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Tamil Tigers seek security guarantees
gulf news, September 8. Colombo: Tamil guerrillas are seeking security guarantees from the Sri Lanka military enabling them to engage in political activities in government controlled areas. The issue is to be taken up at a meeting between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the army to be held shortly under the supervision of the Scandinavian monitors based in the eastern province. LTTE's political wing leader for the eastern Ampara and Batticaloa districts, Kaushalyan spelt out the concerns of the guerrillas regarding their security in the east in an interview with a Tamil daily published in northern Sri Lanka. 'If we are to make our political offices in the occupied areas (government controlled areas) fully functional, it is very essential that our members should be given security guarantees. The reason why we are asking for guarantees is that the killings are taking place in close proximity to military complexes', Kaushalyan said. More...
Published: Tue Sep 7 21:10:40 EDT 2004

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Sri Lanka Foreign Reinstates Property Tax
Associated Press, Tue September 7, 2004 11:24 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Parliament Tuesday approved the reintroduction of a tough tax regime on foreigners who buy land in Sri Lanka - . Many foreigners, especially Germans nationals, have bought land and constructed holiday homes in Sri Lanka - .

The previous government of former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe repealed the property tax as part of its efforts to woo foreign investors. However, Wickremesinghe's party lost in the April 2 parliamentary elections.

The reintroduction of the land tax was proposed in June by Anura Dissanayake, lands minister and a member of the Marxist People's Liberation Front, which is President Chandrika Kumaratunga's main coalition partner.

The Marxist party criticized Wickremesinghe's attempts to liberalize Sri Lanka - 's economy, and accused his government of allowing foreigners to buy property at very low prices.
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Jaffna residents denounce LTTE’s announcement of re-payments as Joke.
K. S. Rajkumar reporting from Jaffna. , September 7. The recent announcement of the LTTE that they will “pay back” money extorted during the past has become a cause for amusement amongst people in Jaffna in recent days. While imposing heavy taxes on everything, from baby milk to motorcycles, LTTE is making life harder for Tamils in the northern Jaffna district. All items that are sold in Jaffna that have to be transported through the LTTE are levied a tax which is conveniently passed on to the consumers. On top of the taxes, the businessmen are required to pay additional protection money to the LTTE, which in turn are also passed on to the consumer. Above all this, everyone making a living in Jaffna, including farmers, barbers, and auto-rickshaw operators are all required to pay money to the Tigers. The latest ‘tax’ imposed by the LTTE is the ‘milk-tax’. The farmers who sell milk to the cooperative farm in Thinnavely are required to pay the LTTE two rupees per liter of milk supplied. The ‘taxes’ imposed by the LTTE are putting heavy burden on the poor people such as farmers, fishermen and laborers who work hard to meet their ends. While the Tigers made a big announcement that they are re-paying the money they collected in the past, they continue to extort money even from the working class of the population. A school principal in Jaffna dismissed LTTE’s announcement of re-payment as ‘a big joke, and everyone around here knows it!’ Meanwhile, Jaffna residents are alarmed by the continuing mysterious murders of mostly young males who are suspected to be involved in ‘anti-LTTE’ activities. The residents blame the LTTE’s intelligence unit for these murders. Youths are abducted from their homes or on their way to work by the LTTE cadres. Some are released after ‘interrogations’ while others are killed. Often times the victims are hacked to death. Navaratnaraja Premkumar, a 35 year old father of an infant child, is the latest victim whose body was discovered on Tuesday. Last week, an LTTE team headed by Seelan kidnapped Premkumar from his work. Earlier, Premkumar was detained by LTTE in Kilinochchi for more then two weeks and released.
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Colombo warned against no-war, no-peace policy, September 08, 2004 . Sri Lanka's Tiger rebels asked the government yesterday to revive stalled peace talks and warned that a policy of "no war, no peace" was fraught with political and military dangers... Back to the top

Indian Navy Commander to Visit Sri Lanka
Ranmali Wijesuriya in Colombo, SLT 6.30 Tuesday 7 September 2004. Indian Navy Commander Admiral Arun Prakash will make his first foreign visit to Sri Lanka from 12 to 16 September... Back to the top

US counterterrorism official to visit Sri Lanka, september 7. COLOMBO, Sept. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- Head of the US Department of State's Office of Counterterrorism Ambassador at Large J. Cofer Black, is scheduled to visit Colombo this week, the US embassy here said in a statement on Tuesday... Back to the top

