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JULY 7, 2004 EST, USA
VOL. 5, NO. 93

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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
No special security plan in Colombo despite bomb blast
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, July 7, 2004, 11.32 p.m.. While, assuring that the country’s existing security measure will be fully monitored and all necessary steps will be taken against any future terrorist attacks in the country, the Government is reported to have said that they will not enforce any additional security to the existing plan.

According to sources, even though the Defence authorities strengthened the security in the Kollupitiya area soon after the bomb attack, the Government has no intention at least for the moment to put back the security barricades, which were taken off soon after the Ceasefire Agreement, which was signed in February 2002, between former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and LTTE Leader Prabhakaran.
Published: Wed Jul 7 13:34:36 EDT 2004

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers beating up families to recruit child soldiers
Amnesty International, july 7. The Tamil Tigers are increasingly turning to threats and violence in a recruitment drive for child soldiers. Families who resist have been beaten with wooden sticks, or had their houses set on fire.

"With today's news of a suicide bombing in Colombo, the fact that the Tamil Tigers have started a new wave of child recruitment is alarming," said Amnesty International. "If the armed conflict were to resume, these children would likely be among the first to die."

Since the beginning of April 2004, 190 children have been recruited to fight, according to information provided by UNICEF. This brings the number of verified cases this year to 330.

Many of these children have been forcibly abducted from public places or their homes. Some of the new recruits are as young as fourteen.

The Tamil Tigers are also increasingly re-recruiting former child soldiers by force. In one case in May, four children who had left the Tamil Tigers were taken away from their homes in the middle of the night. Their families say they were violently assaulted when they tried to intervene.

In another case, Tamil Tigers set fire to a house in Sinnathatumunai, eastern Sri Lanka, and broke down the doors of nine others.

In the eastern Vaharai area, relatives were beaten with wooden sticks when they tried to stop their children being taken away. In one instance a woman was knocked unconscious, and another was cut on the face. Both needed medical treatment.

"The Tamil Tigers leadership must issue orders to its cadres to stop these violent and intimidating tactics immediately," said Amnesty International. "It should stick to its earlier commitments to stop the recruitment and use of child soldiers. Children in its ranks should be returned to their homes and not face the threat of re-recruitment."

Last year over 1,200 children were enlisted as soldiers, but in June 2003 the Tamil Tigers promised to stop using children in a joint agreement, Action Plan for Children affected by War.

Background Amnesty International is concerned about the intensification of the recruitment of children by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE or Tamil Tigers), especially amid the fragile state of the peace process. Efforts by the Government of Norway to restart peace talks which stalled in April 2003 so far have not borne any results.

A variety of factors have destabilized the relationship between the Government of President Chandrika Kumaratunga Bandaranaike and the LTTE. One such factor has been by accusations by the LTTE that the military is supporting a former LTTE eastern commander, Colonel Karuna. Karuna, after internal fighting in mid-April, went underground with hundreds of LTTE members loyal to him. Other members, including many children, returned home. These are among the children reported as being re-recruited by the LTTE in the last few weeks.

The LTTE signed Action Plan for Children Affected by War in June 2003 together with the Sri Lankan government, UN agencies, and the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation.

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“Give up your violent tactics”, Douglas Devananda tells Prabhakaran
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, July 7, 2004, 11.06 p.m.. Reacting soon after the LTTE made an attempt on his life, the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party Leader and Minister Douglas Devananda called upon LTTE Leader Prabhakaran to give up his violent tactics and find a solution to any problem through negotiations.

Addressing reporters soon after the bomb attack, Mr. Devananda who is in charge of four Ministries requested President Chandrika Kumaratunga to go ahead with her peace efforts, despite the attack. He also assured his party’s continuous support to any future peace endeavours.
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The sequence that led to the BOMB BLAST…………
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, July 7,2004, 10.59 p.m.. The sequence that led to the bomb blast is as follows: the female suicide cadre accompanied by another woman entered the second floor where Mr... Back to the top

Suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomber kills four, herself at Sri Lankan police station
Associated Press, Wed July 7, 2004 04:56 EDT . KRISHAN FRANCIS - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A Tamil Tiger suicide bomber detonated explosives at a police station Wednesday, killing herself and four officers after being detected on a mission to assassinate a top moderate Tamil leader, police said... Back to the top

Analysis: Sri Lanka truce fears, July 7, 2004. It is the first such incident since a Tamil Tiger blew himself up in 2001 when being questioned by police guarding the then Prime Minister, Ratnasiri Wickremanayake... Back to the top

