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JULY 1, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 86

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UNP faces a tough task in toppling Chandrika
Times of India, 2 July 2001 . The Sri Lankan government will look to the stars in the next week to seek its fate in an opposition sponsored no-confidence motion, but they will not be alone as their main opponent, United National Party (UNP) will also have to seek help from the Gods to defeat the ruling party. More...
Published: Sun Jul 1 18:27:06 EDT 2001

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JVP will vote against extension of emergency
The Island, June 2. The JVP said yesterday that it will vote against the monthly extension of emergency regulations when it is debated in parliament on Friday, brushing aside government claims that it would amount to a lifting of the LTTE ban. The JVP’s propaganda secretary Wimal Weerawansa told "The Island" that it was absurd to assume that the non extension of emergency regulations would mean the LTTE could operate legally in this country. More...
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Run Against Drugs
Leo de Lile in Colombo, 10.45am SLT, July 01,2001. Nine-year old Depika gunasekara awaits for the start signal to run the 2 kilometer fun-run against drugs in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Sunday, July.01, 2001.The Colombo Plan in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association organize a "Run Against Drugs" to commemorate the Colombo Plan's 50th Anniversary and the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. More...
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Pope urges negotiated solution to Sri Lanka conflict, Jul 01 2001 16:25 IST. Pope John Paul II called Sunday for a negotiated solution to bring an end to two decades of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka."A negotiated solution is the only way to confront the serious issues which are at the root of the conflict," the pontiff said in Sunday prayers before a crowd of thousands in Saint Peter's Square. More...
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TELO threatens to cross Palk Strait to free Karunanidhi
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 9.10 PM SLT Sunday July 1,2001. The Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) leader Mr.Sri Kantha has said that,if necessary,Eelam Tamils will cross the Palk Strait to free the veteran Tamil Nadu leader Mr.M.Karunanidhi from incarceration.

Speaking at a protest meeting in front of the Pandara Vanniyan statue in Vavuniya this morning,after burning an effigy of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalitha,Mr.Sri Kantha said that Eelam Tamils would continue to hold protest demonstrations so long as Mr.Karunanidhi was in jail."Our next protest march will be held in Mannar on tuesday," he said.

About a thousand Tamils,including many women and children marched for about an hour carrying placards and shouting slogans condemning the brutal way in which the 77 year old Tamil leader was manhandled and arrested in Chennai on the orders of Ms.Jayalalitha in the wee hours of Saturday.

Pointing out the significance of holding the first protest meeting at the Pandara Vanniyan statue in Vavuniya,Mr.Sri Kantha said that Mr.Karunanidhi had written about this Sri Lankan Tamil freedom fighter,who laid down his life fighting the British in 1806.

Mr.Sri Kantha said that Mr.Karunanidhi had a special place in the hearts of TELO members because he was close to the founder of TELO,Sri Sabaratnam.He was also close to two TELO martyrs, Thangadurai and Kuttimani,who were killed in the Welikede jail massacre in 1983.
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Sri Lankan president home after private trip
MSNBC, Jul 01 2001 12:05 IST. President Chandrika Kumaratunga returned to Sri Lanka on Sunday after a four-day private visit to London, official sources said. Kumaratunga handed over all powers for the first time to Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake while she was away to deal with a political crisis. More...
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Sri Lanka war is no deterrent to Surfin' Dudes
gulf News, July 1. They come from Australia with long blond hair, from Britain with short blond hair and from Japan with dyed blond hair — all Surfin' Dudes with boards tucked under their arms and one thing on their minds. All have been drawn to Arugam Bay on the edge of a war zone in east Sri Lanka for the waves and a cheap, laid-back lifestyle that disappeared years ago in other surfing hotspots. The picturesque and sleepy fishing village about 220 kilometres east of Colombo has been famous among serious surfers around the world for more than two decades, but because of Sri Lanka's ethnic war has none of the downmarket byproducts such as sleazy nightclubs, ubiquitous T-shirt shops and crime. More...
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Six-year olds quizzed by Sri Lanka bribery unit
MSNBC, Jul 01 2001 12:05 IST. Grade one school children were questioned by Sri Lankan bribery commission officers over whether their parents forged documents to get them enrolled into top schools, a local newspaper reported on Sunday. More...
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Peace process put on the hold.
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 4.28 PM SLT,Sunday July 1,2001. The peace process in Sri Lanka has been put on the hold.Neither the Sri Lankan government nor the LTTE seems interested in resuming it now.The LTTE's commitment to the peace process has lessened considerably after the Norwegian Special Envoy Erik Solheim was given the marching orders by Foreign Minister Thorbjoern Jagland at the behest of the Sri Lankans.As for the Sri Lankan government,the need to save itself from being pushed out of office by a vote of no-confidence in parliament is infinitely greater than the need to keep the peace process going.

