President Chandrika Kumaratunga, but elected as a member of the opposition United National Party (UNP), as speaker of parliament, holds the key to breaking the power struggle between the legislature and the judiciary. More...
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Doctors in the NE launch strike
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 10.10 a.m. SLT Monday June 11. As scheduled, doctors in the North East today began strike action, protesting that they are not paid a risk allowance which is however handed out to doctors in every other province.

The doctors argue that the arrangement is unfair since medical officers in the northern and eastern provinces face greater risks given that they work in conflict areas.

Despite repeated requests regarding this matter to the health ministry, their demands have not yet been met.

The doctors say that emergency services will continue to function despite the strike. The protest will continue indefinitely until their demand is met.
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Sri Lankan soldiers to learn Tamil
BBC South Asia, Monday, 11 June, 2001, 14:56 GMT 15:56 UK . The commander of Sri Lanka's armed forces, General Lionel Balagalle, has appealed for help in teaching soldiers Tamil to facilitate communications with civilians in the conflict areas. He was speaking at the launch of a 10-day training course for senior army officers on human rights and humanitarian law. More...
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Free speech panel seeks access to Sri Lanka war zone, Jun 11 2001 20:22 IST. An international human rights group Monday welcomed Sri Lanka's decision to lift a three-year-old media blackout on the island's war zones and urged Colombo to offer greater access to areas. "We hope that it (end of censorship) will be accompanied by an improvement in access to conflict areas for journalists, so that the people of Sri Lanka can benefit from first-hand independent information," the group, Article 19 said. More...
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Parliament - courts tussle expected to reach unprecedented heights
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 9.10 a.m. SLT Monday June 11. The battle between the Supreme Courts and Parliament is expected to reach unprecedented heights when Speaker Anura Bandaranaike will make a decision on the court Stay Order on Tuesday June 19, when Parliament next sits.

A judge for the Supreme Court speaking in confidence says that if Bandaranaike ignores the Stay Order he can be summoned before the Supreme Courts on charges of contempt.

On the other hand the three judges who delivered the controversial ruling can also be summoned by Bandaranaike before a Parliamentary Special Privileges Committee and punished.

Amidst widespread opposition to the court decision, even by members of the Ruling Peoples Alliance, Bandaranaike is expected to ignore the Stay Order and appoint a Parliamentary Select Committee to study the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva next week.
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Sri Lanka mulls lifting Tiger ban to salvage Oslo peace bid: report, Jun 11 2001 18:55 IST. COLOMBO, June 11 (AFP) - Sri Lanka may be willing to temporarily lift a ban on separatist Tamil Tiger rebels to break an impasse in the Norwegian-backed peace process, a state-run newspaper said Monday. While Colombo had said it was "committed to a negotiated settlement" of the decades-old crisis and "ready to enter peace talks" with the rebels, it had refused to lift a ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) before talks began. More...
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LTTE accuses Norway of bias and breach of protocol
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 6.00 PM,SLT Sunday,June 10, 2001. The LTTE has said that it was "improper" for the Sri Lankan and the Norwegian governments to have taken a decision to "up-grade" the status of Norwegian facilitation and change the role of the present Peace Envoy Mr.Erik Solheim without consulting it,the third pary in the peace process.

In a statement issued from its headquarters in the Wanni,the LTTE also directly accused the Norwegian government of a bias against it and a breach of protocol.

The LTTE reminded Colombo and Oslo that the facilitation process was not a bilateral,inter-governmental affair but a tripartite one involving the LTTE also.Norway had taken up the facilitatory role on the basis of an understanding between the government and the LTTE.

Addressing the Norwegian government directly,the LTTE said:" As a facilitator, the Government of Norway is under obligation to consult both protagonists before making crucial decisions with regard to its level of involvement or engagement.Making a bilateral decision with the Government of Sri Lanka,circumventing the other party in conflict entails a breach of protocol and neutrality."

Turning to the Sri Lankan government,the LTTE said that it had adopted the "ruse" of "up-grading" the facilitation process to downgrade and marginalise Mr.Solheim,whose "impeccable neurality" had made "powerul elements", including Foreign Minister Mr.Kadirgamar,unhappy.

The Sri Lankan President Mrs.Chandrika Kumaratunga and the Norwegian Foreign Minister Mr.Thorbjoern Jagland had on thursday met in Colombo "secretly" (keeping Mr.Solheim out ) and agreed that the Norwegian government would from now on take a lead and active role in the peace process.

