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JULY 3, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 88

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CBI team on trail of LTTE financier KP
TOI, July 4. A CBI team was in New Zealand and Australia recently to find out the whereabouts of KP, the mysterious financier of LTTE chief Prabhakaran.This was in connection with the 1991 assassination case of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. CBI investigation have revealed that KP arranged the explosives and devices that killed Rajiv Gandhi. The team interrogated several persons of Indian origin in these two countries who were allegedly close to KP. More...
Published: Tue Jul 3 23:19:09 EDT 2001

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US joins India in disapproving Lankan air raids
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 9.05 PM SLT,Tuesday,July 3,2001. Close on the heels of India's expression of "great disappointment", the United States today expressed its "concern" over of the air raids against LTTE positions in the Jaffna peninsula.

While India said that there was no alternative to peace,the United States said today that violence had a tendency to beget violence and reiterated its "strong" support to the Norwegian brokered peace process.

A statement issued by the US embassy in Colombo said:" We have noted with concern the Sri Lankan government's decision over the weekend to bomb LTTE positions in the Jaffna peninsula.While we respect the right of any nation to defend its territorial integrity,it is also true that violence begets violence."

Recalling Secretary of State Gen.Colin Powell's statement in May,the embassy said that the US would "continue to strongly support Norway's attempt to facilitate peaceful negotiations."
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President may issue fresh proclamation declaring emergency
The Island, July 4. In the event the state of emergency is defeated in Parliament on Friday, the President is empowered to issue a fresh proclamation declaring an emergency islandwide, UNP sources said yesterday.They said that a fresh proclamation as the declaration of the emergency would keep the ban on the LTTE intact and those held in detention under emergency regulations would be further detained. More...
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UNP to vote against the extension of the emergency regulations
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 1 p.m. SLT Tuesday July 3. The United National Party decided today that it will vote against the extension of the emergency regulations by a further one month, when it is taken up for voting this Friday July 6.

The UNP took this decision after meeting with its parliamentary working committee group this morning in the House. The UNP says it will call for the government to step down in the event it is defeated in its attempt to extend the emergency regulations. Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage.
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Vote to continue LTTE ban: Lanka
chennaionline, july 4. Sri Lanka’s minority government has warned the opposition that if Emergency in the country is not extended by a parliamentary vote this Friday, it will mean the automatic lifting of the ban on the LTTE.The JVP, which also opposes lifting of the ban on LTTE, argues that Emergency regulations are being abused to harass the people and political opponents. The party also claims that the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) is enough to keep the LTTE beyond the pale of law.However, the government statement said the PTA had no provisions to declare an organisation a terrorist outfit, and LTTE was banned only under Emergency rules. More...
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India uncovers ancient Bhuddist marvel
BBC South Asia, Wednesday, 4 July, 2001, 00:22 GMT 01:22 UK . Archeologists in India say they have excavated one of the world's tallest Buddhist stupas in the eastern state of Bihar. The 32-metre (104-foot) high dome-shaped memorial shrine is slightly taller than the famous stupa in the Borobudur complex in Java, Indonesia. More...
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A US offer Sri Lanka might just refuse
AsiaTimes , july 4. Green groups are stridently opposing a United States proposal to swap debt with a program to conserve Sri Lanka's rainforest, accusing the West of trying to control and then spirit away the country's resources. "You touch a rainforest and you destroy it," Nihal Fernando, a longtime wildlife photographer and conservationist complained as government politicians were at pains to explain that no deal has been signed with US authorities despite the tempting offer to write off debts. More...
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Double wicket cricket tourney to be held in USA
TOI, july 2. Zee-TV's very first Double Wicket Cricket Championship will bring superstars like Waseem Akhram, Arjuna Ranatunga and Vinod Kambli to picturesque Lincoln Park West for a weekend-long marathon July 13-15. More...
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'Police state will be created if independent police commission is set up'
CDN, July 3. Justice Minister Batty Weerakoon warns that democracy in the country will be destroyed and a police state created if an Independent Police Commission is set up. Allowing the police to act as an independent unit is a serious matter, the Minister observed. The Minister was speaking at a Seminar on Human Rights and Prevention of Crime held at the SLFI in Colombo recently. Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage. More...
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Visiting students face tougher time over study visas, july 4. Prospective students from China, India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Pakistan undergo tougher tests than anyone else to enter the country under new regulations which were introduced on Sunday.The Federal Government has created a ranking of countries, based on both overstay rates of past foreign students in addition to visa fraud, to determine who should face a harder time to get into the country. More...
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18 Years of war: Sri Lanka on high alert, Jaffna may be target
Asian Age, 04 July 2001. Extra police were stationed around the capital on high alert on Tuesday as Sri Lanka prepares to mark 18 years of warfare that have killed more than 63,000 people. “We have tightened security as July is a crucial month,” said Mr Ratnaweera Ignatius, Colombo’s inspector-general of police. Rebels fighting for a separate homeland for the Tamil minority have set off bombs in the capital during previous anniversaries of the war’s beginning, in July 1983. On July 5 of that year the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam drove an explosives-laden truck into a northern Army camp, killing nearly 40 soldiers. On July 23, rebels ambushed and killed 13 soldiers. More...
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Sri Lanka claims air attack on Tamil separatists a success, Jul 03 2001 14:50 IST. COLOMBO, July 3 (AFP) - The Sri Lankan government claimed success Tuesday for a two-day air offensive against Tamil rebels even as the guerrillas warned the attacks would permanently damage peace prospects. The government said a total of 19 targets of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were destroyed during the weekend bombing sorties in and around the Jaffna peninsula. More...
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Sri Lanka's Celltel Lanka Launches SMS In Natl Language
yahoo, July 3. Sri Lanka's private cellular telephone operator, Celltel Lanka Ltd., Tuesday launched Short Message Services, or SMS, in the national Sinhala language for the benefit of its customers. The company said the new feature, a first in the country, was developed by local software developer WaveNET Ltd. with which Celltel has a strategic partnership. More...
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Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers free civilian captive
MSNBC, July 3. Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels freed a civilian captive on Tuesday, the latest in series of prisoner releases this year. ''One civilian has been released to us in (the northern region of) Wanni and the transfer is still in progress,'' said Harasha Gunawardene, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross. More...
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JVP or SLMC will determine fate of Emergency
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 3.45 PM SLT,Tuesday,July 3,2001. With the United National Party (UNP) having made up its mind to vote against the extension of the Emergency on July 6, the latter's fate is now in the hands of the seven member Hakeem faction of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and the ten member Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP).

