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MARCH 26, 2010 EST, USA
VOL. 10, NO. 354


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Attack Over ‘Offensive’ Music Video Revives Old Fears
IPS, march 26. COLOMBO, Mar 24, 2010 (IPS) - Anger against the popular rap and hip-hop singer Akon, whose music video has footage of bikini-clad women dancing near a Buddha statue, may have been just a ruse used in this week’s attack on a private media house in Sri Lanka, media advocates fear.

Some 200 people attacked and stoned the head office of MTV and Sirasa, two of the country’s popular privately owned television and radio networks, on Monday, in the wake of anger over the video of a song by the U.S.-based Akon, which has now been cancelled. MTV was one of the concert promoters.

While the attackers may have indicated that their anger was caused by the music video, media activists say that the attack has simply added to a long list of intimidation and harassment faced by journalists in this South Asian island nation. More...Discuss this story
Published: Fri Mar 26 21:57:15 EDT 2010

Sri Lankan Muslim convert accused of being 'anti-state'
bbc, march 26. A Sri Lankan woman who converted from Buddhism to Islam has been arrested by the authorities on suspicion of anti-state activities.

The woman, who is resident in the Gulf state of Bahrain, had recently written two books about her conversion.

They were written in Sinhala, the language of Sri Lanka's ethnic majority, who are mostly Buddhists More...Discuss this story
Published: Fri Mar 26 21:58:28 EDT 2010 Back to the top

Germany arrests suspected Tamil rebel supporter
AP, March 26. German prosecutors say they have arrested an alleged supporter of a local wing of the Tamil Tiger rebels who is accused of intimidating a fellow Sri Lankan into making donations. The 61-year-old identified only as T.M. was arrested Wednesday. That followed the arrest earlier this month of six alleged leaders of the Tamil Coordination Committee _ a German wing of the Tigers. More...Discuss this story
Published: Fri Mar 26 11:34:13 EDT 2010 Back to the top

Sri Lanka President Says Large-Scale Projects To Create 3 Million Jobs
er, march 26. Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that around three million new jobs will be created with the construction of five new harbours, an international airport, as well as the Norachcholai and Kerawalapitiya power projects, according to an article posted on the government's website, which added that the new jobs will be given on merit and not on any political recommendations... Back to the top

TNA highlights Sinhalese influx into North Lanka
ENS, march 26. COLOMBO: In the intense competition for the ethnic Tamil vote in the run up to the April 8 Sri Lankan parliamentary elections, parties touting Tamil nationalism are highlighting the “dangers” arising from the post-war influx of Sinhalese into the predominently Tamil Jaffna peninsula and the Wanni... Back to the top

Sri Lanka’s Keells Says Peace Dividend Not Priced in (Update3)
Bloomberg, March 24. March 25 (Bloomberg) -- John Keells Holdings Plc., Sri Lanka’s biggest company, is yet to see the full “peace dividend” from the end to the county’s 26-year-long civil war reflected in its shares, its deputy chairman said. The defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in May ended a conflict that left 100,000 dead, emptied hotels and scared away investors... Back to the top

When it's cheaper to create Mumbai in Sri Lanka...
bs, march 26. Why on earth would Indian films shoot in Sri Lanka? Because it is close to India, shooting there costs about one-fourth of that in India, it has one-tenth of the headaches, Sri Lankans look like Indians and the country can easily form the background for an Indian story... Back to the top

Author held in book row
gulf news, march 26. A BAHRAIN resident has been arrested in Sri Lanka after converting to Islam and writing two books in Sinhalese allegedly offensive to the spiritual leader of Buddhism... Back to the top

S.Lanka minister regrets Akon's cancelled concert
afp, March 25. Sri Lanka lost a "priceless" promotional opportunity by banning the US star Akon from performing at a concert in Colombo following protests from Buddhist monks, the tourism minister said Thursday... Back to the top

National Geographic picks Sri Lanka as world's 2nd best destination
PR News, March 25. The National Geographic Channel in an exclusive report has categorized Sri Lanka as the second best place to visit... Back to the top

Monitors allowed at counting centers in Sri Lankan polls
Xinhuia, March 25. Election monitoring groups are to be allowed at counting centers in Sri Lanka's parliamentary poll on April 8, monitoring groups said here on Wednesday... Back to the top

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