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Lanka's main parties forge new alliances
Gulf_news, October 15. Most of the main political parties in Sri Lanka have opted to contest the forthcoming Parliamentary elections under alliances in a bid to ensure a bigger representation and a strong government.A group of four Tamil political parties who have been arch rivals in the past few years were the latest alliance to be finalised over the weekend as they announced they were going to contest not only in the traditionally contested districts in the north and east, but also in the capital Colombo. More...
Published: Sun Oct 14 20:20:39 EDT 2001

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LTTE preparing for talks with new Govt
South Nexus, COLOMBO, Oct 15. The LTTE is preparing to hold direct peace talks with the Sri Lankan Government, if the opposition United National Party wins the December 5 general elections, a media report said on Sunday... Back to the top

Sri Lankan gov't auctions resources before election
Manik De Silva - Kyodo News, October 13. Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew once said democracy in Sri Lanka was an auction of nonexistent resources... Back to the top

Anura may cross over to PA says state-run daily
Gulf-News, October 14. State run Daily News announced yesterday that the speaker of the now dissolved parliament, Anura Bandaranaike - the only brother of President Chandrika Kumaratunga - was to cross over from the opposition United National Party (UNP) to the ruling Peoples Alliance (PA)... Back to the top

A political gamble in Sri Lanka
Yahoo India, October 13. THE UNTIMELY DISSOLUTION of Parliament in Sri Lanka may not have surprised the country's politicians... Back to the top

Chandrika unfolds pre-election sops
The Hindu NUS, Colombo, Oct. 13. (PTI). Within days of calling general elections in the country, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has announced a series of populist concessions, including a salary hike and tax cuts even as her Ministers denied that they were sops to woo the electorate... Back to the top

Chandrika calls for commonwealth coaltion against terrorism
Roy Mendis in Colombo, 1.31 PM SLT Saturday October 13,2001. The Sri Lankan President,Mrs.Chandrika Kumaratunga,has called for a Commonwealth Coalition Against Terrorism (CCAT),which will have a concrete programme to stamp out this scourge. "I look forward to the active implementation of this initiative over the coming weeks and months and at the reconvened CHOGM early next year," she said in a letter to the heads of governments of commonwealth countries,who could not meet in Brisbane as planned because of the September 11 terrorist attack in the US... Back to the top

Island of Blood- A review
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, October 13. I caught a gleam in his eye. An indescribable gleam. Years later, when somebody asked me to picture evil, what came to my mind was that gleam…" notes former Time, CNN Correspondent Anita Pratap, of former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Premadasa Udugampola, in her first book titled Island of Blood to be launched at the Russian Cultural Center, Colombo on Wednesday, October 24... Back to the top

Sri Lankan born British MP appointed to Advisor to Tory Leader
CTLA, October 13. Sri Lankan born Niranjan de Silva Deva-Aditya MEP, the first Asian born MP from the Conservative Party in the last century as MP for Brentford and Isleworth (1992-97) and the first Asian born Member of the European Parliament elected in 1999 who is the Spokesman for Overseas Development and Cooperation in the European Parliament was yesterday appointed the Special Advisor to the Leader of the Conservative Party on ethinic and MEP matters... Back to the top

Sri Lankan coalition to revive pact with Marxists
Yahoo Singapore, October 13, 3:46 PM. Sri Lanka's ruling coalition pledged late on Friday to revive a pact with a radical Marxist group after a snap election in December as more lawmakers defected to the opposition... Back to the top

Anti-US protest in eastern Sri Lanka
The Hindu NUS, Colombo, Oct. 13. (PTI). Hundreds of Muslim protesters burnt American and British national flags, and effigies of President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, in six towns in eastern Sri Lanka against the attacks on Afghanistan, reports reaching here said today... Back to the top

Japanese seek jumbos from Sri Lanka for Croatian zoo, 14 October 2001. The loss of the only elephant in Croatia has tugged at the heart-strings of Japanese children who are pooling their pocket money to arrange a jumbo gift from Sri Lanka for the Croats... Back to the top

Indian Oil's 'Servo' enters Sri Lanka, 14 October 2001. With the entry of SERVO Lubricants in Sri Lanka, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has taken one more significant step in the globalisation of its brand of engine oils... Back to the top

Four Sri Lankans arrested
Yahoo India, October 13. Four Sri Lankans were arrested from Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu for illegally entering the country... Back to the top

Predators as prey
Frontline- D.B.S. Jeyaraj, 14 October 2001. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam finds itself at the receiving end of a series of ambush operations directed at its senior leaders... Back to the top

For greener pastures
Frontline-Nirupama Subramanian, 14 October 2001. Tea plantations in Sri Lanka, which have traditionally depended on the skills of workers of Tamil origin, face an acute labour shortage as plantation youth of the new generation, better educated than their parents, seek to break free and explore options elsewhere... Back to the top

Death of a Tiger
Frontline- D.B.S. Jeyaraj, 14 October 2001. THE year was 1985, when several Sri Lankan Tamil militant groups were active in Tamil Nadu... Back to the top

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