Without the UNP, JVP and SLMC,the motion will get 109 ( the single member Sihala Urumaya is expected to vote for the motion ) for and 114 against, and will get defeated.If the SLMC or the JVP votes for the motion, it will be carried.There is a lot speculation about what the JVP will do, with both the ruling Peoples' Alliance (PA) and the UNP wooing it.The SLMC too has not made up its mind.But a senior leader and MP told this correspondent that the party was inclined to vote for the motion "in the national interest."

The UNP,which at one time wanted to abstain from voting to enable the motion to be carried (again in the "national interest" ),is now saying that the Emergency is not necessary to fight terrorism."The Sixth Amendment is enough to fight secessionists," said a senior MP."The Prevention of Terrorism Act will suffice," said another.But legal opinion is that both provisions are inadequate.The Sixth Amendment provides for denial of civic rights to separatists but has no provision for arrest,detention,movement restrictions,embargoes etc.

Justice Minister Batty Weerakoon and S.L.Gunasekara PC point out that only the Emergency Regulations give the state (the armed forces as well as the police),adequate powers to search,detain,restrain and restrict the movement of persons and materials so necessary to contain terrorism." Also, there is no law other than the Emergency Regulations under which an organisation can be banned," Mr.Weerakoon pointed out."The lifting of the Emerengcy will give the LTTE a free run of the country and the seas around it," added Mr.Gunasekara.

According to an All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) leader,the LTTE could be banned under the PTA but apparently this is not correct.

"The government could theoretically re-impose the Emergency immediately after a defeat.But it would be ridiculous to do that.Alternatively, the government could enact suitable fresh legislation.But this will take atleast two months.What we are hoping will happen is that public pressure will eventually force the UNP to support the motion," Mr.Weerakoon said.
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Sriyani Kulawansa to compete in UK
Saroj Pathirana in London, Tuesday 03/07/01 1910 GMT. Sri Lanka’s hurdle queen Sriyani Kulawansa is to take part in an International Athletics Competition in Loughborough, Leicestershire tomorrow. Ms. Kulawansa, who won the silver medal in 1998 Commonwealth Games and the bronze medal in Asian games the same year is to have a two weeks training session with world champion Colin Jackson’s coach Malcolm Arnold, after the meet.
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Extension of emergency regulations hangs in the balance
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 11 a.m. SLT Tuesday July 3. Opposition Leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe said yesterday that if the government is unable to collect a majority vote in order to pass the State of Emergency in the country, the Peoples Alliance should resign and hand-over the administration to a political party with a majority.

Wickremasinghe was speaking at a United National Party rally held at Nugegoda last evening when he made these comments.

The debate on the extension of the emergency regulations is to be taken up in Parliament for voting this Friday, July 6.

Tamil political parties including the TELO, TULF and ACTC today denied media reports that it had in anyway influenced the United National Party on its stand with regard to the emergency regulations. The Tamil parties claim they cannot and will not support the extension of the emergency regulations and that the groups have not lobbied the UNP to adopt the same stand.

