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AUGUST 10, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 126

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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
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Sinhala Commission presents its final report
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 8.30 a.m Saturday 11 August. The Sinhala Commission established by the National Joint Commission presented its final report to the Maha Sangha yesterday. The Commission has made several special recommendations which include the repealing of the grant of citizenship to stateless persons (special provisions) act no 39 of 1988 and to cancel the citizenship of those who received their citizenship by the process of an affidavit. The commission report also recommend the removal from the list of the names of those who received their citizenship by the process of an affidavit and to give no more citizenship under the affidavit system. The report also urge the government to place all foreign funded NGOs on a special register and have their activities regularly monitored by a special commission. It has also recommended to make Sri Lankan history a compulsory subject in all schools , local and international.
Published: Fri Aug 10 22:32:27 EDT 2001

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Q&A With:

We are proud to present the seventh guest at our online Q&A sessions: Mr. Somawansa Amerasinghe, the leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). With the upcoming referendum in Sri Lanka, the vote of no confidence in the parliament, the reported moves to impeach President Kumaratunga and the pivotal role the JVP is expected to play in all events, Mr. Amerasinghe's political influence is of great significance to future political developments in Sri Lanka. Send in your question to Mr. Amerasinghe and receive answers here.

Do you have a recommendation for a future guest at our Q&A sessions AND you know how to put us in contact with him/her? If yes, email us.

O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Marxists offer life-line to Sri Lanka President, Aug 10 2001 19:13 IST. Sri Lanka's main leftist party Friday announced partial agreement with beleaguered President Chandrika Kumaratunga to salvage her minority government in exchange for democratic reforms. The JVP, or People's Liberation Front, said their talks with Kumaratunga resulted in agreement on most of their demands and a concensus to continue a dialogue on other matters.Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage. More...
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No shift in Sri Lanka policy: India
The Hindu (International), 11-08-2001 . India said today that there was no shift in its Sri Lanka policy, and that it had always stood for a resolution of the island's ethnic conflict through political processes. Responding to a question on why New Delhi had not ``condemned'' the LTTE attack on Colombo airport last month, Ms. Iyer said India ``was opposed to violence and terrorism''. Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage. More...
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President asks for more time consider JVP demands for provisional government
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1812 slt 10.08.01. President Kumaratunga today asked for more time to consult other parties in her government on the JVP proposals for an independent commission to run the state media, reduce to cabinet to 20 and hold elections under a caretaker government. After two hours of talks the President said she would respond in writing to the JVP proposals. The JVP has said it would give support in parliament to the ruling alliance for one year if the government cancelled the referendum and re summoned parliament. The JVP says the government must then implement immediately the proposals to establish five independent commissions for the judiciary, elections,the Police , the administrative service and the state media. The JVP also wants to abolish the executive presidency.
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France refutes visa denial claim
Tamilnet , August 10. The French Foreign Ministry Friday denied claims by the Sri Lankan information department and state media that it had denied entry to the Liberation Tigers‚ chief negotiator Anton Balasingham and other individuals alleged by Sri Lanka to be linked to the LTTE. A spokesman for the French government, quoted the Foreign Minister Hubert Verdrine, said "We have not banned any particular persons or members of any particular organisations from entering France." More...
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Appeal court postpone judgment on legality of the referendum to September 11th
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1817 slt 10.08.01. Appeal Court Judge Justice Gamini Amaratunga today postponed judgments on 15 cases filed challenging the legality of the referendum. He said the judgment would be announced on September 11th