In fact a certain degree of tension with the LTTE and a certain amount of Sinhala majoritarian jingoism is thought to be necessary to keep the threat of ouster at bay.It is this logic which has made the spin doctors of the ruling Peoples' Alliance (PA) trace a link between the opposition United National Party (UNP) and the LTTE through the pro-LTTE Tamil parties in parliament.It is this logic which is partly responsible for the air strikes against LTTE targets in the north on saturday.

Former Air Force Commander Air Marshall Harry Goonetilleke,Dr.Jehan Perera of the National Peace Council and Mr.Dayan Jayatilleka, political analyst, all agree that the air strikes were atleast partly meant to pre-empt an attempt by the LTTE to recapture Jaffna.They did not doubt the veracity of the intelligence about the LTTE gathering men and material for an all out offensive.Nevertheless,the air strike was "intimately" linked to the need to seem powerful and nationalistic ahead of the no- trust vote,said Jayatilleka."If the UNP tries to de-stabilise the government now, it can be shown in poor light," said Air Marshal Goonetilleke.The logic is that if the UNP has the interest of the country and the majority Sinhalese at heart it will not de-stabilise the government on July 19 and not allow the State of Emergency to lapse in the vote on it on July 6.

The international community,however, is dismayed by the air strikes and the general inertia as regards the peace process in Colombo.A Colombo-based diplomat said that the peace process had been "jeopardised" by the air strikes.New Delhi,which had set much store by the Norwegian brokered peace process,said on saturday that it was "greatly disappointed" with the developments in Sri Lanka and that it had conveyed this to the Sri Lankan government.A spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Office said that India would urge all concerned to resume the dialogue because there was no alternative to peace.

In political circles in Sri Lanka,however,there is no great dismay over the fate of the peace process,because the peoples' attention is occupied by the on-going political crisis."So long as there is a political crisis in the south,the peace process will be on hold," said Dr.Perera."Forget about the peace process," remarked Air Marshal Goonetilleke.
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Senior Tamil Tiger killed
BBC South Asia, Sunday, 1 July, 2001, 18:01 GMT 19:01 UK . A senior Tamil Tiger rebel leader has been killed in a mine explosion in rebel-controlled territory, according to reports by the Sri Lankan military. Anthony Jonson was the deputy commander of the seaborne section of the separatist rebel movement, known as the Sea Tigers. More...
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India "greatly disappointed" over situation in Jaffna
Press Trust of India, New Delhi,Saturday, June 30, 2001. India today told Sri Lanka it was "greatly disappointed" over the situation in Jaffna peninsula in the wake of air attacks on LTTE targets, asserting that there was no alternative to the peace process. "Government is fully seized of of developments in Sri Lanka. We have conveyed our views to the Sri Lankan Government", an External Affairs Ministry spokesperson said in response to a question on the latest situation in Jaffna. More...
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Political bombshell bursts Sri Lanka bubble
123india, July 1. Sri Lanka is in the midst of unprecedented political turmoil which is jeopardising the crucial Norwegian-backed peace process. President Chandrika Kumaratunga herself triggered the crisis when she sacked a key Muslim coalition partner, Trade Minister Rauf Hakeem.The economy is facing one of its worst crises despite optimistic forecasts by the central bank and the treasury."The treasury is broke," said a top energy official, D.G. Wijeratne, Wednesday, while announcing that his state electricity utility carried a 94 million dollar loss and was unable to raise any money for urgent investments More...
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Opposition leader calls for government's resignation
Leo de Lile in Colombo, 2.30pm SLT, June, 2001. Supporters of the main opposition United National party protest against the government of President Chandrika Kumaratuga during a street rally in Slave Island junction in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Saturday, June.30. Ranil Wickramasinghe, the leader of the main opposition UNP called on the government to resign on Saturday as President Kumaratunga's governing alliance lost its majority in Parliament last week and was reduced to 109 seats, in the 225-member legislature. Wicramasinghe’s party, with the support of the several other opposition lawmakers presented a no-confidence motion against the government on June22. More...
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Lankan jets bomb Tiger strongholds
Gulf News, july 1. Sri Lanka launched its first air strikes in months against Tamil Tiger guerrilla positions in the country's north yesterday, saying the rebels had been gearing up for a major offensive.State media were on a news-blitz to show that the LTTE was preparing for a massive attack on government security forces as part of their 'Black July' campaign which falls on July 5, the day before Parliament is to take a vote on extending the state of emergency. More...
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9 LTTE's killed by Lankan naval troop
NewsIndpress, july 1. Nine LTTE militants were killed by Sri Lankan naval troops on Saturday on the Trincomalee Coast in the eastern part of the country, an official bulletin said on Saturday night. Based on specific intelligence about the movement of the rebels, naval troops landed between norway point and foul point and killed nine of them in a surprise assault, it said More...
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Sri Lanka's newest tourist attraction: elephant dung
123india, july 1. A Sri Lankan company is taking recycling to a new level by using paper made from elephant dung to appeal to environmentally-conscious locals and tourists. Up-market restaurants and hotels are presenting their menus bound in exotic boards made of recycled dung, which the manufacturer guarantees is sun-dried, sanitised, disinfected and deodorised More...
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Lankan Tamil parties protest brutal arrest of Karunanidhi
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 12.10 AM SLT Sunday July 1,2001. Eleven Tamil parties of Sri Lanka plan to meet the Indian High Commissioner in Colombo on monday to hand over a letter addressed to the Indian Prime Minister Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee strongly condemning the brutal manner in which the 77 year old former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr.M.Karunanidhi was arrested in Chennai in the wee hours of saturday.

