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Norwegians pledges continuous support to peace process
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, January 27, 2004, 11.06 pm. Despite Norwegian Facilitators temporarily pulling out of the peace process citing the ongoing political crisis in the South, their country’s ambassador Hans Brattskar today assured that the Norwegians would continue their role as facilitators in the process between the government and the LTTE soon after a solution to the political crisis is found. He was speaking during a meeting today morning in Batticaloa.

The ongoing cohabitation crisis in the South of the country between President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was also discussed at length between the Ambassador and members of several other political parties based in the Eastern Province.

Sources told the Lanka Academic that these parties had expressed hoped for a quick solution to the ongoing political crisis and the resumption of peace talks between the government and the LTTE.

The Norwegians suspended their role in the peace process in November last year due to the political crisis which erupted soon after President Chandrika Kumaratunga took over three vital ministries. The Norwegians pointed out that the issues in the North and East cannot be solved until a solution to the problems in the South is found.
Published: Tue Jan 27 12:14:45 EST 2004

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Communist party extends support to the SLFP-JVP alliance
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, January 27, 2004, 10.41 pm . Sri Lanka Communist Party, (an Opposition constituent) while cautioning that certain backward racist elements rallying behind the SLFP-JVP new alliance was a sign of future danger, vowed to support the progressive work of the new alliance.

“The stance of the JVP on the ethnic conflict is based on an anachronistic notion. It creates confusion in the minds of the people and tends to strengthen chauvinism. It encourages separatism. It would allow the involvement of imperialistic forces. This would become a burden to carry forward the principles of the SLFP,” the party said in a statement today.

“Communist Party central committee appeals from the JVP to accept the stance taken by the SLFP on the ethnic conflict without strengthening racist, separatist and imperialistic forces. The JVP should understand the complex situation of the crises faced by the country.”
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Opposition Muslim party undecided whether to support SLFP-JVP alliance
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, January 27, 2004, 10.18 pm. The National Unity Alliance (NUA), a Muslim constituent party of the Opposition People’s Alliance is yet undecided about their future role in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party-Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna alliance.

NUA General Secretary M.L.A.M. Hisbullah told the Lanka Academic that they have sought a meeting with both parties before January 29, before they make a decision as to whether they are to support the alliance or otherwise

Mr. Hisbullah pointed out that while an independent Muslim delegation at the peace talks never materialised with the UNF government, they did not want a reaccurance in the event of a SLFP-JVP alliance government.

“We have many unanswered questioned on the North East issues as well, we want to get clear vision to these issues from the alliance,” Mr. Hisbullah said.

He added that only if they get a satisfactory answer to their queries would they support the SLFP-JVP alliance, which is named as the United People’s Freedom Alliance.
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One more church attacked in Lanka, January 27, 2004. One more Roman Catholic church was attacked in Sri Lanka despite President Chandrika Kumaratunga vowing tough action against the perpetrators of violence against Christians in the Buddhist-majority country... Back to the top

Human Rights Watch World Report Slams LTTE on Child Soldiers
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 6.30 A.M Wednesday 28 January. The Human Rights Watch World Report 2004 released by the New York based Human Rights Watch on Monday has slammed the LTTE for continuing with the recruitment of children unabated, including the kidnapping of school children traveling from school... Back to the top

Federal judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional
Associated Press, Mon January 26, 2004 17:27 EST . LINDA DEUTSCH - AP Special Correspondent - The ruling specified that the plaintiffs seek to provide support to ``the lawful, nonviolent activities'' of the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, an advocate group for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka - ... Back to the top

Safe House Raid- Now, IGP Recommends Disciplinary Action
Ranmali Wijesuriya in Colombo, SLT 7.30 A.M Tuesday 27 January. Inspector General of Police Indra de Silva has recommended to the Police Commission to take disciplinary action against the police officers including ASP Kulasiri Udugampola for the involvement in the raid of the Army safe house in Athurugiriya... Back to the top

Sri Lankan rebels head to Europe for talks with international donors
Associated Press, Tue January 27, 2004 09:42 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Tamil rebels plan to urge European donors to give them immediate control of funds aimed at rebuilding war-wracked areas under their control, officials and reports said Tuesday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka imposes immediate ban on all imports of live chicken and poultry products
Associated Press, Tue January 27, 2004 09:55 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lanka - on Tuesday banned the import of all live chicken and poultry products from countries affected by bird flu in an attempt to prevent the fast-spreading disease from infecting local flocks... Back to the top

IDP's Main Concern is Security-Budget Reduction Not Linked to Political Situation -UNHCR
Bandula Jayasekara in Colombo, SLT 6.30 A.M Tuesday 27 January. United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees Says the main concern among remaining internally displaced personnel (IDP's) is security, and the fear of child recruitment is one element of that concern, along with the threat of landmines, fear of renewed violence and ongoing human rights violations... Back to the top

'MGR gave LTTE Rs 6 crore in cash', January 27 . Anton Balasingham, the LTTE ideologue, has claimed that the late M G Ramachandran had assiduously promoted the interests of his organisation... Back to the top

Tamil Tiger rebels object to Sri Lanka 's proposed defense pact with India
Associated Press, Tue January 27, 2004 00:53 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Tamil Tiger rebels have warned that a proposed defense alliance between Sri Lanka - and neighboring India could damage an already fragile truce between the insurgents and government forces, a report said Tuesday... Back to the top

Concerned by 'difficult situation' in Sri Lanka, Annan hopes ..., 26 January. oicing concern over the difficult situation in Sri Lanka, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said he still hopes that the peace talks between the Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) can resume in the near future... Back to the top

Peace talks to resume mid next month?
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, January 26, 2004, 10.26 pm. United National Front’s chief negotiator and Cabinet Spokesman Prof... Back to the top

Sri Lanka seeks telecom chief's removal
Associated Press, Mon January 26, 2004 10:41 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lanka - 's media secretary on Monday requested that the chief of Sri Lanka - 's state-run telecommunications company be sacked amid allegations of fraud and forgery, officials said... Back to the top

Sri Lanka moves to end political standoff ahead of crucial Washington review meeting
Associated Press, Mon January 26, 2004 08:03 EST . SHIMALI SENANAYAKE - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lankan officials were scrambling Monday to resolve a power struggle between the president and prime minister ahead of a crucial meeting with donors in Washington next month aimed at reviewing the island's stalled peace process... Back to the top

LTTE expresses ' serious concern ' over Indo - Lanka d . ., January 26. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has expressed serious concern over the envisaged Indo-Sri Lankan Defence Agreement (DCA) arguing that it could have far-reaching negative consequences for the current peace process, sources told TamilNet Monday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka may be heading for a Sinhala-Buddhist version of ..., January 26. Sri Lanka is now witnessing the beginnings of a revivalist movement, the third in the last 100 years... Back to the top

Sri Lankan govt concerned over forming of opposition, 2004-01-26 17:56:42. Sri Lankan government said Monday that it was concerned over the formation of a political alliance by two main forces in the opposition as it posed a threat to the ongoing peace process with the Tamil Tiger rebels... Back to the top

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