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Uthayam, August 10. Barbarism against freedom of expression has struck again in Sydney. This time, more than 400 copies of Uthayam have been removed from our distribution points and destroyed. Uthayam has identified the connections of the culprits who sadly belong to our community. Different options to deal with the situation are currently under consideration. More...
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Political, economic woes weigh down Sri Lanka
Yahoo India, august 10. Growing political turmoil in Sri Lanka is in danger of deepening an economic crisis and further sidelining efforts to end a bitter ethnic war. "There is no political leadership to speak of at all," one diplomat said. "The economy is going nowhere. The social fabric is tearing apart. Where are they going?" The government, business and public are struggling to come to grips with last month's shock Tamil rebel attack on the country's sole international airport and an air force base that destroyed a dozen aircraft and ruined the island's tourism image. More...
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No British tourists until further notice
Saroj Pathirana in London, Friday 10/08/01 1315GMT. British High Commission in Colombo today warned UK holidaymakers against non-essential travel to Sri Lanka until further notice. In it’s latest travel advice sent to UK citizens,the High Commission says although the Katunayake airport has been re-opened after the suicide bomb attack on July 24, "the possibility of terrorist activity and political disturbances remains high. We recommend that for the time being transit passengers consider alternative transit routes where possible". It strongly warns holidaymakers to postpone their visits to Sri Lanka until the situation improves.

The High Commission warns the possible tourists to be cautious of sexual assaults, too. "Recently there has been a small increase in sexual assaults. Women visitors, in particular, should take sensible precautions when travelling alone and be wary of befriending strangers".
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German housewife orders bicycle from Sri Lanka
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 6.15 p.m Friday 10 August. A housewife in Dusseldorf in Germany has ordered a bicycle through the website of Singer Sri Lanka thus creating history for the company. A spokesman of the company had told the Daily Mirror newspaper that the German housewife had placed an order for a standard style bicycle which is assembled and marketed locally. She had already sent an advance payment and the company is making arrangements to airfreight the bicycle. Spokesman for Singer has added that this transaction involving an overseas customer is probably the first of its kind in the local consumer durable business.
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SAARC Foreign Secretaries Meeting Ends in Sri Lanka
Nothern Light, Friday, August 10, 2001 1:30 PM EST . The two-day Foreign Secretaries Meeting of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) concluded here Friday which has decided to hold the next summit meeting in December this year. Sri Lanka's Foreign Secretary G. Wijesiri said there was full agreement on the need for early resumption of the summit process of SAARC. More...
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Dangerous wicket brings early end to India's Sri Lanka warm-up match
Yahoo Singapore, august 10. A dangerous wicket forced play to be called off after just one over on the third and final day of India's tour match against Sri Lanka Board.India declared their first innings closed at the overnight total of 281-5 after facing a testing over from fast bowler Dinusha Fernando on Friday. More...
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Sri Lankan Leader May Leave Office
Nothern Light, Friday, August 10, 2001 12:59 PM EDT . President Chandrika Kumaratunga is ready to leave office in 30 days if the opposition agrees to cooperate on a solution to Sri Lanka's political and economic crisis, the government said Friday. Kumaratunga's government plunged into crisis after she fired a Muslim minister from her Cabinet in July. The minister defected with six lawmakers, reducing the governing coalition to a minority in parliament. More...
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India and Pakistan back talks
BBC South Asia, Friday, 10 August, 2001, 13:53 GMT 14:53 UK . India and Pakistan say they are still committed to the process of dialogue started with the summit between their two leaders in Agra last month. The comment came after a bilateral discussion between the Indian and Pakistani foreign secretaries on the sidelines of a South Asian regional forum meeting in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. More...
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India, Pakistan display bonhomie, vow to carry on talks, build trust, Aug 10 2001 17:28 IST. India and Pakistan Friday discussed nuclear tensions and vowed to build "trust and confidence" in their first talks since the Agra summit failed to end a deadlock over the thorny issue of Kashmir. The foreign secretaries of the two South Asian countries described their 75-minute closed-door talks as "friendly and very useful" in building on the process begun at the summit in the Indian city of Agra. More...
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Sachin not to play in Sri Lanka series
Yahoo India, august 10. Sachin Tendulkar has pulled out of the three-match test series in Sri Lanka, after a scan showed the hairline fracture on his right toe had not healed completely, reports CNBC India. More...
Published: Fri Aug 10 08:41:12 EDT 2001 Back to the top

