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RESEARCH CULTURE IN SRI LANKA How can we stimulate a culture of research and innovation in Sri Lanka today? Countries such as India, Korea and China have come a long way since about 10 years ago in fostering a culture of research and innovation. Sri Lanka is still lagging behind. Here is your chance to change the future course of Sri Lanka by influencing the policy makers. Please complete this survey here.
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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
Sri Lanka violence leaves one dead, three wounded
Associated Press, Mon November 29, 2004 10:39 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels attacked two passenger buses and clashed with security forces and civilians in the port town of Trincomalee on Monday, leaving one person dead and three injured, officials said. On Saturday, the Tigers' reclusive guerrilla leader, Vellupillai Prabhakaran, issued a message from Sri Lanka - 's rebel-held north urging the government to unconditionally resume the peace process and give the Tamils greater autonomy in the north and northeast, where most of them live.

``If the government rejects our urgent appeal and adopts delaying tactics perpetuating the suffering of our people, we have no alternative other than to advance the freedom struggle of our nation,'' Prabhakaran said.
Published: Mon Nov 29 11:46:32 EST 2004

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O  T  H  E  R      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E  S
Lanka has always thwarted LTTE s bid to use peace to strengthen ..., November 29, 2004, 06:20 EDT. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have always tried to use a peace process to secure their cardinal objectives, including secession from Sri Lanka to form an independent "Tamil Eelam". But the Sri Lankan state has consistently thwarted such attempts. The two sides have never found common ground, with the result, peace talks have invariably broken down and war has ensued. More...
Published: Mon Nov 29 06:25:54 EST 2004 Back to the top

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Sri Lanka attack raises tension, November 29, 2004, 06:20 EDT. Members of the Sinhala and Tamil communities have clashed again in eastern Sri Lanka after a grenade attack on a bus left one person dead. Police have imposed a curfew on the town of Trincomalee. Members of both communities took to the streets after Sinhalas blamed the Tamil Tiger rebels for the attack, which also seriously injured two. More...
Published: Mon Nov 29 06:20:38 EST 2004 Back to the top

Sri Lanka rebel threat seen as pressure tactic, November 28, 2004, 23:35 EDT. COLOMBO, Nov 29 (Reuters) - A Tamil Tiger threat to resume civil war is a pressure tactic to push the Sri Lankan government to open discussions on their demand for self-rule, analysts and diplomats say, playing down fears of a return to hostilities... Back to the top

‘India lags behind even Lanka in IT use’, November 30, 2004 at 0000 hours IST. PUNE, NOV 29: India has chronically under-invested in IT in comparison not only to US, Europe and China but also compared to Sri Lanka and Egypt... Back to the top

Sri Lankan police arrest illegal immigrants, XINHUA
Associated Press, Mon November 29, 2004 14:38 EST . - - ing in human smuggling, the police said. Sri Lanka - is being seen as a center for international human smuggling... Back to the top

Sri Lanka mulls Tiger threat to return to war
com, 29 November , 2004, 21:51. Colombo: Sri Lanka's president and top aides were Monday studying the latest Tamil Tiger threat to return to their protracted war amid mounting tension in embattled regions, officials said... Back to the top

Indian oil shares heavily oversubscribed in Sri Lanka
Associated Press, Mon November 29, 2004 07:36 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) The initial public offering of shares in the Sri Lankan unit of the Indian Oil Company was heavily oversubscribed Monday amid growing investor confidence in the island nation... Back to the top

Sri Lankan police arrest illegal immigrants, 2004-11-29 20:18:51. COLOMBO, Nov. 29 (Xinhuanet) -- Sri Lankan police said on Monday they arrested a group of Sri lankan people, who are to head for New Zealand illegally. The arrest was made in the early hours of Monday at the northwestern coastal area of Kalpitiya as they were planning to board a fishing trawler, police said, adding 18 of them were arrested while a large number of them had escaped the arrest... Back to the top

Indian Oil arm mops up $34 mn from public offer in Sri Lanka, November 29, 2004, 12:00 EDT. The Sri Lankan unit of Indian Oil Corp raised Rs 3.6 billion ($34 million) in the island's biggest IPO since 2002 after selling shares at the top of its expected price range, officials said on Monday... Back to the top

2005: Boon or bane for Lanka, November 29, 2004, 06:20 EDT. Will Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga tame the Tamil Tigers and solve the long- standing Tamil problem in 2005? Or will the LTTE Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran succeed in his mission to secure autonomy for the Tamils? Top Indian astrologers are deeply divided on these, leaving one clueless as to whether the coming year is going Back to the top

Sri Lanka: LTTE leader impatient with the government, November 28, 2004, 23:35 EDT. In Sri Lanka the leader of the LTTE guerillas, Velupillai Prabhkaran, has threatened with resumption of the civil war unless the government agrees to new peace talks... Back to the top

Sri Lankan asylum seekers wage hunger strike to stay in Australia
Associated Press, Mon November 29, 2004 02:28 EST . MERAIAH FOLEY - Associated Press Writer - The asylum seekers most of whom have been held at an immigration detention center in South Australia state for three to four years say they face grave danger if they are returned to Sri Lanka - , said Emma Corcoran, a spokeswoman for Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR)... Back to the top

Concern grows for Sri Lankans on hunger strike in Australia, 29/11/2004. There is concern for a group of detainees on a hunger strike at South Australia's Baxter detention centre... Back to the top

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