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MARCH 7, 2008 EST, USA
VOL. 8, NO. 336


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Ethnic Divide Worsens as Sri Lanka Conflict Escalates
NYT Registration Reqd., march 8. COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — There are no eyes on this war. A truce between the Sri Lankan government and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is over, and gone are the Nordic monitors who kept watch over it.

The government has refused entry to United Nations human rights monitors. Independent journalists are not allowed anywhere near the front lines. Only occasionally does a glimpse of the war’s damage surface, as when the Red Cross confirmed that in the first six weeks of this year alone, 180 civilians had been killed, a toll it called “appalling.”

While it is impossible to gauge what is happening on the battlefield, that is where, it seems, the government has placed its bets to settle the long-running ethnic war, once and for all. As it does, the public mood in this country is more divided than in many years, like an old scratch that has festered into a gaping wound.

The new government offensive against the ethnic Tamil insurgents, who have fought for a quarter-century to carve a separate homeland from this island, has received ample public support, at least among the ethnic Sinhalese who are the majority. More... Discuss this story
Published: Fri Mar 7 21:21:12 EST 2008

Gene smuggling racket: Many higher academics involved
DM, march 8. The Customs Bio Diversity Unit which is investigating the multi-million dollar racket, involving the smuggling of endemic plants genes and linked to the Institute of Fundamental Studies (IFS), have discovered a well-connected network that also involved some higher academics attached to the University of Peradeniya.

A Customs spokesman told the Daily Mirror yesterday that investigations had commenced after the seizure of chromosomes of four endemic seaweeds at the Bandaranaike International Airport on Monday night, as they were about to be smuggled out of the country by a senior professor attached to the IFS.

This had led to the shocking discovery that a group of highly placed academics attached to the IFS and the University of Peradeniya were involved in the racket.

It is reported that some of these academics even had links with leading global trade bodies like Syngenta Global and NNRTI’s which are renowned for their agribusiness and medicinal drug manufactories as well as their intense research on related subjects. More... Discuss this story
Published: Fri Mar 7 21:32:36 EST 2008 Back to the top

Sri Lanka, India Strengthen Military Links
prensa latina, march 8. Colombo, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) India and Sri Lanka agreed to strengthen military ties in a joint effort to fight the separatist group Tamil Eelam Liberation Tigers (TLET), the LankaNews information agency reported.

The Indian Army chief, general Deepak Kapoor, and the commander of Sri Lanka armed forces, lieutenant general Sarta Fonseca, agreed to strengthen links in the current operations against the Tamil Tigers, noted the source, which echoed a Defense Ministry's note.

The Sri Lankan authority pointed out that over 30 countries considered terrorist the group that has been fighting since 25 years ago for a Tamil separate state in Sri Lanka north and east. More... Discuss this story
Published: Fri Mar 7 21:23:41 EST 2008 Back to the top

Military says 38 rebels, 4 soldiers killed in Sri Lanka fighting
Associated Press, Fri March 7, 2008 02:11 EST . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Government forces and ethnic Tamil rebels fought fierce battles across northern Sri Lanka - that killed 38 guerrillas and four soldiers, the military said Friday... Back to the top

62 Indian fishermen detained by Sri Lankan Navy
sify, march 8. The fishermen, all from Chinnathurai village near Thoothur in Kanyakumari district, were taken into custody by the Sri Lankan Navy personnel at 10 am, they said... Back to the top

Sri Lanka says 66 combatants killed in fresh fighting, March 7. COLOMBO (AFP) — At least 61 Tamil Tiger rebels and five government troops were killed in fresh fighting across Sri Lanka's embattled north, the defence ministry said on Friday... Back to the top

Sri Lanka slammed over disappearances, failed probe
Reuters, March 6. COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka is responsible for widespread abductions and disappearances as it fights a new phase in a 25-year civil war, a rights group said on Thursday, while foreign experts quit in protest at a failed abuses probe... Back to the top

Independent panel monitoring rights abuse probe in Sri Lanka resigns in frustration
Associated Press, Thu March 6, 2008 07:54 EST . RAVI NESSMAN - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) An international advisory panel said Thursday it was resigning over Sri Lanka - 's refusal to properly investigate alleged human rights abuses, while a new report blamed the government for the abductions of hundreds of people... Back to the top

Parappakandal under army control, 23 killed in Lanka clashes, March 6, 2008. Colombo (PTI): Sri Lankan army on Thursday brought the entire town suburb of Parappakandal in Mannar district under its control even as 22 rebels and a soldier died in clashes in other parts of the embattled Northern region of the country, the army said on Thursday... Back to the top

Pro-rebel lawmaker killed in roadside blast, party official says
Associated Press, Thu March 6, 2008 05:38 EST . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) _ A lawmaker allied with the Tamil Tiger rebels and his driver were killed Thursday when a roadside bomb tore through their vehicle as it traveled through rebel-held territory in northern Sri Lanka... Back to the top

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