Sri Lanka opposition cool to power-sharing offer, Aug 10 2001 10:10 IST. Sri Lanka's opposition Friday reacted coolly to a power-sharing offer by beleaguered President Chandrika Kumaratunga aimed at restoring political stability and ending the Tamil separatist war.The main opposition United National Party said Kumaratunga, who shut down parliament after her government lost its majority in June, must first prove her "genuineness and sincerity" before making offers. More...
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Bhutan concerned about killing of its nationals in India, Aug 10 2001 18:56 IST. COLOMBO, Aug 10 (AFP) - Bhutan has conveyed its concern to India over the recent killings of its nationals by tribal separatist rebels in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, a senior Bhutanese diplomat said on Friday. During a meeting with India's foreign secretary Chokila Iyer on Thursday, her Bhutanese counterpart Ugyen Tshering said the incidents of violence "were a big concern for Bhutan." More...
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Group of PA parliamentarians to support sitting of parliament
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 0932 slt 10.08.01. A group of ruling party parliamentarians are expected to support a move by opposition parties to re convene parliament if President Kumaratunga prorogues parliament further after September 10th. The Ravaya newspaper said that the group is expected to back a decision by the opposition parties other than the JVP to forcefully convene parliament. The JVP is expected to take its decision on this move today.
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The UN Human rights court rejects government's objections to Ravaya editor's complaint.
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 0940 slt 10.08.01. The United Nations Human Rights court in Geneva has rejected all preliminary objections raised by the government in the case filed by Ravaya editor Victor Ivan alleging that his fundamental rights have been violated by the government. The UN court has instructed the Sri Lanka government to file any objections it has to the substantial matters raised by Mr.Ivan within six months. In his case the Ravaya editor says that Mr.Sarath Silva when he was Attorney General had violated his rights by filling criminal defamation cases against him without proper study or reason. Mr.Sarath Silva is now the Chief Justice of the country.
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Guj Ambuja defers Andhra, Lanka plans
Yahoo India, 10 August. Gujarat Ambuja has put on hold its proposed two million tonne greenfield cement unit in Andhra Pradesh, reports Business Standard.At the same time, the cement major has also placed its 0.5 million tonne grinding unit plan for Sri Lanka on the backburner. The Andhra unit, which was to be set up through subsidiary Ambuja Cements India (ACIL), envisaged an investment of Rs 600 crore. More...
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Offer to break Sri Lanka deadlock
BBC South Asia, Thursday, 9 August, 2001, 17:57 GMT 18:57 UK . Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has said that she is willing to work with the opposition towards a government of consensus in order to tackle the current political and economic crisis. But the head of the opposition committee appointed to handle negotiations over a possible Government of National Unity, Karu Jayasuriya, says he has had no such offer from the president.President Chandrika Kumaratunga told business leaders that she was willing to form a consensual government which would work towards a common programme. The latest offer from the president suggests she is running out of options to solve the current political crisis, which threatens the country with a period of instability it can ill afford. Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage. More...
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India to host South Asia meet ahead of WTO, Aug 10 2001 16:01 IST. COLOMBO, Aug 10 (AFP) - India Friday announced it would host a meeting of South Asian commerce and trade ministers in a bid to formulate a regional position for negotiations at the World Trade Organisation meeting in November. The foreign secretaries of the seven-member South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) who ended a two-day meeting here Friday agreed to a meeting of their commerce ministers on August 23, diplomats said. Commerce secretaries will meet a day earlier. More...
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Kumaratunga ready to relinquish office in 30 days, Aug 10 2001 12:50 IST. Colombo, Aug 10 (UNI) Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga Friday offered to give up her post in 30 days and summon Parliament if all political parties arrived at a workable solution to save the country from turmoil and instability. First time after Parliament was prorouged last month, the More...
Published: Fri Aug 10 04:18:00 EDT 2001 Back to the top
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Sri Lanka probe seeks truth from Tamil diaspora
Yahoo India, august 10. Sri Lanka has asked Tamil refugees scattered around the world to testify before a commission probing the bloody race riots that sparked the country's 18-year ethnic war. The probe, modelled in part on South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, is calling for "representations and evidence" about racial violence in the early 1980s, particularly the anti-Tamil riots of July 1983. Editor's Note Comments and feed back on the above article may be submitted by using the Letters to the Editor feature on the frontpage. More...
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India, Pakistan set for key meeting, Aug 10 2001 11:08 IST. India and Pakistan were Friday due to hold their first high-level meeting since last month's summit of their leaders failed to make a breakthrough in their acrimonious relationship over disputed Kashmir. More...
