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AUGUST 12, 2001 EST, USA
VOL. 2, NO. 128

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Chandrika set to stave off opposition threat
The Hindustan Times, august 13. THANKS TO two master strokes last week, the beleaguered Sri Lankan President, Chandrika Kumaratunga, now seems well set to stave off the very serious threat to her from the opposition led by the United National Party (UNP). The first master stroke was to publicise an imminent possibility of a deal with the Maoist Jan-atha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). With the JVP's 10 votes in parliament, she could defeat the no-trust and impeachment motio-ns to be moved by the opposition. More...
Published: Sun Aug 12 17:00:35 EDT 2001

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We are proud to present the seventh guest at our online Q&A sessions: Mr. Somawansa Amerasinghe, the leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). With the upcoming referendum in Sri Lanka, the vote of no confidence in the parliament, the reported moves to impeach President Kumaratunga and the pivotal role the JVP is expected to play in all events, Mr. Amerasinghe's political influence is of great significance to future political developments in Sri Lanka. Send in your question to Mr. Amerasinghe and receive answers here.

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Tamil rebels admit attack on Sri Lanka's international airport
ABC News, 08/12/2001 8:09 am ET . Tamil Tiger rebels claimed responsibility Sunday for a devastating attack last month on Sri Lanka's only international airport and an adjoining air base that destroyed 12 planes. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam often wait weeks before acknowledging their operations, and this was their first confirmation that they had conducted the July 24 assault, the fiercest in their 18-year-old campaign for a homeland for the country's minority Tamils. More...
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JVP demands a halt to peace process with LTTE
Indiainfo, August 12. In a new twist to the political imbroglio in Sri Lanka the Leftist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), which recently struck a deal with the minority People’s Alliance (PA) government, has demanded that the peace process with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) be suspended. More...
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2 killed, 5 hurt by LTTE in Lankan temple
Indiainfo, August 12. Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels shot dead two men and wounded five more during a Hindu religious service in Eastern Sri Lanka on August 12, the Defence Ministry said.Three gunmen of the separatist Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) entered the Karumari Amman Temple in the town of Eravur at an overnight religious service and carried out the attack, the ministry said. More...
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"Two civilians killed in LTTE attack"
The Hindu NUS, Colombo, Aug. 12. (DPA). Tamil rebels allegedly opened fire at a group of civilians attending a religious ceremony in eastern Sri Lanka, killing two civilians and wounding five others, the military claimed today. The military said the rebels attacked a group of civilians attending ceremonies inside a temple at Eravur, about 300 km east of the capital, late last night. Two men were killed and five other persons, including a 14-year old girl, were wounded in the attack, the military said. The reasons for the attack were not immediately known, military said. More...
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Fire at the Census and statistic department
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 7.20 p.m Sunday August 12=20. There was a minor fire at the Census and Statistic department in Colombo today. The fire which took place at a computer room of the department damaged few computers . A spokesman for the department said that the damage to the computers amounts to million of rupees but, the fire had not affected the data collected during the recent census of population and housing in the country. He said the data relating to the census are stored some where else and ruled out any sabotage.
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Chandrika govt to survive with JVP support
The Hindustan Times, august 11. THE RULING Peoples' Alliance (PA) and the Maoist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) are on the verge of entering into a marriage of convenience to keep the government afloat atleast for year in the face of a threat to its survival from the United National Party (UNP) led opposition. More...
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Caring for the big babies
Yahoo India, 13 August 2001. M.J. Krishna takes a detour to an unusual place in Sri Lanka - an orphanage for pachyderms - the Elephant Care Centre at Pinnawala. In Colombo, at the sea-side suburb of Dehiwala, the neat beach affords a splendid view of the curving sandline fringed with leaning palms. The weekend is a time for fun and frolic, and the beach promised just that. One local resident pointed southwards to the Dehiwala Zoo, a model one in Asia, that would be worth a visit. When the talk went to Nature conservation and animal protection, his eyes lit up and he mentioned the Elephant Care Centre of Pinnawala. More...
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FMM Condemns UNP threats to journalists
Saroj Pathirana in London. Saturday 11/08/01 1225GMT

The Free Media Movement (FMM) strongly condemned the recent threats against journalists by two Members of Parliament of United National Party (UNP). Deepthi Bogollagama, wife of Kurunegala district UNP MP Rohitha Bogollagama, has phoned and threatened the editor of Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunga over an article critical of her husband, the FMM says. According to FMM, Mrs. Bogollagama plays a key role in the political life of Mr. Bogollagama.

In another dramatic incident Gampaha district UNP MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene has made threats against S. Manoranjan, who is in charge of news in the government owned state television and other media institutions. Dr. Jayawardene phoned Mr. Manoranjan and demanded to know what right he had to criticise a member of parliament after a radio programme critical of his recent visit to Wanni.