Parliament is in fact divided on the issue of extending the emergency regulations in the country which lend wide powers to the police and armed forces to arrest and detain any individual suspected to have links with the Tamil Tiger rebels.

The Peoples Alliance insists that if the emergency is not extended, the ban on the LTTE will automatically be revoked. According to the State, the Tigers were banned under the Emergency Regulations on January 27, 1998, and not under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Parliamentary opposition groups and Tamil political parties allege that the State has grossly abused the emergency regulations and carry out widespread incidents of abuse and torture against innocent Tamil civilians.

The PA argues that if the emergency is not extended by parliament the security forces will have to move back into barracks. The Emergency, the PA says has enabled the deployment of the Army, Navy and Police to maintain law and order.

Meanwhile, even as Sri Lanka Air Force bomber jets renewed its attacks on Tiger strongholds, the LTTE has slammed the government for adopting an aggressive escalation in military offensives, claiming the State is resorting to this ploy in order to play to Sinhala extremists as the government faces a no faith motion against its administration.

The government has rejected the Tiger claim asserting that the air strikes are necessary as the LTTE, it says, is preparing a major assault on Jaffna. The government in a statement said that "we have been compelled to act in self-defence to safeguard the territorial and integrity of the State."

Even as the political bickering intensifies between the various factions, the Norwegian initiated peace process is at a complete standstill, with both Indian and western diplomats expressing grave concerns with regard to Sri Lanka's lack of progress in pushing for a negotiated solution.
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War will be adventurism, says LTTE
Asian Age, 03 July 2001. Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger rebels on Monday called a government statement advocating full scale war to end their insurgency “military adventurism,” and warned of adverse consequences if the plan goes through. In a statement that appeared to halt moves toward peace talks, the government Monday said that an all out war was necessary to prevent a planned guerrilla attack on Jaffna, the main city in the northern war zone. The unusually harsh statement was issued two days after the military launched a massive aerial a More...
Published: Mon Jul 2 22:00:57 EDT 2001 Back to the top
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Sri Lanka issues strong statement on war against Tamil rebels
ABC News, 07/02/2001 6:25 am ET . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) The only way to end the Tamil separatist insurgency is full-scale war, the government said Monday, appearing to backtrack on peace efforts. The unusually strong statement was issued two days after the military launched a massive aerial attack on bases of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in northern Jaffna Peninsula. The government said the air strikes were necessary to prevent a planned guerrilla attack on Jaffna, the main city in the northern war zone. More...
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LTTE warns about opting out of peace process
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 4.50 PM SLT Monday,July 2, 2001. Faced with fierce air attacks,the LTTE is now threatening to walk out of " The current provocative air attacks will permanently damage the peace process.The government should bear full responsibility for the adverse consequences that might follow its misplaced strategy of escalating conditions of war in the Tamil Homeland," the LTTE said in a statement today.

It "categorically" denied that it had an "imminent offensive plan" for re-capturing Jaffna and accused the government of "fantasising" about feverish preparations for an offensive.The LTTE said that the government's "military adventurism" was but a part of "desperate measures" to mobilise the support of "Sinhala nationalist forces" and to whip up "Sinhala patriotism" with a view to overcoming the crisis brought about by the no confidence motion and retaining power without the help of the national minorities.
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Church calls for unity in Sri Lanka amid political chaos, Jul 02 2001 19:11 IST. Sri Lanka's Roman Catholic Church Monday urged the government and the opposition to unite in a bid to overcome the current political instability in the country. Archbishop of Colombo Nicholas Marcus Fernando urged all political parties to form a government of national reconciliation and restore much-needed order to the island. More...
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Sri Lanka's cricket report delayed
buisnessday, july 1. Sri Lanka's special cricket investigator will submit on July 10 his twice-delayed report, after failing to find any concrete evidence against two top former players named for fixing matches, cricket officials said. Desmond Fernando was appointed in November to investigate charges that former skipper Arjuna Ranatunga and Sri Lanka's best known test batsman, Aravinda de Silva, took money to fix matches. More...
Published: Mon Jul 2 22:00:11 EDT 2001 Back to the top

Tamil parties give memorandum to Indian envoy
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 10.31 PM SLT Monday,July 2, 2001. A delegation representing ten Tamil parties and a Muslim party (the Muslim Liberation Front led by Mr.Mujibur Rahman ) met the Indian High Commissioner Mr.Gopal Krishna Gandhi here this evening and handed over a letter addressed to the Indian Prime Minister Mr.Atal Behari Vajpayee,condemning the arrest and incarceration of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr.M.Karunanidhi. The letter described the arrest as a "blatant display of brutal vengeance with a view to satisfying certain sadistic instincts and inclinations," and expressed the hope that the Government of India would take appropriate measures to remove this "blot on the largest democracy in the world".TELO leader Sri Kantha,who had signed the letter as the Convenor of the group,said that whenever Mr.Karunanidhi was at the receiving end and was putting up a fight,the Eelam Tamils saw him as a "Tamil warrior." There was always a "resurgence of Tamil nationalistic feeling" when he is persecuted either by the Central Indian government or the Tamil Nadu government,Mr.Sri Kantha said.
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Three more Indian fishermen arrested
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 6 p.m. SLT Monday July 2. Three more Indian fishermen were arrested today by Lankan authorities for poaching in Lankan waters in the seas off Negombo.

