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Trial and Error’ in Sri Lanka - EditoriaL
KhaleejTimes, March 18. Sri Lanka’s former army chief General Sarath Fonseka is not a spent force. He may be down and out, but he continues to attract popular attraction by virtue of his steadfastness. Being tried on charges of violating military procurement procedures, the trial has drawn flak for the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Incarcerated at a military base and deprived of access to the normal course of justice, Fonseka qualifies as a prisoner of conscience. Notwithstanding the charge sheet, which is ironically being handled by junior officers, the court martial is nothing but a crude attempt to hoodwink public opinion. While the General has shed his uniform and the accusations against him are primarily political in nature, the government would be better advised to try Fonseka in a civilian court. Anything less would be a mockery of justice. More...
Published: Wed Mar 17 21:35:11 EDT 2010

Ban goes ahead with Sri Lanka panel
Hindu, March 18. COLOMBO: United Nation's Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is going ahead with his proposal for a panel of experts on Sri Lanka despite objections from Colombo that the panel would infringe on the country's sovereignty. The U.N. News Centre website quoted Mr. Ban as saying the panel was in line with a joint statement he issued with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa during his visit to the country in May 2009, days after the military defeat of the LTTE. “This joint statement contained a commitment related to ensuring an accountability process for addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws,” he said. More...
Published: Wed Mar 17 21:41:39 EDT 2010 Back to the top

Human Rights Groups Tell Sri Lanka to End the Witch Hunt
AnuradhaKHerath, March 18. International human right groups have accused the Sri Lankan government of harassing journalists and activists. The accusations made by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International follow a report published on a Web site called Lanka News Web (currently blocked by the government) earlier this month of an alleged government surveillance list that contains the names of more than 30 journalists and activists. According to the Lanka News Web report, “at the top of the list” are the names of two prominent Sri Lankan activists: the executive director of the Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA) Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu and the executive director of Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) J.C. Weliamuna. More...
Published: Wed Mar 17 21:39:10 EDT 2010 Back to the top

The refugees and resettled, Lanka’s nowhere people
HT, March 18. A scorching March heat is sweeping the Menik Farm camps for the internally displaced persons (IDPs)... Back to the top

Former Sri Lankan army chief Fonseka's court martial halted
The National, March 18. COLOMBO // A court martial of the former army commander Sarath Fonseka was adjourned indefinitely yesterday... Back to the top

Terrorist members can claim asylum in Britain
TeleGraph, March 18. The court ruled that being a member of the Tamil Tigers, which has been designated as a terrorist organisation by the government, should not prevent an individual claiming asylum... Back to the top

Expert panel for Sri Lanka will not infringe on sovereignty – Ban
UN, March 17. 16 March 2010 – The panel of experts being set up by the United Nations as part of an accountability process following the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka will not infringe on the country’s sovereignty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today... Back to the top

Sri Lanka: Another country where democracy doesn't work The National Post is now on Facebook. Join our fan community today.
National Post, March 18. One moment, the nation’s military hero and army chief, lauded for putting an end to 37 years of civil war and vanquishing the Tamil Tiger rebels... Back to the top

Trial of Sri Lanka's ex-army chief adjourned
AFP, Marchl 17, 2010. The court martial of Sri Lanka's former army chief was adjourned on Wednesday after judges said they could not hear both of the separate sets of charges against him, officials said... Back to the top

Police assault father of two in Hatton
BBC Sinhala, March 17, 2010. Three police officers of the Hatton police station have been I suspended from duty following a brutal assault on a three wheel driver... Back to the top

Sri Lankas Fonseka " I will never give up"
Channel 4, March 17. Exclusive: Former army commander General Sarath Fonseka tells Channel 4 News from his Sri Lanka prison cell that he is being set up, and claims the charges he faces in a military court are bogus... Back to the top

U.N. chief defends plan for Sri Lanka rights panel
Reuters - India, March 16, 2010. UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon dismissed on Tuesday objections by Sri Lanka to his plan to establish a panel to look into possible human rights abuses there and said he would set it up without delay... Back to the top

Court martial of Sri Lanka's ex-general resumes
Press TV, March 16. The court martial of Sri Lanka's former army chief Sarath Fonseka has resumed on charges of intruding in the political process as a military officer... Back to the top

General Fonseka appears before Sri Lanka military court
BBC, March 17. Sri Lanka's ex-army chief Sarath Fonseka is appearing before a military court on charges of participating in politics while in office... Back to the top

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