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Sri Lankan president's allies call for strong army to stop rebels returning to war
Associated Press, Mon March 6, 2006 05:40 EST . BHARATHA MALLAWARACHI - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Two parties aligned with Sri Lanka - 's president urged him on Monday to strengthen the armed forces to deter Tamil Tiger rebels from returning to war, as new violence threatened a four-year-old cease-fire.

``While continuing dialogue with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the government should also ramp up its strengthening and training of the armed forces so that the LTTE will realize that going to war is not an option,'' the Marxist People's Liberation Front said at meeting of the country's main political parties convened by President Mahinda Rajapakse.

A radical Buddhist monks' party, Jathika Hela Urumaya, also called for rebuilding the army.

Rajapakse summoned the leaders of all major political parties on Monday in a bid to salvage the country's faltering peace process, threatened by increasing violence as well as by sharp differences among his political allies.

``There was full support for the president's call for the peace process to go forward and succeed,'' said Lucian Rajakarunanayake, a spokesman for the president. ``There were divergent views on how to go about it, but all agreed that peace talks should go ahead.''

The meeting was held behind closed doors.

It was the first meeting of all major parties since Feb. 22-23 talks between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels in Geneva, where they agreed to scale down violence and meet again on April 19-21. Truce monitors fear a recent resumption of attacks with three deaths in three days could put the talks in jeopardy.

Rajapakse has been criticized by the Marxists and the Buddhist monks' party, as well as by the main opposition United National Party, on the way the peace process is being conducted.

The Marxists and the monks' party oppose any concessions for the rebels, who began fighting in 1983 to create a separate homeland for the island's 3.2 million Tamil minority.

The support of the two allies which together have 50 seats in the 225-member legislature is crucial for Rajapakse's minority government.

The opposition UNP, which previously said it would back the government's peace efforts, is now demanding more transparency. It was during an earlier UNP government that the Norwegian-brokered cease-fire was signed in 2002, ending nearly two decades of fighting that killed 65,000 people.

Recent violence has killed at least 150 people, including 81 government security officers, and led to an increase in tensions and concerns over the stability of the cease-fire.

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Published: Mon Mar 6 07:56:16 EST 2006

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bbc, March 6. The main opposition in Sri Lanka, United National Party (UNP), has demanded government engage in talks with them parallel to talks with the Tamil Tigers.

Senior UNP lawmaker Dr. Jayalath Jayawardhane said that the party urged President Rajapaksa to conduct direct talks with the UNP and opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe.

But Dr. Jayawardhana avoided answering repeated questions by BBC Sandeshaya as to why the party did not involve any other political party in the peace process while in power. More...

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Sri Lanka president hails political party support for peace move, March 06, 2006, - 14:57. COLOMBO, March 6 (Xinhuanet) -- Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse on Monday hailed the support coming from all political parties for his peace moves with the Tamil Tiger rebels, the stateradio said. Addressing an all party forum on the N orwegian backed peace process with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, Rajapakse said that all political parties must unite in the task of resolving the bloody armed separatist conflict. Rajapakse had summoned the all party forum to discuss the outcome of last month's talks in Geneva between his negotiators and the rebels, said Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Some 14 political parties had attended the meeting and all parties were of the opinion that peace efforts must be further pursued, said Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva, the head ofthe government negotiating team. "We have had a very positive response from all parties and the view is that talks must be continued," De Silva was quoted by the radio as saying. However, at the start of the talks, the leftist JVP (National Liberation Front), one of Rajapakse's allies, had been critical ofthe joint statement released after the talks held in Geneva. The JVP leader Somawansa Amerasinghe regretted the government action in issuing a joint statement with the Tigers in Geneva and said that the government must lay emphasis on its military strength so as to keep the Tigers in the negotiating table. This was the third round of all party talks moved by Rajapakse aimed at achieving broader consensus for his peace moves. More...
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Three ways to fight terrorism - Editorial
national post, March 5. The result of the Liberals' cowardice is that the Tigers have been permitted to conduct door-to-door shakedowns of the Tamil community for years... Back to the top

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Indian potatoes to flood Lanka, Dubai markets, March 05, 2006 - 18:40 EDT. ‘KUFRI BAHAR’ a variety of potato grown by the farmers in Kanpur, Agra and Meerut will flood the vegetable markets in Sri Lanka and Dubai soon... Back to the top

Killing of Tamil rebels blow to Sri Lanka 's cease-fire, truce monitors say
Associated Press, Sun March 5, 2006 06:58 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) An ambush on a Tamil Tiger rebel checkpoint that killed two rebels in eastern Sri Lanka - has dealt a major blow to a four-year-old cease-fire, European monitors said Sunday... Back to the top

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