Mr.Sri Kantha,leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO), said that his party would hold a protest meeting and a procession in Vavuniya on sunday.He described the roughing up of the "tallest leader of Tamil Nadu" as "inhuman and barbaric".Mr.Sri Kantha said that the Tamils of Sri Lanka owed a debt of gratitude to Mr.Karunanidhi because he had been a consistent supporter of the Sri Lankan Tamils' cause in contrast to his rival,the current Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalitha,who had no sympathy at all.

Sri Lankan TV viewers,who sit glued to "Sun TV" run by Mr.Karunanidhi's grand nephew,were shocked to see footage of the scuffle.A frightened Mr.Karunanidhi kept yelling "They are killing me! They are killing me!" The footage was shown again and again to make the maximum impact.
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Changes in the army's northern command
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1928 slt 30.06.01. The Army has appointed Major General Neil Dias, the current military secretary at Army headquarters as commander of the North and East. The Northern Commander Major General Anton Wijendra will take over as the commanding officer of the Sri Lanka Volunteer force and his current deputy in Jaffna Major General Susil Chandrapala would take over as northern commander. end
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Powerful Catholic bishop asks Sri Lanka to free detained Indian
Hoversonline, june 29. A powerful Catholic bishop on Friday urged the government to free 50 Indian fishermen being held in a northern prison for illegal fishing in Sri Lankan waters. The fishermen are being detained in the northern Jaffna Peninsula, which is the center of a 17-year-old Tamil separatist war. They were arrested over the last two months after the Sri Lankan navy stepped up patrolling in the sea to stop increasing trespassing by Indian boats. More...
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General Secretary of the PA says the government is willing to implement three commissions.
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1925 slt 30.06.01. PA General Secretary and Agriculture Minister D.M. Jayaratne said today that the government was willing to set up independent commissions for elections, the judiciary and the public administrative service. He said the government was opposed to a police commission because in some countries such commissions have not worked. The Minister said the media commission is a new idea and the government would have to study it first.
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The UNP launches campaign in support of the no confidence motion.
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1922 slt 30.06.01. The UNP today launched its people's campaign in support of the no confidence motion against the government with demonstrations in three districts in the western province. Hundreds of people shouted anti government slogans and took to the streets. The protests were held in Colombo, Kalutara and Gampha districts. The UNP will launch a nation wide rallies on Tuesday beginning in Nugegoda.
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LTTE mobilisation worries Lanka govt, Jun 30 2001 13:09 IST. A massive LTTE cadre and arms build up for a major battle against security forces to recapture Jaffna is causing great concern to the Government which, now reduced to a minority, would find it difficult to get an emergency extension motion passed in Parliament next week. Security Forces have found increasing evidence of LTTE military preparations to mark their `Black July' on July 5, the State-owned `The Daily News' reported. More...
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Sri Lanka launches air strikes
BBC South Asia, Saturday, 30 June, 2001, 07:38 GMT 08:38 UK . The Sri Lankan military has launched a fresh assault on Tamil Tiger rebel positions in the northern Jaffna peninsula. The military spokesman, Brigadier Sanath Karunaratne, said air sorties were still under way and he could not give any details except to say they were striking pre-determined targets in Pooneryn and Nagarkovil. More...
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Lanka launches air attacks against LTTE bases
Times of India (Breaking News), june 30. Sri Lankan air force jets began pounding Tamil rebel bases in a major air raid in the battle-scarred north Saturday, a military spokesman said."Our pilots are taking several terrorist bases," defence ministry spokesman Brig. Sanath Karunaratne said minutes after the attack started. More...
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