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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
“We are afraid that the Sri Lankan peace process may be pushed to the backyard,” Norwegian Minister
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, October 21, 2004, 11.30 p.m.. LTTE political wing Leader S.P. Tamilselvan today reiterated his organisation’s commitment to the peace process. During a meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Petersen, Tamilselvan said, “We have, in our meetings with the various European officials reiterated the necessity to reactivate the peace process and indicated the responsibility of the international community to bring home to the government of Sri Lanka the golden opportunity to take onboard the support of the opposition parties. For the fist time in the history of the island, the main opposition party the United National Front, the Tamil National Alliance and Ceylon Workers Congress have volunteered to offer unconditional support to the government. If the government is genuine and sincere in its commitments to the peace process, it must sing parochial political considerations and act wisely in the national interest,” Tamilselvan said.

However Jan Peterson while emphasising the need for both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government to resume talks soon, called upon the Tigers to continue respecting and adhering to the Ceasefire Agreement. “Conflict situation in many other locations demand priority and we are afraid that the Sri Lankan peace process may be pushed to the backyard, hence both the parties should act with circumspection and retain the already given support without being diverted elsewhere", continued the Norwegian Minister.
Published: Thu Oct 21 13:31:58 EDT 2004

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Leaflets condemning Wanni leadership, army says "we are not involved"
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, October 21, 2004, 11.03 p.m.. Renegade LTTE commander Karuna, who openly criticized the Wanni Leadership, has distributed leaflets in the Batticaloa town condemning the Wanni LTTE Leadership. Military sources confirmed that the leaflets bear the name of Karuna. Sources also said that even posters have come up in the Batticaloa district, apart from leaflets, which have heavily criticised the Wanni Leadership. Meanwhile, Tamilnet has accused Sri Lanka Army for distributing these leaflets, but the military has denied this accusation.
Published: Thu Oct 21 13:06:11 EDT 2004 Back to the top

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Top Japanese envoy to visit Sri Lanka to push for peace talks
Associated Press, Thu October 21, 2004 05:56 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A top Japanese peace envoy will push for fresh peace talks between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels during a visit next week, amid optimism that the deadlock could be broken, an official said Thursday. Japan, Sri Lanka - 's largest aid donor, has joined Norway-led efforts to forge a lasting peace between the government and the Tamil Tigers. The rebels have fought since 1983 to carve out a separate homeland for the country's ethnic-Tamil minority, claiming discrimination by the majority Sinhalese. They have since agreed to accept greater autonomy instead.

The conflict killed nearly 65,000 people.

Last year, Japan hosted a donor conference where 70 countries and financial institutions pledged US$4.5 billion (euro 3.6 billion) to help rebuild the war-ravaged nation.

But the donors have withheld the money, which was linked to progress at the negotiating table.

Fears of renewed fighting have been revived amid a spate of killings that have left scores dead in recent months.
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Muslim civilian killed during cross fire in Valachchenai
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, October 21, 2004, 11.00 p.m.. A Muslim civilian was killed when a group of unidentified men fired at Wanni cadres, when they were in the process of detaining five Muslim civilians at Valachchenai... Back to the top

Govt. squabbling holds up Sri Lanka peace: opposition, XINHUA
Associated Press, Thu October 21, 2004 13:08 EDT . COLOMBO, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka - 's main opposition party charged Thursday that internal squabbling between the main partners in the ruling coalition have held up peace process with the rebel Tamil Tigers. G... Back to the top

Internal Rift within LTTE widens in Batticaloa; Relatives cast doubts on Soosais condition.
K.S. Rajkumar from Jaffna, October 20. Several of the LTTE’s military leaders for Batticaloa appointed by Pirabakaran after Karuna's revolt earlier this year, are in trouble again... Back to the top

Is India again playing a role in Sri Lankan politics?:, October 21, 06:30 EDT. India News]: New Delhi, Oct 21 : An unexpected development has sparked speculation that India might be getting involved again in Sri Lanka's Tamil politics, for the first time since the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi... Back to the top

Records tumble at Colombo Stock Exchange
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, October 20, 2004, 11.59 p.m.. Records continued to tumble at the Colombo Stock Exchange today, when the All Share Price Index (ASPI) today recorded its highest level in its history reaching 1530 points... Back to the top

Four Lankan women killed in Saudi accident
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, October 20, 2004, 11.57 p.m.. Four Sri Lankan women have been killed in Saudi Arabia in a road accident... Back to the top

Sri Lankan Buddhist monk party vows to stay united, XINHUA
Associated Press, Wed October 20, 2004 13:05 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka - 's all Buddhist monk political party said here Wednesday that it will endeavor to stay united despite machination by major political forces in the country to create dissension among them. Venerable Athuraliye Ratana, spokesman for the JHU or National Heritage Party representing the country's Buddhist monks, told reporters the current internal dispute in the party is the result of political machination coming from the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) coalition and the main opposition United National Party (UNP)... Back to the top

Several historical places in Sri Lanka to be declared world heritage sites?
Alladin Hussein in Colombo, October 20, 2004, 11.55 p.m.. Several historic places in Sri Lanka namely the Siri Pada, Piduruthalagala and Laggala rocks, Trincomalee, Mannar and Kankesanthurai Harbours have being proposed to be declared as world heritage sites... Back to the top

Sri Lankan Buddhist monk party vows to stay united, Oct. 20 . Sri Lanka's all Buddhist monk political party said here Wednesday that it will endeavor to stay united despite machination by major political forces in the country to create dissension among them... Back to the top

Breakaway Tamil Tiger group wants Norway out of Sri Lanka 's peace process
Associated Press, Wed October 20, 2004 08:28 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A breakaway faction of the Tamil Tiger rebels demanded Wednesday that Norwegian mediators withdraw from Sri Lanka - 's peace process, claiming they haven't stopped the Tigers from killing their political rivals... Back to the top

Sri Lankan govt condemns murder of Tamil party s former MP, 2004-10-20 20:41:24. COLOMBO, Oct. 20 (Xinhuanet) -- Sri Lankan government condemned Wednesday the murder of a former parliament member (MP) of a Tamilpolitical party, saying the government would make every effort to bring those responsible to justice. Kingsley Rasanayagam, former MP of the Tamil National Alliance,a proxy of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, wasshot dead by unidentified gunmen in the country's eastern Batticoloa town on Tuesday amid continuous political killings by Tamil Tiger rebels... Back to the top

Ex army Captain shot dead at Dehiwala
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, October 20, 2004, 11.33 p.m.. An ex-army Captain, who had been engaged in underworld activities, had been shot dead last night at Dehiwala by an unidentified gang... Back to the top

Security forces foils LTTE’s attempt to abduct civilian
J. S. Nalin in Colombo, October 20, 2004, 11.37 p.m.. Security forces at the Black Bridge entry/exit point rescued a civilian while he was been abducted by two LTTE cadres from Kiran in Eravur... Back to the top

Sri Lanka fight back, October 20, 2004, 11;50 EDT. Sri Lanka 233-7 at close in first Test against Pakistan Thilan Samaraweera was closing in on century as his dogged innings rescued Sri Lanka in the first Test against Pakistan in Faisalabad... Back to the top

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