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T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
JVP wants to play king-maker
The Hindu, November 11. The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), which recently helped the minority People's Alliance government remain afloat before it collapsed due to its own internal dynamics, wants to play king- maker once again after the December 5 parliamentary election.`It is the vision of the JVP to govern this country and we urge the people to give us a clear mandate to form a government of our choice. Or else, we solicit a mandate that will give us a solid number of MPs so that both the United National Party (UNP) and the People's Alliance (PA) will be compelled to dance to the tune played by the JVP for the ultimate betterment of the country,'' Mr. Weerawansa, general secretary of the party, said in a recent interview to the Daily News. More...
Published: Sun Nov 11 17:58:53 EST 2001

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Curfew in Lankan town after violence
Gulf-news, 12 November 2001. Police clamped down a dusk to dawn curfew in the Nathandiya area, 70 km north east of the capital yesterday evening after police failed to prevent clashes and disperse supporters belonging to the ruling People's Alliance and the main opposition United National Party (UNP)... Back to the top

Sri Lanka sacks 31 airmen over airport attack, Nov 11 2001 17:34 IST. Sri Lanka has sacked 31 airforce personnel for failing to guard their base and the adjoining international airport against a devastating Tamil rebel attack, a report said Sunday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka Braces for Another Violent Election
IHT, 12 November 2001. Sri Lankan officials are bracing for election violence next month as thousands of weapons remain in the hands of political parties, despite an effort to disarm their members... Back to the top

Ranil warned of suicide bomb attack
Gulf-News, 12 November 2001. Police have warned opposition leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe to be wary of Tiger guerrilla threats during the ongoing polls campaign... Back to the top

DMK blamed for growth of extremism
Chennaionline, November 11. The AIADMK today alleged that DMK president M Karunanidhi was responsible for the growth of extremist forces in Tamil Nadu and said a “false impression” was being created that the law and order had deteriorated under the present government... Back to the top

Tamil Tiger rebels attack police camps in Sri Lanka; three killed, nine wounded
MSNBC, Sunday, November 11, 2001 4:25 AM EST . amil Tiger rebels attacked two police outposts in eastern Sri Lanka early Sunday, killing three policemen and wounding nine others, military officials and witnesses said... Back to the top

Sri Lanka opinion edges towards opposition - poll
MSNBC, November 11. An opinion poll taken ahead of Sri Lanka's general election in December shows more support for the country's main opposition party, but many voters remain undecided, a local newspaper said on Sunday... Back to the top

Alliance questions why assets not frozen
The Toronto Star, November 10. The Canadian Alliance challenged the federal government yesterday on why it has not frozen the assets of a Canadian Tamil group identified by the government as a terrorist front... Back to the top

Gulf News says: Choking off the LTTE
Gulf-News, 11 November 2001. Canada has finally clamped down on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam... Back to the top

Tamil community salutes its youth
Toronto Star, November 11. They say it takes a village to raise a child.And Toronto's Tamil community is proving that's true, as it gathers tonight at the Royal Ontario Museum to celebrate the successes of its youth."The way people perceive the Tamil community is not always positive," said 16-year-old Thanancheyan Ehamparam, referring to negative media coverage and frequent headlines about Tamil gangs. Back to the top

Sri Lanka politics: playing with fire, Nov 11 2001 07:17 IST. Sri Lanka's politicians brace for elections in December armed to the teeth... Back to the top

PUG marks on Sri Lanka's polls
Yahoo India, November 9. AS SRI LANKA gears up to elect a new Parliament, the island nation has difficult choices to make... Back to the top

Sri Lanka army denies assassination bid on opposition leader, Nov 10 2001 19:07 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 9 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's army chief Saturday denied that a military intelligence unit was training men for an alleged assassination of the country's main opposition leader ahead of next month's elections... Back to the top

Tamil Tiger attacks kill eight in Sri Lanka, Nov 10 2001 18:08 IST. COLOMBO, Nov 10 (AFP) - Tamil Tiger guerrillas carried out a spate of attacks against government forces in north-eastern Sri Lanka Saturday, killing six soldiers and two children, defence officials said... Back to the top

Sea Views: Lanka's private firms can bid for bunkers
Gulf-news, 11 november 2001. Sri Lanka is to allow private operators to trade in the marine fuels market, according to the Colombo Association of Shipping Agents (Casa)... Back to the top

Sri Lanka pleased Canada brands Tamil Tigers as terrorists
Canadian Press, November 9. A Sri Lankan military spokesman said Friday it was welcome news that Canada has listed Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels as a terrorist organization, fulfilling a long standing demand from Colombo... Back to the top

Anti-Terrorism List
Dept of Finance - Canada, November 9. Finance Minister Paul Martin and Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley today announced that the Government has listed an additional 83 individuals and organizations linked to terrorism whose property are to be frozen and reported to the relevant authorities... Back to the top

Sri Lanka welcomes Canadian ban on Tamil Tigers, 10 November. Sri Lanka on Saturday welcomed a Canadian ban on Tamil Tiger guerrillas and said the move could block millions of dollars that would otherwise go to finance their war in the island... Back to the top

Chandrika diverting attention from real issues: Ranil
Hindu, 10 November 2001. The leader of the Opposition, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, today asserted that his campaign was unhurt by a People's Alliance propaganda blitz to link him to the LTTE in the run-up to the December 5 parliamentary elections... Back to the top

LTTE in terror list
Hindu, 10 November 2001. Canada has included the LTTE in a fresh list of 83 terrorist groups and individuals whose property will be frozen and reported to the relevant authorities... Back to the top

Sri Lankan Women Cash In With Small Loans
Yahoo, 10 November 2001. Enterprising rural women in Sri Lanka are cashing-in on a small loans link-up with the United States which helps them set up a business... Back to the top

Migrant groups form alliance
Gulf-News, 10 November 2001. One hundred and twenty migrant groups from 23 countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines ended their four-day International Migrants Conference yesterday with a resolution forming an International Migrants Alliance (IMA)... Back to the top

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