Tamil Tigers pledge to repay funds raised during civil war, U.S. counterterrorism official to visit Sri Lanka
Associated Press, Tue September 7, 2004 04:23 EDT . KRISHAN FRANCIS - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lanka - 's Tamil Tiger rebels promised Tuesday to repay funds collected from Tamil civilians during the height of their 19-year war for a separate state... Back to the top

Army-LTTE meeting postponed again
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, September 7, 2004, 8.24 p.m.. The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) has once again postponed the re-scheduled meeting between the army and the LTTE in Batticaloa, because the LTTE Eastern Commander had to go to the Wanni on ‘urgent business’... Back to the top

Sri Lanka to get $570m ADB loan, 7 September. Sri Lanka will borrow $570m (£322m) from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) over the next two years... Back to the top

Lankan environmentalist body objects to Indian project, September 7. A Sri Lankan environmentalist body has objected to an Indian project to dig a canal in the sea between India and Sri Lanka, to shorten the sea route between the eastern and the western coasts of India... Back to the top

LTTE again raises its flag in government-controlled area
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, September 7, 2004, 8.17 p.m.. The LTTE has again hoisted the LTTE flag yesterday during a ceremony in Nallur, this act is a clear violation of the Ceasefire Agreement... Back to the top

Rebel-backed party urges S.Lanka to break impasse, 07 Sep 2004 10:39:57 GMT. Sri Lanka's main minority Tamil political party on Tuesday called on the government to break a 17-month impasse with Tamil Tiger rebels and resume talks to turn a ceasefire after two decades of civil war into a lasting peace... Back to the top

Chandrika pledges to push forward stalled peace process
Gulf News, September 6. Colombo: President Chandrika Kumaratunga has pledged to push forward the stalled peace process by opening consultations with opposition parties to ascertain their stance on negotiations with Tamil guerrillas... Back to the top

Lanka IOC postpones IPO to October, september 7. The Sri Lankan unit of Indian Oil Corp has postponed to October the sale of 24% stake through an initial public offering (IPO) because of 'commercial reasons'... Back to the top

Sri Lankan tigers to repay money to Tamil civilians, September 07,2004, 09:00 EDT. In Sri Lanka, Tamil Tiger rebels have pledged to repay funds collected from Tamil civilians during the height of their long running war for a separate state... Back to the top

President has no clear policy for peace process, says LTTE
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, September 6, 2004, 10.39 p.m.. LTTE political wing leader S.P. Tamilselvan has declared that President Chandrika Kumaratunga has no ‘clear policy’ for the country’s peace process... Back to the top

Nearly 30% registered voters sans a National Identity Card
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, September 4, 2004, 10.34 p.m.. Following a consensus reached between all political party leaders to make the National Identity Card compulsory to all voters at future elections, reports reveal that nearly 4 million voters in Sri Lanka sans identity Card... Back to the top

Sri Lanka s Rebels Delay Security Meetings With Armed Forces, 2004 September 07. Sept. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Sri Lanka's rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam delayed the resumption of security meetings with the armed forces amid concerns a two-year cease-fire in the South Asian island nation is under threat. Representatives from the Tamil Tigers were unable to attend today's meeting because they are still discussing with their leaders the stance they will take at the talks, international cease-fire monitors said... Back to the top

LTTE prevents SLMM official from entering government-controlled area
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, September 8, 2004, 10.12 p.m.. An attempt made by two Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) officials to inquire into the Defence Ministry complaint over the series of alleged LTTE constructions in government controlled areas such as in Seelawathurai, Mannar, had failed with the LTTE preventing the SLMM officers from entering the area... Back to the top

LTTE bunker at no man’s area in Nagar kovil
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, September 6, 2004, 10.08 p.m.. A group of LTTE cadres have set up a bunker in the no man’s area in Jaffna’s Nagar Kovil, sources told the Lanka Academic... Back to the top

BPCL may buy stake in Ceylone Petro
com, Monday, 06 September , 2004. Sri Lanka plans to sell a $50 million stake in Ceylon Petroleum Corp... Back to the top

Lankan Muslims spurn TN Muslims’ call to merge with Tamils, September 5. Sri Lankan Muslims have, with one voice, rejected a recent suggestion by a Muslim political leader from Tamil Nadu, that they should consider themselves part of the Tamil community of Sri Lanka because their mother tongue is Tamil... Back to the top

Lankan Tamils’ appeal to new Indian envoy, September 6. Virakesari, the Tamil daily with the single largest circulation in Sri Lanka, has appealed to the new Indian High Commissioner, Nirupama Rao, to make India the protector of the embattled Tamils of the island... Back to the top

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