Though Mr.Jagland said that Mr.Solheim would continue to play the facilitator, it is clear that the latter's work would be overseen by him.Mr.Jagland also said that he would directly negotiate with the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government.
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Sri Lanka Gets Humanitarian Assistance From European Commission
Nothern Light, Monday, June 11, 2001 12:01 AM EST . Sri Lanka has been granted 94 million rupees (about 1.04 million U.S. dollars) for humanitarian assistance for the displaced and resettlers in the northern Jaffna peninsula, the official Daily News said on Monday. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Action Contre La Faim (ACF) will be partners in implementing the European Commission's latest scheme of humanitarian assistance to the country. More...
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Regulatory Commission to keep tabs on IT education
Island, 11 June. A regulatory mechanism in the form of a commission to overview the mushrooming IT education institutes around the country would be put in place shortly with consultation of all concerned ministries, Minister for Information Technology Development Indika Gunawardena told Parliament on Friday. The Minister supported a motion calling the government to establish a Regulatory Commission for IT related education institutes moved by PA MP Bandula Gunawardena. Minister Gunawardena revealed that the country at present has a shortage of IT professionals with 2500 such qualified personnel whereas the need is much higher. He visioned to increase the number to at least 25000 during the next five years through the establishment of IT institutes in the universities and also in other parts of the country. More...
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Sri Lankan priest protests shooting of Indian film
India Abroad, June 11, 2001 16:30 Hrs (IST) . The hief priest at an ancient Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka has protested against a South Indian film crew using the shrine as a backdrop for shooting a raunchy dance number. Chief monk Wendaruwe Upali Thera of the Muthiyangana Rajamaha Viharaya has complained that actors, with a local Kandyan dance troupe, had cavorted in front of two centuries-old temples in Polonnaruwa, a press report said. More...
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Sri Lanka to take delivery of Israeli gunboats: report, Jun 10 2001 14:20 IST. The Sri Lankan navy is set to take delivery of the first fast attack craft out of an order for four placed with Israel last year, a press report here said Sunday. Sri Lankan navy delegation was currently in Israel to accept the first "Shaldag-class" vessel that will be deployed for patrolling the island's north-eastern waters and boost the battle against Tamil Tiger rebels. More...
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It's regrettable that history has been dropped from schools curriculum — chancellor, Kelaniya University
Island, 11 June. "It is regrettable that the subject of history has been dropped from the schools curriculum. If a student is questioned about the arrival of the Portuguese or British to Sri Lanka, no student would be able to give the correct answer. This is the pathetic situation of the country today."This was said by Ven. Welimitiyawe Kusaladhamma Chief Sanghanayake of Colombo and Chilaw and the Chancellor of Kelaniya University.He was speaking at a ceremony held in connection with the presentation of a book "Hikkaduwe Nayake Hamuduruwo," written by Ven. Pannila Sumanasiri, Chief Incumbent of Sri Purwaramaya of Sapugahawatta, Dodangoda.Ven. Akuratiye Amarawansa Mahanayake Thera the Chief Sanghanayaka of Daksina Lanka, presided. More...
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LTTE not to tolerate Solheim's removal
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 12.10 PM SLT Sunday,June 10,2001. The LTTE's Chief Negotiator Dr.Anton Balasingham has said that his organisation will not tolerate the removal of the Norwegian Peace Envoy/Facilitator Mr.Erik Solheim, unless the Sri Lankan government gives a satisfactory explanation of the decision to remove him.The government was duty bound to do so,he told The Sunday Leader.

"They cannot simply find a substitute for Mr.Solheim without consulting us.Both sides accepted him as the facilitator.They have to provide a satisfactory explanation for this.Unless this is done we will not accept or tolerate Mr.Solheim's removal," Dr.Balasingham told the paper over the phone from London.

The LTTE's chief negotiator said that Mr.Solheim was being replaced because Colombo was unhappy over his "independent and constructive" role."The government discovered that they could not distort the situation and depict the Tigers as being responsible for retarding the peace process because of Mr.Solheim's integrity.So they are trying to get him out of the scene as J.R.Jayawardene forced Rajiv Gandhi to substitute Romesh Bhandari for G.Parthasarathy in 1985," Dr.Balasingham said.

He expressed sadness about the "shabby" treatment meted out to Mr.Solheim by the Sri Lankan President Mrs.Chandrika Kumaratunga and her Foreign Minister Mr.Lakshman Kadirgamar.Dr.Balasingham revealed that the LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakarn was "extremely concerned" about this development."The LTTE's Central Committee will analyse the situation after more information is received about the situation and issue a statement outlining the organisation's stance on the issue shortly," Dr.Balasingham said.

