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Tamil conference: Lankan speakers feel ignored
ENS, June 25. COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speakers, who are the second largest linguistic group in the island nation, feel ignored by the organisers of the World Classical Tamil Conference now on at Coimbatore.

A.H.M.Azwer, a veteran Muslim leader with a passion for Tamil, told Express here on Saturday, that though Prof.K.Sivathamby had been given a major role at the Coimbatore conclave, top leaders of Lanka’s Tamil-speaking communities were not invited.

Among the notable non-invitees are MPs belonging to the Tamil National Alliance, which is the largest Tamil group in parliament, and Arumugan Thondaman, cabinet minister and leader of the Ceylon Workers’ Congress, which represents the Tamils of Indian origin.

“Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi should remember that it was a Lankan Tamil, Fr. Xavier S.Thaninayagam (1913-1980), who had organised the First World Conference on Tamil Studies in Kuala Lumpur in 1966,” Azwer said. More...
Published: Sat Jun 26 13:15:53 EDT 2010

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