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Colombo tells Karuna to cool off
webindia, January 30. Ahead of crucial peace talks scheduled in Geneva, the Sri Lankan government has told breakaway Tamil Tigers leader Karuna to halt attacks on his former comrades. Although Colombo maintains officially that it has nothing to do with the "Karuna faction", informed sources in Sri Lanka said the message had gone to the group, which is active in the country's east, particularly in Batticaloa district.

"The government is gently applying pressure," a source told IANS over telephone. "There are now restrictions on the movement of Karuna's people in some areas."

Tamil sources confirmed the development but did not provide details beyond saying that government emissaries met Karuna's men over the weekend.

In a related development, a website quoted V. Muralidharan alias Karuna as saying he was declaring a "unilateral ceasefire" against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to help the government to talk to the Tigers. More...

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Published: Mon Jan 30 13:53:00 EST 2006

Report: Sri Lankan rebels reinforcing their feared 'Sea Tiger' naval force
Associated Press, Mon January 30, 2006 03:05 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lanka - 's Tamil Tiger rebels have trained more fighters for their ``Sea Tiger'' naval force, sparking yet more fears that a fraying government-rebel truce may snap, a defense analyst and pro-rebel Web-site said. The Tamil Tigers began fighting in 1983 for a separate state for Sri Lanka - 's minority ethnic Tamils, accusing the majority Sinhalese of discrimination. The conflict claimed at least 65,000 lives before a Norway-brokered cease-fire in 2002.

However, peace talks stalled over disagreements, and assassinations and attacks on government forces in recent months threaten to scuttle the truce. The military blames the violence on the Tamil Tigers, who deny responsibility.

On Wednesday, the government and rebels agreed to cease all hostilities and prepare for a new round of peace talks in Switzerland next month.

The Sea Tigers a Tamil Tiger wing with about 1,000 men and women were feared for their fierce and often successful attacks on Sri Lanka - 's navy during the civil war.

Within the rebels' navy, a branch dubbed the Black Sea Tigers have rammed small, explosive-packed boats into targets in deadly suicide attacks.

An explosive-laden boat rammed a Sri Lankan navy vessel in the northern waters on Jan. 7 and killed 13 sailors in an attack blamed on the Tigers, who denied responsibility.

The Sea Tigers won a crucial battle for their side in 2000, when they landed 1,500 guerrillas to help successfully seize the highly strategic Elephant Pass from government troops. The pass is a narrow causeway connecting the bulk of Sri Lanka - with the island country's Tamil-dominated north.

The Tigers have since controlled the pass the only land corridor between Sri Lanka - 's north and south.

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Published: Mon Jan 30 03:48:47 EST 2006 Back to the top

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LTTE trains new Sea Tigers amid truce  - PTI

Sri Lanka to have new Tamil party, January 31, 2006 8:15:05 AM. Troubled by their inability to play a larger role in Sri Lankan politics, Tamil politicians opposed to the Tamil Tigers are joining hands to form a new political party. In all probability, the new outfit would be called the All Ceylon Tamil Liberation Party, according to Tamil sources in Colombo.

Coming together to herald the venture are V. Anandasangaree of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), once Sri Lanka's main Tamil party but now a poor shadow of its old self, the People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOT) and the anti-LTTE faction of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF).

The common thread binding these groups is their uncompromising opposition to the LTTE, which has killed many of their members and leaders over the past 20 years, and their readiness to work within the Sri Lankan political system. More...
Published: Mon Jan 30 23:56:54 EST 2006 Back to the top

LTTE suggests dates for Geneva talks, January 30, 2006 - 08:15 EDT. The LTTE has suggested February 15 and 16 or 21 and 22 as dates for the proposed talks with the Sri Lankan government in Geneva... Back to the top

Blast hits causeway in rebel-held area of northern Sri Lanka
Associated Press, Sun January 29, 2006 11:32 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) An explosion rattled a strategic causeway in a rebel-held area of northern Sri Lanka - on Sunday, a police official said... Back to the top

Sri Lankan troops attacked in Jaffna despite temporary cease-fire
Associated Press, Sat January 28, 2006 22:46 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Sri Lankan troops came under attack attack twice in the rebel-dominated Jaffna peninsula, leaving one soldier dead despite a temporary cease-fire called last week, a military official and a pro-guerrilla Web site reported Sunday... Back to the top

Breakaway faction offers truce to Tamil Tigers
Hindu, January 30. Colombo, Jan. 30 (PTI): A breakaway faction of Tamil Tiger rebels today offered a ceasefire to the main guerrilla outfit and said the move was aimed at giving Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapakse, a chance to forge peace. The breakaway faction decided to stop attacking the mainstream Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Asian Tribune website said, quoting the renegade leader V... Back to the top

Tamil students allege discrimination in University Admissions
TamilNet, January 28. Two Tamil female candidates who sat for the Sri Lanka Law College entrance examination have filed a Fundamental Rights (FR) application in the Supreme Court alleging discrimination against Tamil medium candidates... Back to the top

Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration and Emigration is trying ..., 30 January 2006 17:21 hours . Jan 30(LBO) -Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration and Emigration is trying to reduce the queue up for passports... Back to the top

Biotech info centers launched in Sri Lanka, Pakistan
SeedQuest, January 30. Sri Lanka’s University of Colombo recently launched a new Biotechnology Education and Information center in December 2005... Back to the top

FEATURE-Sri Lanka s Tiger rebels have own rules, no bribes, 30 Jan 2006 01:00:13 GMT. KILINOCHCHI, Sri Lanka, Jan 30 (Reuters) - There's very little of Sri Lanka in Kilinochchi... Back to the top

Air Chief Marshal Tyagi leaves for Sri Lanka for goodwill talks, January 30, 2006 - 08:15 EDT. By Sutirtha Sanyal, New Delhi: Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Shashindra Pal Tyagi will begin a five-day goodwill visit to Sri Lanka from today, amid persisting concerns in India over the ongoing ethnic conflict in the neighbouring island-nation... Back to the top

Crowd race slurs target Sri Lanka, January 30, 2006. Racist crowd taunts at Australian grounds this summer have increased to include Sri Lanka, according to the Sydney Morning Herald... Back to the top

INTERVIEW-S.Lanka violence falls but peril remains-monitors, January 30, 2006 - 08:15 EDT. COLOMBO, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Violence has fallen dramatically in Sri Lanka since Tamil Tiger rebels and the government agreed last week to hold new talks, international truce monitors said on Monday, but rogue elements could still destroy a fragile peace... Back to the top

Australia beats Sri Lanka by six wickets
Associated Press, Sun January 29, 2006 08:04 EST . - - PERTH, Australia (AP) Adam Gilchrist snapped out of a form slump to score 116 runs from 105 balls and lead Australia to a six-wicket victory over Sri Lanka - in a tri-series limited-overs cricket match Sunday... Back to the top

Demonstration against US role in Sri Lanka, Sunday January 29 2006 09:02 IST . THANJAVUR: The supporters of Tamil Ealem Liberation staged a demonstration in Thanjavur on Saturday condemning the intervention of US in the affairs of Sri Lanka... Back to the top

Dengue: Stopping a potentially deadly threat in Sri Lanka
ReliefWeb, January 31. Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne viral infection, is endemic in Sri Lanka and many other countries with tropical climates... Back to the top

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