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Chandrika plays the LTTE card to the hilt
Hindu, November 5. On the defensive over its poor track record on virtually every issue of governance, the ruling People's Alliance seems to banking on a campaign for the December 5 parliamentary election that revolves entirely around the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and its alleged links with the Opposition.The Opposition spokesman, Mr. G.L. Peiris, described the allegations as a ``red herring across the trail'' to divert the attention of the voters from the ``real issues'' of this election, namely a collapsed economy, a paralysed administration and the continuing war. Ms. Kumaratunga, who recently returned from a ``working visit'' to the U.K., has been the butt of ridicule and scorn in the national press for her distracted and defensive performance in a series of interviews on international TV channels. She now seems to be making up for that with hard talk on home turf. More...
Published: Mon Nov 5 18:33:15 EST 2001

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Dissident minister had plotted to kill editors: Sri Lanka president, Nov 05 2001 13:58 IST. Sri Lanka President Chandrika Kumaratunga has alleged that a senior minister who defected to the opposition had a plan to assassinate newspaper editors critical of the government, a state-run daily reported Monday... Back to the top

Kumaratunge contradicts her statements to the BBC
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 12.50 p.m. SLT Monday October 5. President Chandrika Kumaratunge told the BBC last week in a television interview that she is prepared to hold peace talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) unconditionally... Back to the top

President predicts LTTE leader as next Lankan Head of State
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 1.15 p.m. SLT Monday November 5. Addressing an election rally over the weekend, President Chandrika Kumaratunge said that if Opposition Leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe wins the December 5, polls, within a period of two years, LTTE Chief, Vellupillai Prabhakaran would be President of Sri Lanka... Back to the top

CM refutes Karunanidhi’s charge
Chennaionline, November 4. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam has denied the allegations of DMK president M Karunanidhi that the law and order situation in the state has deteriorated... Back to the top

The new tentacles of terrorism
Yahoo India, November 6, 12:00 AM. IN A FLASH, the world's approach to terrorism changed on September 11... Back to the top

Jaffna missing persons’ parents, relatives protest
Tamilnet, November 5. More than a hundred parents and family members of the persons who were arrested by the Sri Lankan security forces and went missing in Jaffna began a demonstration in front of the Jaffna District Secretariat from 7 a... Back to the top

30 kg of heroin seized, two Lankan nationals held
Yahoo India, November 5, 9:45 PM. Narcotics Control Bureau seized about 30 kg of HEROIN valued at rs 30 crore and arrested two Sri Lankan nationals in this connection here today... Back to the top

ri Lanka: Rebels Won't Buy Presidential Ploy
Stratfor, November 5. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga reversed her position on negotiating with the Tamil Tigers rebel group Oct... Back to the top

Indian airlines resumes operations to Colombo
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 1.10 p.m. SLT Monday November 5. Indian Airlines has decided to resume operations to Colombo from Trivandrum... Back to the top

Sri Lankan downturn wipes out thousands of jobs
WSWS, 02 November 2001. The Sri Lankan economy is rapidly sliding into recession, with the growth rate collapsing, exports declining and thousands of jobs being eliminated... Back to the top

UK freeze LTTE assets - pledge to support political solution in Sri Lanka
Frederica Jansz in Colombo, 8 a.m. SLT Monday November 5. The United Kingdom together with America will freeze all LTTE assets together with those of 34 other rebel organizations listed as terrorists in Britain and the US... Back to the top

Chandrika spends millions on image-building exercise
The Pioneer, November 4. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga is spending millions of rupees to hire a British public relations company in a bid to polish her international image... Back to the top

LTTE, the shadow candidate in elections
Hindu, november 4. Without fielding a single candidate of its own, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is emerging as a key player in Sri Lanka's December 5 parliamentary elections... Back to the top

SRI LANKA: THE UNTOLD STORY Chapter 13: A nightmarish British legacy
Asia Times, 03 November 2001. In Britain, according to Brooke Bond Tea survey, people drink nearly 187 million cups of tea per day... Back to the top

Dressing rooms to have spy cameras: report
Age, 05 November 2001. The International Cricket Council has approved the use of spy cameras in dressing rooms as part of measures to crack down on match-fixing, according a report in The Sunday Telegraph... Back to the top

Pakistan-Sri-Lankan Business Leaders Sign Rice, Drugs Pacts
Yahoo Singapore, 05 November 2001. - Pakistani and Sri Lankan businessmen have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) for exports of rice and pharmaceuticals... Back to the top

Exiled JVP leader set to return home
Gulf-News, 05 November 2001. The Government had sent by diplomatic bag, a special passport for the 'spiritual leader' of the Marxist nationalist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) to return to the country from self-imposed exile in London, local reports said here yesterday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka's exams chief a cheat: report, Nov 04 2001 15:45 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 4 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's commissioner of examinations is not qualified to hold his post as he has allegedly breached his own regulations by not passing English, a press report said Sunday... Back to the top

Pakistan demolish Sri Lanka in Champions Trophy final
Yahoo Singapore, November 5. Pakistan overcame late resistence from Sri Lanka to lift the Champions Trophy limited-overs title with a five-wicket victory... Back to the top

Security beefed up for Jayalalitha after threats
Yahoo India, November 4. Security has been beefed up for the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayaram Jayalalitha after she received a threatening e-mail message, a senior police official said on Sunday... Back to the top

Thousands of Dalits embrace Buddhism
Hindu, November 4. Thousands of Dalits, from all over the country, today embraced Buddhism at the `Diksha ceremony' organised by the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations and the Lord Buddha Club... Back to the top

Sri Lanka killings signal blood-soaked poll campaign, Nov 04 2001 13:08 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 4 (AFP) - The killing of a controversial presidential bodyguard in Sri Lanka has raised fears of more bloodshed in the runup to the December parliamentary elections, police and political parties said Sunday... Back to the top

Following merger of LTTE with Sept. 11 attacks Tamil Alliance in a quandary?
Island, 04 November. The merging of terrorist lists by the US lumping the LTTE together with al-Queda, said to be responsible for the attack on the United States on September 11, may affect the policy of the four party Tamil Alliance (TULF, EPRLF, ACTC, TELO) which claims that the LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamils... Back to the top

South Asian summit delayed again, Nov 04 2001 10:09 IST. A South Asian summit due to open in Nepal later this year has been postponed once again with new dates fixed for January, a press report here said Sunday... Back to the top

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