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Roar of the Tamil Tigers
The Star, February 26, 2006. They apologized when they came knocking on her door one night. The Toronto woman won't say if the grass outside was green or covered in autumn leaves. All she will divulge is that the men came sometime before winter began last year, and they asked for a monthly donation of $50 for the "Tamil cause."

After an exhausting hour of debate, the Sri Lankan-born woman relented and agreed to $30 a month. But when she stopped her payments three months later, the men came back. Now they demanded a one-time payment of $2,000. "They said if I give them the money this time, they'll stop coming," recalls the wife and mother, who spoke to the Star on condition of strict anonymity.

The men never said where they were from, but asked for money to help "children without parents, people with no homes or boats back home" in Sri Lanka. But it was thoughts of angering the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE), or Tamil Tigers, that made the woman donate. More...

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Published: Sun Feb 26 17:49:04 EST 2006

Colombo insists truce pact illegal
GulfNews, February 27. Colombo: The Sri Lankan Government is defending its claims that sections of the controversial Cease-Fire Agreement with the Tamil rebels was against the country's constitution, but has opted to go along with it for the sake of negotiations with the rebels.

The government's peace delegation which led talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) soon after its return from talks in Geneva maintained that the government's previous position challenging the legality of the agreement remains.

"The question of invalidity of the agreement (CFA) remains as before", a member of the peace delegation H.L. De Silva, a president's counsel told journalists.

"What we are doing now is to reach some understanding between the two sides," he said. More...

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Published: Sun Feb 26 22:01:04 EST 2006 Back to the top

Switzerland allows LTTE to hold fundraising event
Saman Weragoda, SLT 4.00 P.M Sunday 26 February 2006. The government of Switzerland despite giving assurances to the government of Sri Lanka that they would not allow the LTTE to carry out fundraising activates in Switzerland had allowed the LTTE to conduct a cultural and fundraising activity in Frieberg on Saturday. The event which highlighted LTTE activities was titled ‘At Freedom’s Edge’. The event had displays, cutouts and decorations of the LTTE an organization banned in the United States, India and several other countries.

Diplomatic sources questioned why the Swiss government allowed the LTTE to carry out such activities when they expected the Swiss government to be impartial. The government of Switzerland which recently hosted the peace talks between the LTTE and Sri Lanka had pledged to play an impartial role during the talks. More...

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Published: Sun Feb 26 17:46:35 EST 2006 Back to the top

Sri Lanka gov't calls Geneva peace meet 'positive'+
Associated Press, Sun February 26, 2006 04:07 EST . COLOMBO, Feb. 26 (Kyodo) _ The Sri Lankan government on Sunday described last week's meeting in Geneva with the Tamil Tiger rebels as a ''positive development'' toward the goal of peace. ''The biggest winners are the peace-loving people of this country,'' said Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, who led Colombo's delegation in the two days of talks with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the first in nearly three years... Back to the top

UDA stands in way of new skyscraper for Colombo
Munza Mushtaq in Colombo, February 27, 2006, 1.37 a.m.. A multi-billion dollar skyscraper project has been kept on 'hold' for some mysterious reason by the Urban Development Authority (UDA), while its promoters and top Government ministers are losing patience... Back to the top

Lanka says truce pact was amended at Geneva, February 26, 2006. A fresh conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE is in the offing, with the government saying here on Sunday, that the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) of February 2002 was "amended" at the talks held in Geneva on February 22 and 23... Back to the top

Red Cross still looking for 9,000 missing Lankans, February 27. NEW DELHI: Of the thousands who went missing in Sri Lanka in decades of violence, an estimated 5,000 civilians and 4,000 soldiers are still unaccounted for... Back to the top

INTERVIEW-Renegade S.Lanka rebels refuse to give up arms, 26 Feb 2006 10:59:51 GMT. COLOMBO, Feb 26 (Reuters) - Breakaway rebels in Sri Lanka vowed on Sunday to resist any attempt to disarm them -- defying a government pledge seen vital to avoid a return to war... Back to the top

Sri Lanka running out of time to avoid preliminary round of ICC ..., February 26, 2006. Sri Lanka's failure to win all three ODIs in their series against Bangladesh means they are now well and truly running out of time to avoid playing in the preliminary round of this year's ICC Champions Trophy in India... Back to the top

Democratic Tamil Activist Arrested In Geneva
Udara Soysa, february 25. V. Ramaraj, the Director of the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) in United Kingdom and a leading Tamil democratic activist who has been covering Human Rights violations committed by the LTTE is being detained by the Swiss police under the charges made against him by LTTE activists in Geneva, according to sources from Geneva... Back to the top

Thousands march through Sri Lankan capital to mark anniversary of truce with Tamil Tiger rebels
Associated Press, Sat February 25, 2006 11:22 EST . BHARATHA MALLAWARACHI - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Thousands of people paraded through the streets of Sri Lanka - 's capital on Saturday to mark the fourth anniversary of a truce that halted the island's civil war... Back to the top

Lanka Tamils divided over talks
BBC, february 25. Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka are divided over the outcome of the talks between the government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the Tamil Tiger rebels in Geneva, Switzerland... Back to the top

Sri Lanka and rebels agree on more talks
By Shimali Senanayake -- The New York Times, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2006. CELIGNY, Switzerland. The first talks in three years between Sri Lanka and its ethnic separatist rebels have produced an unexpectedly cheerful agreement: To talk again in April... Back to the top

Will Sri Lanka disarm Karuna?, 25 Feb 2006. By M.R. Narayan Swamy, New Delhi: Sri Lanka's peace process has got a new lease of life following the Geneva talks with Tamil Tiger guerrillas but Colombo is faced with a daunting task: how to de-fang 'Colonel' Karuna? It is reliably learnt that the Sri Lankan government has promised Norway to disarm Karuna, who heads the breakaway faction of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and has emerged as the biggest headache for the guerrillas... Back to the top

Tigers to discuss truce with Sri Lanka Muslims, Feb. 25. COLOMBO, Feb. 25 (Xinhuanet) -- The Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger rebels say they would soon start talks with the minority Muslims on the Norwegian backed truce following their deliberations in Geneva with the government, according to the Tamil press reports here Saturday. The Tamil press quoted the Head of the political wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), S... Back to the top

Sri Lanka to open office in Karachi for tea marketing
com, February 26. KARACHI: Sri Lanka has decided to open an office in Karachi for tea marketing in order boost the sale of its main product in Pakistan... Back to the top

Tamil Tiger rebel surrenders to Sri Lankan army, military says
Associated Press, Sat February 25, 2006 04:28 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) A Tamil Tiger rebel has surrendered to the Sri Lankan army, two days after government and rebel officials met for peace talks in Geneva for the first time in three years, a Defence Ministry official said on Saturday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka beats Bangladesh by 78 runs to claim series
Associated Press, Sat February 25, 2006 06:43 EST . CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh (AP) _ Kumar Sangakkara smashed a brilliant century Saturday to give Sri Lanka a comfortable 78-run win over Bangladesh and a 2-1 limited-overs cricket series victory... Back to the top

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