The fishermen were detected by local fishing folk in the area and handed over to the Negombo police. Already some 59 Indian fishermen are languishing in Sri Lankan detention centers for having illegally entered the island's territorial waters.

Both Sri Lankan and Indian authorities have promised to commence negotiations to resolve the crisis with Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen which arises frequently as a result of both sides poaching in each others territorial waters.
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LTTE accuses military of killing top Tiger
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 12.55 p.m. SLT Monday July 2. The LTTE yesterday accused the military of entering Tiger territory in the Vanni and penetrating the hide-out of a senior LTTE cadre killing both the Tiger and his bodyguard.

Anthony Johnson, a senior Sea Tiger was killed at his jungle hideout in the Vanni yesterday. The Tigers clandestine radio 'Voice of Tigers' announced the double murders, accusing the Lankan military of being guilty.

Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage.
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Heavy damage to LTTE bases in air strikes: Govt
Times of India (Breaking News), July 2. COLOMBO: Sri Lankan combat jets pounded suspected rebel bases close to the Jaffna peninsula till late Sunday night, inflicting heavy damage, the defence ministry said on While the exact extent of the damage suffered by the rebels was not known, aerial photographs of the target areas showed that the damage was extensive, a ministry statement said. Monday. More...
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Illegal Immigrant Sweep Nabs 8,000
Yahoo, July 2. Nearly 8,000 people from 39 countries were arrested this month in what the Immigration and Naturalization Service calls its largest international anti-smuggling operation ever.A separate operation that ran from May 29 to June 18 and focused largely on airports resulted in the arrest of 415 people destined for the United States and other western countries.The INS worked with the countries of Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Netherlands and Singapore. More...
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Sri Lankans to celebrate Buddha's sacred tooth
yahoo, July 2. Around a million revelers will flock to the town of Kandy this July for a nine-day festival revolving around a sacred tooth, thought to have been pulled from Buddha by a follower when he was cremated, and smuggled to Sri Lanka.The event, known as Kandy Esala Perahera or the Festival of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha takes place each summer from the evening of the full moon, scheduled to fall on July 25 this year. More...
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Rebels warn Sri Lanka government
Virtual New York, Monday, 2 July 2001 9:16 (ET). The separatist Tamil Tiger guerrillas on Monday warned the Sri Lankan government that the peace process would be "irreparably" damaged if government troops continue to bombard rebel-held regions in the north of the country. The Liberation Tigers Tamil Eelam issued a statement condemning the aerial and artillery shelling of their positions on the Jaffna peninsula. The statement came after the government announced that the air force had bombed rebel positions on Saturday and Sunday to pre-empt rebel attacks. More...
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Sri Lanka's Leftist Party to Vote Against Extension of Emergency
Nothern Light, Monday, July 02, 2001 1:14 AM EST . Sri Lanka's leftist party JVP or People's Liberation Front will oppose the extension of the emergency regulations in the war-torn country to be debated in Parliament on Friday, The Island newspaper said Monday. The paper quoted JVP propaganda Secretary Wimal Weerawansa as saying on Sunday that it was absurd to assume that the non-extension of the emergency regulations would mean that separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels could operate legally in the country. Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage. More...
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Road-rage hits elephant in Sri Lanka, Jul 02 2001 12:24 IST. A Sri Lankan elephant experienced a fit of road-rage, pushing aside a bus after the driver rudely obstructed its way, a press report said Monday. More...
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Sri Lanka bombs rebels for second consecutive day
MSNBC, 2 July 2001. Sri Lanka said on Monday it had carried out more air strikes on Tamil Tiger guerrilla positions to pre-empt a possible rebel attack on the northern city of Jaffna. The bombing raids, which lasted till dusk on Sunday, targetted bases of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Pooneryn, part of a swathe of rebel-controlled territory that separates the Jaffna peninsula from the rest of the island, More...
Published: Mon Jul 2 04:12:13 EDT 2001 Back to the top

Indian team for Lanka tour to be named on July 9
Times of India (Breaking News), Monday, 2 July 2001 . MUMBAI: Selectors would meet here on July 9 to pick the Indian cricket team for the tour of Sri Lanka where the squad will play a tri-nation one-day series with New Zealand as the third team and a three-Test match series. More...
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