"The FMM does not for a moment condone the relentless unfair attack on Mr. Jayawardene, accusing him of being an LTTE spy by the state media. When FMM contacted Mr. Jayawardene to clarify the allegations made against him, he demanded in an aggressive manner to refer the allegations to him in writing. His aggressive response not only indicates his culpability but also the arrogance of a man who believes that his party is about to capture state power." The statement signed by Sunanda Deshapriya, convenor and Waruna Karunathilaka, Secretary, stated.

These are yet another warning that the main opposition United National Party's stated commitment to media freedom and democratic reforms may be just a political gimmick to come to power, the FMM says.

" If this type of behaviour is not nipped in the bud, other members of the UNP will also see this as the accepted policy of the party. The FMM strongly urges UNP leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesighe to take immediate action against these two MPs, if the people are to believe that the stated commitment of his party to media freedom and democratic reforms is genuine."
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No talks with LTTE, JVP tells Govt.
Sunday Times, 12 August 2001. The JVP, which struck a new understanding with the minority PA government on Friday, has demanded that the peace process with the LTTE be suspended, opening a new dimension to the country's on-going political crisis. More...
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Government will not charge tax from NRFC accounts
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT Time 8. 30 p.m Saturday 11 August. The government of Sri Lanka has no plans to charge tax from Non Resident Foreign Currency accounts or make things difficult for NRFC account holders a statement issued by the ministry of finance said today. The statement added that interested parties have begun to spread malicious rumours to the effect and advised the all NRFC account holders and the public not to believe these rumours
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The Lanka Academic, august 12. Living in Sri Lanka these days is like living permanently in Enid Blyton's Land Of Dreams - there is the same sense of unreality, of rapid change, of bewilderment. Except that Sri Lankan dreams are mostly nightmares. Take some of the more memorable events in the month gone by - a deadly pre-dawn attack on the country's main Air Force Base and the only International Air Port, an anti-government demonstration in which two participants were shot to death with live bullets, a crumbling economy, a prorogued parliament, an out of the blue referendum, a mutually destructive contestation between the government and the opposition. More...
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Create conditions for peace talks- NPC
Saroj Pathirana in London. Saturday 11/08/01 1650GMT

The National Peace Council (NPC) urged the political parties and civil society to demand a locally and internationally monitored truce between the government and LTTE and create the conditions for peace talks. In a statement issued by the media director, the NPC requested the parties to demonstrate the same motivation to supporting a peace process as they did to oppose the referendum.

