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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
T  O  P      H  E  A  D  L  I  N  E
India move on Lanka after TN polls
IBN/CNN, April 28. New Delhi: Sri lanka was quiet for today. But don't expect any proactive moves by India on Sri Lanka until the Tamil Nadu elections are over.

After that India will be looking to broaden the pressures on the LTTE to isolate them as a first step towards weakening their military capability.

After two days of air strikes Eastern Sri Lanka was reported quiet. No fighting was reported from the northern front either.

UN relief officials are yet to verify claims by the LTTE that up to 40,000 people have been displaced by the air strikes and 12 killed.

India had earlier condemned the suicide attack on Sri Lanka's army chief Lt General Sarath Fonseca that sparked off the fighting.

But India's action has been limited to words. Indian diplomats admit the need not to alienate the domestic Tamil vote drives policy towards Sri Lanka. More... [Watch] Discuss this story
Published: Thu Apr 27 21:51:50 EDT 2006

Six killed as fresh violence engulfs Sri Lanka
Shimali Senanayake in Colombo, April 27th, 2006, 6.30 pm. At least four soldiers and two sailors were killed and six others wounded in separate explosions on Thursday, even as the military ceased aerial bombings on rebel positions in eastern Sri Lanka.

A Claymore fragmentation mine exploded in northwestern Mannar killing at least three soldiers and wounding five others, Brig. Prasad samarasinghe, military spokesman said. The soldiers were having a river bath when the blast took place.

A grenade attack at an army point in northern Jaffna, killed one soldier and wounded another, he said.

Two sailors on a motor-cycle were killed in a mine blast in Kyts, Jaffna, hours after three commandos from Sri Lanka's special task force _ an anti-terrorist elite force _ were slightly injured in another claymore explosion also in Mannar, Samarasinghe said.

He blamed the Tamil Tiger rebels for the blasts.

The fresh attacks took place even as the military ceased bombing rebel positions in eastern Sampoor, in retaliation to guerrilla strikes and hours after a suicide bombing killed at least nine people and injured 28 others, including Sri Lanka's army chief.

Diplomats said pressure from neighboring India prompted the government to halt the air strikes.

A key highway, which links Sri Lanka's north with the rest of the country was also reopened.

Ulf Henricsson, head of the cease-fire monitoring mission visited the areas targeted by the bombings for the first time on Thursday. A Tamil rebel leader there, S. Elilan had informed him that 16 civilians were killed in the military operations and 30 others were injured, said Helen Olafsdottir, spokeswoman.

She said Henricsson had also inspected nearby Muttur, where four civilians had been killed and at least nine others injured. The military and the rebels traded charges about who was responsible for the incident.

"Based on Mr. Henricsson's personal observation, he confirmed that the impact and weapons used were from the government forces," Olafsdottir said.

Meanwhile, UN agencies on Thursday were trying to assess the extent of displacement and the reported exodus following the air strikes.

The Tamil rebels said more than 40,000 people were rendered homeless following the military air raids.

"The recent displacement in and around Trincomalee is of serious concern to UNHCR and its sister UN agencies and NGOs," said Lyndon Jeffels, communication officer for the UNHCR, calling the 40,000 figure "somewhat excessive."

However, he said UNHCR estimates "around 7-8,000 people have moved from the cluster of villages near the area of military operations and air strikes in Sampoor."

The fluctuation in displacement figures may have been due to some people returning to their homes in the daytime, spending only the evening in displacement locations, Lyndon said.

"As the situation calms, UNHCR staff are now working to establish the urgent needs to inform a coordinated and appropriate response," he said.

A team from International Committee of the Red Cross also visited rebel-held Sampoor on Thursday.

"There is displacement along the coast-line with people moving inland," said Marcal Izard, ICRC spokesman, but declined to pin-down figures,"

Izard said although there were requests on Wednesday, to evacuate the injured from areas hit by the bombing, the ICRC couldn't't respond as there were no firm security guarantees.

On Thursday, the ICRC had evacuated two civilians to the eastern Batticaloa hospital, he said.

Norwegian peace brokers, meanwhile were optimistic about salvaging Sri Lanka's unraveling peace bid.

"Both parties say they are committed to the cease-fire and are coherent in their message," said Jon Hanssen-Bauer, Noyway's special peace envoy, before leaving the island earlier Thursday. "Both parties need to do whatever in their power to contain the escalating violence and curb it from deteriorating into communal clashes."

"We don't need more polarization and hatred," he said.

Hanssen-Bauer said talks in Geveva were still not ruled out. He left for an emergency meeting between the United States, Japan, the European Union and Norway, known as the co-chairs to Sri Lanka's peace process, scheduled to take place in Oslo, Norway on Friday.

