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MARCH 19, 2008 EST, USA
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ICRC accuses Sri Lanka of manipulating rights data
daily times, March 20. COLOMBO: The International Red Cross on Wednesday angrily accused Sri Lanka’s government of releasing confidential communications and manipulating information from the organisation to defend its rights record.

In rare public criticism of a government, the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Colombo has been “misrepresenting its findings” to stave off allegations it was behind abductions and disappearances. The row surrounds Sri Lanka’s use of a confidential report by the ICRC, which did not give a figure for disappearances on the war-torn island, to dispute ongoing allegations that hundreds of people had gone missing on the island. More... Discuss this story
Published: Wed Mar 19 21:38:42 EDT 2008

Wild elephants fall victim to Sri Lanka war strategy, March 20. PIMBURELLEGAMA, Sri Lanka (Reuters) - Shaking his head at an elephant carcass rotting by a lush paddy field in north Sri Lanka, park warden J.A. Weerasingha counts the cost of a state initiative to arm villagers against Tamil Tiger rebels.

While Sri Lanka has long wrestled with a human-elephant conflict that kills dozens of animals and people annually, elephant deaths are up sharply -- and it's clear why.

In what the military says is a bid to protect villages in the far north as the government and its Tiger foes wage a new phase of a 25-year civil war, farmers have been given shotguns and a civil defense force semi-automatic weapons for protection. More... Discuss this story
Published: Wed Mar 19 21:35:25 EDT 2008 Back to the top

'Secular' funeral for Clarke
gulfnews, March 20. COLOMBO: British-born science fiction guru Arthur C Clarke is likely to be buried at the main cemetery in Colombo at this week at a "strictly secular" funeral, his secretary said. "The funeral is most likely to be on Saturday," his secretary Nalaka Gunawardena said. "We are awaiting the arrival of family members from Britain and Australia. They are already on the way."

He had battled debilitating post-polio syndrome for years and died after suffering breathing problems, aide Rohan De Silva said.

Clarke, who shot to fame after writing 2001: A Space Odyssey, died at a hospital here yesterday at the age of 90. He had made Sri Lanka his adopted home since 1956.

"Sir Arthur's wish was that his funeral be held in Sri Lanka as a private event," he said. More... Discuss this story
Published: Wed Mar 19 21:37:00 EDT 2008 Back to the top

Dilmah aims to reveal tea's health secrets
foodweek, March 20. Tea company Dilmah has comissioned New Zealand's Riddet Institute to examine the impact of tea on health... Back to the top

LTTE told to seek India s help to put off provincial polls, 19 march. Colombo (PTI): Pro-rebel MPs in Sri Lanka have urged the LTTE to seek India's help in "putting off" provincial elections to be held in the island's east on May 10, saying the poll results would not be a true reflection of the people's choice as they would be "rigged"... Back to the top

Arthur C. Clarke's honour delayed by sex claims
times, March 20. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who died on Tuesday at the age of 90, had admirers across the globe but even his most ardent followers were uncomfortable with accusations of paedophilia levelled at him in his adopted home of Sri Lanka... Back to the top

EU warns Sri Lanka trade depends on rights record, 19 march. COLOMBO, March 19 (Reuters) - The European Union has told Sri Lanka it has "very serious concerns" about civil war human rights abuses and that lucrative trade concessions could be at risk if they continue... Back to the top

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90 in Sri Lanka , aide says
Associated Press, Tue March 18, 2008 18:07 EDT . RAVI NESSMAN - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Arthur C... Back to the top

Fear grips Sri Lanka's state television after wave of mysterious attacks
Associated Press, Tue March 18, 2008 08:34 EDT . BHARATHA MALLAWARACHI - Associated Press Writer - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Workers at Sri Lanka's state television channel fear they are being hunted... Back to the top

Bail granted to man charged in B.C. for allegedly raising funds for terrorists
cbc, March 18. The Toronto man who is the first person in Canada to be charged with helping finance terrorists was granted bail in a British Columbia court Tuesday... Back to the top

India Should End Military Aid to Sri Lanka, Tamil Party Says, March 18, 2008. March 19 (Bloomberg) -- India should stop its military aid to Sri Lanka and mediate in the conflict with the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a Tamil party in India's coalition government said... Back to the top

Floods displace thousands in east Sri Lanka, Mar 18. COLOMBO, March 18 (Reuters) - Floods triggered by torrential rain have forced more than 7,000 people from their homes in eastern Sri Lanka, with some taking shelter in schools and mosques, officials said on Tuesday... Back to the top

Emirati police arrest hundreds of south Asian workers to end violent strike over low wages
Associated Press, Tue March 18, 2008 17:55 EDT . BARBARA SURK - Associated Press Writer - It wasn't clear where the workers were from, but a building boom in the oil-rich Arab nations of the Gulf is being carried out by hundreds of thousands of low-paid laborers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka - and Bangladesh... Back to the top

Tamils are slaves in India: LTTE leader
com, 18 March . Colombo: A leader of the Tamil Tigers has alleged that Tamils in India are not a free people but are slaves of the Indian state, according to a media report Tuesday... Back to the top

Sri Lankan government says 12 Tamil rebels, three soldiers killed in new fighting
Associated Press, Tue March 18, 2008 01:53 EDT . - - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Fighting across the dense jungles of northern Sri Lanka - has killed 12 Tamil Tiger rebels and three government soldiers, the military said Tuesday... Back to the top

Canadian Tamil held for raising funds for LTTE
com, 19 march. Vancouver: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) here has arrested a Tamil for raising funds for the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)... Back to the top

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