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Sri Lanka steps up battle against war-risk insurance, Aug 10 2001 09:41 IST. Sri Lanka is to open talks with international underwriters in a bid to lower the prohibitive war-risk insurance premiums slapped on ships and aircraft entering the island, officials said Friday.Ports Minister Ronnie de Mel said he was leading a delegation to London next week to try to persuade the War-Risk Committee of Lloyds to review its decision to hike premiums, which he said was threatening to cripple Sri Lanka's overseas trade. More...
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JVP leaders to meet President Kumaratunga to discuss proposal for an interim government
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1815 slt 09.08.01. JVP leaders are to meet President Kumratunga tomorrow evening to discuss their proposal for an interim government. The JVP at an earlier meeting said it would support the government in Parliament for one year if the government agreed to implement the establishment of five independent commissions for the Police, Administrative Service, Elections, Judiciary and the state media. The JVP also wants to abolish the presidential system and have an caretaker government during elections. end
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35% insurance surcharge to be levied on goods imported to Sri Lanka
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1707 slt 09.08.01. Insurance companies are expected to levy an insurance surcharge of 35% on cargo designated to Colombo port, informed sources told lancet news today. The surcharge to be announced in the next 48 hours is over and above the insurance surcharge levied on ships entering the Colombo port which was imposed two days ago. This move is expected to further aggrivate the economic crisis with the price of imported goods sky rocketing.
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Lanka probing origin of Tamil war
ChennaiOnline, August 10. A presidential commission investigating anti-Tamil rioting 18 years ago today asked victims of the violence to give testimony.The ‘Truth Commission’, appointed by President Chandrika Kumaratunga, is seeking oral and written testimony on the 1983 riots against Tamils that led to a separatist war by the ethnic minority group that rages to this day. More...
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LTTE’s effort to shift to Paris receives blow
IndiaInfo, August 9. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) spokesman Anton Balasingham and five other tiger representatives have been denied entry into France, a state-owned newspaper reported on August 9.LTTE's attempt to shift its propaganda operations from London to Paris, after it was proscribed in Britain in March, failed when its functionaries were barred from entering France, the 'Daily News' said quoting unnamed intelligence sources. More...
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Anura denies rumours
Island, 10 August. Speaker Anura Bandaranaike said on Wednesday that a false and malicious rumour has been deliberately spread through certain mass media that he is to resign from the office of Speaker of Parliament. "This is totally untrue and baseless. The public is aware of the fact that I was elected unanimously as Speaker, jointly by the Government and the Opposition, after the General Election of year 2000. There is absolutely no reason for me to resign from the office of Speaker. More...
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16 LTTE men killed in Lanka air strikes
TOI, August 9. Sri Lankan Air Force jets continued their air strikes against suspected LTTE targets in the island's north on Thursday, while the government said 16 LTTE militants were killed in the bombings in the last two days.Slafs Kfir jets engaged attacked a bunker line of the LTTE at Kudarappu near Nagarkovi in the Jaffna peninsula on Thursday morning, military spokesman Sanath Karunaratne said More...
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TULF urges President to start talks with LTTE
Tamilnet, August 9. The Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Wednesday urged Sri Lanka's President Chandrika Kumaratunge to pursue the Norwegian peace initiative and commence negotiations with the Liberation Tigers before framing a new constitution. A press statement issued by the TULF, after meeting the President on Wednesday, said that the party had urged the President to "reconvene Parliament and also not to proceed with the referendum." More...
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India, Lanka moot cooperation to fight terrorism
TOI, 09 August 2001. Top foreign ministry bureaucrats from seven South Asian countries began a two-day meeting Thursday, with host Sri Lanka and India asking for concrete steps to fight terrorism, conference sources said. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, in opening remarks at the meeting of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, or SAARC, asked delegates to take concrete steps to enhance regional cooperation. Kadirgamar made no mention of terrorism, but Indian and Sri Lankan officials said the issue will be high on agenda. More...
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Campaign against the national government threat- NLF
Saroj Pathirana in London, Thursday 09/08/01 1145GMT. The New Left Front (NLF) urged all leftist and peace loving masses to get together to campaign for a democratic constitution with autonomy for Tamil speaking people and to mobilise masses against the national government threat. In a statement issued by Dr. Vickrambahu Karunarathne, the NLF says that the time given by the postponement of the August 21st referendum will be used by those who campaign for a "Sinhala only" national government.

