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The Lanka Academic offered live coverage of the Presidential Election in Sri Lanka.
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Headline Summary
F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
SB is back to base -- launches scathing attack against ex-President
Munza Mushtaq in Colombo, February 18, 2006, 2.35 a.m.. Just hours after his release from the Welikada prison, S.B. Dissanayake, the former Parliamentarian now stripped off his civic rights, launched a scathing verbal attack against former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. Mr.Dissanayke's comments included considerably unflattering comments about the former President and her behaviour.

Dissanayake was released today evening at 4.00 p.m. (Sri Lankan time) after President Mahinda Rajapakse granted him a presidential remission. Although he was sentenced for two years on charges of contempt of the Supreme Court, he was released one year, two months and ten days later. Dissanayake was sentenced to prison incidentally when Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga was the President.

Although stripped off his civic rights, Mr. Dissanayake addressing a large gathering at Colombo's Viharamahadevi park declared that he will continue his political career. His wife Thamara Dissanayake was the first to greet him as he came out of the Welikada prison with a sheaf of betels, thereby followed by his sons, other family members and colleagues.

UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe also called upon Dissanayake's supporters to continue their struggle until SB is granted his civic rights.

"Tomorrow we begin to work for our party, let's get together and work for the forthcoming local government elections together to ensure the UNP is victorious in most local authorities. Even if we can't solve the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) nomination list problem, let us look at other alternatives like contesting under an Independent Group to secure the victory at the CMC," he added.

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Published: Fri Feb 17 15:37:44 EST 2006

Sri Lankan rebels demand government hand over splinter group members
Associated Press, Fri February 17, 2006 09:46 EST . KRISHAN FRANCIS - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A top Tamil Tiger rebel Friday demanded that the Sri Lankan government hand over members of a splinter group who they blame for attacks against them. te in eastern Sri Lanka - .

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka - 's President Mahinda Rajapakse expressed confidence that Geneva talks would assure a productive start to the peace process.

Addressing a multiparty conference in Colombo to explain the peace process, Rajapakse said that the focus of the talks would be on ``implementing a meaningful cease-fire.''

Also Friday, the government released from prison four members of the Sea Tigers, the naval wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, said Helen Olafsdottir, a spokeswoman for a European cease-fire monitoring team.

Rebel spokesman Daya Master confirmed the release of the four men, who were arrested in October while allegedly filming the Trincomalee harbor, where Sri Lankan navy has a base. The government also withdrew charges of violating the country's anti-terrorism act.

The move was seen as a gesture of goodwill ahead of the Feb. 22-23 peace talks

The rebels plan to reciprocate by releasing a Sri Lankan policeman from their custody Saturday, said another rebel official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The policeman and two colleagues in September strayed into rebel territory while chasing an alleged pedophile from Britain.

The Tigers launched a violent campaign in 1983 to create a separate state for ethnic minority Tamils in the northeast, accusing the majority Sinhalese of discrimination. The civil war killed 65,000 people before the cease-fire was signed in 2002. Peace talks broke down a year later over rebel demands for wide autonomy.

Associated Press writers Dilip Ganguly and Bharatha Mallawarachi contributed to this report.

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Published: Fri Feb 17 10:29:04 EST 2006 Back to the top

Sri Lankan opposition to sue election officials, Feb. 17 2006. Sri Lanka's main opposition said here Friday that it would resort to legal action against the country's election authorities for their rejection of the party's nomination list for the Colombo Municipal Council.

Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said that legal action would be filed against the decision by the election authorities which is set to cost the party the control of the capital city for the first time in over three decades.

The UNP list of candidates for the Colombo Municipal Council was rejected Thursday due to the inclusion of an underaged candidate.

Wickremesinghe said the officials should have allowed the candidate to be replaced with another rather than reject it. More...
Published: Fri Feb 17 16:51:53 EST 2006 Back to the top

Sri Lanka monk says no peace until top rebel dead, Feb 17, 2006 . COLOMBO (Reuters) - A Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka, who heads a religious party opposed to a Tamil homeland in the north and east, says the country would be better off if the reclusive rebel leader of the Tamil Tigers were dead... Back to the top

Tamil rebel team leaves for Geneva talks, Sri Lanka releases four rebels
Associated Press, Fri February 17, 2006 06:34 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A delegation of top Tamil rebels left Colombo for Geneva Friday, where they will hold their first direct talks in nearly three years with the Sri Lankan government amid increasing violence between the two sides... Back to the top

UNP's Nomination list for CMC rejected
Munza Mushtaq in Colombo, February 16, 2006, 5.39 p.m.. The Department of Elections today afternoon rejected the United National Party (UNP) nomination's list to contest the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC)... Back to the top

Lanka IOC subsidy issue to be resolved, February 18. India is for intensifying efforts to clear payment of subsidy to the tune of $74 million to the "Lanka IOC," the Indo-Sri Lankan petroleum retail joint venture... Back to the top

Shadow hangs over Sri Lanka tourism, 17 February . Sri Lanka's government is due to hold talks with the Tamil Tiger rebels in Geneva next week... Back to the top

U.S. launches Security Council discussion of next secretary-general to replace Annan
Associated Press, Fri February 17, 2006 03:19 EST . EDITH M. LEDERER Associated Press Writer UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ The U... Back to the top

Sri Lankan rebel implies failed peace talks could bring all-out war; dynamite seized
Associated Press, Thu February 16, 2006 09:03 EST . DILIP GANGULY - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A top Tamil Tiger leader said Thursday the rebel group is committed to a four-year-old cease-fire, but implied that all-out war could occur if upcoming peace talks with the Sri Lankan government in Geneva fail... Back to the top

Sri Lanka questions commandos over student slaughter
afp, february 16. COLOMBO, Feb 14, 2006 (AFP) - Sri Lankan authorities interrogated 12 elite police commandos Tuesday over the massacre of five students which sparked major unrest in the island's north-east, official sources said... Back to the top

Rival Tamil Tiger factions clash in eastern Sri Lanka , one dead, two wounded
Associated Press, Thu February 16, 2006 02:00 EST . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) _ Rival factions of the Tamil Tiger rebels clashed in eastern Sri Lanka, killing one combatant and wounding two others, police said Thursday... Back to the top

Jayawardene to captain Sri Lanka in Bangladesh, Thu Feb 16, 2006. Sri Lanka have named Mahela Jayawardene as captain for the tour of Bangladesh starting this week... Back to the top

Sri Lankan left party calls for meaningful ceasefire, February 15, 2006. Sri Lanka's main left party, the JVP or the People's Liberation Front, said Tuesday that the government must prevail on the Tamil Tigers to make the ongoing ceasefire "meaningful"... Back to the top

Singapore says Thai deputy PM remains ASEAN's ``consensus candidate'' for UN chief post
Associated Press, Wed February 15, 2006 21:46 EST . SINGAPORE (AP) _ Thailand's deputy prime minister is still the top candidate among Southeast Asian nations for the post of U... Back to the top

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