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Sri Lanka president wants to talk peace with Tamil rebels despite recent violence
Associated Press, Sun January 8, 2006 23:00 EST . Recent deadly attacks on Sri Lankan government forces allegedly carried out by Tamil Tiger rebels will not deter the president from trying to resume peace talks with the guerrillas, state-run media reported.

The administration of President Mahinda Rajapakse has said it is ready to meet with the rebels to ensure that the country's 2002 Norwegian-brokered cease-fire holds and that grievances of the ethnic minority Tamils are met.

``It is a great mistake if anyone believes that our decisions can be altered by means of terror,'' Rajapakse was quoted as saying by the state-run Daily News.

``Even today I would like to tell the people that we are still ready and committed to solve this problem in a peaceful manner by demonstrating our patience,'' he said.

On Saturday, a suspected Tamil Tiger rebel rammed an explosive-laden fishing boat into a navy vessel off northeastern Sri Lanka, killing 13 sailors in a suicide attack and raising fears that the country could slide back into civil war.

The latest attack brought the death toll in a recent wave of attacks on security forces to 58 since Dec. 4.

Authorities have blamed the attacks on the Tigers, saying the planning and execution of many the attacks clearly point to the troup, officially known as Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. However, the rebels have denied responsibility.

``The LTTE should realize that we are not deaf and blind,'' Rajapakse was quoted as saying. ``If someone takes my patience that I have inculcated through Buddhist values as my weakness, they would be mistaken.''

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Published: Mon Jan 9 08:04:34 EST 2006

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SLMM seeks explanation from LTTE
Sassanka Samarakkody,, Mon 09th Jan 13:00GMT. In response to numerous denials by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that it carried out any armed attacks on security personnel and civilians in the North-East, the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) had called the group to identify those whom they describe as “people” responsible for the attacks.

SLMM spokesperson Helen Olafsdottir told journalists that the LTTE had told them that the people in Jaffna were behind these attacks.

“Since they are so sure that people had carried out these killings, we asked them to identify them to the mission,” said Olafsdottir.

She said the SLMM did not want to whitewash anyone. According to the Army, the LTTE has killed 52 security personnel from last December upto now. They are in the habit of denying any ceasefire violations perpetrated by them.

Olafsdottir said the Mission had asked the LTTE whether they were responsible for these charges. They had denied responsibility, saying the people were behind these attacked. “We asked them: ‘If you are so certain it was the people, why can you not identify them,” she said. “Similarly we have asked the security forces to come out with concrete evidence to prove their allegations. The SLMM cannot act without firm evidence,” she said. Referring to the peace talks she said, “I must say both the LTTE and the government had the opportunity to have ground talks, but they have been missed out by both the parties.”

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Published: Mon Jan 9 08:18:41 EST 2006 Back to the top

Sri Lanka briefs foreign diplomats on sunken vessel
Associated Press, Mon 09th Jan 13:00GMT. Lanka's president Monday complained to western and Asian diplomats that Tamil Tiger rebels sunk a naval vessel, the government said.

President Mahinda Rajapakse met the ambassadors of Norway, Japan, Britain and the European Union - key backers of Sri Lanka's peace process, and briefed the about Saturday's pre-dawn attack that killed 13 sailors, a government statement said.

``The president condemning the attack in the strongest possible terms identified it as a suicide operation which had all the hallmarks of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam),'' the statement said.

The attack off the east coast of Trincomalee and brought the death toll of security forces to 59 since Dec. 4, when a wave of anti-government attacks began. Authorities have blamed the Tigers, who have denied responsibility.

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Published: Mon Jan 9 08:01:46 EST 2006 Back to the top

Vigilante Killings Fuel Cycle of Violence
IPS- Amantha Perera, January 09, 2006. COLOMBO, Jan 9 (IPS) - As the funeral procession carrying the coffins of five Tamil students, victims of Thursday's alleged vigilante killings, wound through the streets of the port town of Trincomalee, there were whispers among the mourners that retaliation would be swift... Back to the top

LTTE s New Year Message, Jan 09. In the first maritime terrorism incident of 2006, one or two suspected suicide naval bombers of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rammed an explosive-laden boat, resembling a small fishing vessel, against a Dvora fast attack vessel of Israeli design belonging to the Sri Lankan Navy outside the Tricomalee harbour in the early hours of January 7, 2006... Back to the top