"The defusing of the political crisis regarding the referendum may give more time to the political parties to find a way out of the present confrontation that has pitted the President against Parliament. We call on the political parties to be similarly alive to the ethnic conflict and to the people's desire for it to end, so that they may live without fear and with a growing economy." The NPC said.
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Cricket unites guns and roses
Yahoo India, 13 August 2001. Artistically engraved above the brass plaque announcing the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka (BCCSL) office, at the verdant Maitland Place, is this inscription: “Behind every successful team is a Nation.” Well, many here would add: “It’s a successful team which gives the Nation an identity.” Clearly, cricket isn’t only a sport in these parts and the islanders look to cricket to help them overcome the trauma of being a nation which has seen continuous bloodshed for two decades. This, to a large extent, explains the frenzied celebrations at the Premadasa Stadium (and elsewhere) when Sri Lanka thrashed India in last Sunday’s tri-series final. More...
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Cricket-Sri Lankan players need more focus in tests - coach
Yahoo India, august 12. The Sri Lankan cricket team can emerge as a strong test side if the players show the same kind of intensity they display in the one-day games in five-day matches, team coach Dave Whatmore said. The 1996 World Cup winners take on India in a three-test series starting in Galle on Tuesday hoping to reverse their poor run of test results at home, having lost two of the last three series against Pakistan and England. More...
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‘Hidden hand’ behind axe
Yahoo India, 13 August 2001. An injury is keeping top gun Sachin Tendulkar out of the three-Test series beginning Tuesday, but in senior pro Aravinda De Silva’s case, a ‘hidden hand’ seems to be responsible. A veteran of 89 Tests (5,952 runs at an average of 41-plus with 19 centuries), Aravinda was named in the pre-season probables’ pool but ignored during the recent tri-series and, now, doesn’t figure in the 16-man squad for the first Test, in Galle. The Sri Lankan selectors (chairman T.B.Kehalgamuwa, Brendon Kuruppu, Amal Silva, K.M. Nelson and Kapila Wijegunawardene) have, of course, recalled left-handed Hashan Tillekaratne after a long lay-off but obviously thought little of Aravinda’s experience (and performances against India). More...
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Ban on GM foods effective from Sept. 1
SundayObserver, 12 August 2001. The ban on the importation of Genetically Modified Foods (GMFs), which was deferred till September 30, will now be re-imposed from September 1, since the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is not against it. More...
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India feel the heat as statistics leave Lanka cold
HT, August 13. It was a bitterly cold January day in 1994 that saw Roshan Mahanama sitting all by himself outside the dressing room at the KD Singh Babu Stadium in Lucknow. Things were not looking good for Sri Lanka in the first Test of the 1993-94 series and Mahanama reflected the mood in the visitors' camp. "Do your reports also go to Sri Lanka?" he asked one of the two reporters who approached him. From his tone, it was evident that it would be better if they didn't. More...
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Sri Lanka: The untold story Chapter 1: The first teardrops
Asia Times, 12 August 2001. Sri Lanka was once called the Island Paradise. But in modern times, for the past nearly 30 years it has been plagued by bloody ethnic conflict that has claimed thousands of lives, despite continued peace efforts. The conflict has reached a stage where ethnocentricity and religious chauvinism, two disturbing elements, are poised to take center stage in the Sri Lankan political arena. More...
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Military asks civilians to move out of rebel-controlled areas in Sri Lanka
MSNBC, Colombo, Aug. 11 (PTI). The Sri Lankan military on Saturday distributed leaflets asking civilians to move out of rebel-held areas ahead of a planned air bombing of guerrilla camps. The military didn't say when the attack would begin. More...
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Army new website popular
The Island, august 12. Sri Lanka Army announced that its newly launched Website, within just eight months of its inception, has fetched well over 600 surfers daily on average. The figure fluctuates and is always on the increase. More...
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Sri Lanka jets pound Tiger base, Aug 11 2001 11:07 IST. Sri Lankan air force jets bombed and destroyed a Tamil rebel base as eight people were killed in clashes elsewhere, the defence ministry said Saturday.Israeli-built jets attacked a base of the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at Soranpattu on Friday, the ministry said in a statement. More...
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Sports Minister to remove AAA chief?
Sunday observer, 12 August 2001. The President of the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) of Sri Lanka, Sunil Gunawardene, should never have returned to Sri Lanka, but stayed on in Edmonton, Canada and sorted things out. This is like a captain abandoning ship when it is sinking. I want to remove him from office in the next couple of weeks," Minister of Tourism and Sports, Lakshman Kiriella, said on the latest episode of shop lifting by two Sri Lankan athletes in Edmonton where the World Athletic Championships are in progress. More...
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Pro-Tamil Website denies French rebuff to LTTE
indiainfo, August 11. France has not denied entry to Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) spokesman Anton Balasingham, as claimed in Sri Lankan state media two days ago, a pro-Tamil Website has said."We have not banned any particular person or member of any particular organisation from entering France," quoted French foreign ministry officials as saying. More...
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Mr Ganguly, you are being watched!
Yahoo India, august 12. With Indian captain Saurav Ganguly on the International Cricket Council (ICC) watch list for dissent and bad behaviour, the Indian think tank has to to be careful of its next move. Reliable sources have revealed that the ICC wants to make an example out of Ganguly and ICC match referees have been told not to be lenient with him at all. More...
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Cricket-Young Indian batsmen face stern Sri Lankan challenge
Yahoo India, august 12. India's young batsmen go into their three-test series against Sri Lanka under pressure to perform in the absence through injury of key players Sachin Tendulkar and Vangipurappu Laxman. The tourists will face a sharp pace attack and the world-class off-spin of Muttiah Muralitharan in this southern fort town in the first match of a series expected to be closely fought in heat and humidity. More...
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'Caste on agenda for Durban meet'
Yahoo India, Sunday August 12, 12:00 AM. The report of Mr. Rajendra Kalidas Wimala Goonsekere (of Sri Lanka) gave a detailed picture of the discrimination based on descent and occupation and helped the committee reconsider its decision. Mr. Divakar and Mr. Tarakam hoped the efforts would fructify in bringing a resolution at the end of the conference enlisting caste as racial discrimination and in bringing necessary corrective measures. More...
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Sri Lanka recall Tillekaratne, drop De Silva for first Test against India
Yahoo India, august 11. Sri Lanka's cricket selectors on Saturday included seasoned left-hander Hashan Tillekaratne in a 16-man squad for next week's first Test against India.The 34-year-old middle-order batsman, kept out of the side for two years, fought his way back with a string of high scores in domestic cricket More...
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Dravid looks ahead confidently
Yahoo India, august 11. Ask Rahul Dravid how he manages to adapt to the differing conditions better than most and the answer is quick, ``there is always the motivation to perform well for India. It is quite easy when you play for the country to pick yourself up mentally.'' More...
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I am innocent of misdeeds, says Warne
ThatsCricket, August 12. Shane Warne, praised as a cricket superstar but slammed as a yobbo, says he is not to blame for all the scrapes he has been involved in on and off the field. The brash blond, undoubtedly the greatest leg spinner in the history of Test cricket, attracts controversy like a moth to a flame. More...
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