Meawhile in Oslo,Foreign Minister Mr.Thorbjoern Jagland said that the time had come for a "stronger political engagement by Norway" in order to make headway in the stalled peace process.He said that he planned to meet the repesentatives of the LTTE but added that the dates and the venue were yet to be fixed.However,he stressed that despite his involvement,Mr.Solheim and the Norwegian Ambassadror in Sri Lanka Mr.Jon Westborg would continue to be the facilitators.

The Sunday Times said that Mr.Solheim was sidelined because the Sri Lankan government felt that he had an "agenda of his own" and was not keeping the government briefed adequately.He had not briefed the government about his recent discussions in Washington with concerned State Deparment officials.Colombo also felt that he was "babbling too much" in interviews on subjects which ought to be discussed only by the government and the LTTE.

The Sunday Times further said that the government did not like the way Mr.Solheim campaigned for de-proscribing the LTTE in Sri Lanka.He had earlier warned Britain that the peace process would be compromised if it was banned in Britain.
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Sri Lanka defers GM ban
BBC South Asia, Monday, 11 June, 2001, 11:23 GMT 12:23 UK . The new law - one of the most stringent anti-GM measures in the world - bans all imports of genetically modified raw and processed food, including food additives. It was due to go into effect in May - but has now been put off until September. More...
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Labour board says metal company hired Tamil gangsters to block union drive, 11 June 2001. The Ontario Labour Relations Board has ordered a second union certification vote at a Toronto-area company after finding that two new employees linked to a Sri Lankan Tamil gang used death threats to sway the first vote in 1998. In a written ruling, board vice-chairman Christopher Albertyn said two Tamil men - linked to a Sri Lankan gang, according to the evidence of Toronto Det. Const. Glen Furlong - tried to intimidate Tamil employees into voting against having a union, including death threats. More...
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Most-read stories, week ending 8 June (Norway)
aftenposten, 11 June 2001. A local teacher who was doused with yoghurt grabbed the most interest among our readers this week. More serious subjects, such as Norway's peace efforts in Sri Lanka and another murder mystery, also drew clicks. More...
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Curry diplomacy backfires on Norway's Solheim, Jun 10 2001 12:49 IST. The man who led Norway's attempt to broker peace in Sri Lanka was careful in his gastronomic choices lest he antagonise ethnic rivals, but the curry diplomacy failed to save him from the firing line."Sri Lankan government had been angry that Mr. Solheim was 'blabbing too much' and giving interviews to a host of newspapers and websites on the peace process...," the Sunday Times said.Solheim denies that he has been sidelined. "I can only say that everything is exaggerated in the media," Solheim told the Lanka Academic website Saturday.In one of his answers to the Lanka academic, last month, Solheim made it clear he will throw in the towel if either party opposed him. More...
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Sri Lankans electrocuting elephants
aftenposten, 11 June 2001. Sri Lankan villagers have killed as many as 32 elephants in the past two years by putting live electrical wires in their path. More...
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Tigers slam Norway, Sri Lanka for downgrading peace envoy, Jun 10 2001 13:39 IST. COLOMBO, June 10 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger guerrillas Sunday accused Sri Lanka and Norway of breaching protocol by downgrading special peace envoy of 15 months, Erik Solheim without consulting them. The separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in a statement sent here, expressed its displeasure over the "unilateral initiative" of the Sri Lankan government to effect a change in the role of Norwegian envoy Solheim. More...
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And now, Solheim a hurdle to Sri Lanka, Tigers peace talks
India Abroad, June 10, 2001 13:04 Hrs (IST) . Special envoy Erik Solheim, who has apparently been shunted out as chief facilitator in Norway's peace bid in Sri Lanka, is the new bone of contention between the separatist Tamil Tigers and Colombo.Among Solheim's alleged shortcomings were his visit last month to Washington, apparently without Colombo's knowledge, to meet Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, seeking help to exert pressure on President Chandrika Kumaratunga to have her lift the ban on the LTTE. The envoy was also thought to have "blabbed too much" by giving too many interviews, including a question and answer session on a Web site, on sensitive issues. More...
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"What have you done" were the last words of King Birendra
PTI, June 10. "Kay gardeko?" (What have you done) were the last words of Nepal's King Birendra after his son and Crown Prince Dipendra opened a burst of automatic gunfire on the monarch on the night of June one, says the latest of issue of 'Time' magazine. "Dipendra just looked at his father--he said nothing-- and squeezed the trigger once," the magazine quotes 77-year- old Ravi Shumsher Rana, an uncle of the Crown Prince, as saying. More...
