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F R E E      C L A S S I F I E D S
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Sri Lanka opposition warns of poll violence
AFP, Jan 24. COLOMBO (AFP) – Sri Lanka's opposition warned on Saturday of possible vote-rigging and violence by the ruling party in next week's presidential election as both sides wound up campaigning. Ahead of final campaign rallies later on Saturday, opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka predicted that the ruling party, led by President Mahinda Rajapakse, would use violence to intimidate his supporters in Tuesday's vote. "They want to create violence and discourage people from voting. A lower turnout will help rigging," he told reporters, adding he expected fake voters and forged ballot papers to also be used. In the run-up to the poll, police say at least four people have been killed and hundreds wounded in clashes between rival supporters. The house of an influential opposition figure was bombed on Friday. More...Discuss this story
Published: Sat Jan 23 19:23:18 EST 2010
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Poll violence will reverse Lanka's good image, warns US
ZeeNews, Jan 23. Colombo: Expressing concern over the escalating poll violence in the run up to the January 26 Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka, the US has warned this could reverse the good image, the nation has started building after the end of the civil war in May last year.

"Of course everybody is focused on the upcoming (Presidential) Elections. What is concerning us is that the escalating violence which has no place in a democratic process," US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Patricia A Butenis said.

"The international image of Sri Lanka is just beginning to change from a land were it is all danger and conflict to one where it is a great country where may be we can do business," she said. More... Discuss this story
Published: Sat Jan 23 00:59:06 EST 2010 Back to the top

The gloves are off in Sri Lanka's election
Asian Times, Jan 23. BANGALORE - With Sri Lankans going to the polls on January 26 to elect their next president, there is considerable apprehension that polling will be neither free nor fair. The run-up to polling day has been violent, with five people killed in poll-related violence and scores injured.

The election monitoring group, People's Action for Free and Fair Elections, has recorded 382 confirmed instances of violation of election laws between November 17, when candidates filed nominations, and January 20.

Supporters of the ruling party and the opposition are "aggressively moving towards a violent election", a spokesperson of the

Campaign for Free and Fair Elections told the BBC. "The remainder of the election campaign and the presidential election itself will not be conducted according to the legal procedures and limitations established by the constitution and the law," the Colombo-based Center for Policy Analysis has warned. More...Discuss this story
Published: Sat Jan 23 00:54:04 EST 2010 Back to the top

Displaced Tamils demand a better life
BBC, Jan 23. For thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils there is only one issue that really matters in next week's presidential election - their rehabilitation after months in government-run camps... Back to the top

Sri Lankan gov't condemns attack on political activist
Xinhua, Jan 23. The Sri Lankan government on Friday condemned the grenade attack on the residence of a political activist from the opposition on the eve of the presidential election... Back to the top

2 Tamil Tiger backers sentenced to US prison
The Washington Post, 23 jan. NEW YORK -- Two supporters of the now-defeated Tamil Tiger insurgents in Sri Lanka have been sentenced in New York to prison in the United States... Back to the top

Int'l election monitors to observe Sri Lanka's polls
Xinhua, Jan 23. The foreign election observers who are now in Sri Lanka said on Friday that they would monitor the presidential elections in all districts including the North and East where Tamil Tiger rebels were defeated recently... Back to the top

2 supporters of Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka are sentenced in NY court for arms deal scheme
Reuters, jan 23. NEW YORK - Two supporters of the now-defeated Tamil Tiger insurgents in Sri Lanka have been sentenced in New York to prison in the United States... Back to the top

A new beginning for Canadian Tamils
National Post, Jan 23. When people use the term "immigrant success story," they probably have someone like my friend Roger in mind... Back to the top

How Indian agencies lured Khaja into a trap
ENS, Jan 23. HYDERABAD: Almost an year ago, when a certain `Khan’ from Colombo managed to establish contact with Shaik Abdul Khaja, the south India chief of HUJI, first through e-mail and then over a telephone number belonging to Bangladesh, and discussed circulating Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) in various cities in India, Khaja, then present in Dhaka `liked’ the offer... Back to the top

Sri Lanka donates 1000 kgs of tea for quake hit Haiti
PTI, Jan 22. Colombo, Jan 22 (PTI) Sri Lanka today announced to donate 1000 kilogrammes of tea for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti that hit the Caribbean nation on January 12... Back to the top

Democracy and truth were casualties of the war
Rediff, Jan 22. Sri Lanka-based senior journalist Ameen Izzadeen reports on Sri Lanka's presidential battle, slated for January 26, in which the incumbent faces off a popular war hero In November 2009, when Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa officially declared his intention to seek a fresh mandate for another six-year term, he was getting ready for a one-horse race... Back to the top

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