"From the time of the announcement of the referendum, the government leaders did not put real effort to educate the masses or to counter the national government campaign. Therefor many left activists believe that this postponement is a concession given to the national government campaign." The statement said.

The New Left Front is supporting President Chandrika Kumaratunga in her campaign for "Yes" vote in the proposed referendum.
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Indian and Pakistani foreign secretaries to meeting Colombo
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1710 slt 09.08.01. Indian and Pakistani Foreign Secretaries now in Colombo for the SAARC Foreign Secretaries meeting is to hold talks tomorrow on Indo- Pakistan affairs. The meeting will be the first high level meeting between the two countries since the Indo Pakistan summit in Delhi last month end
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Over 100 arrested in combined search
Tamilnet, 10 August 2001. More than one hundred Tamils were arrested during a major cordon and search operation in Kochchikade, about 50 km. north of Colombo Thursday morning. More than one thousand Army and Police personnel were deployed during the operation, police said. Police in Negombo said 140 Tamils who were arrested during the operation are being questioned at the local police station. Fifty-seven of them are residents of the northern and eastern provinces, and the rest from the hill-country areas, the police said. More...
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Railways open new route for arms smuggling, fear police
TOI, 9 August. Are the railways being used to smuggle arms and ammunition in Mumbai? This is the suspicion hounding railway cops, after the seizure of electronic goods from the Chennai Mail. The Government Railway Police (GRP) had, on August 2, seized a huge quantity of electronic items worth Rs 2.41 crore as it arrived at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) at 4 am. The goods had come in 142 cartons in the form of parcels, in the break van of the Chennai Mail. Incidentally, the goods came from Sri Lanka to Chennai via the sea route, from where it was sent to Mumbai by train. "With such easy access, we have a strong suspicion that this route must have been used for smuggling a huge quantity of foreign-made arms and ammunition," said a GRP officer. "We had earlier arrested many people from Uttar Pradeh and Bihar who tried to sneak into Mumbai with a small quantity of country-made revolvers on their person. But this seizure has opened a new angle for investigation," the officer said. More...
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5 airports identified ultra-hyper sensitive
TOI, 9 Thursday. BANGALORE: The ministry of civil aviation has identified the Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jammu and Srinagar airports as 'ultra hyper sensitive' airports and Bangalore, Kolkota, Kochi, Coimbatore and Tiruvanathapuram as sensitive airports in the wake of last month's Colombo airport blasts carried out by the LTTE that damaged nearly 14 aircraft. A circular to this effect was sent to authorities of airports identified as having threat perception four days ago.The Union Cabinet at its recent meeting decided to beef up the security while the Ministries of Civil Aviation and Home Affairs and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has issued separate circulars to all airports in view of the threat perceptions. More...
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Two Lankan athletes arrested for shoplifting, Susanthika disqualfied on an unfortunate day
Dulshan de Silva in Colombo, 11.00 a.m. SLT Thursday August 9th 2001. In a day full of shocks for Sri Lanka at the World athletics championships, Susanthika Jayasinghe crashed out of the 200 meters first round at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton while disciplinary standard of the team further nose-dived as two team members were arrested by Canada police for shoplifting in downtown Edmonton.