The international community has strongly condemned Tuesday's suicide bombing. The attack bore the hallmarks of the guerrillas, though they have denied responsibility.

On Thursday, the Tigers accused the international community of failing to exert pressure on the government to stop the air raids.

"While GoSL (government) has openly declared war, and is carrying out these reprehensible murders of Tamil civilians, the international community is turning a blind eye," the Tigers said in a statement.

"This terror atmosphere that has been created throughout the Tamil homeland has shattered the Tamil people=85Today, Tamil people are seeking and expecting protection from our movement," the statement said. Discuss this story
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Sri Lanka cease air and artillery strikes on rebels
Munza Mushtaq in Colombo, April, 27, 2006, 3.00 p.m.. Air and artillery strikes launched by Sri Lankan security forces on Tuesday has ceased 'atleast for the time being' with the situation in Trincomalee reportedly being calm today. The attacks reportedly resulted in some 15 dead and about 5000 civilians fleeing their homes in fear of being struck.

Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) spokesperson Helen Olafsdottir told the Lanka Academic that the situation in Trincomalee 'appears calm', after security forces ceased air and artillery strikes.

SLMM head Ulf Henricsson who rushed to trouble prone Trincomalee yesterday visited Sampoor and was scheduled to go to Muttur today. He is expected to return to Colombo after which he is likely to meet with members of the Government peace Secretariat and also travel to Killinochchi later to meet with top Tiger rebels.

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Tigers forcing Tamils to flee from homes. TRO appeals for help.
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India move on Lanka after TN polls, April 27, 2006, 16:20 EDT. New Delhi: Sri lanka was quiet for today. But don't expect any proactive moves by India on Sri Lanka until the Tamil Nadu elections are over... Back to the top

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Sri Lankan peace deal in danger as sailors die in mine attack
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Will The LTTE make an air Strike on Colombo?
com, April 27, 2006, 06:55 EDT. The LTTE demonstrated its unimpaired capability for planning and mounting a clandestine strike against even the key nerve centres of the Government in Colombo on April 25,2006... Back to the top

Tamil rebels say 40,000 people have fled homes in face of government airstrikes
DILIP GANGULY , Associated Press, Thu 27th Apr 5:00GMT. Some 40,000 civilians fled their homes in northeastern Sri Lanka to escape government airstrikes on Tamil rebel areas, the insurgents said Thursday, as the country's cease-fire faced its most serious threat in four years... Back to the top

Colombo fears separatist attacks on banks, Thu 27th Apr 5:00GMT. Sri Lanka yesterday enforced a security blanket around the capital Colombo amid fears that Tamil separatists would attack economic targets such as banks... Back to the top

Norway issues travel advisory for parts of Sri Lanka
Associated Press, Thu April 27, 2006 06:47 EDT . - - OSLO, Norway (AP) Norway, the peace mediator in Sri Lanka - 's civil war, advised its citizens Thursday against traveling to parts of the country because of increased violence... Back to the top

5 headless corpses found in Sri Lanka ; Police unsure if deaths linked to ethnic violence.
Associated Press, Thu April 27, 2006 04:12 EDT . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Police found five headless corpses near the Sri Lankan capital Thursday, a senior police officer said, and authorities were investigating if the deaths are linked to a recent upsurge in fighting with Tamil rebels... Back to the top

Sri Lankans resigned to another long war
Frances Bulathsinghala, Dawn, Thu 27th Apr 5:30GMT. As anti-LTTE groups clamoured for local and international banning of the LTTE, following Tuesday’s blast in Colombo by a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber, the country is preparing for what could be yet another bloody war... Back to the top

Sri Lanka bombs stop as island teeters on brink
Peter Apps, Reuters, Thu 27th Apr 5:00GMT. Sri Lanka's military said crossing points to Tamil Tiger territory had reopened on Thursday and that it had ceased bombing rebel targets, but did not rule out more attacks as the island teetered on the brink of war... Back to the top

Outrageous attack -Editorial
Hindu, April 27. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has once again shown that it is not interested in a negotiated settlement to the conflict in Sri Lanka... Back to the top

Whither Sri Lanka's peace process? Opinion
Hindu, Apr 27, 2006. SRI LANKA's faltering peace process suffered another blow on April 25 when a woman suicide bomber of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) blew herself up inside the Army headquarters in Colombo... Back to the top

Sri Lanka defends air strikes
Hindu, April 27. COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan Government on Wednesday said it had the "right to self-defence" and asserted that "co-ordinated operations" by its armed forces, including air strikes on "selected targets" in areas controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), "will continue" as long as rebel attacks take place... Back to the top

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