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Lankan Peacekeepers in Haiti safe – Military Spokesman
Derana, Jan 13. All 950 Sri Lankan who were on duty as UN Peacekeeping Force personnel in Haitiare safe, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told Ada Derana a short while ago. A fierce earthquake struck Haiti late Tuesday afternoon, causing widespread damage around the capital. He added that they had established contact with the troops and when the earthquake hit Haitithe Lankans had been in several locations outside the capital. More...Discuss this story
Published: Tue Jan 12 23:39:50 EST 2010

Thousands feared dead as huge earthquake destroys UN headquarters in Haiti
Times, Jan 13. Thousands of people were feared dead after a powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti last night, toppling buildings and causing widespread damage and panic.

The United Nations headquarters was one of scores of buildings that were toppled, including the presidential palace,government buildings and a cathedral. Roads and bridges also lay in ruins.

Communications were widely disrupted, making it impossible to get a clear picture of the damage as violent aftershocks shook the country, where many buildings are flimsy. Electricity was lost in some places.

A thick pall of dust lay over the city as people poured into the streets screaming, with buildings crumbling around them. As night fell, thousands squatted in sports grounds and on the streets, too terrified of aftershocks to return to their homes. More...Discuss this story
Published: Tue Jan 12 23:05:43 EST 2010 Back to the top

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'Large number' of UN Haiti staff missing after quake  -
U.N. Haiti HQ seriously damaged, personnel missing  - Reuters

Sri Lanka Increases Security After Election Shooting
Bloomberg, Jan. 13 . Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Sri Lanka ordered increased security after one person was killed when gunmen attacked a bus carrying opposition supporters in the first such violence during campaigning for the Jan. 26 presidential election.

The government “will not tolerate such acts of violence in the midst of this democratic process,” the presidential secretariat said in an e-mailed statement. The authorities will “bolster security at political events up to and on polling day to ensure that all Sri Lankans can participate safely in the election process.”

The attack took place yesterday in the southern town of Tangalle, the government said. The bus was carrying supporters of opposition candidate General Sarath Fonseka, Agence France- Presse reported, citing police. The general wasn’t in the area at the time of the attack, it said.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa called presidential elections two years before his mandate expires in a bid to capitalize on his government ending almost 30 years of civil war with Tamil separatist rebels in the north and east. Fonseka, his man challenger, has won backing from the main alliance of Tamil political parties, which wants the north and east to be merged. More...Discuss this story
Published: Tue Jan 12 21:21:05 EST 2010 Back to the top

Lanka: Indian origin Tamils with Fonseka
ENS, Jan 13. NUWARA ELIYA (CENTRAL SRI LANKA): Barring the plantation workers suporting the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) led by Arumugan Thondaman, Sri Lanka’s Tamils of Indian origin seem to be strongly with Gen... Back to the top

US calls for peaceful elections in Sri Lanka
IANS, Jan 12. The US said Tuesday that it was 'deeply concerned' over the escalating violence linked to the Jan 26 presidential elections in Sri Lanka... Back to the top

Sri Lanka's Choice, and the World's Responsibility - Op-Ed
Chris Patten - NYT, Jan 13. Pity the poor Sri Lankan voter. As presidential elections loom on Jan... Back to the top

Sarath Fonseka: Sri Lanka is in danger of winning the war but losing the peace - Opinion
Independent, Jan 13. I come before you today, not as a politician with years of experience, but as someone with a lifelong commitment to safeguarding the country... Back to the top

Australia stands by Tamil visa rejection
ABC, Jan 13. MOTTRAM: The five Tamils concerned are now in Australia's immigration detention centre on Christmas Island... Back to the top

Sri Lanka - Tougher sentences for Canadian LTTE supporters
Isria, 12 Jan. U.S. prosecutors are seeking tougher sentences for three Tamil-Canadians who were caught by the FBI trying to buy anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons for the LTTE three years ago... Back to the top

Fonseka supporter killed in Sri Lanka
DPA, Jan 12. A female supporter of the former army commander who is standing for president was shot dead by political rivals in southern Sri Lanka Tuesday, police said... Back to the top

Slow swing in favour of 'Swan' and the perturb at President's campaign - Opinion??
TamilWeek, Jan 12. For President Mahinda Rajapaksa last week was not a happy one... Back to the top

Sri Lanka president offers pre-vote concessions
afp, jan 12. COLOMBO (AFP) – Sri Lanka's president on Tuesday offered concessions to ethnic Tamil demands for greater autonomy ahead of elections in which the minority community could play a decisive role... Back to the top

Sri Lanka court frees Tamil editor on bail
AFP, Jan 11, 2010. Sri Lanka's court of appeal on Monday freed on bail a Tamil editor whose 20-year prison sentence last year for supporting "terrorism" drew international criticism, a court official said... Back to the top

India, Sri Lanka ink pact for construction of railway line in Northern Province
The Hindu, 11 Jan. India and Sri Lanka on Monday signed commercial agreement for the construction of the railway line between Omanthai and Pallai in the war-torn Northern Province... Back to the top

Sri Lanka shares hit new peak on heavy local buying
Reuters, 11 Jan. COLOMBO, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan shares .CSE hit a new record high on Monday, led by high local trade in the tourism, plantation, and motor sectors.

The All-Share Price Index ... Back to the top

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