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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
SU object to EU and PAFFREL monitors
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 9.00 a.m Sunday 25 November. Sihala Urumaya has objected to EU and PAFFREL election monitors accusing them of close association with the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka. SU alleged that the NPC has asked funds from the EU to defeat pro- war political parties during the December 5 elections. An allegation denied by the EU office in Colombo. SU's objection to PAFREEL is that its chairman Kingsley Rodrigo has been serving in the executive committee of the NPC for the last six years. Deputy Secretary of Sihala Urumaya, Udaya Gamanpila told The Lanka Academic "We met Ms Carole Coscino of EU Election Monitors on Friday and explained the issue to her. She told us that they were totally unaware of EU funding the NPC for this type of project and she would write to their headquarters immediately. We told her that we are going to protest against their presence here as monitors. We also presented the case at the party secretaries meeting. All were shocked, including the PA & the UNP. We protested not only against the EU monitors but also PAFFREL monitors. Because their director, Kingsley Rodrigo, has been serving in the executive committee of NPC for the last six years. We requested the Election Commissioner to keep these two groups out of election monitoring. We will be sending a letter of protest to the Commissioner of elections with supporting documents soon.
Published: Sat Nov 24 22:17:11 EST 2001

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Election 2001:
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Which political party will win most seats in the Sri Lankan parliament in the Election 2001?
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Sri Lanka Jathika Peremuna
Sri Lanka Progressive Front
Sri Lanka Muslim Katchi
Sihala Urumaya
Sinhale Maha Sammatha Boomi Puthra
Democratic Left Front
Liberal Party
Peoples Development Front
Eksath Sinhala Maha Sabava
Eksath Lanka Podhujana Peremuna
Democratic Peoples Liberation Front
Democratic United National Lalith Front
Muslim United Left Front
United Lalith Front
Democratic Socialist Alliance

Current Results
O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Lanka President denies plot to kill PM to pave way for brother
South Nexus, Colombo,Saturday, November 24, 2001. Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has denied an opposition leader's allegation that she was plotting to assassinate her own Prime Minister to pave the way for her brother, Anura Bandaranaike, to succeed him... Back to the top

Sri Lanka Marxists admit mass killings, Nov 24 2001 10:05 IST. Sri Lanka's main Marxist party contesting next month's general elections admitted for the first time carrying out mass murder and warned it could rearm, a report said Saturday... Back to the top

JVP leader calls for arming party cadres
Gulf-News, 25 November 2001. Returning to the island after 12 years of self-exile the JVP's 'Godfather' Somawansa Amara-singhe called party cadres to "arm themselves" at the appropriate time in the event of a breakdown of law and order... Back to the top

S.Lankan Govt Rejects EU Election Observation Mission's Statement
Xinhuanet, 25 November 2001. The Sri Lankan government has rejected a statement made by the European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission (EOM) that EU was deeply disappointed at the government's failure to implement the recommendations following the last October parliamentary elections... Back to the top

Monk rejects evidence to link UNP with LTTE
Gulf-News, 25 November 2001. A senior Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka has refused to accept evidence presented by the ruling party in Sri Lanka to prove allegations that there were links between the Tamil guerrillas and the main opposition... Back to the top

The LTTE's 'baby brigade'
Frontline-Nirupama Subramanian, 25 November 2001. BATTICALOA district in eastern Sri Lanka hangs tensely between the security forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)... Back to the top

Power tussle in the PA says Ravaya newspaper
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1735 slt 23.11.01. A power tussle has begun in the People's Alliance after Anura Bandaranaike accused Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremenayake of been involved in the plan to cross over to the UNP with former minister S... Back to the top

Preserving the flavour of 'Ceylon' tea
Gulf_News, 24 November 2001. He is probably the world's only chief executive who makes his own tea - from collecting the fresh leaves right down to the finished product... Back to the top

Sri Lanka tighten grip after Vaas takes 4-56
Yahoo India, Nov. 24 . KANDY, Sri Lanka (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's Chaminda Vaas produced a lethal post-lunch spell of reverse swing bowling as West Indies were dismissed for a paltry 191 one hour before tea on the fourth day of the second test on Saturday... Back to the top

Vajpayee Likely to Meet Musharraf in Kathmandu
Xinhuanet, 25 November 2001. "If the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Summit held in Kathmandu and I go there and he (Pervez Musharraf) comes there, then we could meet," Vajpayee told reporters in an informal chat at a luncheon hosted by BJP spokesman... Back to the top

Two PA supporters gunned down
Gulf-News, 25 November 2001. Two supporters of the ruling People's Alliance (PA) were shot dead in north western Sri Lanka on Friday raising the death toll of election related incidents to 10 within the past five weeks, heightening concerns over rising violence in the upcoming December 5 parliamentary elections... Back to the top