Jayasinghe finished fifth in her heat and achieved a time of 23.10 secs. that would have been good enough to qualify her for the semi finals to be run today but was disqualified for running out of lane. "That was the best I could do. I simply can't run any faster. Though my mind urges me to do better, my legs won't budge" she said about her timing. Meanwhile Damayanthi Darsha gave an unexpected bonus for the Lankans winning the first heat of the 200 meters event and returning an excellent timing of 22.88 secs.. Darsha qualified for the semifinals as the eighth fastest and said she is determined to do well in the semis. Jayasinghe said she wished from the bottom of her heart that Darsha Should get all the strength and encouragement to bring glory to Sri Lanka, though she (Jayasinghe) was unable to do so. Meanwhile relay runners Sumedha Arunashantha Fernando and Prasanna Amarasekara were caught shoplifting and were arrested. Team manger Brigadier Palitha Fernando confirmed the news and said he was able to get the two released from the remand jail after negotiating with the police.
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Lankan referendum still hangs in balance
DeccanHerald, 09 August 2001. Frederica Jansz:The proposed referendum in Sri Lanka hangs in the balance as senior ministers in President Chandrika Kumaratunga's cabinet confided that more than 50 per cent of her ministers are against the holding of the poll. Kumaratunga recently told Colombo-based diplomats she is determined to go ahead with the poll (The referendum has been postponed to October 18). The President has emphasised the need for a new constitution in order to lend the ruling party a majority in Parliament. More...
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South Asian unions plan anti-IMF stance
BBC South Asia, Thursday, 9 August, 2001, 11:36 GMT 12:36 UK . Union leaders from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and India are taking part in the four day seminar to develop a regional stance against IMF and World Bank policies that reduce jobs and make sacking workers easier. More...
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India, Pakistan officials schedule key talks, Aug 09 2001 12:49 IST. Top foreign ministry officials from India and Pakistan have scheduled crucial bilateral talks in Colombo this week on the sidelines of a South Asian regional meeting, officials said Thursday. India's foreign secretary Chokila Iyer and her Pakistan counterpart Inamul Haq would meet at the de luxe Taj Samudra hotel at noon Friday, officials said. More...
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Postponed Lankan vote surprises none
Dawn, 9 August. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga's postponement of this month's referendum, announced on Tuesday, surprised few people because the vote on a new Constitution had sparked very little interest across this war-battered island. Except for Kumaratunga and a few Cabinet ministers, many Sri Lankans saw the referendum as a waste of time and money, particularly so on an issue that everyone is agreed upon - the need for a new constitution. "It was just a waste of time. And, yes, this was one election that no one bothered about. There was hardly any interest," said Jehan Perera, political analyst and spokesman for the National Peace Council (NPC), a local NGO promoting a peaceful end to the country's nearly two-decade-old conflict. "It was not surprising that she called it off," he remarked. More...
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South Asia meet honours Nepal's slain king, Aug 09 2001 14:16 IST. South Asia's top diplomats Thursday paid their respects to Nepal's slain king Birendra, who was a founding member of their regional grouping. More...
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Opposition to intensify campaign against the government
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1150 slt 08.08.01. The joint opposition parties other than the JVP today decided to hold another massive demonstration in Colombo on August 21st. At a meeting this morning to discuss the postponement of the referendum from August 21st to October 18th, the leaders also decided to challenge the postponement in court. Legal experts say the postponement of the referendum is illegal since the constitution does not provide for it. The opposition also decided to continue its mass rallies and protest campaigns. The JVP is to decide on Friday whether to agree to a request by the other opposition parties to reconvene parliament by ignoring the two month prorogation by President Kumaratunga. Two people were killed and over 70 injured when police opened fire with live and rubber bullets and fired a massive quantity of tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators on July 19th. end
Published: Wed Aug 8 02:23:39 EDT 2001 Back to the top

Sri Lanka's opposition claims victory in referendum battle
Yahoo Asia, Wednesday, August 8 1:57 PM SGT . Sri Lanka's main opposition party Wednesday claimed President Chandrika Kumaratunga was "running scared" after she postponed a controversial referendum on the country's constitution. The United National Party (UNP) said the overnight decision to put off the August 21 plebiscite until October 18 was "a victory for the people". More...
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