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APRIL 6, 2010 EST, USA
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2010 Election Results
Headline Summary
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Sri Lanka general trial adjourned
BBC, April 6, 2010. The first of two courts martial set up to try Sri Lanka's ex-army chief, Sarath Fonseka, has been adjourned .

The trial, which charges Gen Fonseka of participating in politics while in uniform, was due to resume on Tuesday.

But it was adjourned because of an outstanding case lodged with Sri Lanka's Court of Appeal challenging the legality of the courts martial.

Another court martial charging the general of breaking army procurement rules is also set to resume on Tuesday.

But correspondents say that this More...
Published: Tue Apr 6 19:25:16 EDT 2010

Sri Lanka polls to decide depth of Rajapaksa's power
Washington Post, April 6, 2010. COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's legislative polls Thursday will decide the depth of President Mahinda Rajapaksa's already vast powers and should remove the last big uncertainty for investors keen to tap the country's post-war potential.

With his victory in one of Asia's longest-running wars not quite a year old, Rajapaksa and his ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) are expected to win a majority in the polls to elect the 225-member parliament.]

A total of 7,620 candidates representing 36 parties and 301 independent groups are competing.

Unaccustomed to losing since he was first elected president in 2005, Rajapaksa and his allies are aiming to win 150 seats, or the two-thirds majority More...
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