UK dealers sell 'vacuum bombs' to Sri Lanka
Guardian Unlimited, 24 November 2001. British arms dealers have used a loophole in British law secretly to sell fuel-air weapons for use against Tamil Tiger insurgents in Sri Lanka, the Guardian can reveal... Back to the top

A socialist platform for the 2001 Sri Lankan election
Yahoo, 24 November 2001. The Socialist Equality Party is fielding a slate of 24 candidates in the Colombo district to advance a socialist solution to the ever-deepening social and economic disaster confronting ordinary working people as a result of the policies of the Peoples Alliance, the United National Party and their various coalition partners... Back to the top

Cricket - World game close to test nation split
Yahoo India, 24 November 2001. - World cricket was braced for an unprecedented civil war on Friday as South Africa and India, in open defiance of the International Cricket Council, went ahead with their unofficial test at Centurion... Back to the top

Opposition leader asks for help from USA, EU and Britain for free and fair elections.
Waruna Karunatilake in Colombo, 1730 slt 23.11.01. Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has written to U.S.President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the President of the European Community requesting them to use maximum pressure on the government to ensure a free and fair election. The Opposition leader has warned that unless pressure is used " there would be a blood bath"... Back to the top

Lanka oppn asks Bush, Blair to restrain Kumaratunga
TOI, 2:16:18 PM Friday, November 23, 2001, PTI . In an unsual move, Sri Lanka's opposition on Friday asked the United States, Britain and the European Commission to intervene to stop what they called an impending "bloodbath" during election time at the alleged behest of President Chandrika Kumaratunga... Back to the top

Sri Lankan troops kill 10 Tiger rebels, Nov 23 2001 17:37 IST. Government forces have shot dead at least 10 Tamil Tiger guerrillas during two clashes in northern Sri Lanka, the defence ministry said Friday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka's Marxist leader ends exile
BBC South Asia, Friday, 23 November, 2001, 18:34 GMT . The leader of Sri Lanka's influential Marxist party has returned from a 12 year exile to address thousands of his supporters in advance of general elections in early December... Back to the top

Sri Lankan voters sick to death of poll campaigns
Yahoo, 24 November 2001. At least one candidate fighting for votes in Sri Lanka's upcoming general election thought his campaign advertisement would be better read if he placed it next to the dead... Back to the top

SRI LANKA: THE UNTOLD STORY Chapter 16: 'Honorable wounds of war'
Asia Times, 24 November 2001. In the 1956 general elections in Ceylon the issue of whether to make Sinhala and Tamil the official languages of the country dominated the campaign, which saw S W R D Bandaranaike become prime minister... Back to the top

Desperate Sri Lankan parties concoct astrological forecasts
HT, 23 November 2001. Taking advantage of their countrymen's faith in astrology, desperate Sri Lankan political parties are getting starry predictions concocted to portray themselves as the would-be winners... Back to the top

Kumaratunga vows to thwart oppn plan on N-E
TOI, 3:46:42 PM Friday, November 23, 2001, PTI ]. COLOMBO: Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has vowed to thwart any attempt by the opposition United National Party to set up an interim administration in the north-east if it is voted to power in the December 5 parliamentary election Back to the top

S.Lanka party urges West to help end poll bloodshed
MSNBC, Nov. 23. Sri Lanka's main opposition party on Friday appealed for Western diplomatic pressure to help prevent a bloodbath ahead of the country's December 5 parliamentary elections... Back to the top

SAARC rules out putting off meet any more
HT, 23 November 2001. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) secretary-general Nihal Rodrigo on Thursday ruled out the possibility of further postponement of the 11th summit of the association that now seems to have come under the shadow of the Taliban... Back to the top

Sri Lankan Tea Exports Exceeds 549 Million U.S. Dollars
Nothern Light, Thursday, November 22, 2001 10:40 PM EST . Sri Lanka's tea export earnings exceeded 50.5 billion rupees (around 549 million U... Back to the top

Cricket - Sri Lanka all out for 288 as Windies polish off tail
Yahoo India, Friday November 23, 12:49 PM . KANDY, Sri Lanka, Nov 23 (Reuters) - West Indies made short work of wrapping up the Sri Lanka first innings on Friday, taking the last two wickets for just 15 runs as the hosts were bowled out for 288 on the third day of the second test... Back to the top

Ganguly asks Steve Waugh to 'shut up'
Yahoo India, 23 November 2001. Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly, angry at his Australian counterpart Steve Waugh for his support to match-referee Mike Denness' controversial action against six Indian cricketers, today asked him to "shut up"... Back to the top

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