Mahathir Mohamed to visit SL next year
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, July 7, 2004, 10.12 p.m.. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed is to arrive in Sri Lanka, following an invitation extended by Tourism and Investment Minister Anura Bandaranaike... Back to the top

Work on Sri Lanka’s first ever fish canning factory begins
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, July 7, 2004, 10.12 p.m.. The Sri Lankan government has begun to build a Rs. 900 million worth fish-canning factory at Modera (Colombo). Minister of fisheries, Chandrasena Wijesinghe said that a Russian international institution is providing assistance to the Sri Lankan government to build the new factory... Back to the top

LTTE wants international community to pressure Govt. into establishing ISGA
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, July 6, 2004, 10.19 p.m.. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarians are under severe pressure by the LTTE who are demanding the TNA MPs to initiate a rigorous campaign seeking for the immediate establishment of the Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA)... Back to the top

LTTE emerged militarily strong because of Black T . ., July 07. "Because of the sacrifice by the Black Tigers, the LTTE has emerged as a strong liberation force in the world and even now LTTE is prepared to face a war if it is thrusted on us... Back to the top

Despite suicide bombing, Asia Cup will go ahead
Associated Press, Wed July 7, 2004 05:34 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) The Sri Lankan cricket board says the six-nation Asia Cup cricket tournament will go ahead despite Wednesday's suicide bombing by Tamil Tiger rebels that killed four people and wounded seven others in the capital... Back to the top

Ravi K granted anticipatory bail
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, July 6, 2004, 10.13 p.m.. The Fort Magistrate today granted anticipatory bail against the arrest of Opposition United National Party Parliamentarian, Ravi Karunanayake... Back to the top

Security intensified as tension mounts in Sri Lanka 's east
Associated Press, Tue July 6, 2004 03:16 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Troops and police stepped up security Tuesday in eastern Sri Lanka - where one Tamil rebel was killed and two others wounded in escalating tensions over the past two days, officials said... Back to the top

Norway to explain Sri Lanka’s peace process to India
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, July 6, 2004, 9.56 p.m.. The Norwegian Government is expected to discuss the Sri Lankan peace process with Indian leaders shortly... Back to the top

Sri Lanka`s gays join South Asian fight for rights, 06/07/2004. SEX BETWEEN men is a criminal offence in Sri Lanka and lesbianism has been officially labelled "sadism”, but the island`s gays believe their long fight for equality is picking up pace amid regional moves to legalise homosexuality... Back to the top

Not a single foreigner has died in Sri Lanka during the past 15 years
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, June 6, 2004, 9.54 p.m.. Ministers Anura Bandaranaike today declared that not a single tourist had died in Sri Lanka during the last 15 year when the country was undergoing a civil war... Back to the top

Sri Lanka Tigers Accuse Army of Undermining Truce, Tue Jul 6, 2004 02:10 AM ET. By Lindsay Beck, COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers accused the army on Tuesday of undermining the cease-fire agreement that has given the island its best chance to end its decades-long civil war, saying it had failed to stop gun attacks in the east... Back to the top

Cricket-I ve got Sri Lankans on the run, says Warne, July 6, 2004. CAIRNS, Australia (AFP) - Shane Warne is doubtful he can seize his best opportunity and deprive Muttiah Muralitharan of his world Test wickets record, but he's certain he has the upper hand on the Sri Lankan batsmen heading into this week's second cricket Test... Back to the top

Lanka rebels mark first suicide raid, July 6th, 2004. NELLIADY: Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers commemorated their first suicide bomber with "Black Tiger Day" yesterday, with ceremonies and speeches throughout the Tamil-majority north and east of the war-torn island... Back to the top

Renewed violence in eastern Sri Lanka, July 6, 2004. COLOMBO, JULY 5. One Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadre was shot dead and three others, including a senior political functionary, were wounded in two separate shooting incidents in Batticaloa district of eastern Sri Lanka today... Back to the top

India News Norway minister to discuss Sri Lanka with India, July 6, 2004. Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Petersen, on a three-day visit that ends Wednesday, will discuss with Indian leaders the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, diplomatic sources said Monday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka won ’ t like fast Cairns wicket : Hayden, July 6, 2004. DARWIN (Australia): Australia’s Matthew Hayden is expecting his team’s pace attack to make life uncomfortable for Sri Lanka’s batsmen in the second Test in Cairns starting on Friday... Back to the top

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