Latest clash kills one soldier, two rebels in Sri Lanka 's northeast
Associated Press, Mon January 9, 2006 03:09 EST . Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels opened fire on a government military patrol in northeastern Sri Lanka, killing one soldier and starting a gunbattle that also left two rebels dead, the Defense Ministry said Monday... Back to the top

Sri Lankan MP seeks India s involvement in peace talks, Jan. 9. Chennai, Jan. 9. (PTI): India should directly involve itself in the peace talks between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE, Upcountry Tamils Front of Sri Lanka, a party of Sri Lankan Tamils of Indian origin, has said... Back to the top

DaimlerChrysler sold 2,019 Mercedes in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh last year
Associated Press, Mon January 9, 2006 08:33 EST . - - NEW DELHI (AP) DaimlerChrysler India sold 2,019 Mercedes cars in India, Sri Lanka - and Bangladesh in 2005, the most since it started operations in the region 10 years ago, a company statement said Monday... Back to the top

Officials urged to use foreign aid judiciously
Sassanka Samarakkody,, Mon 09th Jan 13:00GMT. PRESIDENT Mahinda Rajapakse said the government has to pay over Rs 9bn to people whose lands were acquired by the state for various purposes and ordered officials to speed up these payments... Back to the top

Presidential panel inquiry into Navy chief's deals
Sinha Ratnatunga,, Mon 09th Jan 13:00GMT. President Mahinda Rajapakse will appoint a Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate military procurement deals entered into by former Commander of the Navy and now Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Daya Sandagiri... Back to the top

Sri Lanka: Resume Peace Talks Without Delay, Mon 09th Jan 13:00GMT. THE visit of Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Rajapakse, to India took place in the background of rising apprehensions about the continuance of the ceasefire and the danger of war looming ahead in that country... Back to the top

Suspected S.Lanka rebels kill 1 soldier, wound 3
Reuters, January 09, 2006. COLOMBO, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels ambushed two army patrols in north-eastern Sri Lanka, killing one soldier, the army said on Monday as a search continued at sea for 13 sailors missing after an apparent suicide attack... Back to the top

Sri Lankan Tamil party calls for resumption of talks
Xinhua, January 08, 2006. COLOMBO, Jan. 8 (Xinhuanet) -- Sri Lanka's Tamil minority legislators have pointed out to President Mahinda Rajapakse that early resumption of talks was needed to diffuse the current volatile security situation in the country. Rajavayothi Sampanthan, the leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentary group said Sunday that a TNA delegation had met Rajapakse on Saturday in view of the violence that has endangered the ongoing Norwegian backed truce... Back to the top

Sri Lanka searches for sailors bodies, Jan 8, 2006, 15:50 GMT. COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (UPI) -- Sri Lanka has banned night fishing off the north-east port of Trincomalee to search for bodies of sailors killed in an attack Saturday... Back to the top

Hit by attacks, S.Lanka s army take no chances, 08 Jan 2006 05:56:05 GMT. JAFFNA, Sri Lanka, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Speeding along the rough roads of the Sri Lankan army-held Jaffna peninsula, guarded by armoured vehicles front and back, convoys transporting troops near Tamil rebel-held areas take no chances... Back to the top

Sri Lankan navy bars Tamil fishermen to go to sea, say rebels
Associated Press, Sun January 8, 2006 00:20 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) The Tamil Tiger rebels accused the Sri Lankan navy Sunday of barring Tamil fishermen from going to the sea, a day after suspected insurgents rammed a fishing boat packed with explosives into a navy vessel, killing 13 sailors... Back to the top

REGION: US concerned over violence in Sri Lanka, January 08, 2006. WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has voiced concern over a flare-up of violence in Sri Lanka, and hopes Colombo and Tamil Tiger rebels will resume talks to reinforce their fragile truce, the State Department said... Back to the top

Vaas bowls Sri Lanka to 20-run win over New Zealand
Associated Press, Sun January 8, 2006 02:42 EST . NAPIER, New Zealand (AP) _ Chaminda Vaas took four wickets Sunday to start and finish Sri Lanka's 20-run win over New Zealand and prevent a Kiwi sweep of the five-match limited-overs cricket series... Back to the top

``LTTE attack, a provocation''
Hindu, January 08, 2006. NEW DELHI: The South Block views the latest Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam attack that killed 15 Sri Lankan Navy soldiers outside the Trincomalee harbour on Saturday as part of a pattern of deliberate provocations... Back to the top

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