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Ex-convict held for Mambalam reservation counter robbery
The Hindu (Southern States), Monday, June 11, 2001. CHENNAI, JUNE 10. The sensational robbery case in which Rs. 9 lakhs was stolen from the computerised railway centre at Mambalam was reportedly solved today following the arrest an ex-convict. A hunt is on for three Sri Lankan Tamils in this connection. About Rs. 2 lakhs has been recovered. Police identified the arrested person as `Soda' Murugan (34) an ex-convict and an `inter-State criminal' involved in cases in Chennai, Tirupati, Mumbai and Delhi. More...
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Muralitharan and South Africa take CEAT awards
Cricinfo, 10 June. Sri Lanka's spin ace Muttiah Muralitharan has emerged as the CEAT International Cricketer of the Year 2000-01. Murali topped the CEAT Cricket Ratings with a tally of 111 points, 16 ahead of the first runner-up, his own team-mate Marvan Atapattu.The CEAT Year of 2000-01 has been a memorable one for Murali. Among his most unforgettable feats this year were his 13-wicket haul in a Test match against the South Africans at Galle, a spell of 7-30 against India which was the best-ever performance by any bowler in one-day internationals, and of course, his 300th Test wicket. More...
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Two LTTE cadres accused in Rajiv murder case leave for Bangkok
NewsIndpress, June 10. LTTE cadres Athirai alias Chandralekha and Vicky alias Vigneswaran, both accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case under TADA, and later acquitted by the Supreme Court, left for Bangkok in the wee hours of June 2 after the State Government's Public Department gave its nod. Before allowing them to leave India from the Chennai airport by a scheduled Malaysian Airlines flight the authorities ensured that there were no charges pending in any of the courts in the country against them and obtained a no-objection certificate from various State and Central Government agencies dealing in foreigners' affairs. More...
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Fr. Bernard Costa murder case: Govt. Analyst to visit scene of crime
Sunday Observer, 10 June 2001. The special team of detectives, investigating the murder of Thillanduwa St. Joseph's Church Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Bernard Costa last month, has summoned the Government Analyst to visit the scene of the crime. Officers from the Government Analyst's Department accompanied by the detectives will go to Thillanduwa tomorrow (Monday 11) for a full-scale inspection and analysis of the Mission House and its environs. According to a detective the Government Analyst should have visited the scene at the very first instance. He saw this as a major lapse in the investigation. More...
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Fernando to submit match-fixing report at end of June
Cricinfo, 10 June 2001. Desmond Fernando is to submit his report into match-fixing allegations concerning Sri Lankan players at the end of this month. Fernando was appointed by the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka to look into the allegations made by Indian bookmaker Mukesh Gupta that Sri Lanka's former captains, Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda de Silva, accepted money to underperform during their 1994 tour of India. Fernando, a lawyer by profession, told CricInfo that the two players concerned co-operated with him very well during his inquiries, in which two members of the ICC'S anti-corruption unit participated as well. More...
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Threat to Canadians?
National Post, 9 June 2001. - A dapper, multi-lingual man with a Danish passport, Siva Shanmugan arrived at Montreal's Dorval airport aboard Mexicana Flight 880 and walked to the immigration desk to make a refugee claim. On his application form, he described himself as a 38-year-old unmarried college teacher born in northern Sri Lanka, and said he wanted asylum because "Canada is a best country for refugees." A month later, RCMP officers raided a home in a Toronto suburb and arrested Shanmugan after discovering he was actually Muralitharan Nadarajah, a suspected high-ranking terrorist leader accused of running a "Mafia-style" extortion campaign in Switzerland. Also known as Swiss Murali, Mr. Nadarajah More...
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UNP hems and haws over impeachment motion
Island, 9 June 2001. The UNP"s impeachment motion against the Chief Justice which is now in the hands of UNP Speaker Anura Bandaranaike has reached the point of a constitutional crisis with Parliament challenging the rights of the Supreme Court over parliament. Following a fundamental rights petition by three lawyers, the Supreme Court this week debarred the Speaker from proceeding to appoint a select committee on the issue. Even government ranks are divided over this order from the Supreme Court while the UNP itself looks divided on its motion.The UNP motion is not signed by its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and a few others. More...
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